Welcome to our FANTASTIC 1st grade class!

Our Week at a Glance...

What are we studying?


Welcome to First Grade!!!

Read Aloud:

This month:

*FIELD TRIP - October 27th-- Remember ALL students need a booster seat! We will be leaving at 8:30am and returning at 12:15 in time for lunch!

*Each child will receive his/her personal sight word list. Please return the list when your child is ready to be tested on the words. Practice, Practice, Practice!
*Phonics sounds: short o, short u

*Raz-Kids- Listen to, read, and take a quiz on at least 2 stories throughout the week.

*Compass Learning- Try it out at home! If you need the information again, please let me know. Our goal is 30 minutes a week. This is a great activity to do on non-reading baggie days.
Adding numbers to 20

Please continue to practice using a number bond; 1 more and 1 less; solving for an unknown in an addition problem; counting on strategy, equivalency on both sides of the equal sign (ie: 5+3 = 6+2)

Continue working on doubles and double plus ones

Social Studies: 


Other Announcements:

Parent conferences begin the week of October 17th. October 20th and 21st are non-student days. School will resume October 24th.

Library begins October 10th. Library day is MONDAY!!!

Our first field trip is planned on October 27th to Bates Nut Farm. PARENT DRIVERS- ALL PAPERWORK MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE OFFICE BY OCTOBER 19TH.     

Dismissal is at 2:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and 1:30 on Thursday.  

If your child is buying lunch, it eliminates a lot of problems and tears if you prepay lunch at the office.

Mondays are college days!! Show our AGGIE spirit by wearing maroon and/or gray!!
Please remember to check your child's folder daily, empty the keep at home side, and sign your child's daily behavior calendar!!
Remember to wear green on Friday's to support LR Green!! SHOW YOUR SCHOOL SPIRIT!! Our class's goal is to see 100% participation!!!

Upcoming Test and Quizzes:
*Spelling test= Every Friday

2 bags of candy corn

15 mini pumpkins ($.99 at most grocery stores)

Extra snacks

Thank you:
Thank you for your continued support. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY SURPRISE! WOW! I was shocked at the goodies, flowers, treats, balloons, door decor, beautiful book full of notes, and amazing new diffuser from the class. THANK YOU!!!!! You all are truly amazing!