MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) Club working with San Diego State University
Advisors: Ms. Chih
More Info:
Time: Tuesdays Afterschool
Location: Rm 33
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 Mesa Day Competition Rules

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Basalwood gliders


Bridge Computer Stimulation Program Download

Bridges by Mission MS students
 The machine they use to test the bridge!

Eggxpress (EggDrop)
 3rd Place Mesa Day 2011! Congrats! We are so proud!
 2012- watching the egg drop from 3 stories!

Model Eye
 Model Eye by: Joesph and Kathy 2012
 Model Eye by: Jackie & Kathy

Mousetrap Cars Ideas

 Mousetrap Car 2013, won 3rd place for creativity!!!

Mousetrap Car 2014, 1st Place Mousetrap Car Design Award


 MESA Day @ SDSU 2012       MESA Day @ SDSU 2013 
 Engineering Your Future 2013
- 1st yr with a Robotics Team
- won 1st place for the video challenge!!!!
 Mesa Day 2014