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AL Tirana - 17.06.05(10.07.17)

posted 18 Jul 2017, 06:17 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 18 Jul 2017, 06:19 ]

15 Day Divine Principle Workshop just started in Albania
Mullet, Tirana, Albania, 10. - 25. July 2017 

By Albania HQ
The most important workshop of the year just started today in Albania - 15 Day Divine Principle WS! In total 115 brothers and sisters have gathered from all over Albania and Kosovo to study in depth the content of the Divine Principle, True Parents' life course, True Parents' words on tradition, formula course, family pledge, CIG era and other important content about life of faith.
- read more -  watch pictures

CZ - 15.06.05(08.07.17)

posted 18 Jul 2017, 06:08 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 18 Jul 2017, 06:09 ]

Czech Republic 7 Day Summer Camp
1. - 8. July 2017 

By Martin Masner
We are very excited to announce that we successfully held the biggest Summer HARP Workshop in Czech Republic with 50 participants coming from Slovakia, Hungary, Germany and Iceland. Many of these participants were sons and daughters of Czech people blessed with other members from those countries.
Through this year of 2017 we encouraged some of the elder blessed children to start taking ownership and some responsibilities which made the workshop work smoothly and gave them a valuable experience for the future. 

PL Glanow - 09.06.05(02.07.17)

posted 18 Jul 2017, 06:02 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 18 Jul 2017, 06:02 ]

Children's Summer Camp
Glanow, Poland, 25. June - 2. July 2017 

By Martha Kral
This year summer workshop was under the title of "Children of One God" and was held in our training center in Glanow. Children from age 7 to 14 were educated in how Heavenly Parent was working through different religions to educate his children until our times that True Parents could appear on earth and the meaning of True Parents for humankind and for Blessed Children and Blessed Families. There were two age groups, 7 to 10 and 11 to 14 years. We started from old Slavic religions, Far East Religions like Confucianism, Hinduism, Taoism, then Jewish religion, Christian belief and Islam and at the end the teachings and meaning of the coming of our True Parents. 

FI Helsinki - 16.06.05(09.07.17)

posted 18 Jul 2017, 05:58 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 18 Jul 2017, 05:59 ]

2nd First and Second Generation Harmony Workshop
Helsinki, Finland, 7. - 9. July 2017 

By Roswitha Hynninen
On the 2nd weekend of July the FFWPU organized a "1st-2nd Generation Harmony workshop" outside of Helsinki in the beautiful nature near a lake.
The program focused on enhancing and improving the relationship between parents and blessed children. In the spirit of honesty and openness both could gain new insights of one another's viewpoint, feelings and heart. Outside activities like boating, fishing, swimming and playing games brought fun and bonding experiences. Free from daily duties in school or work we could enjoy each other's company and meditate in the midst of the serene nature that our Heavenly Parent made for us. 

ES Madrid - 14.06.05(07.07.17)

posted 18 Jul 2017, 05:53 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 18 Jul 2017, 05:54 ]

Summer HARP Workshop

Manantial del Corazon, Madrid, Spain 28. June - 7. July 2017

By Stefan Campillo Fette
The workshop started on the 28th and ended on the 7th, 8 full days in total. In this workshop, the Harp Committee wanted to focus on Divine Principle, but not on the theoretical aspect, we want to teach them that the Divine Principle is something that is lived out, that the universe is governed by the laws of God and that everybody can see and feel it every day, in the nature, in the family, in everything. We did, since it was not done for some time, a ceremony of purity where each participant promised before God, True Parents and themselves to keep their purity to their future partner.
It was a very beautiful and inspiring workshop. We had a balanced schedule, at all times we wanted them to have talks, but also time for other activities, for games, time to be together. As responsible for the HARP we are aware that our younger brothers and sisters have to grow spiritually, they must learn from the words of the True Parents. 

UK London - 08.05.05(02.06.17)

posted 18 Jul 2017, 03:23 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 18 Jul 2017, 05:53 ]

CARP Catch Up: End of Exams Dinner! 
London, UK, 2. June 2017

By Jeung-sun Shongwe, CARP UK Director
It was a fantastic, light-hearted and fun atmosphere we made together at this event. Although many young people could not attend this due to ongoing exams, work or other reasons, 34 attendees were present, including 5 new CARP members from Queen Mary's university.
I started off the evening by introducing myself and allowing ourselves to greet each other, taking a minute to congratulate everyone for successfully enduring (some would say) this academic year. We then ate a very satisfactory buffet meal prepared by the Japanese volunteers to the UK and the CARP committee. Finally, we enjoyed each other's company with a few very engaging games of parliament, splat and group rock, paper, scissors featuring top-notch prizes! 

BE Brussels - 25.04.05(20.05.17)

posted 18 Jul 2017, 02:59 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 18 Jul 2017, 02:59 ]

Purity Ceremony
Brussels, Belgium, 20. May 2017

By Hugo Veracx and Alesia Bruffaerts
On Saturday, the 20th of May we had what we called 'the purity ceremony' in the Belgium FFWPU headquarters. Eight youngsters from Belgium, France and Holland participated. This was the culminating event after 6 months of preparation. During 6 months on a weekly basis the children together with their parents went through several readings and Q&A that Alésia Bruffaerts had compiled in a beautiful booklet. These readings helped them to speak and discuss openly with their parents on topics related to purity and our faith. This is a very good working tool to strengthen the relationship between parents and children and for the children to inherit of the wisdom of their parents. - read more

AT Vienna - 27.04.05(22.05.17)

posted 4 Jul 2017, 02:03 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 4 Jul 2017, 02:03 ]

Austrian UPF Youth Committee organizes Event at Vienna University

Vienna, Austria, 22. May 2017

By Elisabeth Cook
On May 22nd 2017 the Youth Committee of UPF-Austria organised a panel discussion at the University of Vienna on the theme: "Walls of Bridges? Session II Populism, Integration & the Future of Europe." This event was the second of a series of discussions on this topic. The first one took place in December 2016.
The four speakers addressed the topic from different angles:
Mr. avid Meinel spoke about populism He explained that there is not only political populism, but also ecological and cultural populism. In political populism, we can observe populism of the right wing and left wing parties. In essence, populism mainly appeals to the emotions.
- read more

RO Bucharest - 15.05.05(09.06.17)

posted 4 Jul 2017, 01:39 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 4 Jul 2017, 01:39 ]

Friday Open HoonDokHae Discussion
Discovering the Culture of Heart 
Bucharest, Romania, 9. June 2017

By CARP Romania
Aniyong Haseyo! Konichiwa! Nihao!
We are happy for having been able to bring together several different nationalities, races and cultures under one roof. On the 9th of June 2017, the CARP center in Bucharest hosted a glorious event about world cultures. Europe met Asia with great enthuziasm and appreciation. We discussed about China, Japan and South Korea, aiming for the lessons of life, behavior and culture that can change our lives for the better. We started from people's curiosity and we were happy to present at the end about the culture of Heart that True Parents brought for humanity. - read more

RO Bucharest - 13.05.05(07.06.17)

posted 4 Jul 2017, 01:33 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 4 Jul 2017, 01:34 ]

CARP Meeting Challenges of Life
Bucharest, Romania, 7. June 2017

By CARP Romania
Our beloved brothers and sisters,
In the weekly CARP meeting we decided to discuss about Challenges and Victory and focused on improving our ability to understand and overcome difficulty.
It is very important for young people to choose the right attitude in any given circumstances and find the way to cope with everyday challenges.
In pairs, we shared about the attitude we should have when facing difficulties and gave personal examples on daily life situations which we could overcome. - read more

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