Teacher Resources

Organizations for the Gifted

California Association for the Gifted
Lists conferences, resources for parents, political information, and more. Includes a list of educational Internet resources, reading lists, summer camps, organizations, journals, programs, information clearinghouses, and free and low cost materials.

National Association for the Gifted
Less parent-friendly than California Association for the Gifted, this site includes public policy and national program information as well as an annual holiday toy list for gifted kids.

Updated every few days, this comprehensive site includes a guide for first time users and sections for kids, parents and educators. Check out the kids' section for lists of contests, books, software, toys, magazines, and online resources, and the educators' section for professional literature, curriculum units, and educational theories

A private, non-profit organization providing email and phone counseling as well as general information about gifted children and adults. The Center particularly focuses on visual-spatial learners, highly gifted children, and home schooling. Their site includes an archived ongoing parent forum on topics such as emotional development, acceleration, parenting, and gifted/learning disabled.

GATE Discussion Lists and Chat Rooms

A frequently used online support community for parents of gifted and talented children. It hosts several electronic mailing lists for discussions about parenting gifted children.
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