3rd Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World
60 minutes Highlights

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CheonBo Event,
Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain, November 21, 2020

By Maryvonne Jamois

Due to the situation of the pandemic, CheonBo Event is organized differently from the ones we had last year. In the past weeks, we had a meeting by zoom with Rev. In Pyo Moon and CheonBo Europe staff, and we could feel how much our True Parents are investing to help us and all humanity to come back to God´s bosom. We are so grateful for our True Mother for her constant love and absolute dedication to Providence.

Happy True Children's Day 2020

Planting some Heavenly Seeds

By Osamu & Mercedes Tomita, HTM Madrid, Spain

In this autumn, we have been planting the heavenly seeds of True Father’s Centennial in different ways:

In the Catholic Church, I went with a sister and together we visited a Catholic priest in a Convent, we gave him the Magazine about the Centennial and for 20 minutes we explained to him about True Father’s life. We gave him two copies of the Magazine. He was grateful for the explanations because he understood we are not a Sect but an International Movement working for Families and World Peace in all fields of society. He was impressed by the good quality and content of the magazine.

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Heavenly Parent's Holy Community
Video Clip Competition

By Kathy Hausmann
The results are in!
Here are some facts about the participation and process of deciding the winners.
The jury: Ajai Rai, Joachim Sölva, Hanna Piepenburg, Christian and Kathy Hausmann
We received 47 entries from 7 countries - Albania(26), UK(7), Russia(6), Germany(3), Spain(2), Portugal(2) and Ireland(1).
Each jurist watched all films individually and gave points from 0 to 5 based on the following:

Original Mind - Does the video stimulate and inspire the original mind?
Culture of Peace - Does the video help to create a culture of peace?
Personal Vote - Do you like it - recommend it? Should it be one of the top 3?
Video Quality

After combining all points given by all members of the Jury, we had the ranking list. The maximum amount of points to receive for one clip is 100.

We are glad to announce:
First place winner receiving a total of 83 points: Javier Bodosa from Spain with his clip “Soap Bubbles”. - https://youtu.be/uYNUasDwvgg
Second place winner receiving a total of 61 points: Gabor Vasmatics from Albania with his clip “Nature” - https://youtu.be/yAxX57BGUkI
Third place winner receiving a total of 59 points: Ruben Cabero from Spain with his clip “Love Yourself” - https://youtu.be/LATbpGSyUa8

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The essence of true happiness from the perspective of global ethics”
Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain, November 17, 2020

By Armando Lozano

Continuing with our series of interfaith presentations we had yesterday a talk by Concha Barranco, a follower of Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and National President of the Buddhist Interbeing Order. Over 30 people attended, many of them members of the Sangha (community) of Madrid. They have not been able to meet since March due to the pandemic and use this opportunity to be together again. The room was full of joy. Concha and the Sangha are friends of ours and have attended several UPF interfaith programs. 

3. Rally of Hope - Promo Video
November 22, 2020 - 02:00 min

English - Korean 

Promotional Brochure
Online brochure: English - Korean 

3. Rally of Hope - Promo Video
November 22, 2020 - 01:15 min

English - Japanese - Korean

Rally of Hope Promo 
November 15, 2020 - 02:21 min

Report from the Annual Blessed Family Department Meeting
October 30 - 31, 2020

UPF South London

UPF South London branch has been holding a series of Zoom webinars since the lockdown started earlier this year, and we have put together this video as a report on our events and also to advertise the next one on 21 November.
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YSP Europe October News

6. WCLC-Germany Zoom-Conference
ZOOM, Germany, November 7, 2020

By Claus Dubisz, English: Catriona Valenta
On Saturday, November 7, the sixth zoom conference of the World Clergy Leadership Conference Germany took place with twenty-eight participants. The topic was based on the words from the Gospel of Matthew: „And if you salute only your brethren, what more are you doing than the others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? You, therefore, must be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect!“ Matthew 5:47-48)

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Centenary Exhibition in Israel

 News from Shin Albania

Inauguration of the Albanian language publication of “Mother of Peace”, a memoir from Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon
Hotel Tirana International, Albania, October 31, 2020

It is with immense pleasure that we are sharing with you the joyful news that, now, for all book-lovers and readers the memoir of Dr. Hak Xha Han Mun, the co-founder of the Universal Peace Federation, Family Federation, Women’s Federation and of many other international organizations, is available in Albanian language.
“The Mother of Peace who wipes humanity’s tears” is the title of this book that condenses the incredible journey of Mother Moon: from the first moments of her life in a war raged country, to the survival efforts escaping as a refugee, to her meeting her husband with God’s guidance, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and their course together as True Parents to bring hope and peace for this troubled world.

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Branch Providence of the HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center
Rev In-Pyo Moon


”Sincerely, I would like to thank the grace of the blessing of my ancestors, to True Parents and Heavenly Parents When the ancestors entered to the blessing venue, I felt the grateful heart of my ancestors, my tears just started to fall When the holy water was spreading, I just felt the happiness and joy When finally we had to say the blessing vows, I felt the proudness of them I felt all of their emotion and heart of them during the blessing ceremony It was so real I would like to thank again this grace."

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Hanno on Festival
(Peace and Unification Festival)

The Peace and Unification Festival, supported by the Ministry of Unification and the Institute for Unification Education, is being held in an online non-face-to-face format. A variety of events are in progress in which 70 unification organizations of the Unification Education Council participate. In particular, Little Angels was doing a congratulatory performance. Please watch it.
Executive Chairman of the Unification Education Council
Song Kwang-seok

· https://vimeo.com/474149209

Peace Road, Hungary - Austria 2020

On the route of the death march of Hungarian Jews in 1945 by bicycle in 6 stages, October 21 - 26 October 2020
75 years after the end of the 2nd World War and the foundation of the UNO - 30 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain - 70 years after the beginning of the Korean War - N- and South Korea still have no peace treaty!

By Mag. Maria Pammer
In 2017, 2018 and 2019, UPF-Upper Austria, together with mayors of neighbouring communities, organised a Peace Roads on a section of the death march of Hungarian Jews, which took place 75 years ago at the end of the Second World War. One year ago, we had the strong feeling that the Peace Road 2020, to be authentic, must include the whole more than 400 km route. In 1945, many thousands of Jews from Hungary had to make this journey to the Mauthausen concentration camp under inhuman conditions during the last days of the war. They were given hardly anything to eat and many of them went barefoot. Many hundreds of them were shot on the way when they collapsed exhausted.

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The blog briefly describes the 6-day Peace Road in German, English and Hungarian with pictures

Autumn One-Day Youth Retreat
Chamarande, France, October 24, 2020

By Domila and Rafael Guignard

On October 24th 2020 24 young adults and 12 children gathered at the Chamarande Training Center for a One-Day Youth Retreat. The morning was filled with guidance and creative activities for the children. The young adults heard testimonies and took time to share about the topics of gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and responsibility. For lunch some children enjoyed grilling their sausages around a campfire. In the afternoon participants from all ages went for nice walk in the forest. Helped by their elders the children had a treasure hunt trying to find natural items like leaves, flowers or snails. The day ended with a service project to improve the Chamarande Training Center and some football between kids and adults. It was a nice retreat to gather young people of all ages. 
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UN Day Meeting
Oslo, Norway, October 22, 2020

By Steinar Murud
Last Thursday we organized a celebration of UN Day in partnership with the largest mosque in Norway. The topic was, «for cooperation, against polarization, and for common values» . Around 35 guests participated in the event.
We had speakers from the Catholic Church, the Sikh community, the Jewish community, the Hindu community, and imams from the mosque and from the Muslim Dialogue Network in Norway. The Minister from the Norwegian Lutheran Church that was scheduled to participate, had to cancel due to cold.
Most preparations for the event were done by the mosque who offered a nice Pakistani dinner for all guests after the two-hour-long meeting.

Peace Starts With Me Mastery Training
On Zoom, May 14 to June 25, 2020

By Rafael Guignard
One month after a successful Peace Starts With Me Online WS in April where 40 participants could create their ideal Life Vision across 12 life categories representing the 3 Great Blessings, the EUME BFD and Rafael Guignard organized the Peace Starts With Me Mastery Training that helped 14 participants to master goal setting, strategies, and habits to turn their ideal life vision a reality.

This training happened every week on Thursday evening for 7 weeks in a row between May 14th and June 25th. At the beginning of each training, participants could share their wins and ask questions from the previous training. Then Rafael Guignard would introduce and explain a new strategy or tool to help participants turn their ideal life vision a reality. They could then take some time to reflect on how to apply this tool into their personal lives before sharing in pairs and sharing all together as a group. The most important part for participants to break through and make progress was doing their homework between each weekly training session. This process of experiential learning is very effective because participants learn through principles, examples, self-reflection, sharing with each other, and taking action in their lives.

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One Hundred Participants at the Centenary UPF Event
Budapest, Hungary, October 17, 2020

By Gyorgy Kozma
One hundred years ago in this part of the world people and families sank into deep sorrow and pain when Hungary lost 2/3rd of its territory. During this same time, however, the light of hope arose for Heavenly Parent and for humankind on the land of the white clothes people.
One hundred years. One hundred participants. Ambassadors for Peace responded very quickly for the call to commemorate Rev. Sun Myung Moon centenary and the 15th Anniversary of UPF. A few hours later of the announcement of the event already about 30 AFPs responded. Among the participants, we could welcome the Hon. Consule of Albania. Blessed families and their guests also attended the event.

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True Mother’s message at the concluding victory celebration of the Forty–Day Cheonbo Festival to Celebrate the Eighth Anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension
October 11, 2020, Cheongshim World Peace Center

Beloved families who have been inducted as Cheonbo [Heavenly Treasure] families and leaders around the world, I am happy to meet you all again. I have mentioned this on many occasions, but our lives on earth, the environment that we create on earth, will become the environment in which we will be able to live in the eternal spiritual world. This boundless environment, in which we can be free, must be realized on earth.

That is why even our Creator looks at life on earth as important. Accordingly, he gave Adam and Eve, our first ancestors, a growth period, and hoped that they would grow to be perfect through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Absolute love and absolute purity are essential. Only when we live a pure life without any blemish or stain can we live in complete freedom in the eternal world. And this can only be accomplished on earth.

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· https://vimeo.com/471699168


Three Week Divine Principle Online Cycle
ZOOM, October 6 - 20, 2020

By Martine Masner
We finished our online Divine Principle introductory lecture series that took place over three weeks. The main lecturer was Mr. Rainer Fuchs. Altogether we had over 100 participants that applied for this series. Some were joyning online directly and some were watching the recording later at a more convenient time. In the end, we invited the participants to study our pre-recorded 15 Day Online DP workshop from this spring. 

Here are a few reflections:
Granc Family: “Thank you for this last session, my guest and I enjoyed participating in all three of them. Basically, she is curious about the continuation.”
From the Middle East: “Thank you for excellent DP lectures and nice MC.”
A guest from Slovenia: “I thank you deeply for the circle of 3 DP lectures and for your personal insights which made us think and opened our minds. Thank you for your effort and heart! I was always looking forward to those Tuesdays for great lectures of Mr. Rainer Fuchs, bright MC Vicky, and sharings of everybody. If possible, I would ask you to send also previously mentioned 15-days DP recordings and would be very glad to learn from it.”

CARP EUME Public Online Event
ZOOM, October 16, 2020

By Vicky Masner
Over 70 young people attended our online event called TODAY’S IDEOLOGICAL TRAP – Discovering the way ahead amidst the left-right controversy. Mr. Bogdan Pammer, a 2ndGen, gave a very passionate presentation followed by a group discussion and Q&A. The importance of this lecture was to make students aware of what time we are living in, and how to see clearly in these confusing times. To first-time attendees, we introduced also the purpose of CARP and our various programs.

By Jeong-hye Hassinen

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50 Years of Mission Work - The Nürnberg Community
October 3, 1970 - 2020

By Dietmar Jorde and Bernhard Leyer (English: Catriona Valenta) 

About one year ago, we became aware of a report in which a short mention was made of the fact that in September 1970 Paul and Christel Werner established centers in Nürnberg and Heidelberg. Thus we realised that 2020 would be a golden anniversary year.
Then Hans-Jürgen Hutzfeld sent us a copy of the diary of the first missionary to Nürnberg: Annemarie Müller (later: Annemarie Bichsel).
She described her arrival in Nürnberg on 3 October 1970 at 11.00 with Paul and Christel Werner and how they found and moved into the first community centre in 4 Bärenschanzstraße, on 17 October 1970.
Bernhard Leyer organised a program to celebrate the fifty-year anniversary of these historical events-a program which was unfortunately limited due to the corona restrictions.

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50 Year Anniversary Celebration of FFWPU Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark, October 18, 2020

One year belated we celebrated October 18th the 50 year anniversary of the arrival of the first Austrian missionary, Beate Paul, to Denmark, send by Peter Koch, following instructions from True Parents. Due to Covid-19 we limited the number to 20 participants and was happy that some members could join instead by Zoom, especially our “lone Icebear” brother from Greenland, Jan Petersen. Among participants were members who have been loyal to Heavenly Parent´s calling for between 20-47 years and still keep the “fire of faith” alive with a grateful mind, especially Thomas Ole Vad, the first Danish member to join in 1972.

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Diplomatic Reception for NGO Partners
Moscow, Russia, October 7, 2020

By Konstantin Krylov
On October 7 in Moscow, UPF and NGO partners held a diplomatic reception at the President Hotel where True Parents stayed in 1990 when visiting USSR. Heads of Diplomatic Missions of Nigeria, Salvador and Mauritius addressed the gathering. The meeting was attended by a Mr. Omarov the Russian MP, guests from the Federal Government and academia. Interesting: The meeting was on the day of Vladimir Putin’s birthday and a friendly firm provided the cake featuring the Russian President’s portrait (I got a brain piece!). Alex Carlin the Guinness Book famous singer offered a song about Russia-USA friendship. The reception included a classical fashion show and an exhibition of portraits. On the day, another good partner of UPF was entitled the Ambassador for Peace.

· https://vimeo.com/471717217


Theology of Original Joy
Rev Giuseppe Cali

A Period of Special Devotion
Rev In-Pyo Moon 


WFWP Jordan

Since 2016, WFWP-Jordan has been focusing on Education projects for needy children (100 children in total) in needy areas, as their education level is so weak.
WFWP in Jordan has many youth volunteers who have been teaching children (mainly Math, Arabic and English) at the centre every day.
Some of the activities that it provides in addition to teaching are cleaning projects and drama classes for the young children as part of character education.

UPF / WFWP LEBANON Humanitarian Aid in Tripoli

Thanks to our great sponsors, WFWPI, WFWP Europe & USA and IRFF Germany we were able to do the second distribution of boxes, filled with food and important hygiene products.
This humanitarian aid was provided in Tripoli, which is the second-largest city in Lebanon. 70 big boxes were donated to 70 families, from among the neediest families in Tripoli.
UPF Lebanon organized this event in collaboration with one of the key Ambassadors of Peace from Tripoli, Mr. Cesar Khlat, who created the database of the neediest families for the distribution. He was receiving valuable support from the Muhtar of the district of Tripoli. (Muhtar is the elected village or town head). This was also with the aid of the Peace Squad (team of young volunteers).

Interreligious Prayer
Padova, Italy, October 4, 2020

By Angelo Chirulli
In October, the evocative Catholic Church of the Combonians welcomed the inter-religious prayer organized by the Holy Community of Heavenly Parents of Padua represented by Angelo Chirulli in collaboration with Father Gaetano Montresor and the Association Festa dei Popoli. As Pastor of the Community of Padua I asked Father Gaetano Montresor Prior of the Combonians the possibility to use their hospitality to organize the meeting between the various faiths. 

Online Conference on:
Religious Communities and organisations reflect on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on their congregations
Austria, October 2, 2020

By Elisabeth Cook
This conference was organised as the result of a meeting in August 2020 with Austrian religious leaders who participated in the founding Conference of the World Clergy Leadership Conference (WCLC) in New York in December 2019.
The moderator of the online conference was Bogdan Pammer, Vice President of the Austrian Family Federation for World Peace.
Among the speakers were six representatives of churches and religious communities and two politicians whose focus is on advocating family values in politics.

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2nd Online Interreligious Forum
Lisbon, Portugal, October 13, 2020

By Sergio Vieira

UPF hosted its second online interreligious forum, with the theme “God as Father and Mother”.
As the focus for the discussion, UPF used the book “World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon” (Page 53, “Heavenly Father and Mother”) with its associated passages from various religious scriptures.
The forum on October 13, 2020, is part of a planned cycle of online interfaith meetings, whose the first one took place on September 7 on the theme “The Universal Identity of God” (Page 10, “The One God”). 

True Mother’s Message at the Grand CheonBo Festival
True Mother spoke to Cheonbo couples, at the Grand Cheonbo Festival celebrating the Centenary of True Father and the 60th Anniversary of the Holy Wedding of True Parents & Special Blessing Ceremony 2020 which was held on October 10, 2020.

How long we have been waiting for this one day! Our Heavenly Parent has wanted to fulfill His dreams together with his children on earth. However, the human Fall filled our Heavenly Parent with so much pain. How difficult it has been for Him, how much He has endured, how long He has waited for this moment.

The families inducted as Cheonbo today are the authentic citizens of Cheon Il Guk, registered as the original clear and pure Cheonbo (heavenly treasures) that Heavenly Parent has dreamed of seeing.

While we are on earth we must offer to the Heavenly Parent, who has been waiting, one family of humankind that attends the Parent of all people, which is Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ heartfelt desire. In welcoming this day, families inducted into CheonBo today have the responsibilities of the citizens of Cheon Il Guk. How we expand our heavenly spiritual energy as CheonBo families toward our neighbors, tribes, nations and the world while we are on earth will determine whether we fulfill our responsibilities as families happily registered under the name of CheonBo—and through this we will achieve eternal freedom when we go to the spirit world. I hope, then, that you will all become great and prominent families who receive respect and love forevermore, generation after generation, throughout the course of human history.

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October 10, 2020

CHEONBO Festival
October 10, 2020

Grand Dedication Ceremony of Cheon Seung Jeon - Dedication of Hanwon Korean House and Special Luncheon
September 28, 2020

Did I not mention in the past that I would plan this Cheonwon Garden such that we can see, “This is the appearance of heaven on earth that makes Heavenly Parent’s dreams come true”? Hence, each item that was planned is gradually being realized. 

True Mother’s Message at the Second Rally of Hope
September 27, 2020

Respected current and former high office holders, leaders from all walks of life, and members of FFWPU working tirelessly, blessed families and members of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community working for the sake of an ideal world, Welcome!
Seasons have passed and the time is now upon us. In five days we will be celebrating the most anticipated and most important holiday in Korea, the Korean Chuseok holiday. The people of Korea developed through an agrarian society as a people known for revering Heaven and working tirelessly throughout the year, waiting for the harvest time of the autumn and offering thanks to Heaven for the bountiful harvest.
Giving thanks to their ancestors, parents and children gather together and look at the full moon, prepare for the era of eternal peace, and offer various acts of generosity. This is the beautiful tradition of sharing of Korea.

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By Jacques Marion

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) concluded its second Rally of Hope on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2020. The 3-hour event, held in Korea and broadcast online to the world, hosted 12 distinguished world leaders, along with first-class entertainment. According to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Yun Young-ho, two million people from 194 nations were given tickets to watch online, while millions of other viewers observed the Rally via various broadcast providers and internet platforms.
On Sunday afternoon, at 16:00 Central European Time, a special broadcast of the Rally of Hope’s Highlights was organized by UPF Europe & Middle East for those in the Region who were not able to watch live the Korean event during the night.
The theme of the Rally focused on realizing a world of peace through interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universal values. The gathering served as a wake-up call to national and world leaders that the well-being of humankind and the destiny our planet rests in the hands of responsible leaders.

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Albanian UPF National Assembly
Hotel Tirana International, Albania, September 26, 2020

Warm greetings from Albanian UPF!
We are very happy to report that on the occasion of UPF’s 15th founding anniversary, we organized a beautiful event to commemorate this historical day. Around 130 Ambassadors for Peace from Albania and Kosovo gathered at Tirana International Hotel under strict safety regulations of covid19 pandemic.
The event was moderated by. Dr. Saemira Pino, member of UPF board and former Minister of Education and Health. She emphasized the important contribution UPF has given during these years around the world and in Albania. The Chairwoman of Albanian Peace Council Hon. Rajmonda Stefa, welcomed participants and presented few of highlights of UPF’s journey during last 15 years.

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“Empowering Youth for Peace through Interreligious Cooperation, Education and Humanitarian Action.”
Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD) meeting on the International Day of Peace
Geneva, Switzerland, September 21 & 22, 2020

By Heiner Handschin
The Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD) in Europe and the Middle East, a project of the Universal Peace Federation with key partners, took the initiative to host a two-day conference: “Empowering Youth for Peace through interreligious cooperation, education and humanitarian action.” It featured an Interfaith Learning Workshop webinar on September 21, 2020, commemorating the 39th International Day of Peace, with the cooperation of 6 faith communities in Geneva, and a Webinar with 2 distinct sessions on September 22, 2020.

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UN International Peace Day Day 1, Interfaith Panelists Session

2020-09-22 Int Peace Day 2 Session I (morning)

2020-09-22 Int Peace Day 2 Session II (afternoon)

The feminine Value from its Origin to today:
Where are we?
Rome, Italy, September 25, 2020

By Elisabetta Nistri
Dear all, here is the report of our last event promoted by WFWP Italy and sponsored by WFWP International. Now You can watch it on our WFWP Italia YouTube Channel with English translation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QItCJ759J_s&t=4908s
We had about 100 people attending live on zoom and 453 views on streaming onFB page WFWP Italia, 23 people shared the video on their own FB profile. Total we reached 1751 contacts on FB. All the guests were very interested and are waiting for the next webinar on 9 October.

Hyojeong CheonBo EUME Special Events in Autumn/Winter 2020

By In-pyo Moon
We sincerely thank you for supporting the Hyojeong CheonBo Events and we pray that Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ love will always be with you.

The next CheonBo EUME Special Events in Autumn/Winter 2020 will be held simultaneously in multiple countries throughout the EUME region. They will be 1-Day Events comprised of only the Ancestor Liberation and Ancestor Blessing Ceremonies. We will not be conducting the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune (Hyojeong Offering Paper Melting Ceremony) at this time. There will not be a live stream of the events. A limited number of members from the Region will attend on behalf of those who register for Ancestor Liberation, Ancestor Blessing, Collateral Liberation and Collateral Blessing of Married Spirits, etc. Therefore, members will not need to be present at the venue to do Ancestor Liberation, Ancestor Blessing, Collateral Liberation, Hyojeong Offering Papers, etc.

For more details and how to apply, please see below:

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Ancestor Liberation and Blessing
Rev In-Pyo Moon

Peace Road Event connecting AUSTRIA and SLOVENIA
September 12, 2020

By Alfred Waldmann and Kristina Bakovnik
This year´s Peace Road in the regional triangle of Austria, Slovenia and Italy marked a remarkable breakthrough connecting the two neighboring regions Carinthia in Austria and Koroška in Slovenia, in particular Alfred´s hometown St. Paul and the city of Slovenj Gradec, the district capital.
From the historical perspective, the two regions have been one country during the Austrian Hungarian Monarchy but became divided after WW I. A bitter dispute aroused concerning territory as well as Slavic and German ethnicity. After a plebiscite in 1920 – this year marks its 100´s anniversary, political borders were pinned down but internal disputes and resentments remained. Developments during and after WW II led to even higher tensions again. Koroška, the Slovene name of this region, became part of communist Yugoslavia, Carinthia became a democratic state, part of the Austrian Republic. Despite of such development the people on both sides remained connected somehow internally, social relationships kept going on to a certain extent. In 1991, after the Yugoslavian war, which lasted only 10 days for Slovenia, the country became an independent state and joined the European Union in 2004.

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International Day of Peace Events in Eastern Europe sub-region
Moscow, Russia, September 17, 2020
Chisinau, Moldova, September 20, 2020

By Dmitry Samko & Sabina Nadejdin
On September 17, the UPF held an expanded meeting to mark the International Day of Peace. Despite the challenges faced by our society in connection with the coronavirus, when many events have switched to online formats, nevertheless, Peace Ambassadors, public figures, people's diplomats gather on the eve of this special UN day to “synchronize watches” with their peacekeeping activities, discuss possible formats for joint work to promote sustainable development goals. In addition, the online format that has already become available to many also made it possible for many of the Federation's associates to watch the conference live from different cities of Russia via the Internet.

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Te Role of the Women in the World
Rome, Italy, September 17, 2020

By Elisabetta Nistri
Elisabetta Nistri President WFWP Italy was invited by Dr. Maria Pia Turiello, criminologist and psychotherapist to cooperate on the research on the topic The Role of Women in the World, with Embassies and some other Women Associations leaders. The conference to start the activities was held in the University for Peace in Rome with 40 people representing, several Embassies, the representative of the Minister of Education and the rector of the University. Elisabetta Nistri in her message expressed deep appreciation for the commitment of the research and explained the work WFWP is doing to help women to rediscover their value and the contribution they can give to solve world issues working side by side with men. The rector of the University of Peace was inspired and offer his contribution writing an article for the VOICE OF PEACE (UPF and WFWP magazine.)

"The Relations between North and South Korean: proposals to advance the process of a peaceful reunification”
Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain, September 17, 2020

By Marcia de Abreu
The Korean War broke out in June of 1950. Since then, 70 years have passed, 72 years since the Korean Peninsula was divided by the world powers of USSR and EUA along the 38th parallel.
In the year 2000, the Presidents of North and South Korea signed a Joint Treat between the two Koreas, giving hope to a process of peaceful reunification.
However, the status quo doesn’t show any deceleration of the tension in the Peninsula.

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China raising Respect, Fears and Doubts
International Peace Day
Bratislava, Slovakia September 21, 2020

By Barbara Grabner
To uphold the International Day of Peace, UPF Slovakia organized a presentation with the famous journalist and international security expert Igor Cibula, PhD. Our hope to meet our friends and supporters after six months in a public conference hall had to be postponed once more. Though we had no experience to make a zoom conference we needed to risk it. With the help of a young IT expert we equipped our flat so that the audience could link up with a live transmission. We invited guests with mailings, Facebook and twitter advertisements.

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Exhibition of the Life and Legacy of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Barcelona, Spain, September 12 - 13, 2020

By Dulce Balil
The exhibition on the Centenary of the Life of Sun Myung Moon in Ronda Barcelona within the framework of the celebration of the annual Audir program of “La Nit de les Religions” (The night of religions), celebrated on September 12 and 13, 2020.
This year for the third time we have participated in the 5th edition of “La Nit de les Religions”, in Barcelona, ​​along with 26 other temples or centers of spirituality. 

Our program was the presentation of the Exhibition of Life and Legacy of Father, Dr. Sun Myung Moon. We had 7 roll-up two meters high by 80 cm. wide, very beautiful and 10 posters that were exhibited in two rooms. We also offered books of True Father, bookmarks, the Divine Principle in various presentations and a beautiful guide to the entire exhibition. 

Two young sisters with Korean dress invited people giving them bookmarks.

We also screened some nice movies like True Parents singing in Jardim, and videos of other moments of Father Moon´s life. And a table with some Korean products as packaged. Due to Covid-19 we take into account all health recommendations such as the use of a mask, interpersonal distance and hand washing. 14 guests and several families from the Barcelona community came between the two days.
I attach some photos of such a beautiful meeting.

Voci di Pace
Voices of Peace 

Special edition covering the Summit 2020 and projects under the umbrella of UPF

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Universal Peace Federation's 15th Anniversary
London, United Kingdom, September 15, 2020

Dr Michael Balcomb's speech highlighting the centenary exhibition and the message of Rev. Sung Myung Moon from the same ballroom on the posters outside.

DONE 020 Update
Development of New Environments

Dear brothers and sisters,
We are happy to announce that there are some more places available for DONE 020 and it is still possible to apply. We have now finalized most of the programme details and dates and want to share the key information in this letter. However, you can find the full set of information about DONE 020 online at https://esgdmedia.org

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BCLC - British Clergy Leadership Conference
London, United Kingdom, September 12, 2020

By June Darby
We held our first meeting since Lockdown started. I wanted to make it a special event so we decided to award Ambassador of Peace certificates to the invited Pastors. As their CV's came in I was very humbled and awed by how much they give to help various needy people here and abroad .
They were all very moved, appreciative and felt honoured by the awards, bringing family and supporters along. We were very blessed to have Dr and Mrs Mrs Balcombe with us, so they presented the certificates. Dr Balcombe gave an inspiring talk about True Father, commemorating his 100th Anniversary, pointing out significant posters highlighting True Parents' work, and gave a moving account of True Father 's encounter with Jesus .
Our MC, Rev Isaac Ayani gave a powerful homily on the significance of God's work Yesterday, Today and the Future, encouraging Pastors strongly to study Divine Principle.
Russell Gough raised the atmosphere with his singing and guitar, accompanied by Dr Hanna on the piano, while we hummed along, as singing wasn't allowed.
Dr David Hanna gave an excellent lecture on the Fallen Nature as it affects us, and on indemnity, which are 2 key topics for Pastors to understand.
UPF generously donated some of their refreshments to us, so we could share our abundance with all.
I am very grateful to Robert Torok for setting up a zoom at short notice.
Our Pastors are all very dynamic people, abd with Rev Rufus Thomas, the 2nd in charge of C.A.C Europe, I have great hope for the future - awakening Christians to the reality of God's Providence today.

Phenomena of the Last Days
Rev In-Pyo Moon

Suddenly a Summer Afternoon
Padova, Italy, September 6, 2020

By Flora Grassivaro
The important event organized by the WFWP Women's Federation for World Peace - Padova in collaboration with CARP - Italy took place in the elegant setting of Villa Contarini Giovanelli Venier in Vo ’Vecchio (Padova). The initiative, which began in the afternoon of 6 September 2020, was designed to promote "Hope" after the lockdown period that hit Italy and Vo' in particular. The collaboration between WFWP, CARP and the “Creativo’ Association”, which manages the Villa, has created a synergy capable of harmonizing the entire program and spreading friendship and participation. 

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Region-Wide EUME Sunday Service - Countdown

ZOOM, September 6, 2020
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