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  • Lessons for Final Cut Pro X—By Ripple Training; 10 free lessons; $10 in-app purchase for the rest; well worth the money for on-demand training.
  • User Manuals
    • FCP X manual is available as a free download on iBooks (search Final Cut Pro X)
    • Also available as an online link
  • To send an iMovie X project to FCP X, in iMovie x, choose File > Send Movie to Final Cut Pro
  • Compressor Settings—To get more Sharing [Export] options, download there linked file and put it here: [Option-key] > Go > Library > Application Support
  • Free Motion Templates—Drag to Movies Folder (download at home; big file)
  • Organizing an FCP X Project—Real world example showing how I organized a 2 minute promo for iRead in 2012 | Finished movie
  • Final Cut Pro X in 5 Minutes—Weekly quick-in/quick-out tutorials from Ripple Training
  • MacBreak Studio—More detailed tutorials from Ripple Training
  • Ripple Paid Tutorials—Yes, they cost money, but the can save hours and hours of self-seeking. The best one for those new to FCP X would be this one.

More Resources

FCP X Help

  • FCP X: Intro to Animation There is a lot of animation that can occur right inside FCP X. You can animate opacity, scale, position, rotation, cropping, color, filters, text parameters...there’s a lot you can do. So long as you understand the concept of Keyframing and work in a methodical way, your only limitation is your imagination. Below are the steps to complete a simple project that should give you the skills you need.Fade In/Fade OutAdd a 7 second clip (any) to the timelineShow Video Animation (above)Hit Show Graph for Opacity (or double-click on the word) Set fade in and fade out (works like this for Audio, too) Space bar to playReset to original condition (we'll ...
    Posted Jan 24, 2012, 10:14 AM by Frank Maggi
  • Basic Color Correction in FCP X Pretty good overview of the basics—from the Izzy tutorial page (lots of good stuff there) Color Correcting in FCP X There are 3 different approaches available for correcting color:  Engage "Balance" if the clip has been analyzed; if not choose Clip > Reveal in Event Browser [⌘-] and then Contol-click on the Event version and choose Analyze and Fix Match, where it attempts to get the same color balance as another clip of your choosing Manual, where you have the most control and can target that control:  Exposure Saturation Color Each of those can be applied globally or just in the shadows, mids, or highlights Use any or a combination of those techniques Recommended Procedure for Manual Correction Show Video ...
    Posted Jan 24, 2012, 10:50 AM by Frank Maggi
  • Green Screen in FCP X Green screening is a strong suit of FCP X. The built in keyer is robust and does a very good job. To apply a green screen effect, go to the Effects Browser, choose Keying and then the Keyer Effect. Simply drag that effect onto the clip you want to key. Usually, that's it. It does a terrific job without any help from you. But, unlike iMovie, you do have options, such as:  You can put either the green screen clip or the background clip on the primary storyline; when you're ready, the missing clip is added above or below (yes, you can add clips under the primary storyline) You can use Auditions with either the green screen clip ...
    Posted Jan 6, 2012, 12:50 PM by Frank Maggi
  • Duplicating Projects Short Answer Right-click (or control-click) on a project file and choose Duplicate Project, using the settings on the leftGo back to work on the original project (so you have only one version with render files)If the original ever gets corrupted, toss it and begin work on the most recent duplicateLong AnswerUnfortunately, project files occasionally get corrupted. It's a good idea to create backups once in a while. In iMovie '11, you can simply right-click (or control-click) on a project file and choose Duplicate Project. It will create an exact copy that is not very large in terms of file size because it includes no media.In Final Cut Pro X, it ...
    Posted Dec 8, 2011, 12:33 PM by Frank Maggi
  • Agenda: Project LIVE 2011 Meeting #1 for FCP X AgendaExtra Classes—sign-up if you're interestedExport Using Compressor Settings—everyone OK?Auditions (very cool)Y = Open Audition⌃-Right Arrow = Next Audition Clip⌃-Left Arrow = Previous Audition Clip⌥-⇧-Y = Finalize Audition/ = Play selection⇧-/ = Play around playhead (3 or 4 seconds either way)Use Auditions for:Previewing different takes of a scenePreviewing various clips as a cutaway or B-rollPreviewing different effects on the same clip (Duplicate as Audition)AuditionsIn Final Cut Pro you can organize related clips into sets, called auditions, from which you can choose one clip to use. You can create an audition composed of different clips to try out multiple takes, or you can create an audition composed of multiple versions ...
    Posted Nov 14, 2011, 9:46 AM by Frank Maggi
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