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posted 28 Oct 2020, 07:10 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 28 Oct 2020, 07:11 ]

Theology of Original Joy
Rev Giuseppe Cali



posted 4 Oct 2020, 00:12 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 28 Oct 2020, 07:08 ]

A Period of Special Devotion
Rev In-Pyo Moon 



posted 3 Oct 2020, 23:57 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 3 Oct 2020, 23:57 ]

Ancestor Liberation and Blessing
Rev In-Pyo Moon



posted 3 Oct 2020, 11:02 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 3 Oct 2020, 11:04 ]

Restrictions turned out to be a Blessing
Hometown Activities Summer 2020

By Barbara Grabner

Salzburg/Austria.Returning from the World Summit 2020 in Korea, I quickly made appointments for a lecture tour in summer. But due to COVID-restrictions all were cancelled and I pondered what I could do instead. Moreover, my scheduled lectures in a health spa south of Salzburg were cancelled due to safety regulations. To top that, the owner of the local Farming Museum told me that she will not serve as a host anymore since aged 78 she needs more rest. The Farming Museum had been the site of a dozen events which I organized since 2014.

But the unhappy situation turned out to be a blessing. I have guests who attended already up to 10 lectures. It was time to teach them the Divine Principle in detail. How to start, what to teach them? I decided to make my house a study centre! End of June just before leaving Bratislava I had a clear plan and sent out invitations. Within six weeks I held three lectures in my home and one in an office building at the outskirts of my village. The office owner liked the previous lectures so much that she became the host.

The contents of my first two lectures were based on the booklet Circles of Angels by Nora Spurgin. I included also contents from other books as well as my personal encounters. Every guest received the booklet to include angels in their daily life. The same lecture was held a few days later on our terrace overlooking the surrounding majestic mountains. After the lecture I blessed three people in our living room in front of our altar, which was an uplifting experience.

If there is a team who helps you to prepare events it is so much easier! But I had to do everything myself – finding and collecting contents, selecting dates and locations, outreach to bring guests, preparing refreshments, writing and distributing study material, etc. All these things need good management skills and much self-discipline. The task was double challenging because my husband Milos stayed most of the time in Bratislava due to construction works at our Peace Embassy.

The next lecture The Magic of Biblical Numbers attracted 12 guests. I explained the numbers from 1 to 40 according to the Divine Principle including the growth stages and the four-position-foundation. This lecture was a big challenge but all went well. One neighbour was enthralled and sighed „Oh my, I will not be able to sleep for hours this night“. The third lecture True Values for Families was taught to 11 guests. Earlier I planned to give advanced guests the book True Family Values. I changed my mind and decided to make a series about selected sections. Most of my guests consider themselves to be good believers; my lecture challenged them to reconsider their position. After almost four hours I finished the meeting because I became exhausted. Each guest received the 7-pages manuscript for home study. One lady repented the next day her aggressive questioning and said, that she definitely will make God the Number One in her life. One lady who is a devout Catholic told me, “This is exactly how we were told in the past, the same values!” She promised to come next time at all costs.

There is no church centre in Salzburg city; the few members cannot help me much because of health issues or other obligations. But my prayers were heard and one lady from Salzburg who had attended my book presentation (Cain´s Children) last November opened her health centre located in the heart of Salzburg; the rooms are filled with a high atmosphere. In August I gave two lectures there. The first was Inherited Destiny. Our Ancestors and Us; the second had the title Cain´s Children. The long Way towards Reconciliation. Despite growing pandemic restrictions almost 20 people came to each lecture. Now my guests bring also guests which is a great relief.


posted 11 Sept 2020, 05:12 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 11 Sept 2020, 05:12 ]

Arabic Divine Principle Lectures in YouTube

By Abdelmoumin Ibrahim Ahmed, FFWPU Sudan
We have created a YouTube Channel for Arabic Divine Principle Lectures, based on an Islamic Perspective. (Click to visit the channel)
These videos are founded on my book “United Visions”, a book took me more than 20 years to prepare and publish. I have found that the interfaith and unity call, among believers in the Koran, is strong and clear. On that spirit I wrote “United Visions” as an Islamic Perspective on the Divine Principle.
United Visions is an Islamic reading for the Divine Principle (The main teaching of Dr. Sun Myung Moon) the founder of “Universal Peace Federation” (UPF), and “Family Federation for World Peace and Unification” (FFWPU). “The Divine Principle” will soon be published in Arabic.
“United Visions” is an approach for building a common platform for Muslims, Christians and Jews. “United Visions” says that God has one plan and one goal for all religions. It is to prepare man for a final restoration or salvation through the coming of the New Adam and New Eve. United Visions is available in Arabic and English in Amazon. Soon it will be available in French.

Please subscribe and share it with the Arabic speaking people you know.
Click here to visit the Facebook.

Any questions on Arabic lectures please contact:



posted 7 Sept 2020, 10:57 by Peter Staudinger


posted 7 Sept 2020, 10:54 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 7 Sept 2020, 10:55 ]

Region-Wide EUME Sunday Service - Countdown

ZOOM, September 6, 2020


posted 31 Jul 2020, 23:34 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 31 Jul 2020, 23:34 ]

Central Region Sunday Service
ZOOM, Sunday July 19, 2020 -

On May 19, 2020, there was a Sunday Service for the Central European Region with Regional Director Dr. Dieter Schmidt’s sermon. Before his sermon, 2nd gen members of different countries of the region, as well as a Czech Protestant pastor reflected on the meaning of the newly founded „Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community“. Read here some of their conclusions:

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15 Day Online DP Workshop
ZOOM, July 4 – 18, 2020

Here is the link for watching and downloading the material from the 15 Day Online DP Workshop.

From July 4 to 18 2020, we held a 15 day online Divine Principle workshop over Zoom. Almost 800 participants registered for this workshop, and we had daily connections of 250 to 300, but certain centers watched in groups, so we estimate a daily watching rate of over 400. Every afternoon, we sent out the Zoom recording to registered participants, and the ones that couldn’t attend directly, could watch the program later in the day.

The online program was every day from 10am to 12.30pm CET. There were two lectures of 45 minutes each, one group discussion with random group assignment by Zoom, and in the end a Q&A session with the lecturer answering questions from the participants. We also had inspirational and song videos to lighten up the atmosphere.

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posted 18 Jul 2020, 08:02 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 18 Jul 2020, 08:04 ]

MMM - Make the Most of Marriage
Yun-a Johnson - The 4 C’s of Connection
ZOOM, June 25, 2020

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