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HJ Global News
06.03.08 (17.04.2021)

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1. True Mother's activities
Special Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community Worship Service of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World, Subregion 2 of Heavenly Japan

2. World News
Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities(Graduation Ceremony for CheonBo Academy’s Cheonbo Leaders’School)
Peace initiatives(UPF Ethiopia, Book Published on Soldiers who Fought in the Korean War / UPF Heavenly Korea, Local Mobilization for One Million Peace Lovers / Heavenly Latin America, WFWP 29th Anniversary Celebration / Heavenly America, Forum Marking Women’s History Month)
Youth Activities(Paraguay CARP, Online Praise Worship)
In other News (Heavenly Japan, 2021 Installation and Training for Newly Appointed Leaders)



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Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 177



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Sun Myung Moon, A Legacy of Love -Life, Teachings, and Testimonies
Portugal, April 10, 2021

By Dr. Sergio Vieira

Universal Peace Federation held an event in memory of the Founder of this International organization, who affectionately was called Father Moon or Father of Peace, by the vast majority of the friends and supporters of this Global Movement.

This was a UPF national initiative, which aims to make known other aspects of his Life and Work, not so much addressed in the events of last year Centenary Celebrations, namely his most challenging teachings in his life cause of searching for world Peace.

The Program initiated with an introductory video with some passages of Sun Myung Moon teachings, and four national Testimonies.

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HJ CheonBo Heavenly Europe and Middle East Special VOD Event
April 10, 2021

”I am grateful we could offer our Training Center at the first time as a place for CheonBo activity. I did all my ancestors' liberation and blessing, so I wanted to offer myself to be a representative for others and liberate resentful spirits from me. My attitude was to be their friend and if we are somehow together, let's cooperate and help each other. During the Chanyang session I realized, God forgives everyone and True Parents as God's embodiment want to forgive every single person and those spirits are more than our friends, they are our brothers and sisters and through this environment and nice event, they can feel it. So I prayed for that and through my tears, I think they felt it. It was interesting, that when I looked at the picture (Cheongpyeong with angels, Heaven in Heaven) during the first session my eyesight went through from to bottom and realized in each detail what it means and how it connects to the event in the process. Before praying in front of Hyo Ji Nim's picture I had heavy feelings. Now it is the first time I felt he invites us for a tea, and enjoy the time together with his wife and us (me and my husband) in a beautiful landscape. I was so happy.”

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HJ Global News
23. - 29.02.09 - (04. - 10.04.2021)

English - Spanish - French - Japanese - Korean

1. Heavenly Parent's Holy Community's Peace Festival

2. World News

Peace initiatives (the Asia Pacific, UPF Webinar / South America, UPF Conference on Reunification on the Korean Peninsula / The Korea Association of Religions, Meeting of Religious Leaders 2021)

In other news (Japan, "Il-lim jeol": Visit of holy grounds to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of True Father's first trip to Japan / Japan, Special meeting to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the "Leda" project in South America)



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Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 176

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Peace Festival
April 4, 2021




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Czech Republic HQ New National Church Area, Youth Center, and Accommodation Reconstruction



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A Pilgrimage Walk
April 10, 2021

A pilgrimage walk along Red Square took place today. April 8-12, 1990 True Parents visited Moscow. We tried to find the places where pictures with True Parents were taken.


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Launch of True Mother's Memoirs in Island

Today, 7th of April 2021 the historical launch of True Mothers autobiography “Mother of Peace who wipes away the tears of humankind” was launched in Iceland.

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