European Williams Syndrome Conference

The European Federation of Williams Syndrome (FEWS) organises in cooperation with the Hungarian Williams Syndrome Association a European Conference on the Williams-Beuren Syndrome to raise the awareness on this rare disease, make the stakeholder groups more interactive and establish international cooperation on expert field. The focus is to share good practices and knowledge on the disease between European Countries with a good expertise and other European Countries with lesser experience on the syndrome.
The Conference targets professionals in different areas from different countries, who, by their professional position, have an impact on spreading the awareness and knowledge about Williams syndrome:
  • Health professionals and caregivers
  • Researchers, clinicians and academics
The Conference language is English.  It starts on Friday evening 21st and ends on Sunday 23rd November, 2014. The venue is Hotel Benczur in Budapest, Hungary.
The following topics are presented during the Conference: paediatrics, cardiology, genetics, education, dental care, psychology, psychiatry, linguistics, music therapy, pharma research, sleeping problems. International speakers with expertise in Williams syndrome will present the different topics. A Poster Session is also planned. The program and further details are available here.

Welcome to the website of the European Federation of Williams Syndrome organisations FEWS.

Formed in 1998, we are a union of representatives of Williams Syndrome people from various countries and states of Europe, who share a common goal. We are determined to improve the lives of all those who suffer from this rare syndrome and we aim to do this in a few basic ways:
  • to raise international awareness
  • to build and reinforce our links within the European Community
  • to promote scientific, educational and social research
  • to provide learning opportunities
  • to provide holiday opportunities
  • to raise money for all of these
All of the FEWS committee members are either parents or carers of Williams people and we are dedicated to make this common goal more than a dream.  It must be a reality. If there is any way at all in wich you think you could be of some help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Very best wishes,

Suzy Cooper Morgan