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Seong Hwa

DE Munich - 26.11.04(24.12.16)

posted 31 Dec 2016, 01:36 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 31 Dec 2016, 01:37 ]

In Memoriam Franziska Stephan

1952 - 2016

By Siegfried Jensen and Robert Bentele
Dear brothers and sisters,
We would like to inform you that our beloved sister Franziska Stephan (ne´ Scherrers) peacefully passed into the spirit world in the arms of her husband, Martin, on 24th December 2016 at 4:23 o’clock after a long illness.
Franziska was born 30th April 1952 in Karken, north of Aachen, Germany, near the border of The Netherlands. She grew up in a Rom. Cath. family and joined the Unification Church in August 1974 in Cologne. In September 1978, she was matched to Martin Stephan and blessed with the 2075 couples in New York on 1st July 1982. 

BG Sofia - 15.11.04(13.12.16)

posted 23 Dec 2016, 05:37 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 23 Dec 2016, 05:37 ]

Danijela Stefanova (née Purgar)

02.05.1971 – 13.12.2016
Sofia, Bulgaria, 13. December 2016

By Edina Zsolcsak-Dimitrova
Our dearly beloved Danijela Stefanova (née Purgar) suddenly passed on to spirit world on December 13, 2016. as a consequence of some blood problem. From her collage times, she was a member of Croatian Unification Church who loved God and True Parents deeply.
Danijela was born in Našice, small town in eastern part of Croatia. She was raised up in Đurđenovac in a loving and harmonious Catholic family in which she could truly experience and develop 4 great realms of heart and true love. When she joined Croatian Unification Church in 1991, she immediately witnessed to her grandmother, parents and a brother. She invested lots of efforts and spiritual conditions for her family to understand God’s heart and Providence through Divine Principle and True Father’s words. The whole family joined UC in early days and became one of the first blessed families with 4 generations in Croatia. - read more

CH Zürich - 01.10.04(31.10.16)

posted 11 Nov 2016, 01:30 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 11 Nov 2016, 01:33 ]

In Memoriam Annemarie Bichsel-Müller

Zürich, Switzerland, 31. October 2016

By Heiner & Carolyn Handschin
Our dearly beloved sister Annemarie Bichsel – Müller passed on to spirit world on October 31, 2016 as a consequence of a tragic accident near Basel. She has been a faithful Unificationist for more than 47 years and a pioneer for God’s Providence in Europe since the early years of our European movement. She has been a recipient of several awards, most recently an award from True Parents and a special recognition as Elder from True Mother at the celebration of the 50 years of the Unification Movement in Europe on May 10, 2015. 

US Chicago - 03.08.04(03.09.16)

posted 10 Sep 2016, 00:23 by Peter Staudinger

Seonghwa Celebration of Barbara Vincenz

Chicago, USA, 3. September 2016

By Catriona Valenta
I had the great honor of being able to attend the Seonghwa ceremony of Barbara Vincenz, which took place on September 3rd in Chicago.
Although Barbara’s Seonghwa was designated as being at the national level, it was very fitting that there was a representative from Barbara’s country of birth. She was born on June 12th 1930 in Magdeburg.
And in Germany, Barbara had stood beside her husband both when he was national leader and also when they were sent by Father to support the machine tool providence in the early 90’s. Repeatedly it was stressed that Reiner could not have achieved all he did without Barbara’s steady, practical and loving support. 

SK Bratislava - 12.07.04(14.08.16)

posted 2 Sep 2016, 09:47 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 2 Sep 2016, 09:49 ]

10.06.1931 – 14.08.2016
Serving the Nation with a Mother´s Heart

On August 19, 2016 our members in Slovakia faced the sad duty to say farewell to our beloved sister Margita Vrabelova who died on Sunday (August 14) at the age of 85. She was known also to foreign members who came to workshops in Dunajska Luzna near Bratislava. Margita served as national leader for more than twelve years, starting in 1974. She had been our church leader and a mother figure for members in Czechoslovakia during the time of persecution. For 44 years she supported with unwavering faith our True Parents´ mission and made remarkable offerings. Her passing marks the closing of an important chapter of our early church history.  - read more

FR Les Ulis - 24.07.04(26.08.16)

posted 2 Sep 2016, 08:51 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 2 Sep 2016, 09:49 ]

Seonghwa Ceremony for Akinori KOYAMA
11. February 1997 – 19. August 2016

Les Ulis, France, 26. August 2016

On Friday, August 26th the Seonghwa ceremony for Akinori Koyama, 19 years old, took place in Les Ulis, France. Akinori, with the support of his family, made every effort to overcome the cancer that weakened him. His mother accompanied him to Tijuana, Mexico, where he could be treated with an alternative therapy. But when it became clear that he would not recover his father, two sisters and brother all joined him and his mother to be with him as he moved on to his new spiritual life. On the 19th of August, the day of the 4th anniversary of our True Father's Seonghwa, Akinori began his new life in spiritual world. - read more

BE Brussels - 27.06.04(30.07.16)

posted 2 Aug 2016, 12:48 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 2 Sep 2016, 09:59 ]

Seong Hwa Ceremony for Philippe Jacques, Belgian National Leader

Brussels, Belgium, 30. July 2016

By Yvo Bruffaerts
On Saturday 30 July 2026 at 12am a wonderful and most moving Seung Hwa Ceremony was held for Philippe Jacques, Belgian National Leader, at the FFWPU headquarters in Brussels.
Philippe was born in Anderlecht, Brussels, on 21 February 1951. He had 2 sisters and 2 brothers. In 1979 he joined the Church with his wife and daughter. He had been living a harmonious and peaceful family life up to that time. Unfortunately, his spouse could not keep pace with the mission and left the Church shortly after.
Philippe was blessed to Yoko Tanabe at the 30,000 couples Blessing in Korea. In 1997 they welcomed their daughter Mishio. Next to taking part in witnessing and FR activities, Philippe also took care of the church Ginseng business. In August 1994 the leadership of the Belgian Church, under which Philippe was working, broke with our Church. However, Philippe and Yoko never failed to support our True Parents.  - read more

UK South London - 11.03.04(17.04.16)

posted 13 May 2016, 01:49 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 2 Sep 2016, 09:51 ]

Seonghwa Ceremony of Derrick Anthony Davis

South London, UK, 17. April 2016

Our dear brother Derrick Davis ascended to the Spirit World on Sunday 17th April 2016. He passed away unexpectedly in the early hours from pneumonia.
Derrick was a man of great faith and always testified and proclaimed True Parents. Derrick's nephew shared in his testimony, that when his uncle met the Divine Principle, his life took on a new purpose and reason for living. He quickly introduced the principle to his parents, brothers and sisters, to which they responded. Derrick was a dedicated and faithful member of the South London Community and part of the FFWPU since 1978. - read more

NL Amsterdam - 04.11.03(14.12.15)

posted 24 Dec 2015, 03:14 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 2 Sep 2016, 09:50 ]

In memoriam Marie Annick Moerbeek Le Livec

Stompetoren, The Netherlands, 14. December 2015

By Hans Campman
On Monday December 14th at 10 minutes past 10 in the morning our dear sister, Marie-Annick Moerbeek Le Livec passed to the Spirit World. A few days before her passing she had suffered a hip fracture, which could not be operated anymore. Marie-Annick’s body was too weak to deal with the injury and the (unavoidable) medication.
On Saturday December 19th we had a wonderful Seonghwa ceremony in the church of the village where she used to live, Stompetoren, which is situated between the towns of Alkmaar and Hoorn in the province of Noord Holland. In celebrating we were assisting Marie-Annick’s only child, her daughter Julia, in offering up her mother’s spirit to the heavens. About 70 people attended. 50 of them were our own members, 20 were Julia’s personal friends and acquaintances. Mrs Lisa Janssen led us through the program. There was a short sermon; some beautiful, personal testimonies were given about Marie-Annick. We sang hymns and Holy Songs; there were two moving solo performances by singers. At the “won jeon” , in a sacred atmosphere, we buried Marie Annick’s body at the place of her husband’s grave. We felt a strong unity of heart among all of us around Marie-Annick’s burial.  - read more

FR Les Ulis - 21.10.03(02.12.15)

posted 1 Dec 2015, 05:24 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 2 Sep 2016, 09:50 ]

Dawn Jouret née Golding - Testimonial by June Darby-Perrin

Les Ulis, France, 2. December 2015

Our dear sister, Dawn JOURET (GOLDING) has begun her new life in spirit world following a long illness, Thursday November 26th. She joined in Great Britain. With the New Hope Singers she participated in campaigns in the US, in Korea (Yoido Rally) and in Japan. She received the Blessing in London (118 Couple) with Jacques JOURET (first missionary to Monaco). She worked with him in Africa (Zambia and Central African Republic). In 1996, they received the mission of National Messiahs to Brunei.
Dawn became a very good friend and a very dear sister to me from the time she joined the Unified Family, as it was then called, in 1968 when the Centre was in Earl’s Court, London. At that time one of our sisters, Patricia Hartley nee Hardman, was working in the South African Embassy and met Dawn while she was working there. Dawn had many questions about religion and the purpose of life, and joyously moved into our Centre soon afterwards, where she wholeheartedly joined in all our activities.  - read more

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