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posted 3 Feb 2021, 06:23 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 3 Feb 2021, 06:23 ]

Peace and Development in MENA. The Determining Role of Women

“Women’s vision and impact on tomorrow’s Middle East and North Africa. What does the future hold?” was the topic of the 25th Women’s Conference for Peace in the Middle East, recently held in virtual mode. An event organized by the Middle East branch of the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP), in cooperation with WPWP International and WFWP Japan.

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posted 3 Feb 2021, 06:11 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 3 Feb 2021, 06:13 ]

Arabic Literacy Program for Refugees in Jordan
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posted 4 Dec 2020, 10:01 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 4 Dec 2020, 10:04 ]

Challenges to prevent Violence and reach a Peaceful Coexistence
Zoom, WFWP Spain, Italy, Portugal, November 19, 2020

By Elisabetta Nistri

The theme was touched on from different perspectives giving the public a broad and fairly complete picture of the problem.

Dr Antonio Stango, President of the Italian Federation for Human Rights, FIDU, reported about the several declarations and proclamations made by the UN and at the European Level on Human rights, including women's rights of course. But actually, not all countries who signed it are working to improve the realization, and some countries do not even recognize those declarations.

Dr. Odete Costa, president of LIRIO AZUL Association, pointed out that education is the best weapon against violence, and in her experiences working with the youth she realized that many adults and juveniles with lower self-esteem were slightly more likely to have engaged in illegal behaviors, while those with greater self-esteem were slightly less likely. “Stopping Violence – The First Step Must Begin In My Heart” the motto of her organization.

Dr. Soha Abboud Haggar professor of Arabic and Islamic studies analyzed the situations of conflicts nowadays that are very different from before. There are fewer wars but more conflicts and civilians deaths because of the new technology used. We cannot ensure successful peacebuilding in a country or region without a true reconciliation process - one that is inclusive, that brings out the truths of what took place, and that allows people from different sides to make amends. It also doesn't work if certain groups active in and/or victims of the conflict are not included.

Elisabetta Nistri, president of WFWP Italy, stressed the importance of prevention, based on education and care for human relationships. “The fact that the highest percentage of crime committed against women happens in the family home, from those who say they love them, is extremely significant. It means there is a misunderstanding of what LOVE really means, and of how to realize healthy relationships, in which I can fill joy not only from the experience of receiving love, attention, understanding but also from that of giving love and making others happy.”

MariaGabriella Mieli, Vicepresident WFWP Italy coordinated the event with great ability and at the end introduced website and the memoir of Mother Moon.

All speakers touched the topic in a very deep and professional way, giving important insights to the audience. We had 950 contacts on FBpage, more than 160 viewers, and 22 sharing of the video.


posted 28 Oct 2020, 07:45 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 28 Oct 2020, 07:46 ]

WFWP Jordan

Since 2016, WFWP-Jordan has been focusing on Education projects for needy children (100 children in total) in needy areas, as their education level is so weak.
WFWP in Jordan has many youth volunteers who have been teaching children (mainly Math, Arabic and English) at the centre every day.
Some of the activities that it provides in addition to teaching are cleaning projects and drama classes for the young children as part of character education.


posted 4 Oct 2020, 00:10 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 4 Oct 2020, 00:10 ]

The feminine Value from its Origin to today:
Where are we?
Rome, Italy, September 25, 2020

By Elisabetta Nistri
Dear all, here is the report of our last event promoted by WFWP Italy and sponsored by WFWP International. Now You can watch it on our WFWP Italia YouTube Channel with English translation
We had about 100 people attending live on zoom and 453 views on streaming onFB page WFWP Italia, 23 people shared the video on their own FB profile. Total we reached 1751 contacts on FB. All the guests were very interested and are waiting for the next webinar on 9 October.


posted 3 Oct 2020, 23:46 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 3 Oct 2020, 23:47 ]

The Role of the Women in the World
Rome, Italy, September 17, 2020

By Elisabetta Nistri
Elisabetta Nistri President WFWP Italy was invited by Dr. Maria Pia Turiello, criminologist and psychotherapist to cooperate on the research on the topic The Role of Women in the World, with Embassies and some other Women Associations leaders. The conference to start the activities was held in the University for Peace in Rome with 40 people representing, several Embassies, the representative of the Minister of Education and the rector of University. Elisabetta Nistri in her message expressed deep appreciation for the commitment of the research and explained the work WFWP is doing to help women to rediscover their value and the contribution they can give to solve world issue working side by side with men. The rector of University of Peace was inspired and offer his contribution to write an articel for the VOICE OF PEACE (UPF and WFWP magazine.)


posted 18 Jul 2020, 06:42 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 18 Jul 2020, 06:42 ]

Women in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
Zoom, June 5, 2020

By Renate Amesbauer
Having had to listen to rising voices of necessity to upgrade military expenses, investing more money in better weapons, etc. encouraged us to counter with voices for conflict resolution, Peace building, reconciliation- all favourite topics of WFWP.

We decided we will have a series bringing out this topic, through the voices of experts among our associates and Ambassadors of Peace.

This has been our first event.

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posted 18 Jul 2020, 06:38 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 18 Jul 2020, 06:39 ]

WFWP-UK Newsletter - Spring 2020

Warmest greetings to all our friends and supports.

The season of spring is inspiringus with its beauty, the coulours and sounds of new live are noticable all around us. Spring - reminding us how beautiful vhange can truely be is also a time of hope.

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posted 15 Mar 2020, 04:34 by Mateo Ziko   [ updated 18 Mar 2020, 00:59 by Peter Staudinger ]

"The History of European Women from early Christianity to the Present". WFWP Austria
Meeting on the occasion of the International Women´s Day
Raiding, Austria, March 6, 2020

By Martin & Elizabeth Kiedler
At the beginning the mayor Markus Landauer addressed the audience. He expressed
his happiness that such a meeting takes place in his village and the important
role of women for a positive development in society.
Renate Amesbauer, president of the WFWP in Austria, introduced True Mother and the WFWP with their numerous activities at local and international level.

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posted 15 Mar 2020, 04:31 by Mateo Ziko   [ updated 18 Mar 2020, 01:00 by Peter Staudinger ]

Life and Work of Dolores Sopena
Madrid, Spain, March 6, 2020

By Marcia de Abreu
This event was planned in order to pay homage to the work of Dolores Sopeña, one of the first Spanish feminists, born in 1948 and passed in 1918.
Two speakers were invited to share about Dolores Sopeña: the director of the
Palace-birth place of DS, Inmaculada Ramon, who guides the visits there, and an 85-year old nun, María Jesús González, who joined DS Foundation since the age of 17.
Both made extraordinary presentations, Inmaculada about the historical context, and especially the nun María Jesus who was able to share a vital and profound knowledge of Dolores’ mindset and work. Judging from the people’s words at the end of the event, it was an inspirational talk, showing value where there is value for us all.

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