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EU - 18.07.05(08.09.17)

posted by Peter Staudinger   [ updated ]

Heavenly Tribal Messiah Academy: First Special Meeting

Cheong Pyeong, South Korea, September 8, 2017

By Bokjin Lee, HTM Academy
A special meeting for the establishment of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Academy was held at the Heaven G Burger restaurant, part of the HJ Cheonwon Complex, on 7.18 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 5th year of Cheon Il Guk (September 8, 2017).
Newly-assigned HTM Academy director Rev. Yong Jin-hun was the MC for the occasion. He introduced FFWPU International Headquarters Secretary-general Dr. Yoon Yong-ho, who explained the significance of the establishment of the HTM Academy. He said that many aspects of the providence True Mother has been guiding are actually to create environments for witnessing. Yet even this is not the most fundamental issue; most fundamental, ultimately, is Heavenly Tribal Messiahship.
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EU - 18.07.05(08.09.17)

posted 19 Sep 2017, 08:21 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 19 Sep 2017, 08:22 ]

Testimony regarding the Performance of the "Glorious Day" Cantata for True Parents
Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth, Training Center, 8. September 2017

By Derk van Dorsten
When I first heard Hans perform a few parts of the songs on a Sunday service I realized that this is very special music. It felt as if it came directly from Heaven and later I realized that it is Heavenly Parent's desire that it must be heard by all humanity as it is filled with the heart of Hyojeong. I thought about the fact that when Jesus was walking on the earth that nobody composed and performed the music to truly honour him. This is very sad. It was only after many years that God could finally find a composer who honoured Jesus in the correct way. We all know Johan Sebastian Bach and the beautiful cantatas and choral music he wrote to honour God and Jesus. Now however we have a composer who writes the music to honour God and True Parents at this very moment and we have the opportunity to perform this for them while True Mother is walking on the face of the earth.
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- performance in front of True Parents

DE Camberg - 19.07.05(09.09.17)

posted 19 Sep 2017, 08:04 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 19 Sep 2017, 08:05 ]

Cosmic Hyo Jeong Blessing Ceremony
Neumuehle, Bad Camberg, Germany, 9. September 2017

By Claus Dubissz and Hanna Piepenburg, photos by Manfred and Benjamin Rauschert
Representatives from every continent, a total of 17 couples, including one from the Muslim faith, participated in the Holy Wine and Holy Blessing Ceremony in the German workshop center Camberg.
On the eve of the event the couples attended a lecture on family relationships and listened to the testimony of a young 2nd Gen couple.
On Saturday morning, the Holy Wine Ceremony took place, officiated by representatives of our Blessed Family department, Karl & Sarah Zimmermann. Many helping hands had beautifully decorated the main hall in pink and white. Family, friends and guests arrived in the early afternoon for the main Wedding Ceremony. Altogether 150 people were in attendance.
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AL Tirana - 13.07.05(03.09.17)

posted 19 Sep 2017, 08:00 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 19 Sep 2017, 08:00 ]

True Father's 5. Seong-Hwa Anniversary 
Tirana, Albania, 3. September 2017

By Albania HQ
300 people gathered at the main hall of Tirana Hotel International to commemorate the 5th Seongwha Anniversary of True Father. Even though it is still so hard to accept the fact that True Father is no longer here on earth, many Ambassadors for Peace, Blessed Families, members, relatives and guests came together to express their love and sincerity to our True Father.
Looking back at his life and his achievements, one cannot but be amazed. You could feel an atmosphere of gratefulness and thankfulness among all participants.
The ceremony was moderated by Albanian National Leader, Mr. Gani Rroshi. He quoted True Father's words: "What is more important life or love? Love is more important. Love is the origin of everything. The reason why life came into existence is because of love. The invisible God manifests His heart through visible human beings..." - read more - watch video - view more pictures

AT Vienna - 20.07.05(10.09.17)

posted 19 Sep 2017, 07:55 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 19 Sep 2017, 07:55 ]

Interreligious Service in Memory of True Father's Seong-Hwa

Vienna, Austria, 10. September 2017

By Elisabeth Cook
An interreligious service was held in Vienna on Sunday, 10th September 2017 in memory of True Fathers 5th SeongHwa Ceremony. Our hall was packed with people - members and guests - altogether numbering around 150. At the beginning of the service, Mrs Elisabeth Cook explained about True Father's life achievemnets, especially his efforts on every level for peace ... - read more

UUK Birmingham - 11.07.05(01.09.17)

posted 19 Sep 2017, 07:35 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 19 Sep 2017, 07:35 ]

Ramadan, Iftar and beyond ...

Birmingham, United Kingdom, August 2017

By David and Patricia Earle
The city of Birmingham's population is just over a million people, with the number of Muslims fast approaching 250,000, and with the number of mosques in the city now over 160! A large percentage of the Muslim community live in the inner-city districts of Sparkbrook, Sparkhill and Small Heath. Interfaith and community relations, at all levels, are generally very good as a result of the considerable effort made by individuals, communities and enlightened faith leaders over many years. One iconic moment occurred in 2014 when the then Muslim Lord Mayor, Cllr Shafique Shah, standing next to the Anglican Bishop of Birmingham in the city centre, read publicly from the Bible Jesus' 'Sermon on the Mount'. "Blessed are the peacemakers..." Indeed!  - read more

FR Paris - 05.07.05(26.08.17)

posted 13 Sep 2017, 07:39 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 13 Sep 2017, 07:39 ]

Welcoming Dr. Michael and Mrs. Fumiko Balcomb
Paris, France, 26. August 2017 

By David Perry
On Saturday, August 26th, Dr. and Mrs. Balcomb were welcomed to France at the Paris Education Centre. Representatives of all the nations in the Western Region, as well as many French leaders and 2nd gen members were present for this event.
Everyone was asked to briefly introduce themselves and as there were 50 participants present, this took some time.
Dr. Balcomb then shared about some of his experiences this year, such as the challenge of organizing the Madison Square Garden event on July 15th. Through that event he felt that True Parents are challenging us break out of our limiting concepts to discover how God and spirit world are waiting to work with us. - read more

IT Turino - 06.07.05(27.08.17)

posted 13 Sep 2017, 07:34 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 13 Sep 2017, 07:35 ]

Blessing Ceremony

Monastery of San Biagio, Mondovi, Italy, 27. August 2017

Maria Gabriella Mieli
We decided to celebrate the Blessing Ceremony just one week before the event, thanks to the sudden opportunity to have all 3 couples together in Turin, and in consideration of their age and health conditions. The three couples have a catholic background, and we thought a lot about how to organize the ceremony in a very short time, with few people to help as staff, and without a deep preparation of the candidates. - read more

FR Paris - 30.06.05(21.08.17)

posted 13 Sep 2017, 07:23 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 13 Sep 2017, 07:23 ]

Unification Principle Seminar

Paris, France, 18. - 21. August 2017

By Yves Massey and Didier Guignard
Inspired by True Mother speech at Madison Saquare Garden, and motto, "Peace start with me", we launch a workshop at the countryside family home of some Paris members. We were 15, mother and daughter at the kitchen, 3 lecturers, 6 guests, plus two children! There was Peace Ambassadors and associate members; national leader and spiritual parents visited also, each day was exciting with, beside the lectures, walk in the beautiful countryside and deep talks in the evening. The main theme was "History as providence and our time", and of course the conclusion was a time of deep realization for all; but now the real work begins, to accompany each one, to deepen our relationship with them and guide each on that understanding! ...

DE - 03.06.05(25.07.17)

posted 13 Sep 2017, 07:17 by Peter Staudinger

Eco Tour for Seniors

Leda, Paraguay, 13 - 25 July 2017

By Catriona Valenta
Fuerto Olimpo is an unremarkable town in the north-east of Paraguay, about 800 km from the capital, Asuncion. It was here in 1999 that True Father called the Japanese National Messiahs together and gave them the mission of building a model community in land which had been bought around Puerto Leda, thirty-seven kilometres upstream on the Paraguay River, at the southern tip of the Pantanal, the world's largest wetlands. - read more

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