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posted 8 Aug 2019, 05:58 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 8 Aug 2019, 05:58 ]

Letter to the Region by Dr. Michael & Fumiko Balcomb

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Europe and the Middle East!
Today is July 17, 2019 and I feel it is a very auspicious and blessed day.
· It is exactly 100 days until True Mother returns to Europe for the long-awaited European Summit and National Blessing in Albania October 25-27, and,
· It is exactly one month until the 7th Anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension on August 17; and, on a personal note,
· It is also exactly two years since True Mother appointed Fumiko and me to this mission in Heavenly Europe, immediately following the 2017 Madison Square Garden Rally.
In prayer this morning, I was filled with repentance, but also with hope and expectation. Fumiko and I are truly sorry before all of you and before Heaven that we have not been able to do anywhere near enough to meet our Heavenly Parent’s dreams and desires for our region. As we enter this third year of our mission here, we seriously re-determine ourselves to do better, to live for others with more passion, love and conviction, just as True Parents have shown us.

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posted 7 Jun 2019, 04:45 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 7 Jun 2019, 04:45 ]

Save the Nation - Dr Michael Balcomb
Vienna, Austria, May 19, 2019



posted 5 May 2019, 00:14 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 7 Jun 2019, 04:43 ]

Rev. In Pyo Moon

Vienna, Austria, April 18, 2019


posted 4 Mar 2019, 02:14 by Peter Staudinger

Dr. Michael Balcomb
Three talks during the Cheongpyeong Inauguration Weekend


posted 4 Mar 2019, 01:49 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 4 Mar 2019, 02:15 ]

Opening of the Heavenly Europe
Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Centre

Neumuehle, Bad Camberg, Germany, January 19, 2019
Rev. Gi Seong Lee's congratulatory remarks
Rev. In Pyo Moon's congratulatory remarks

Cheong Pyeong Heavenly Europe Inauguration
Rhein Main Theatre, Niedernhausen, Germany, January 20, 2019
Rev. Gi Seong Lee's special lecture
Rev. In Pyo Moon's special lecture

AT - 011218

posted 25 Dec 2018, 04:34 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 25 Dec 2018, 04:34 ]

My First 40-day Condition as Heavenly Tribal Messiah
Upper Austria, December 2018

Written by Ulrich Haider
"Go and share the Blessing of the Holy Wine!“ This was the message I derived for myself from the Austrian Leaders - and HTM meeting in Vienna. After we all signed the declaration of the HTMs, our family made a new beginning. I was very moved by this meeting, but it was clear to me that there would be challenges on the way.
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AT - 301018

posted 25 Dec 2018, 04:31 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 25 Dec 2018, 04:31 ]

Starting the Mission as Heavenly Tribal Messiah
Vienna, Austria, October 2018

Written by Elisabeth Brandner
I participated in the Austrian meeting of HTM in September 2018. There were many inspiring testimonies and speeches. One thought stuck specially in my mind: Christoph Kral explained in his testimony:
“I prayed to God: what is the purpose of the Blessing if the people don’t know much about its background?” God’s answer was the following: „It is a question of the right of ownership. The blessing gives God the opportunity to love the people, to guide and protect them. Maybe it takes 4, 40 or more years for them to develop, but eventually they will change to the better.”
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UK - 301018

posted 25 Dec 2018, 04:10 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 25 Dec 2018, 04:11 ]

"Telling Our Stories" 
Brief Report from Birmingham, UK 

Written by David Earle
1 Final women’s Peace Meeting of 2018. Topic ”Telling our Stories”.
2 Over 100 women, from 40 nationalities.
3 Wishing Peace and God’s Blessing for 2019.
4 Ethiopian family singing a Christian hymn about ‘Mother Mary’.
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AT - 150918

posted 25 Dec 2018, 02:59 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 25 Dec 2018, 03:04 ]

Our Responsibility and Calling as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs
David and Patricia Earle
Directors HTM Academy Europe and Middle East
Seebenstein, Austria, September 15, 2018 

MB - 111118

posted 23 Nov 2018, 02:49 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 23 Nov 2018, 02:53 ]

God's New Plan
Dr Michael Balcomb
Madrid, Spain, November 11, 2018

By Maryvonne Jamois
Dr Michael Balcomb on his way to New York for the event of November 12th, had a stop in Madrid on November 11th, to give Sunday service to our community. "God´s new plan" was the title of his sermon. He began his talk remembering the 100th anniversary of the end of the 1st world war, which has been so tragic, and at the same time, as we know from Divine Principle, has been a condition to prepare for the coming of True Parents. 

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