Parent Resources

"Intelligence is not so much the capacity to learn as the capacity to wonder."
-Oliver Wendell Holmes


Dr. Sally M. Reis, author of Helping Children Discover Their Interests, offers the following strategies for developing a good communication link with your child’s teacher. Teachers can help make the school year go well.
  1. In any preliminary appointment with your child’s teachers, focus on specific strengths your child has.
    • Call for an appointment
    • Try to begin every conversation with what your child likes about the teacher and the classroom
    • Assure the teacher that your simply want to discuss your child's talent and interest areas and what you can do at home to encourage his or her development. 
  2. Know what is available in the school and classroom, and be prepared to suggest to the teacher a number of options that  might benefit your child.
    • You can learn what is available by:
      1. reading information published by the school district
      2. speaking with the school principal
      3. contacting parents of older children and
      4. by joining the PTA
  3. Learn what is available for talented children in Escondido and surrounding areas.
    • For information contact parent organization museums and websites.
  4. Develop a positive working relationship with the teacher; every time you interact with him/her ask how you might help.
    • Always be polite
    • use your sense of humor
    • write thank you notes commending the teacher to the principal, superintendent and/or school board
    • work consistently to avoid adversarial relationships.