Media - Photos, Sounds, Videos

  1. Time Image Digital Library—Stock footage we purchased for you to check out and use in projects legally. Click on the link for Shotlist (8 DVDs; no sound)
  2. Best of NASA— Stock footage we purchased for you to check out and use in projects legally. Click on the link for Shotlist (3 DVDs; some with sound)
  3. Sony Pictures Sound Effects— Ten volumes of high-quality sound effects. You have to come to the CGEC to get the sounds, but you can see contents here.
  4. SonicFire Pro—Create your own custom soundtracks. There's even a form on the page where you can request personal help.
  5. Online Archive of California
  6. National Archives and Records
  7. Free Stock Photography Directory— a good page of links for free use. Read conditions carefully.
  8. Find Sounds—Search for whatever sound you need
  9. The Freesound Project - great database of high quality, copyright friendly sounds - description w/ screenshots
  10. Free Sound Effects—Videomaker magazine's list of links for free sound (and other) resources.
  11. EUSD-collected free media sites
  12. History Channel Speech Archive
  13. FreePlay - downloadable sound clips - copyright friendly (can be used for iVIE; check for other contests)
  14. Apple Trailer Site—Great for some quick looks at pro work.
  15. Partners in Rhyme—Free sound effects, loop's, etc.
  16. F7 Sound and Vision—Free sounds
  17. EUSD Public Domain Page—Resources we've found that are public domain or free. Let us know if you have more.
  18. Copyright Information and Resources
  19. Stock footage for free—really. High Def and Standard Def.
  20. Finding Free, Legal Resources for Projects
  21. 8 free font sites
  22. More Free Fonts—Submitted by
  23. 55 free sound FX sites
  24. Flickr Creative Commons—literally millions of usable images)
  25. Free Music from SmartSound—custom lengths up to 4 minutes.
  26. SonicFire Pro—Create custom scores for your multi-media projects. Watch this movie to see how.
  27. Compfight—A search engine that looks through Flickr and lets you filters fro Creative Commons. FAQs
  28. Library of Congress Photo Site

iMovie Resources

  1. Lessons for iMovie X—By Ripple Training; well worth the money for on-demand training.
  2. iMovie06: A Suggested Process - tips for general order of processes
  3. iMovie Tutorial—from Apple; for iMovie '09 ('08, too, mostly)..
  4. iMovie List of Shortcuts (keyboard commands)
  5. iMovie Example
  6. iMovie Basics
  7. Audio - EUSD Post-production Audio - Tips and Resources
  8. One-sided Audio - If your dialog comes out of only one speaker, here are a couple of ways to fix it.
  9. One-sided Audio 2—A quick fix if you have QuickTime Pro.
  10. Stabilize shaky footage with iMovie '09
  11. Using Green Screen in iMovie'09
  12. Green Screen Techniques
  13. More on Green Screen—This agenda from an earlier PL meeting has some useful information; watch the Sin City clip.
  14. Color Correction in iMovie '09
  15. Exporting for the Web from iMovie HD ('06)
  16. Exporting for the Web from iMovie '09 (and '08)
  17. Exporting a Full Quality Movie from iMovie '09 (and '08)
  18. Media Management with iMovie '09
  19. Get Rid of One-sided Audio from iMovie with QuickTime Pro
  20. Make a flashing freeze frame in iMovie '09
  21. Using the Precision Editor in iMovie '09
  22. Backup your iMovie '09 Projects
  23. Export 640x480 for iVIE—This will show you how to prepare a video for iVIE
  24. Exporting high quality out of iMovie for archiving or further editing
  25. Adding Sound and Pictures to the Media Browser
  26. Using the Precision Editor in iMovie '11
  27. Re-wrap .m4v video as .mov or .mp4 with QuickTime Pro 7
  28. Top 10 iMovie X Keyboard Shortcuts 
  29. Workflow and Speed Tips (PDF)
  30. iMovie X Video Tutorials
    1. Using the Voice Over Tool
    2. Exporting from iMovie X and Uploading to EUSD Google Drive
    3. Greenscreen and iMovie X
    4. iMovie X Workflow with Speed Tips
    5. Re-formatting an external drive for use on a Mac and in iMovie or FCP X
    6. Moving iMovie Libraries from a Mac to to an external drive (same process for FCP X)

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Final Cut Pro Resources

  1. Lessons for Final Cut Pro X—By Ripple Training; well worth the money for on-demand training.
  2. The Editing Tools in FCP explained: the four editing tools demonstrated with simple animations.
  3. Converting sound files for use in digital video—it's more than just grabbing it from iTunes
  4. Converting sound files: the Movie—Visual companion to handout above on how to convert any sound file so that it's maximized for use with digital video.
  5. Folding the Flex Drop portable screen (although it doesn't work so easily for us)
  6. 2 Pop - Visit their forums; learn; get your questions answered
  7. Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro Site - A great place for information if you move up to FCP.
  8. LAFCPUG - Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group; good information from people who know
  9. - Great articles from a very knowledgeable source
  10. Final Cut Pro Planet
  11. DVXUser - This forum originally was for proponents of the Panasonic DVX 100, but it's grown much broader. A great resource regardless of what you're shooting with.
  12. DVI - Another great forum with sections for audio, cameras, paraphernalia; all things DV.
  13. Ripple Training
  14. Creative Cow
  15. Cheap Lighting Dimmers—Supposedly good up to 1500 w. Under $20.
  16. DownloadCompressor Settings for FCP X
  17. Sharing (Exporting) from FCP X

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  1. Seven Rules for Film and Video Editors—...and they're rules that are easy to understand.
  2. Wikipedia—See what they have to say on editing.
  3. Editing Tips from Walter Murch (editor of Godfather movies, Apocolypse Now, etc.).
  4. 12 Tips for Better Editing
  5. In the Blink of an Eye—Excellent book by Walter Murch. Very Readable; not technical.


  1. Project LIVE Award Winners: A growing list
  2. IVIE Awards Home Page
  3. IVIE Awards Digital Video Resources
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