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posted 4 May 2021, 11:01 by EUME Office   [ updated 4 May 2021, 11:01 ]

Commemorative Cheon Il Guk Pledge Service to Celebrate the 61st Anniversary of True Parent
Cheongshim World Peace Center, April 27, 2021



posted 5 Apr 2021, 02:38 by EUME Office   [ updated 5 Apr 2021, 02:38 ]

HJ Youth Blessing Festival - True Mother's Speech
March 27, 2021



posted 11 Mar 2021, 07:09 by EUME Office   [ updated 11 Mar 2021, 07:09 ]

5th Rally of Hope - Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon
February 28, 2021

Respected leaders, peace ambassadors, and beloved blessed families both within and without the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community!
Today, we can no longer delay things: this is an occasion on which to renew our resolve. Human history and civilizations have developed along rivers. Though 5,000 long years have passed since the Egyptian civilization flourished centered on the River Nile, Egypt today possesses a cultural heritage that is like a miracle. They were aware that life on earth was short and sought to be as close as possible to Heaven, with the hope that they might live forever in the eternal world. As a result, their heritage shows how much devotion they invested for that.

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posted 25 Feb 2021, 01:10 by EUME Office   [ updated 11 Mar 2021, 06:32 ]

True Mother’s Speech at True Parents’ Birthday and 8. Anniversary of Foundation Day Celebrations
February 24, 2021

Leaders from all walks of life under the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, and particularly blessed families of the Family Federation, I am truly happy to see you. I love you all!
Today, we are beginning a new history…. We have observed seven anniversaries since the doors to the kingdom of heaven on earth opened, a world that our Heavenly Parent and all people have so longed to see, one in which all people live as one peaceful family under God. And this year marks the eighth anniversary.

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posted 25 Feb 2021, 01:06 by EUME Office   [ updated 25 Feb 2021, 01:07 ]

True Parents’ Birthday and 8. Anniversary of Foundation Day Celebrations


posted 24 Feb 2021, 23:22 by EUME Office   [ updated 24 Feb 2021, 23:22 ]

True Mother’s Message at the Special (Online) Meeting of Korean Pastors
January 25, 2021 (12.13 by the heavenly calendar), Cheon Jeong Gung, Korea

I am happy to see you all!

Our Creator and Heavenly Parent waited for 6,000 long years to see this time in the providence, this one day. How much God had waited to see this day, the day His providence comes to completion! Our Creator God’s dream was to live with His children on earth, in continuous celebration with them. He dreamed of an eternal world where He could live with His children after they completed their earthly lives.

All living people have dreams of their own. Blessed families, who know the providence and have been reborn through the True Parents, however, dream of living with Heavenly Parent and True Parents on earth, of sharing deep affection and love with their children, and of extending their joyful lives into the eternal world. Blessed families live on earth with this kind of hope.

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posted 18 Jan 2021, 11:28 by EUME Office   [ updated 24 Feb 2021, 23:22 ]

True Mother’s Speech at the Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly
True Mother spoke on the last day of the Cheon Ik Guk Leaders’ Assembly which was held online from January 6th, 2021.

Leaders and blessed families of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community around the world:
What determination have you made this New Year, the year of the white ox?
I pray that Heaven’s protection and blessings will be with you in abundance.

For people living in agrarian societies, the ox (cow) is the animal that lives closest to human beings. Many families raise animals, but the ox [cow] is the only animal that, throughout its entire life, offers up everything in service to humankind. A particular point is the one unique sound that cows make. In Korean, we express the sound of a cow as “Eum-maeh.” I understand that in the West, the sound of a cow is more like “Moo.” Don’t you feel the difference here?

The Korean people, in particular the Korean language, can express the sounds of nature as they are. It is a very scientific language and alphabet. English has too many words and Chinese has too many different sounds. Hence, when it comes to storing files [in your computer], particularly in this internet age, the peoples of this world have come to recognize that the alphabet that can store the most content easily is the Korean alphabet. How greatly Heaven has blessed this country!

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posted 12 Jan 2021, 07:12 by EUME Office   [ updated 12 Jan 2021, 07:13 ]

True Mother’s Message at the CIG Leaders’ Assembly
January 8, 2021



posted 16 Dec 2020, 01:36 by EUME Office   [ updated 16 Dec 2020, 01:36 ]

Rally of Hope to Celebrate the 1-Year Anniversary of the World Clergy Leadership Conference (WCLC) and Support the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World

English - French - Spanish

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, virtually delivered this message on December 5, 2020, at the Rally of Hope to Celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the World Christian Leadership Conference for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World.

My Members of the clergy from around the world and members of the American clergy with ACLC, I give you my warmest greetings as we celebrate this first anniversary of WCLC.

Today, we are at a point in time when we must welcome the truth of God’s dispensation and a new era. Just as the Bible says, new wine must be put into new wineskins.

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posted 16 Dec 2020, 01:33 by EUME Office

True Mother’s Message at the 61st Children’s Day

True Mother’s Speech at the 61st True Children’s Day and 33rd Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth and Special Sunday Service to Transfer the Cheon Won Gung Cheonwon Church to the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace (HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center main building)
November 15, 2020, Cheonwon Church at the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace

Today is the 61st True Children’s Day, right? If this day were a person, he would be past his hwan-gap [60th birthday, the completion of a sixty-year cycle]. Are all of you who are gathered here for True Children’s Day, which has passed its 60th birthday, the true children of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents? Are you filial sons and daughters? Are you loyal patriots? If you are honest with yourselves, you cannot say you are 100 percent there yet, can you?

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