EUSD Mandated Trainings

All employees need to complete the following 15 Mandated Trainings and electronically sign the Acknowledgement of Training form at the bottom of this page.

  1. Guidelines for Interventions
    (5 minutes)
  2. Employee Annual Notifications
    (10-15 minutes)

  3. Professional Standards
    (5 minutes)

  4. Acceptable Use Policy for Technology
    (10-15 minutes)
  5. JPA: Mandated Reporter Course
    (30 minutes) 
    All district employees must complete Mandated Report training annually within 6 weeks of the start of school year, and new hires must complete training within 6 weeks of employment.
  6. JPA: Sexual Harassment (SB1343)
    (60 minutes)​
  7. Bullying Prevention and Intervention
    (10 minutes)
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       8. Child Abuse Reporting, Sexual Harassment and Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco Free Workplace
           (5 minutes)
           Slides will touch on child abuse and sexual harassment very briefly because of the comprehensive JPA module.
       9. Firearms on School Grounds
           (5 minutes)
     10. Reasonable Accommodation
           (5 minutes)
     11. Uniform Complaint Procedure
           (5 minutes)
     12. Universal Precautions/Bloodborne Pathogens
           (5 minutes)
     13. EpiPen & Anaphylaxis Training
           (6 minutes)    
           (7 minutes)
     15. Title IX
           (5 minutes)​

Acknowledgement of Training
Please follow the link below to electronically sign that you have completed #1-15 of the mandated trainings.

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