Using Symbaloo to Organize Websites

Brenda Heil

What is Symbaloo?
Symbaloo is a free visual bookmarking site that gives you access to anything you bookmark with a tile from any computer.  It takes bookmarking to a whole new level.

Go to or  and create an account for free.  You just need to link it to an e-mail account.
*Brenda’s tip - if you want to collaborate as a grade level, make a new e-mail or agree to use one person’s e-mail as the grade level log-in so all can update the pages as needed

Create webmix tabs for each group
Go to the green + at the top of the page or scroll to the end of the tabs and click the +
You can adjust the number of tile boxes on the screen by using the arrows on the sides, top and bottom when you click “edit webmix”
*Brenda’s tip - use different colors of wallpaper for different groups so it is easy to see from across the room if they are on the right page

Create tiles on each webmix tab for specific groups
Search for the website you would like to have a tile for and copy the url.   Click on an empty tile box and choose create your own tile.  Copy url into the address box, add a title (check if you want the tile name to be on the tile), choose color, choose icon or import an image, then create.
Move tile to the location you would like to have it on the board.
Copy tiles that can be used for multiple groups instead of creating them on each page
Delete tiles by clicking “edit webmix” on left side then clicking the tile and choosing the delete option.  Copy or move tiles using the same “edit webmix” button and choosing the appropriate action.
*Brenda’s tip - Copy the url of the specific game or activity you want that group to use.  Do not send them to the homepage of starfall and expect them to navigate to the right place
*Brenda’s tip - Take screenshots of the website activity for easy student recognition.  For mac users the shortcut is command/shift/4
*Brenda’s tip - Have each tile open as a new page
*Brenda’s tip - url’s with the # sign don’t work:(

Share your webmix with others
Click the green share button on the right hand side
You can share via e-mail, twitter, facebook or embed the link into your class webpage
The same symbaloo page can be open on mulitple computers at the same time
You are the editor of your page and sharing does not give others access to change your tiles!

Setting Preferences
Roll over your user name at the top of the page to get to Preferences.  Here you can set up various preferences about your webmixes, including changing the Google search box and hiding the edit buttons on the screen

Brenda’s favorite places to get interactive activities
Starfall          PBS Kids        Illuminations         Thinkfinity         Publisher sites
Brenda Heil,
Nov 5, 2011, 6:33 AM