Victory Celebration
Cheon Jeong Gung, March 1, 2018

Fifth Anniversary of 
Foundation Day
Cheong Pyeong, February 28, 2018

English - https://vimeo.com/257827398 

2018 Cheon Il Guk Leaders' Assembly

Opening Address by Sun Jin Nim
International President FFWPU
Cheong Pyeong Training Centre, February 23, 2018

Respected Cheon Il Guk Leaders from 7 Regional Groups and from more than 120 nations. Beloved brothers and sisters!
Welcome to this Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly 2018!
Happy Heavenly Parent's Day! And Happy Lunar New Year.... the glorious Year of the Golden Dog!
According to the lunar calendar, 2018 is (Moo-Sul-Nyeon)" which means "the year of the Golden Dog". "Moo" means Yellow/Golden Earth, "Sul means dog, and "Nyeon means year. This "Moo-Sul Nyeon", the year of Golden Dog, comes every 60 years. - read more

True Parents' Birthday Celebrations - part 1 and 2
World Center, February 21, 2018

True Parents' Birthday 
Pledge Service
Cheon Jeong Gung, February 21, 2018

International President Sun Jin Moon Special Gathering 
Cheong Pyeong Training Centre, February 20, 2018

All of us are born into our parents' lineage, and as we grow up we are nourished by our parents' love. We cannot forget our hometowns because that is where the ground is soaked with our parents' love. That is why the older we get, the more we miss our hometowns. It is where our roots are and where we must return. It is difficult for people to cut themselves off from things that are fundamentally important to them. In 2004, I ended my activities in the United States after thirty-four years and returned to the Korean peninsula, where heavenly fortune resides. - read more

ILC 2018 
Lotte World, Seoul, Korea, February 18 - 22, 2018

Reports from Albania

Family Festival & Blessing - Tirana Albania, February 18, 2018 - read more
One Day Workshop - Durres, Albania, February 17, 2018 - read more
"Pure Love - Happier Future" - Shkodra, Albania, February 14, 2018 - read more
Three Years CARP - Tirana, Albania, February 11, 2018 - read more
Family Festival & Blessing - Tirana Albania, January 28, 2018 - read more
Family Festival & Blessing - Durres Albania, January 27, 2018 - read more
Family Festival & Blessing - Tirana Albania, January 20, 2018 - read more

For True Love, Fidelity and Unity
Camberg, Neumühle, February 17, 2018

Even as recently as the beginning of January, this World Peace Blessing seemed 'something impossible '. Only one couple (from the whole area of Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Giessen and Bonn) appeared at that time prepared to be blessed. But the date had been fixed and announced - there was no going back!   
- read more  - view more pictures

Interreligious and Intercultural Breakfast
"On the Way Searching for God - Find God in All Things, Find God in All Religions"
Vedahof, Gramastetten, Austria, February 17, 2018

By Maria Pammer
During the World Interfaith Harmony Week 2018 UPF-UA and the Family Federation of Upper Austria organized an interreligious breakfast at Vedahof in Gramastetten/Upper Austria. 45 guests, representatives of eight different religious denominations, gathered for a shared breakfast.
The president of UPF-Austria explained the development of WIHW, initiated 2010 by King Abdullah II. of Jordan. Five religious representatives, one of Islam, Catholicism, the New World Church of The Christ, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Unification Church each, expressed their thoughts on the topic "On the Way Searching for God".
- read more

Heavenly Parent's Day Celebration
"Let's determine to live every moment with joy!"
Torino, Italy, February 16, 2018

By Sergio Coscia
This year, we decided to celebrate Heavenly Parent's Day not one, but three times! The first time, by welcoming the 1st day of the new Heavenly Calendar (based on the lunar calendar) with a prayer at home, on February 16th. The second time, on the same day, in the evening: several families could hold a special service, with prayer and meditation; we read together the Family Pledge (both in Korean and in Italian). - read more

Heavenly Parent's Day Celebration
Bergamo, Italy, February 16, 2018

By Franco Ravaglioli
On Sunday February 18, 2018, the community of Bergamo met in the polyvalent / auditorium theater of Orio al Serio (Bergamo) to celebrate the 51st Day of the Celestial Parent, the coronation ceremony of the Kingship of God, the birthday of the True Parents.
The celebration began at 10:30, with the Pledge of Families followed by some songs offered by the True Voices choir that prepared the spiritual atmosphere for what it was then the central message offered by the Pastor of the community of Bergamo, Adosco Comito, on the meaning of the three festivities.
At the end of the morning meeting three Mansei were offered: for the Celestial Parent, for the True Parents and for the victory of the sixth year of Cheon Il Guk.
After lunch shared with the community, we met again inside the theater to attend the scheduled entertainment planned for the afternoon. The Stereotipi musical band was the first to performe, they proposed live music; then the ASD Orientalya dance group performed several oriental and hawayan dances and this ended the celebration day. 

Heavenly Parent's Day Celebration
Prague, Czech Republic, February 16, 2018

By Eva Pejkofski
Many greetings from Prague, Czech Republic!
On Sunday, February 18th we had a national joint celebration of the True Heavenly Parent's Day and True Parents Birthday. Almost 70 brothers and sisters gathered at Prague HQ. We heard a sermon given by Prague church leader Eva Pejkofski, who reflected on the topic of What could the best present given by us to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents be. After tasting a traditional Korean meal we enjoyed a performance by out talented brothers and sisters of all ages.
To commemorate Heavenly Parent and True Parents, to bring joy to Them and to the whole community, we as well announced an art contest. Many applied with their beautiful paintings and poems.
Happy True Heavenly Parent's Day and Happy Birthday True Parents!

Voci di Pace 

February 2018 

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 
In the new edition of the Voci di Pace (Voices of Peace), we are dealing with several important issues. We report about the Summit in Senegal, the presentation of IAPP in Bruxelles and the WFWP annual meeting in Lisbon. 
We have a good editorial written by David Hanna about the roots of UPF and the Thought of our True Father. We are dealing with issue of the role of fathers in the family and children without a family. Another important topic is the responsibility of religious leader toward Peace and War, 
Giorgio Gasperoni 
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Heavenly Parent's Day Celebration

Budapest, Hungary, February 16, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Happy New Year of CIG!
The Budapest Community celebrated the New Year of CIG and Heavenly Parent's Day.
The other Hungarian communities celebrated the start of the New Year as well.
All the best.
Tibor and Zuzane Krebsz
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"World Peace Through Interreligious Harmony"

World Interfaith Harmony Week
Oslo, Norway, February 15, 2018

UPF Norway celebrated "World Interfaith Harmony Week" with an event in the Jewish museum in Oslo on the 15th February. We have been in churches, mosques and temples before - this time a Jewish surrounding served as our venue.
The topic for the event was "World Peace Through Interreligious Harmony - Co-operation based on common values".
The program opened with religious representatives lighting candles for peace. As each one lit their candle, a holy text was read. The Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Buddhist representatives offered a short meditation for peace as a conclusion. - read more

Peace Blessing and Valentines Ball
Prague, Czech Republic, February 10, 2018

By Martine Masner
On February 10th 2018, we held a Peace Blessing, using the occasion of the National Marriage Week. Over 130 participants attended the event.
Our event started with a 25 minutes long concert, played by our talented members. Dr. Juraj Lajda, the UPF Secretary General, and Mrs. Martine Masner, national leader of the Czech Republic, introduced the meaning of the Peace Blessing to the participants. Mrs. Martine Masner explained also that St. Valentine was a Christian saint that was secretly marrying Roman soldiers, who were not allowed to get married. - read more

Interreligious and International Family Peace Festival
Paris, France, February 10, 2018

By Jean Francois Moulinet

On this Saturday February 10, 2018 in Paris, France, despite cold weather and icy roads, more than 100 people took part in the Interreligious and International Peace Festival, to strive towards two principle objectives:
-to give a pure and sacred base to their couple by inviting Heaven into the center of each of their families;
-and also, to endeavour to become couples and families more altruistic, ready to serve their circle of family and friends and to take responsibility to build a nation and a world more united and more fraternal. - read more 

World Interfaith Harmony Week and World Peace Blessing
Vienna, Austria, February 11, 2018

On Sunday, February 11, 2018 the Austrian Family Federation, UPF and Womens Federation had an event commemorating the World Interfaith Harmony Week, which concluded with a World Peace Blessing. In preparation of the event I contacted the Austrian Thai community by visiting the responsible monk in his temple in Vienna. I got this inspiration through the successful cooperation between a Thai monk in Sweden and the Swedish National leader of the Unification Movement. The Thai monk from Sweden contacted the Austrian monk and informed him about our plans to organize an event. That's how I could receive the support of the Austrian Thai community. - read more

Blessing Event
Istanbul, Turkey, February 11, 2018

By Umberto Angelucci
The wave of the Blessing is passing through the desert lands of the Middle East.
On Sunday February 11, 2018 FFWPU Turkey conducted the first Blessing Ceremony held in the Middle East Region since 1997.The event took place thanks to the devotion of Shikeyuki and Handan Ito/Uncu a Japanese/Turkish Blessed couple who made a strong determination to accomplish their 430 Heavenly Tribal Messiah Mission. 
- read more

"Faith in Peace - Peace in Faiths"
World Week for Interreligious Harmony
Bergamo, Italy, February 10, 2018

By Franco Ravaglioli
A moment of sincere brotherhood and intense spirituality marked the inter-religious meeting on Saturday 10th February organized by UPF Bergamo, on the occasion of the "World Week for Interreligious Harmony (SMAI).
40 representatives of different faith communities gathered together: the Islamic community of Bergamo, the Hare Krishna community of Chignolo (BG), the Evangelical community Christ Victory Church, the community of Scientology as well as the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFPMU) of Bergamo, together with a variegated public that filled the room at the Donizetti Hotel in Lallio (BG). - read more

Family Festival and Marriage Blessing
Stuttgart, Germany, February 4, 2018 

We had known for a long time that there was to be a Blessing in Stuttgart on 4 February; what we did not know was how we would find the guests! Even just four weeks before the date, the only thing that was certain was that the choir "Heimatmelodie" (homeland melody), from the association of Russian Germans, would be there. 

"Scanderberg Freedom and Peace" 
UPF Kosovo Presiding Council Elections
Pristina, Kosovo, January 30, 2018

On January 30th, 2018, the Universal Peace Federation of Kosovo organized a conference with the theme: "Scanderbeg, Freedom and Peace." The purpose of this conference was to evaluate the figure of Scanderbeg on declaring year 2018 as the year of Scanderbeg, that's because of 550 years of his passing to the Spiritual World. The event was held in one of the main halls at hotel "Sirius" in Pristina. - read more

UPF Meeting for Peace Ambassadors
The Hague, The Netherlands, January 29, 2018

By Hans Campman
In the middle of last week, we had heard the good news from Jean François, our regional leader, about the possibility of Dr Otsuka coming to give a report on the Africa Summit. Wim Koetsier and Rita Salaris immediately took up the idea of calling a UPF-WFWP dinner meeting, which was to take place somewhere in the following weekend.
As location we chose a distinguished hotel in The Hague, the political capital of the Netherlands. Wim and Rita called around to invite those whom they could reach. Despite the very short (2-3 days) notice a selection of 12 of our most committed Ambassadors for Peace agreed to come. They turned up indeed on that evening of Sunday 29th of January, which was a little miracle. Six of our brothers and sisters made up the staff. - read more

Visit of Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Hanna to Finland
Helsinki, Finland, January 26 - 29, 2018 

By Hannu Hassinen
On 26.-29. January 2018 Rev. David Hanna with his wife Mrs. Kyung Ja Hanna, visited Finland, one of the countries of their Northern European region. This year the real winter with usual calm freezing temperatures was delayed, so the capital city Helsinki wasn't dressed in its best beautiful white gown of bright snow as usual in this time of the year to welcome our guests. - read more

4 Day Divine Principle National Workshop 
for New Guests
Tirana, Albania, January 25 - 28, 2018

During January 25th until 28th, we held 4 days Divine Principle National Workshop in our Training Center outside of Tirana. The theme of this workshop was: "Love God, Love People, Love Nation." There were 20 people who participated for the first time in such workshop, and among them, 12 people received the wonderful news about True Parents being the Messiah of the Second Advent. - read more

One Workshop "Change Starts from Me!" 
Pristina, Kosovo, February 9, 2018 

On February 9th 2018, we organized a one-day workshop at our Center, with the theme: "Change starts from me." We had 7 new guests and 8 members as staff of the workshop. The guests who participated were the ones who just received Divine Principle lecture "The Human Fall." Then, to these people we gave other Divine Principle lectures as "Principle of Restauration", "Parallels of History", "Second Coming" and "Life Course of True Parents".
We had a wonderful familiar atmosphere created by the songs, games, lectures and videos. The participants showed their interest about the information they received, and they were surprised from the news that True Parents are Messiah of the Second Advent. They were inspired and we pray for their spiritual protection form Spiritual World.  - read more

Wisdom Sharing - Our Attitude towards Enemies
Bratislava, Slovakia, February 8, 2018 

Like in the past years we wanted to observe the annual the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week. A hot issue nowadays is the role of religious figures inciting violence and discrimination. It is obvious that they act in contradiction to their own teachings. But how do we personally act if we face rejection and persecution? How to show respect to those with whom we might profoundly disagree? To reflect about these points UPF Slovakia organized a round table discussion on 8 February in an office building in Bratislava. A dozen people from various faiths, including a Roman Catholic priest listened to the elaboration of representatives of Hare Krishna. Raghunátha Priya das spoke based on the Vedas about sectarianism and traditions which cause divisions and hostility while his lovely wife Sucitra Devi dasi served us delicious cakes. The couple became Ambassadors of Peace last February. At the conclusion of the two-hours meeting, we read excerpts from our founder's autobiography, including the poem Crown of Glory. "The presentation was enriching and helpful to understand a minority faith which is much discriminated in Slovakia. UPF Slovakia plans to organize more such round table talks to build bridges among faiths," says UPF Secretary General Milos Klas.

Korea's Traditions from a Historical Perspective
Bratislava, Slovakia, February 6, 2018

By Barbara Grabner
Utilizing the general interest in Korea during the Olympic Winter Games UPF Slovakia organized an event illuminating the political and religious history, traditions and ethical values in Korean society. Thanks to the announcement by the well-known political club NSK, many academics came to listen. The date was chosen well - just three days prior to the opening ceremony in Pyeongchang. No wonder that the rented hall in an office building was too small for the 52 guests and so some persons did not get a chair. To warm up the audience a video was shown with the Drum Dance performed by the Little Angels and a popular rendition of the folk song «Arirang». - read more

First Home Group of the Milano Community
Milano, Italy, February 11, 2018

By Shirley Kanno
In a wonderful family atmosphere Sunday 11th feb 2018 there was held our first home group of the Milano Community, there were 8 families represented. We gathered at the home of Emilio Asti a blessed brother (resident in Spain) that has given disposition of his family home in Milano to hold meetings. There were also 2 guests present, one of which was very prepared by the spiritual world. Emilio Asti opened the meeting with a report of the highlights of the African Summit. Afterwards we gathered in a circle to read together True Fathers speech from 1978 entitled "How to obtain help from the Spiritual World". One of our guests reflected that she didn't know why she was so drawn to attend this gathering but now she understands that she was lead by her ancestors - "I am 62 years old, but I hope that there is time to get on this train to the truth!" We concluded our gathering with a lunch together and a circle of prayer. Our guests promised to come to the celebration gathering next week to Celebrate The 51° Heavenly Parents Day together with our community, and to attend the next mini Divine Principle workshop on the 25th of February.

Family Peace Blessing
Oslo, Norway, February 3, 2018 

By Steinar Murud
We have made efforts for a long time to organize the Blessing for three couples who had confirmed that they would attend. Our challenge was to find a date when all were free. Finally, we decided to hold the event on 3rd of February and we began preparations. We visited the home of one couple to give them a Blessing Preparation presentation.
However, a few days before our event, two of the couples announced that they were unable to attend. The husband of one couple needed an operation and was not able to attend this time. However, they expressed that they would attend later. - read more

Interreligious and Cosmic Blessing for Peace
Naples, Italy, February 4, 2018 

By Gukson Capone
It was the first important event for Napoli community, we had 32 people participating and 5 new couples who received the blessing. Thanks to a young group of musicians who offered jazz style songs, the atmosphere was very high and warm. National President of FFWPU Ignazio Cabras, gave a speech about the importance of family and how to cultivate values for the greater good. We felt the collaboration of spirit world and everyone was happy and joyous. God is working thought us to restore the entire humankind.
- read more

Peace Blessing Festival
Warsaw, Poland, February 3, 2018 

By Martha Kral
44 participants for Blessing were following our invitation to receive the Peace Blessing from our True Parents, among them about 10 Ambassadors for Peace. Altogether more than 70 people participated.
The guests attended very seriously the Blessing Ceremonies. At the end all shouted loudly and enthusiastically three cheers of Ok Mansei.
We could give deep testimony about True Parents and the value of change of blood lineage and the Blessing. The guests listened openly and attentively about True Parents Blessing Tradition and followed all ceremonies in a very natural and grateful way.
- read more

Intereligious Harmony Week Event 
with World Peace Blessing
Hamburg, Germany, February 2, 2018

By Ulrich Ganz
Our cultural festival in Hamburg drew about sixty participants, representing Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and other faiths from a wide variety of countries of origin such as Iran, Afghanistan, India, Japan and various African and European countries. This interreligious audience had been invited by two of our Ambassadors for Peace, Frank Busch and Thomas Maib.
After a delicious buffet, our guests enjoyed a cultural program, opened by two songs on the guitar by Reinhold Merta - one of which was, appropriately, "The Wedding Song" by Peter, Paul and Mary. Frank Busch then introduced a video highlighting the work of volunteer ministers worldwide, and another on the importance of communication, helpfulness, and good interpersonal relationships as fundamental prerequisites for peace.
- read more

GPA Missionaries from USA 
in Prague
Prague, Czech Republic, February 1, 2018

By Martine Masner
On January 15th arrived 4 missionaries from the GPA program, USA in Prague, the Czech Republic. From the beginning, we were moved by the standard and the determination of these young people! They were very excited to come to witness and get to know the people of Europe. Prague was for them a good choice, since there are ongoing witnessing activities and there's a witnessing center next to the biggest campus. After a few days of adaptation and discovering the city, they started witnessing every day with great motivation. They are inspired to see that most of the students speak English and don't need translation. It is easy for them to invite guests to the witnessing center, give introduction and do one-on-one DP study with them. Already, several guests are returning regularly and are enjoying our company. The guests are also participating in various programs, like sushi evening, cultural evening, 1 Day and 5 Day DP workshop. - read more

Peace Starts With Me 
Vienna 2018
International Festival of Music, Dance and Inspiration
Dr. Michael Balcomb, Vienna, Austria
January 28, 2018


Dear Family,
As promised, here is the basic schedule information for True Mother's visit to Vienna at the end of April. Fumiko and I would like to extend our sincere invitation and encouragement to all of you to come to Austria and participate in this most important and hopeful event. We hope you'll feel inspired to bring friends and family as well. Our team is planning an exciting weekend of activities and I know True Mother is very much looking forward to coming back to Europe!
We are still working on the promotional literature and other information, but you can rely completely on this basic timeline in planning your visit to Vienna. I do encourage you to book early, since at this point flights are extremely cheap -- for example the nonstop roundtrip from London is only 80 Euros! Hotels and apartments are reasonably priced as well.
You'll be hearing a lot more about this great opportunity. See you in Vienna!
Mike and Fumiko Balcomb
- weekend schedule
- poster

Cosmic Interreligious Blessing for Peace
Milano, Italy, January 28, 2018 

By Shirley Kanno
Sunday January 28th In Milan Italy we held our first Cosmic and Interreligious Blessing Ceremony. We are very grateful for the Participation of Ignazio Cabras for representing our National Leader in giving the main speech explaining the meaning and history of the blessing. Renato and Vita Vallone officiated the Ceremony, music was provided by Robin Chionna and Daniela Andriozzi, preparing an atmosphere of new joy to share, the congratulatory address was delivered by Fabio Chionna. There were two new couples blessed. With a particularly deep experience provided for all, an event that even our new guests felt comfortable to attend. The 14 blessed families attending as witnesses to this blessing and were inspired, refreshing their love for our True Parents and value of the blessing. After sharing the Blessing Cake and a light lunch some continued with an introduction to "Bio Dance" the dance of life.

"Renewing our Wedding Vows together with the People"
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 20, 2018 

By Andrea Wirjoredjo
We took part in a marriage course, consisting of 6 evenings. We asked to take a group picture at the end of the last evening and while my husband prepared the camera and flash, I prepared Holy Wine in small cups for all participating couples.
We told the participants, that we renew our wedding vows every year and that we would like to do the same here now with them. Explaining to them that marriage is not "till death do us part" but for eternity. Everybody joined in , the ladies drank first, then the men.
- read more

Family Blessing Festival
Berlin, Germany, January 20, 2018 

By Mathias and Begona Monzebe
On Saturday, January 20th, the communities of Berlin and Hamburg hosted a Family Blessing Festival in the Friedenau Neighborhood House. This event attracted over 90 participants, 24 of whom -including one couple and one other guest - had made the journey from Hamburg to attend.
It was truly wonderful to witness the support of all our members from the North Region, amongst them many young people. We were wordlessly united!
Even though not all had arrived, we started punctually at 16:00. However, almost miraculously the room filled up to capacity, creating a festive atmosphere. There was a total of 7 couples present, the remainder attended without their partner.
- read more - view more pictures

Cosmic Interreligious Blessing for Peace
Torino, Italy, January 21, 2018 

By Sergio Coscia
The first Cosmic and Interreligious Blessing Ceremony of 2018 was held in Torino, Italy, as part of the Family and True Love Festival that is taking place in several cities all over the nation. The best way to express the feeling in this special moment is that joy was deeply felt, and our Heavenly Parent's spirit touched everybody. The Blessing Ceremony was touching, the newly-blessed couples and the guests from the audience testified that they truly felt the spirit of God.
Ignazio Cabras, from the national FFWPU, delivered a speech explaining the value of the Cosmic Blessing and expressing gratitude to our True Parents, Rev. and Mrs. Moon, for their constant investment for Peace. The Festival was a real festive moment: a young, professional singer performed a song written by one of UPF Ambassadors for Peace, who was also present, and everybody enjoyed music and dance, and a delicious buffet that was catered thanks to all attending families and guests who spent a wonderful day together, truly one big family.

New Year Meeting with Ambassadors for Peace
Copenhagen, Denmark, January 20, 2018 

By Nobuhiro Igarashi
Saturday January 20th we held a New Year meeting with Ambassadors for Peace in our UPF Peace Center. Among the 14 participants were MP Ulla Sandbæk , Laura Valesin from We Make Peace, a NGO who raises peace awareness and implement peace education in schools, a young politician, a consultant for integration and founder of Nurse Gambia Project. Only three male representatives (from UPF) were present.
During the nicely prepared lunch everybody introduced themselves. All listened so attentively that they almost forgot to eat their lunch and all guests expressed gratitude to be invited.
- read more

Europe and Middle East Region launches 
the Media & Communications Department
Neumuehle, Bad Camberg, Germany, January 5 - 7, 2018

By Peter Zoehrer
On the first weekend of January (5. - 7. 2018), over 60 members from 18 countries attended a media workshop in Camberg, Germany. The workshop was entitled: "Media, Public Relations, Communication & Legal Affairs".
Amongst the participants were seasoned journalists and bloggers as well as enthusiastic members who want to engage in media work. Fourteen young participants, or so called "digital natives", gave valuable insights into the world of the new media. The facilities were very suitable for this meeting, and the experienced staff at Camberg extended us their warm hospitality. - read more - view more pictures

Italian HARP Winter Workshop
Colle Mattia, Rome, Italy, December 27 - January 2, 2018 

By Daniela Cali
From the 27th of December to the 2nd of January, at Colle Mattia's location, the winter HARP Workshop for 2nd Generation in High School age was held. The Motto was "Immense as an Ocean, Unique as a Drop". The meaning of the motto is here explained: every person is unique in itself and different from everybody else in its talents; we can acknowledge our uniqueness but find, at the same time, something in common with others. The motto was linked to the concept of God, seen as an immense entity, but also experienced in personal manner by each person. Furthermore, we wanted the participants to reflect on how each of them is a universe of its own, which embodies the characteristics of God. - read more

STF Senegal Africa 
Summit Preparations 

True Peace Magazine
December 2017 

With God, All Things Are Possible
By Michael Balcomb
True Mother has told us we need to bring back the spirit of the early days of our movement. I can’t speak for the early times in Korea, but I can certainly testify that when I joined the Unification movement forty-one years ago, the over whelming spirit among all the members was one of confidence, belief, and urgency. Indeed, we were frequently told “You joined just in time to help. The restoration will soon be over, and it will be too late to make your mark!” 
- read more  English - French - Spanish

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