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posted 5 May 2021, 07:01 by EUME Office   [ updated 5 May 2021, 07:01 ]

Nordic Rally of Hope
April 11, 2021

By Steinar Murud

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland cooperated on launching the Nordic Rally of Hope, with the title «Interdependence and mutual prosperity». Our European Director gave an introduction and called everyone to think about how each one can contribute to peace.

The introduction was followed by an interfaith ceremony where 11 religious representatives participated.

A Danish professor was the first speaker and commented on the UN SDG goals as a good program towards peace and development.

The second speaker was the first woman Prime Minister in Finland. She commented on the Covid 19 pandemic and said no nation can handle this by themselves. No one is safe until everybody is safe.

The Swedish scholar spoke about common values and asked everybody to try to make their own personal list of values share it with others, as an exercise to develop mutual values.

Before Hak Ja Han Moon’s speech, there was a piece of cultural performance by the Little Angels Children’s Folk Ballet of Korea.

Hak Ja Han Moon reminded us of the need to listen to Heaven. We have tried to find solutions by our own power alone without finding lasting peace. We need to consider God, our Heavenly Parent.

The Icelandic scholar said we are God’s extended hands. And then, he spoke of «homeostasis» -balance. We need to search for balance in all relationships.

The final speaker was a Norwegian former Member of Parliament. He spoke of how to meet current tension between different cultures. We need to search for the common values in each other’s faith and culture. That can serve as a basis for sustainable peace.

Finally, the song «Eternity» concluded the Nordic Rally of Hope.



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3rd Interreligious Zoom meeting in France
April 11, 2021

By Jean-François Moulinet

UPF-France organized an interreligious Zoom meeting on the topic: Beginnings 1-Creation.

We sent a few texts on the topic (from the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Koran) to the 85 people who registered (from France, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Canada, Congo, Mali, Switzerland, Italy). (45 members + 40 guests; 42 people attended until the end; and more people attended on Facebook.)

The program was:
A short introduction by Jean-François Moulinet, of the Interreligious Forum “Dialogue & Alliance” of UPF-France.
Readings of sacred texts, which were commented by a representative of different religions:
· VEDA-BUDDHISM: Venerable Michel Thao-Chan, founding-president of the Cercle de Réflexion des Nations
· UDEO-CHRISTIANITY: Gaël Cosendai, Christian pianist
· ISLAM: Professor Boumédiène Benhiaya, founder of the Kalima Institute
· UNIFICATIONISM: Mr. Didier Guignard, founder of the Club-Science-Paris

Mr. Jacques Marion, President of UPF-France, presented some coming activities before we had one 20-minute group discussion.
The next Zoom meeting is scheduled for the beginning of May, on the topic: “Beginnings 1-Humanity”.




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7 minutes promotion video



posted 4 May 2021, 09:52 by EUME Office   [ updated 4 May 2021, 09:52 ]

UPF Today
Vol. 15, No. 1, 2021

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IMAP: Responsibility of Mass Media and Contemporary Media in an Era of Global Upheavals
Moscow, Russia, April 9, 2021

Please have a look at the IMAP conference in Moscow, which was held yesterday, April 9th. The last photo is a blogger with 22 000 subscribers, who won a True Mother's autobiography and proudly wrote about it in her blog. I hope you will enjoy it!

We installed roll-ups and put up posters. Today we conducted 3 excursions, which were attended by 27 people. 4 of them were introduced to the Movement for the first time, and there were also several guests who received different levels of education on the Divine Principle. After one of the excursions, we listened to Alexey Popov's concert " Musical understanding of the world-10 years!". A man with a difficult history, who, thanks to the care of a large family and an amazing teacher, was able to overcome a lot in his life.

Guests could also drink tea and discuss the exhibition and future plans for joint projects. Thank you to the Heavenly Parent, True Parents, and the good spiritual world - everything was fine.

The next part of the exhibition will take place within 5 days in our office, where we will invite people via social networks.



posted 4 May 2021, 09:24 by EUME Office   [ updated 4 May 2021, 09:24 ]

Rise of K-pop and the Road of Peace to Pyongyang
Estonia, April 10, 2021

This webinar series promotes the peaceful unification of North and South Korea, it also seeks for possible ways that can help unification to take place.

In this webinar first panellist, Ms Maari Hinsberg, researcher of South Korean music, shared how the historical background of K-pop and how it has developed and explained how big a role the pop culture in South Korea has and how it is connected with other aspects of human life! Especially was great to hear the words of the president that “in the 21st century, culture is power” and how music can play such a vital role in the unification of North and South Korea.

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posted 17 Apr 2021, 08:47 by EUME Office   [ updated 17 Apr 2021, 08:51 ]

Sun Myung Moon, A Legacy of Love -Life, Teachings and Testimonies
Portugal, April 10, 2021

By Dr. Sergio Vieira

Universal Peace Federation held an event in memory of the Founder of this International organization, who affectionately was called Father Moon or Father of Peace, by the vast majority of the friends and supporters of this Global Movement.

This was a UPF national initiative, which aims to make known other aspects of his Life and Work, not so much addressed in the events of last year Centenary Celebrations, namely his most challenging teachings in his life cause of searching for world Peace.

The Program initiated with an introductory video with some passages of Sun Myung Moon teachings, and four national Testimonies from:
- The Magnificent Prof. Doctor Carlos Poiares, Vice-rector of the Lisbon Lusophone University
- Prof. Delmar Gonçalves, President of the Circle of Mozambican Writers in the Diaspora and a long time Ambassador for Peace
- Dr. Adriana Melges, Psychologist and Ambassador for Peace
- Lia Vieira, young member of HARP
The speakers could share some of their knowledge about the Founder and our Peace Movement, some of their experience alongside with our UPF organization, their participation in some nationally and/or internationally Activities, Events, etc,

Young Lia Vieira spoke about the fact that she was born within this peace movement and how the important lessons learned so far from the Moon Couple, have marked the difference in her moral and ethical choices during her young life, which can make her a better future adult.

After a Musical moment, there was the main Presentation by Dr. Sérgio Vieira, national President of Universal Peace Federation Portugal – “Sun Myung Moon, A Legacy of Love - Life, Teachings and Testimonies”, with the Centenary Posters, included with the choose of some main internal quotations of Father Moon`s discovering about God relationship with Human Beings, living for the sake of others, forgiving the enemies, the benefits of the giving and sharing Tradition, true love and the value of human beings as needed objects for God`s circulating love.

The program ended with some announcements about our next main events in April and the promotion of the two Autobiographies from the Moon couple.

Thank You to the Speakers and to all of the Participants "We Are Together"


posted 5 Apr 2021, 01:57 by EUME Office   [ updated 5 Apr 2021, 01:57 ]

Personal Experiences from the Country of Morning Calm
ZOOM, Estonia, March 13, 2021

These webinar series are brought about to introduce the life experiences from the Korean peninsula and to gather together people in support of the reunification of North and South Korea. In this webinar first panelist, Mrs.Tiiu Kirsipuu, a famous Estonian sculptor, shared her experiences in South Korean city Gongju, where she was in the art of residency for one month and where she created exhibition displaying pillows, pictures of rice fields on them.

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posted 5 Apr 2021, 01:13 by EUME Office   [ updated 5 Apr 2021, 01:13 ]

IAED Webinar on the Balkans
ZOOM, Albania, March 11, 2021

Dear all, warm greetings from Albania!
We are happy to report that we had a successful webinar on the Balkans with the participation of high-level experts as panelists.
Attached to this email is a short report about the webinar.
I would like to use the opportunity to thank the EUME IAED Coordinator Mr. Enrique Miguel and also Ole Toresen for initiating and coordinating the organization of the webinar.

Gani Rroshi
Secretary General, Universal Peace Federation, Albania

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posted 5 Apr 2021, 01:01 by EUME Office   [ updated 5 Apr 2021, 01:01 ]

Surviving the Pandemic and Staying Sane
Tezaur TV, Moldova, March 10, 2021

By Andrei Ensanu

I was invited to TV channel (Tezaur TV) and radio station (sputnik Moldova) to share about the youth forum organized by IAYSP Europe - "Surviving the Pandemic and staying Sane". - Link to watch the program
Comment from the TV presenter - Your organization is doing good things.
I can say only thank you from humanity for your work.
As well I was invited to youth radio Moldova to explain more details about the next event of IAYSP Europe on UN Day of Happiness - Rise to Happiness.
YSP Moldova Director, Cornelia Garanovschi and her team continue the "Our Helping Hand" project, one of the winners of the Peace Designer Europe project competition. This time they helped two poor families with children with disabilities from their village. The house of one family burned down recently. After visiting and giving some clothes they started collecting money to support that family

Today UPF Moldova had another invitation by the media. It was the same channel Tezaur TV where Andrei Esanu spoke yesterday about YSP event.
Diana Esanu was invited to share about the UPF Georgia event on March 7 where she spoke about balancing the family and career. For about 15 min. Diana answered the detailed questions of the presenter about who the speakers were, what they said, where the recording can be watched etc. and testified warmly about True Mother's very public lifestyle.
Link to watch program - Diana speaks from 45:24 onward.
Both interviews were arranged by an AfP, Mrs. Gutiera Prodan.


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