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True Peace Magazine 
June 2019 

Article One: Be Exemplary People
The opening ceremony of the Africa Summit and Leaders' Conference True Mother's Message (June 7, 2019)
True Parents Prayer and Liberation Ceremony in South Africa
True Parent's Prayer and Liberation Ceremony in South Africa
The Role of the Chosen People According to Divine Providence
2019 South Africa Hyo Jeong Family Blessing Festival
ACLC Unity (Convocation American Clergy) 2019
Peace Starts With Me Unity Festival on June 22 at the MGM Grand Hotel 


posted 16 Jun 2019, 09:09 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 16 Jun 2019, 09:10 ] Magazine - May 2019

1. Article One: Toward a New Unified Korea
2. True Parents’ Messages: Reuniting with Our Brothers and Sisters in North Korea
3. Heavenly Parent’s Difficult History
4. We Must Reach the Beginning Point, the National Level
5. Boldly Fulfill God’s Expectation
6. Longing for Unification and Peace
7. Pictorial section: PHOTO MEMORIES
8. True family member speaks: Letters from True Grandchildren
9. JOHN THE BAPTIST: In Support of Peace
10. Reunification: Opportunities in and Threats to Korea’s Economy
12. REGIONAL NEWS: A Month of Faith-Based Efforts in the DRC
13. WITNESSING: A Mother’s Persistence, a Daughter’s New Faith

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1. Article One: Peace Starts with Me: True Mother at the City of Refuge Church in Los Angeles, CA
2. True Parents’ Messages: True Parents’ Responsibility and Authority
3. Christianity’s Mission from the Viewpoint of God’s Providence and United States’ Responsibilities
4. We Have Much Still to Do
5. Pictorial section: PHOTO MEMORIES
6.True family member speaks: Connecting Heart to Heart
7. Generations: Breathing New Life into Young People Worldwide
8. Heavenly Lifestyle: Writing to True Mother
9. Strategic Thinking: Miraculous Abound in Africa, Cooperative Interaction and Breakthrough
10 Senegal: Cleansing Souls, Beautifying the Environment, Senegal’s Next Steps 


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1. Article one: Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the March 1stmovement.
2. True Parents Messages: God's Hope for Humanity (4), God's Model of Love, Let Us Alleviate the World’s Suffering.
3. True Children Message: Leaping Higher True love in practice
4. LEADERHIP ADVICE Husband and Wife Impart Guidance and Encouragement
5. REGIONAL NEWS: Guiding the young people of Suriname, An Interreligious and Intercultural Breakfast
6. CHARACTER EDUCATION: Introduction of the Hyojeong Character Education Textbooks, Let Us Return to Nature
7. Peace activities Reclaiming Peace in Honduras, Initial Steps
8. Tangible Improvement through Ancestor Liberation, Blessing and Seonghwa Ceremonies: Good for Tribal Witnessing 

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True Peace Magazine - February 2019 

1. ARTICLE ONE: Recent Developments as We Move Toward Vision 2020
2. HOLY DAY PICTORIAL SECTION: Major Events True Parents’ Birthday Celebration
3. CONGRATULATIONS: On Values and Legacy, The Birthday Address
4. TRUE MOTHER'S MESSAGES: The Essence of History, The Role of the Media, Only a Year Remains, The Blessings that Come with Unity, You are the World’s Future
5. INTERVIEW: The Value of an Ancestral Homeland and the Quest for Peace
6. DEVELOPMENTS: The Great Value of the Interfaith Peace Blessing, Don’t Stop!
7. PROVIDENTIAL ENTERPRISES: An Introduction of the Business Foundation in Korea 


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True Peace Magazine - January 2019 

A Tribute to a great person 
True Parents Messages: God's Hope for Humanity, Part 3, Prayer for Beginning a Year of Great Importance, Seizing the Opportunity, Doing Something for the Unity of Heavenly Korea 
Photos section: souvenir pictures 
Yohan Lee's Ascension Hostility to evil, A turning point in a life of faith 
Ascension of Bo-Hi Pak beloved Mentor! Homage to Dr. Bo Hi Pak, Leading a Ballet Company into Battle 
YOUTH: Train the leaders of the future in Africa through the education of Hyo Jeong, the value for Africa of Youth and students for peace 
Heavenly Tribal Messiah: An Academy that Trains Messiahs, The Dream in Which I Can Become Perfect by Enabling My Partner to Become Perfect , Becoming a Heavenly Tribal Messiah, Heavenly Parent and True Parents Gave Me New Life, The Process of HTM Organization Management 


posted 4 Mar 2019, 01:55 by Peter Staudinger   [ updated 4 Mar 2019, 02:00 ] Peace Magazine - December 2018
EnglishFrench - Spanish

1. ARTICLE ONE: Marching Towards Cheon Il Guk
2. TRUE PARENTS’ MESSAGES: God’s Hope for Humanity (Part Two), Toward the Eternal World of Freedom, Equality and Peace, Live Heavenly Lives, Gathering to Report on the World Tour Victories and Resolve to Establish Firmly a Heavenly World
3. PICTORIAL SECTION: Photo Memories
4. ASIA PACIFIC SUMMIT: Stepping Stones toward Lasting Peace, The Value of Embodying One’s Faith
5. ALIGNMENT: Solving Unsolvable Problems
7. INTERFAITH HARMONY: An Interreligious New Year Celebration
8. INFRASTRUCTURE: A New Family Church in the US State of Minnesota
9. INSTITUTIONS: Global Preparation of IAPD, a Chronology

TP - 301118

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True Peace Magazine - November 2018

English - French - Spanish 

ARTICLE ONE: The Dawn of a New Day in Africa
TRUE PARENTS’ MESSAGES: God’s Hope for Humanity (Part One), To New Citizens of Cheon Il Guk, True Parents’Benediction, We Need to Know the Messiah’s Essence
PICTORIAL SECTION: Photo Memories SUN HAK PEACE PRIZE: 2019 Sun Hak Peace Prize
OUTREACH MIND-SET: Our 1997-2018 Mission in Madrid, Spain; Blessing Kentucky
REGIONAL NEWS: United States, Korea


TP - 301018

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True Peace Magazine - October 2018 

English - French - Spanish 

1. ARTICLE ONE: Toward True Global Liberation
2. TRUE PARENTS' MESSAGES: The Starting Point for Victory, Recognize and Fulfill Your Destiny, The Role of Japanese Missionaries in Korea
4. YOUTH LEADERSHIP: The Importance of a Heart of Filial Piety
5. PROVIDENTIAL HISTORY: Witnessing in a Communist Community
6. MILESTONES: Fifty Years Later
7. OF HISTORICAL INTEREST: The Decline of the West
8. HYO JEONG TESTIMONIES: Our Course to Harmony, Converging Streams, The Expanding Grace of the Blessing
9. REGIONAL NEWS: Germany 

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True Peace Magazine - September 2018  

English - French - Spanish

ARTICLE ONE: Building a Brighter Future
TRUE PARENTS' MESSAGES: Becoming Leaders in Building a World of Peace, Soaring Advancement, Scripture Books for Our Descendants, Hyojeong Special Assembly Hosted by True Parents for FFWPU-Heavenly Japan
A TRUE CHILD'S MESSAGE: Let us Fulfill UPF's Profound Mission
EMERGING PROVIDENCE: Witnessing on the Religious-Group Level
BLESSED FAMILY LIFE: Protecting Blessed Families
YOUTH LEADERSHIP: Linking Heavenly Africa and Heavenly America
INTRA-FAITH SUPPORT: Sharing Spiritual and Intellectual Resources
INTERVIEWS: Photographing the Course of Salvation
TRIBAL MESSIAHSHIP: Home Life as Tribal Messiah Outreach

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