2015-2016 Meeting Dates and Topics

See left sidebar, which links to the agendas for each meeting. Agendas won't be complete until just prior to the meeting date.

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Deadlines for Project LIVE Projects


Project 1 (New Members)

This project can be about anything close to your heart (your prize azaleas, or your son entering college, or your cat Truffles, or...). It should be about 2-3 minutes long and feel like a finished story. This must be a finished and uploaded to your EUSD Google Drive before the first "real" meeting, September 14. Be sure to share to "All with the Link" and send that sharing link to  The purpose of having you do this project is to allow you to go through the entire video process on your own, so you are ready to hit the ground running when we begin work on the How-to video.

Project 2 (All)

For 2015-2016, we will be focusing on creating How-to videos. Each meeting, we will introduce the next step in the process. We're asking all to wait for a topic to be introduced before beginning work on that topic, at least for the official iVIE submission. We will structure so that your project will easily be done by the time of iVIE submission.

  • TBD (iVIE hasn't posted yet)