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posted 18 Jul 2020, 07:01 by EUME Office

Henry Master's Seonghwa Ceremony
Stanton Fitzwarren, United Kingdom, June 9, 2020


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Henry Masters Ascended

The Masters are really the spiritual grandparents of Great Britain. Henry spent a lot of time in America with Master Marine, following True Parents' call to action in 1978. Prior to that, the Masters donated their entire family fortune to True Parents in 1974. In this photo, Henry can be seen just over True Father's shoulder during a 1978 visit to the farm. A second photo shows Henry with True Father in the boat-building days.



posted 4 Apr 2020, 06:50 by EUME Office

Ascension of Mrs. Chizuko Abe

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
A great saint and dearly loved elder sister Mrs. Chizuko Abe went to the Heavenly realm. She always will be remembered with affection for her love and devotion to True Parents over a long lifetime of service as sincere and down-to-earth teacher, missionary and mentor.
The Abes served for years as National Messiahs for Israel, where they played a leading role in such providential events as the “Coronation of Jesus” in December of 2003 at the height of the Second Intifada. Before that, Mrs. Abe served with her husband Mr. Masatoshi Abe for many years as National Leaders for the United Kingdom, leaving a lasting impression on a generation of British and European members for her wisdom, insight and counsel.
Due to restrictions of the current situation, a small Seonghwa for Mrs. Abe will be held on coming Sunday, April 5 in Japan. Dr Michael & Fumiko Balcomb would like to encourage each nation and community to include prayers for the Abe family in their online Sunday service.

Also, members who would like to give a donation can be encouraged to do so by using the following account:
Account Holder: FFWPU-Europe, Nassauerstr. 14, 65795 Hattersheim, Germany
Bank: Frankfurter Sparkasse, Alt-Sossenheim 25, 65936 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
IBAN: DE97 5005 0201 0200 6918 80
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SeongHwa for Martin Deininger
Vienna, Austria, August 29, 2019

By Elisabeth Cook
On August 29th, 2019 our brother Martin Deininger went to the Spirit world. He had been diagnosed with cancer in May 2019, after which his health declined rapidly.
Shortly about his life:
He was born on Nov. 17, 1960 in Vienna. From his father he inherited his musical talent, which enabled him to enter the Vienna Music Academy at the age of 14 where he perfected his piano playing. Besides music, he also was a passionate sportsman.
At the age of 16 he joined a Catholic organisation, “Holy Mary’s Legions”. In this environment he came to the decision to become a Catholic priest. That’s why after High school he studied theology in Vienna and in London and was ordained as a priest in1986. He continued his studies in Rome, where he graduated from his post graduate studies with excellence. After that he served as a priest in a small town near Vienna.

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Seonghwa Ceremony for our brother Luis Tomas Barriuso
Madrid, Spain, July, 20, 2019

By Maryvonne Jamois
After fighting for almost
two years with cancer, our brother Luis Tomás Barriuso passed away on Saturday 13th of July 2019 in the hospital in Canary Island.
He was born in Canary Island in 1958 and joined in Barcelona on November 1979, was blessed in October 1982 in Korea with a Japanese sister, Machiko Osada. They went back to his hometown in 1992. They thave three children, Clara, Alan blessed with a japonese sister and Daniel. The Seunghwa ceremony took place in Canary island on Tuesday July 16th, as her son Alan arrived on Monday night from Japan where they are now living with his wife. Three brothers went from Madrid Jose Manuel Cabero, his spiritual father, Segundo Marchan, and Pedro Muruzabal. The closest members of his family also participated.
On Saturday July 20th, we organized in Madrid a memorial ceremony where brothers and sisters here could say goodbye and express their gratitude and love to him. After a few words given by our MC Manuel Campillo, and a song together, letters from his wife and three children were read. Those very moving letters brought many to tears. Then we heard some testimonies from three brothers who worked with him, one Japanese sister who had a dream after he passed away and looked very happy, and finally Santi Temprado his spiritual son who came from Barcelona and remembered how Luis Tomás taught him Divine Principle.
Everybody had then the chance to offer a flower and we continue reading True Father´s word about the moment of death from Cheon Song Gyeong. We finished singing Blessing of Glory.
Thank you to our True Parents who brought us the understanding of spiritual life and that through this ceremony we could wish him the best for his new life in the eternal world.


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Seonghwa Ceremony of Teddy Verheyen
Dobbis Ferry, NY, USA, July 6, 2019

By Damian Dunkley
Just participated in the Seonghwa Ceremony of Teddy Verheyen. First member who joined in LA and founder of the Dutch church.
Calligraphy from True Mother:
“Congratulations to Teddy Verheyen, the representative who dedicated his life to the victorious establishment of Heaven's homeland.”
Here is a snippet from his life:
Mr. Teddy Verheyen
”I am one of the many people whom our Heavenly Father has prepared throughout the history of restoration to do a certain task. The work given me may be small, but I accept it, knowing that joined with other such works the world will be restored.

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posted 4 May 2019, 13:37 by EUME Office

Seong Hwa Ceremony Bernadette Sattlberger-Bellay
Linz, Austria, April 6, 2019

By Hans und Hillevi Brunnbauer
It was a beautiful spring day, trees and flowers blooming everywhere, when more than 120 people gathered to celebrate Bernadette’s Seong Hwa. The Monastery St. Francis in Pupping, Upper Austria, had graciously opened the gates of its Church providing a solemn environment for the event.
Beautiful wreaths of flowers, offered by the European Movement through Michael and Fumiko Balcomb, by the Austrian Family Federation through Elisabeth and Tony Cook and by the Sattlberger Family, complemented by beautiful bouquets from the French Family, from relatives and friends surrounded the coffin with the body of Bernadette.
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Seonghwa and Wonjeong Ceremony for Alain Suaris
Copenhagen, Denmark, February 9, 2019

By Nobuhiro Igarashi
Our beloved brother, Alain Suaris ascended to the spirit world on 9 February 2019 - almost 70 years old - after short, serious illness.
His Seonghwa Ceremony was held on 16 February at the FFWPU Church Center on Birmavej;
the Wonjeong Ceremony took place at Sundby Cemetery, not far from the Center, and subsequently a farewell lunch was offered by the Center for everyone.
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posted 4 Mar 2019, 02:30 by EUME Office   [ updated 4 Mar 2019, 02:31 ] Ceremony
In Memory of Four Mothers who left us in 2018
Torino, Italy, January 27, 2019

By Sergio Coscia

In 2018, four mothers of our community passed away at the end of their lives, spent for the sake of their families and children. Their last months were not easy for these sweet, elderly ladies who had to struggle with the passing of time… Their children are all devoted members and we felt it was really important to honour them, especially because we could not hold their SeongHwa ceremonies at the community level before.  - read more

SK - 181118

posted 25 Dec 2018, 01:00 by EUME Office   [ updated 25 Dec 2018, 01:01 ]

In Memoriam Eva Slovakova
Nitra, Slovakia, November 18, 2018

By Miroslav Rybár
On November 18, 2018, we said farewell with our dear sister, Eva Slováková, who left for the spiritual world at the age of nearly 74. The funeral took place at the city cemetery in Nitra with the participation of her relatives and acquaintances, as well as our brothers and sisters. Coincidentally, the Seonghwa ceremony took place together with the Roman Catholic ceremony in the chapel at the cemetery. First the Roman Catholic priest made a religious ceremony, and then we performed a Seonghwa ceremony with a song, speeches, prayers and video presentation with photographs from Eva's life. All this was done with the participation of a priest who could thus get to know a lot of unexpected information. - read more

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