Peace Starts with Me
True Parents at the Madison Garden, 15. July 2017

15 Day Divine Principle Workshop just started in Albania
Mullet, Tirana, Albania, 10. - 25. July 2017 

By Albania HQ
The most important workshop of the year just started today in Albania - 15 Day Divine Principle WS! In total 115 brothers and sisters have gathered from all over Albania and Kosovo to study in depth the content of the Divine Principle, True Parents' life course, True Parents' words on tradition, formula course, family pledge, CIG era and other important content about life of faith.
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Yeon Ah Nim's Visit to Vienna 
Vienna, Austria, 9. July 2017

By Elisabeth Cook
As the 21st Middle East Women's Conference took place in Vienna, Yeon Ah Nim, who gave the opening address, spent the week from July 2-9 in Vienna. On Sunday 9th, 2017 she spoke to the Viennese Unification community at the Sunday Service.
The Vienna Peace Choir created a beautiful atmosphere through their songs, and Shin Yuh, Yeon Ah Nim's daughter, presented "Country Roads" in a beautiful way.
Listening to Yeon Ah Nim we could feel True Mother's love and concern for Europe and for each one of us. To unite with True Mother in heart and not only in thoughts, this is essential for our life and our mission. - read more

Czech Republic 7 Day Summer Camp
1. - 8. July 2017 

By Martin Masner
We are very excited to announce that we successfully held the biggest Summer HARP Workshop in Czech Republic with 50 participants coming from Slovakia, Hungary, Germany and Iceland. Many of these participants were sons and daughters of Czech people blessed with other members from those countries.
Through this year of 2017 we encouraged some of the elder blessed children to start taking ownership and some responsibilities which made the workshop work smoothly and gave them a valuable experience for the future. 

Children's Summer Camp
Glanow, Poland, 25. June - 2. July 2017 

By Martha Kral
This year summer workshop was under the title of "Children of One God" and was held in our training center in Glanow. Children from age 7 to 14 were educated in how Heavenly Parent was working through different religions to educate his children until our times that True Parents could appear on earth and the meaning of True Parents for humankind and for Blessed Children and Blessed Families. There were two age groups, 7 to 10 and 11 to 14 years. We started from old Slavic religions, Far East Religions like Confucianism, Hinduism, Taoism, then Jewish religion, Christian belief and Islam and at the end the teachings and meaning of the coming of our True Parents. 

2nd First and Second Generation Harmony Workshop
Helsinki, Finland, 7. - 9. July 2017 

By Roswitha Hynninen
On the 2nd weekend of July the FFWPU organized a "1st-2nd Generation Harmony workshop" outside of Helsinki in the beautiful nature near a lake.
The program focused on enhancing and improving the relationship between parents and blessed children. In the spirit of honesty and openness both could gain new insights of one another's viewpoint, feelings and heart. Outside activities like boating, fishing, swimming and playing games brought fun and bonding experiences. Free from daily duties in school or work we could enjoy each other's company and meditate in the midst of the serene nature that our Heavenly Parent made for us. 

Summer HARP Workshop

Manantial del Corazon, Madrid, Spain 
28. June - 7. July 2017

By Stefan Campillo Fette
The workshop started on the 28th and ended on the 7th, 8 full days in total. In this workshop, the Harp Committee wanted to focus on Divine Principle, but not on the theoretical aspect, we want to teach them that the Divine Principle is something that is lived out, that the universe is governed by the laws of God and that everybody can see and feel it every day, in the nature, in the family, in everything. We did, since it was not done for some time, a ceremony of purity where each participant promised before God, True Parents and themselves to keep their purity to their future partner.
It was a very beautiful and inspiring workshop. We had a balanced schedule, at all times we wanted them to have talks, but also time for other activities, for games, time to be together. As responsible for the HARP we are aware that our younger brothers and sisters have to grow spiritually, they must learn from the words of the True Parents. 

A New Expression of Truth

We are happy to announce to you that, on the base of the Divine Principle Lecture Serie created by Dr. Son Dae Oh, translated in English by Mrs. Kayoung Sarah Kim, and presented by Dr. Tyler Hendricks, we just finished the Lecture 1 [General Introduction] A New Expression of Truth.
Jean-François Moulinet, National Leader for France 

The Italian Movement at a Turning Point

Milano, Italy, 8. July 2017

By Giuseppe Cali
The last call to Korea by True Mother was one of the most meaningful ever for me. It was a sudden call with just few days to prepare, giving all of the called ones a sense of urgency that shook our consciences.
In Europe, we are doing many things and our faith is still strong, but the overwhelming secularism in the outside society is sneaking inside every day in our movement and sometimes in our minds. The extreme rationalism makes us doubt that one day soon it will possible to really break through. As national leader, together with my wife, we are dealing everyday with these circumstances that surround our members and families and only with deep prayer, hundocché and much effort we can keep a proper internal standard and still try to push ahead our reality in the direction of the Cheon Il Guk Providence. 

"Let's liberate our Hearts"
One Day Seminar 
Milano, Italy, 9.July 2017

By Giuseppe Cali
On July 9th in Milan, we held a one-day seminar for blessed families and members, with the purpose to revive the spirit and the identity of our membership.
Recently I met True Mother in Korea and I really felt that we should make a deep change, either internally and externally in our movement. We had a meeting in which we planned quite deep changes in our structure, especially including several more 2nd gen and young members. Once again, we realized that our activities are mainly conducted by a minority of members. Why is that so? 

Interreligious Breakfast 
Linz, Austria, 1. July 2017

By Maria Pammer
In July, 18 Representatives from 5 different religious directions came together at a lovingly prepared breakfast table. Two impulse talks on the topic and piano music stimulated the participants to open the following discussion and make interesting contributions.
Heinz Krcek gave a historical outline of the relationship between politics and religion in Western Europe. He highlighted that the original meaning of "Minister" is to serve and that the central role of politics is to help people live a dignified life. - read more

UPF Upper Austria 
a Peace Ambassadors Meeting 
Steyer, Austria, 1. July 2017

By Maria Pammer
The Peace Bridge was built in 2009 by a group of young people from Israel, Palastine and Austria. In spite of the difficult relationships in the Middle East, the group managed to complete the project together and build friendships with one another. Over the following years, numerous moving meetings, readings and peace celebrations took place at this bridge.
Now, 8 years later, 24 people gathered together, 9 of which were Peace Ambassadors who contributed in making the project a success. A video documenting the background story of the peace bridge and the intense week had by the young Israelis, Palestinians and Austrians, deeply moved all who were present. Individuals shared their deep experiences from that time which awakened a strong sense that this place should once again find a renewed purpose. - read more

Chess Project in Zambia 
23. June 2017

By Uwe Schneider
The purpose of my trip to Zambia was to increase the study skills in schools, through the introduction of chess in primary and secondary schools. The first part of my lectures began on 23.6.17, two days after my arrival.
Altogether we had 8 students. I gave training to the students for 8 days, two hours each day. On the first day, even simple chess principles like opposition were almost unknown. Through continuous training, they could find even more complicated tactical solutions within seven days. I will never forget the joy of the children during the chess lessons. The Zambian TV made a report on our activities. 

Report from Continental Director 
8. July 2017

By Jack Corley
Warmest greetings from Vienna, Austria. I arrived here on Tuesday to greet Yeon Ah Nim and her daughter, who have come here to participate in a Middle East WFWP conference at the United Nations. Through this letter I would like to report on several recent events.
From Monday, 26 June, to Thursday, 29 June, leaders from Europe and the Northeast region gathered at Cheon Jeong Gung at the request of our True Mother. About a week earlier the International Headquarters had conveyed to me True Mother's concern about Europe and her sense of urgency about meeting in Korea. A total of 46 participants from Europe and 20 from the Northeast participated in the assembly. 

Third Meeting of the Stuttgart Group 
on the Family Curriculum
Bad Camberg, Germany, 1. - 2. July 2017

By Jacques Marion
The group of members in charge of preparing the lecture series addressing the crisis of the family in Europe met for the third time in Camberg, Germany, on July 1-2, in the presence of European Regional President Jack Corley.
The team members from Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and the Czech Republic have been working since last December on developing six lectures reviewing the promises and reality of the socio-cultural "revolutions" affecting family values in Europe, as well as the current policy making on marriage and family in the UN, the EU and other world level institutions; the lectures also outline fundamental aspects of True Parents' teachings on the family as a school of love, the ethics of conjugal love and sexuality, family ethics as the basis for social ethics and the Blessing movement. 

CARP Catch Up: End of Exams Dinner! 
London, UK, 2. June 2017

By Jeung-sun Shongwe, CARP UK Director
It was a fantastic, light-hearted and fun atmosphere we made together at this event. Although many young people could not attend this due to ongoing exams, work or other reasons, 34 attendees were present, including 5 new CARP members from Queen Mary's university.
I started off the evening by introducing myself and allowing ourselves to greet each other, taking a minute to congratulate everyone for successfully enduring (some would say) this academic year. We then ate a very satisfactory buffet meal prepared by the Japanese volunteers to the UK and the CARP committee. Finally, we enjoyed each other's company with a few very engaging games of parliament, splat and group rock, paper, scissors featuring top-notch prizes! - read more

Trophy of Peace 2017
Monza, Italy, 25. June 2017 

By Franco Ravaglioli
On Sunday, June 25, the Sada Soccer Stadium in Monza hosted the finals of the twelfth edition of the Trofeo della Pace (Trophy of Peace), a 7th interethnic football tournament organized by UPF - Universal Peace Federation Monza, together with the UISP Local Committee - the Italian Sporting Union for All .
Sport is a vehicle for integration and social cohesion, confirming universal language that can promote fundamental peace messages for a healthy civil coexistence. In the field, there were a hundred young players of the most diverse nationalities and backgrounds. - read more

Public Celebration of 
Day of All True Things 
Milano, Italy, 11. June 2017

By Vita and Renato Vallone
It's a hot Milan summer Sunday morning, our brothers and sisters prepared to share a celebration of" The True Day of All Things" as a public event. In Park Sempione near the local holy ground, equipped with gazebo, chairs, balloons, boxes full of leaflets and various publications.
A beautiful range of ages including CARP, IRFF and youngsters, inflate the balloons to be given to children in the park. - read more

Purity Ceremony
Brussels, Belgium, 20. May 2017

By Hugo Veracx and Alesia Bruffaerts
On Saturday, the 20th of May we had what we called 'the purity ceremony' in the Belgium FFWPU headquarters. Eight youngsters from Belgium, France and Holland participated. This was the culminating event after 6 months of preparation. During 6 months on a weekly basis the children together with their parents went through several readings and Q&A that Alésia Bruffaerts had compiled in a beautiful booklet. These readings helped them to speak and discuss openly with their parents on topics related to purity and our faith. This is a very good working tool to strengthen the relationship between parents and children and for the children to inherit of the wisdom of their parents. - read more

By Giorgio Gasperoni

In this issue, we have been dealing with two anniversaries: the 10th anniversary of Voices of Peace and the 30th anniversary of Dialogue & Alliance recalling the importance of the inter-religious work through the World Assembly of world religions in 1985 - 1989 and 1993. We have reporting all the work that has been done since then. There is true Father's speech that he gave in 1985 at the World Assembly and the article of John Gehring about RYS.
We are reporting about three important conferences that we held at the Italian Parliament.
The magazine, I believe, is quite alive! It is dealing with issues connected with the current public debate. I did send it also to the Italian President, Mattarella, mentioning to him that there is a report of an event hosted by him where our WFWP President is giving to him the Voices of Peace reporting about the Sunhak Peace Price. - read more

Information Stand, Book Table and Street Witnessing 
Oslo, Norway, 1.July 2017

By Knut Holdhus
Three members of Family Federation Norway manned an information stand on Saturday 1st July in Oslo city centre. We gave out many leaflets, brochures and copies of Sun Myung Moon's biography. We focused on witnessing about the second coming. Many people recognized us from before. One man remembered that he had read a version of Divine Principle that we published in 1972. Another man participated in a one day DP seminar a few years ago. Another had done a school project on the topic of the Unification movement. Korean tourists passing by, exclaimed: «Oh, Moon Sun Myung!» and stopped to take photos of the Norwegian version of Dr. Moon's biography.

Visit to Zambia 
June 2017

By Rita O'Neill and June Darby
Rita and I went at the beginning of June to visit Zambia for 2 and a half weeks. Matthew knew that we were going as representatives of Britain, we wanted to serve the people of Zambia to help indemnify the mistakes of Europeans in Africa in the past, and we wanted to support Zambia in whatever way we could and encourage the members in their successful Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities. We arrived just after the conclusion of a 7 Day Tribal Messiah Conference that had been directed by True Mother. It had been a very successful conference and the spirit of the members was flying high, filled with enthusiasm for their mission. 

Guidance for Members 
on Individual Growth and Developmemt 
Paris, France, 1. - 2. July 2017

By Jean Francois Moulinet
Hilde Wiemann, a member and professional counsellor living in the United States, felt a calling to use her 25 years of experience to help our blessed families. As she has a good friend in France she decided to begin by coming here.
She feels that too many of our members still face many blockages and barriers that have been built up and reinforced since their youth. If we do not take time to deal with these blockages and barriers, we will continue to be trapped by our self-created limitations.
- read more

30th Anniversary 
of the Berlin Rally

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
From 2 to 8 August 1987, several thousand members of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) from around the world attended the Fourth World CARP Convention, held in Berlin, Germany. In the midst of the divided city, CARP members called for the removal of the infamous Berlin Wall – an ugly symbol of Cold War divisions.
This event occurred just two years after True Father organised, from Danbury prison, the Second International Congress of the Professors World Peace Academy, which met in August 1985 in Geneva, Switzerland, under the title “The Fall of the Soviet Union: Prospects for Transition to a Post-Soviet World.” Two years after the Berlin Rally, in November 1989 the Berlin Wall was breached, and by October 1990 Germany had become one nation again, with the Soviet Union finally collapsing in December 1991. - read more  -  further details 

True Parent's Great Victory Celebration in Thailand 
Bangkok, Thailand, 14. June 2017

Raise your hand if this is the first time you've met me. I am the True Parent. It took six thousand years for me to meet you. FFWPU received persecution from Thailand for twenty-one years. In light of that, how did we come to be in a position to receive blessings? Do you know that it was because members took on indemnity for this nation that our receiving blessings became possible? Those who receive blessings must actively live their lives for the sake of others with true love. This blessing is not only for yourselves nor is it only for your nation. You must adapt to Heaven's providence, receive True Parents' teachings and grow. You must love your neighbors and neighboring nations. As we go forward, bit by bit, national boundaries will disappear. Humankind are all siblings, one human family centered on God and True Parents. Can you say this is mine or this is yours?
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True Mother's Message at the Launching of the Youth and Students for Peace in the Asia-Pacific 
Bangkok, Thailand, 13. June 2017

Distinguished guests, ambassadors for peace, and especially leaders from political and academic circles,
Today, we are witnessing the hope for Asia's future, and I would like to reveal the truth about history in front of the twelve thousand young people here today who will grow into our future leaders.
I would like to talk under the title, the Providence through Human Civilization, Asia's Mission in Heaven's Providence. When we specifically address the East and West, the West has sought to develop a material civilization. Yet, the East has sought to develop a spiritual civilization. As a result, we can see that the four main religions emerged from the Asian sphere. Though they had different beginnings, they should have one common conclusion. I would like to talk today from this perspective. Originally, the owner of the universe was God, the Creator. God created all things and then created a man and a woman who could become our human ancestors.
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Festival de la Famille et te la Paix

Paris, France, 25. June 2017

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WFWP Belgium Event on Nepal and Women Empowerment 
Brussels, Belgium, 24. June 2017

By Colette Cunningham
On Saturday June 24th, the Belgian Women's Federation for World Peace had the pleasure of staging an event focusing on Nepal, the country renowned as being the roof of the world, at the Brussels UPF HQ. Among the thirty odd participants, the event was notably attended by the Nepalese Benelux ambassador, Mr Lok Bahadur Thapa, together with his secretary from the Embassy of Nepal in Brussels. During the course of his short opening remarks Ambassador Thapa emphasized the importance of the empowerment of women through education, employment and entrepreneurship while pointing out that women in Nepal now held 30% representation in the government as well as other important prominent positions in Nepalese society. - read more

The Family "Heaven and Hell" 
Birmingham, UK, 23. June 2017

By Patricia Earle
Recently, we had another Women's Peace Meeting which focused on the central importance of the family in society, and human relationships. The topic generated a lot of interest and discussion, and well over 100 women came together, as always representing the vast diversity of culture, race and religion in our city of Birmingham.
Maureen Slattery-Marsh, our first speaker, is a Clinical and Pastoral Counsellor, working with Immigration and Counselling Psychotherapy (iCAP). Speaking on a topic close to her heart, she outlined the various types of family we now have in our society, and considered 4 pillars of family stability, recognised universally beyond all our differences. - read more

Association of British Clergy
London, United Kingdom 17. June 2017

By June Darby
We held our June meeting for the A.B.C. at Lancaster Gate. Altogether there were 21 people in attendance, with 10 Pastors and one late coming Gospel singer, as well as 10 members supporting us. Rev Marshall da Souza was a very dynamic MC, keeping good order and continuity. Evangelist Mary Ayani opened our session with a beautiful and powerful rendering of the Creation hymn that immediately raised the spirits and Betty Moloney-Rodriguez sang Amazing Grace and Make me a Channel of your Peace with a pure, strong voice that touched everyone's hearts. Pastor Collins Oyolabi accompanied the singers sensitively on the piano, and continued playing in the background to maintain the atmosphere. Pastor Isaac Ayani of Christ Apostolic Church spoke on the topic "Iron Sharpens Iron" Prov 27:17 (Iron sharpens Iron and one man sharpens another), and John O'Neill spoke on Topical Moral Issues. - read more

Inauguration of Youth and Students for Peace in Asia-Pacific 
Bankok, Thailand, 13. June 2017 

This is the first 6 hours of the event. True Mother enters at approximately 3:56:00 At first, when she starts her speech, the accompanying translation is into the Thai language, but after a few minutes, the English translation kicks in. 

Sun Jin Nim Speaks at the Inauguration of the YSP Asia-Pacific

Bangkok, Thailand, 12. June 2017

Chairman Terdsak Marrome (UPF Chair). Excellencies. Distinguished Ministers. Parliamentarians. Ambassadors for Peace. Representatives from 26 nations. Ladies and Gentlemen.
It is my great honor to ddress you today in this historic venue, the United Nations Conference Centre, ESCAP Hall.
We are gathered today in beautiful Thailand, a nation with a profoundly rich cultural heritage shaped by great religious traditions, including Confucianism, Taoism, Hinduism, Islam and most of all Buddhism. The people of this land are known for their gentle kindness and generosity.
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Family Festival and Cosmic Blessing Ceremony
Durres, Albania, 9. June 2017

By Albanian HQ
With gratitude, we want to share with you one of the most successful activities in our beautiful and calm city of Durrës. On the afternoon of June 9, 2017, we organized "Family Festival and Cosmic Blessing Ceremony". Praying for our city's yearly goals within 2017, we want to give the Blessing to 120 couples. Knowing that Special Emissaries of True Parents, Dr. Pak and Dr. Moon, European Continental Director Rev. Jack Corley, together with 20 European regional leaders will come to Durrës, we decided to have this ceremony for second time in our city.
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European Meeting to Support Albania as the Strategic Nation

Mullet, Tirana, Albania, 9. - 11. June 2017

By Martine Masner
We held a special European leaders' meeting for "Supporting Albania as the Strategic Nation for Vision 2020" on June 9 to 11, 2017, in Tirana Albania.
The purpose of this meeting was for all regions of Europe to visit their twin city in Albania, and to discuss with the local members in how to advance the providence specifically. Before the leaders' meeting started, European leaders were visiting their respective cities and shared afterwards their experiences with everybody, and the Albanian community leaders also gave their feedback. Here are some testimonies:
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Activity Report of the Hungarian Family
May, June 2017

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Workshop for Families
Return to Home
Manatial del Corazon, Spain 10. - 11. June 2017

By Bruno Travi
On the 10th and 11th of June in our training center "El Manantial del Corazón" we gathered 19 brothers with a family spirit in the second meeting "Return to the home".
In this second opportunity and with strengthened bonds of trust we focus on deep and intimate aspects of our lives with a critical and constructive sense, always understanding that to be a community centered in the heart and that has the capacity to embrace others before Challenge and overcome constraints on a personal level.
Luis Carvajal gave the conference "The fear, part of a truth", we encourage ourselves to challenge and overcome our limits and fears to realize our highest desires. - read more

Friday Open HoonDokHae Discussion
Discovering the Culture of Heart 
Bucharest, Romania, 9. June 2017

By CARP Romania
Aniyong Haseyo! Konichiwa! Nihao!
We are happy for having been able to bring together several different nationalities, races and cultures under one roof. On the 9th of June 2017, the CARP center in Bucharest hosted a glorious event about world cultures. Europe met Asia with great enthuziasm and appreciation. We discussed about China, Japan and South Korea, aiming for the lessons of life, behavior and culture that can change our lives for the better. We started from people's curiosity and we were happy to present at the end about the culture of Heart that True Parents brought for humanity. - read more

Shkodra, Albania, 7. June 2017

By Albanian HQ
The beautiful city of Shkodra - north of Albania - welcomed "Peace Road 2017". To make this project a successful one, we had a good cooperation with other Centers around Albania, with Ambassadors for Peace, with Shkodra's municipality, with civil society representatives and different organizations and businesses.
The program was organized in two parts. In the first part, all people who came with bicycle, rode for around 40 minutes according to the planned destination. Before the departure the professional Music Band of Shkodra City performed the National Anthem and after that gave the Departure Command. While the other participants were waiting for the cyclists the band performed for them and waited until the cyclists came back.
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CARP Meeting Challenges of Life
Bucharest, Romania, 7. June 2017

By CARP Romania
Our beloved brothers and sisters,
In the weekly CARP meeting we decided to discuss about Challenges and Victory and focused on improving our ability to understand and overcome difficulty.
It is very important for young people to choose the right attitude in any given circumstances and find the way to cope with everyday challenges.
In pairs, we shared about the attitude we should have when facing difficulties and gave personal examples on daily life situations which we could overcome. - read more

CARP Team Building Travel & Challenge 
Bucharest, Romania, 3. June 2017

By CARP Romania
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
At the beginning of this month Romania CARP organized one-day trip to Brasov, a beautiful city near the mountain-side.
CARP members and STF members took the train on Saturday morning to Brasov and decided to spend one day together for team-building, mountain-climbing and action tasks.
Divided in teams we had to accomplish together action tasks such as taking picture with large group of people, climbing up to Tampa and MMBK(FR)
Every team tried to create unity and support its members to get the best out of this experience. - read more

2 Days Divine Principle Workshop

Manatial del Corazon, Spain 3. - 4. June 2017

By Mario Magaz
On the third and fourth of June we held a two-day workshop. We were a small group, a few guests that had come before to a workshop and one new guest who came for the first time.
He studied in a catholic seminar but couldn't finish. For quite a long time he left spirituality as forgotten, then he knew a member during German language class, and ever since he came to know us his spiritual baggage started to rise again.
During the workshop, he was very serious and taking notes. After each lecture we had discussion, his interventions where always good. Guests seem to like the Qi Gong exercises and it's a very good and healthy complement to the lectures. We also are always grateful to our cook that provide physical nourishment and love. 

German Culture and Sports Festival 2017 
Neumuehle Training Center, Germany, 3. - 4. June 2017 

By Hildegard Piepenburg 
On the weekend of Pentecost, over 500 members and guests of the Family Federation, UPF and CARP joined together for a marvellous 2-day event at the Neumuehle Training Center in Germany. Saturday, June 3rd, was dedicated to various sports competitions, like soccer, volley ball and frisbee. While the youth excitedly participated in these sports and smaller children enjoyed a jumping castle and a special program for kids, elderly ones could choose to join in a hike to a nearby monastery, ballroom dancing and lecture presentations on a new UPF family curriculum project and the video Divine Principle lecture project. 
 - read more  

International Day of Families and Global Day of Parents!
Tirana, Albania, 31. May 2017

By Albanian HQ

Loving families can change the world!
"Families, education and well-being" was the topic decided by UN for this year for International Day of Families, day which gathered together more than 160 participants, at the "UNESCO" hall of Historical National Museum. Among the participants were Ambassadors for Peace, members of FFWPW, WFWP and W-CARP, prominent figures of our country, many academics in different fields, beautiful young people who helped a lot in caring out different responsibilities to realize this activity.
The purpose of this activity was to first introduce the amazing teachings and work of our Founders on strengthening the families and the solutions which they bring to humanity to solve any crises. Second purpose was to appoint new Ambassadors for Peace who had outstanding results on their professional work and we believe will receive well the UPF principles and work for world peace.
The program was moderated by Mrs. Manjola Vasmatics, who time to time quoted the founders from the book, As a Peace Loving Global Citizen, to emphasis the importance of family.
- read more 

Principles of Living Seminar
London, United Kingdom, 27. May 2017

By Trevor and Mieko Davies
On Saturday 27th May 2017 we held a special one-day seminar as a result of a successful witnessing effort on University campuses. This followed Mrs Hiraki's visit to the UK last year when she shared how she had built a successful CARP programme in Los Angeles. We were eager to adopt her methods and develop a witnessing programme of our own in London.
Tim Miller gave the lectures which were designed - not simply to convert people to our way of thinking, but to appeal to their original natures by providing a framework of universal principles which would cause them to think more deeply and want to study Principle in more depth. - read more 

Divine Principle Public Lecture

Oslo, Norway, 30. May 2017

By Steinar Murud 
We organized the first of a series of public lectures in a free venue in a bookshop in Oslo. The topic was "eternal life - fantasy or reality". 11 participants, 8 members and 3 guests, attended the lecture which was followed by questions and comments and refreshments.

True Parents' Special Gathering with European STF

Cheon Jeong Gung, 27. May 2017

I chose those myself. [Mother presented all the STF members with a new T-shirt]. I picked them out, thinking of you, feeling as if I were meeting grandchildren who live far away. Did I do well?
How old are you all (What is your age group?)? You are 17 to 23 years old? That's how old you are? Around 20? You all must have many dreams! What dreams? Shall I speak to you about Heaven's providence and Europe seen through the viewpoint of human civilization, about your responsibility?
After the first ancestors fell, God had to go through such a painful course of blood and tears. In order to realize the purpose of creation he had planned at the time of creation, God and the first ancestors of humankind had to become one. However, the first ancestors could not fulfill their responsibility and became separated from God. As a result, God had no choice but to go a difficult course...
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Interfaith World Peace Blessing 
Stuttgart, Germany, 21. May 2017

By Hubert Arnoldi

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, we gathered at our Stuttgart UPF Interfaith Center on the occasion of the UN International Day of Families to listen to a talk on "The significance of the family in the religions" and to conduct an interreligious World Peace Blessing ceremony.
UPF representative in Stuttgart, Hubert Arnoldi, emceed the event and first read some excerpts on the UN International Day of Families 2017. Then he explained how receiving the World Peace Marriage Blessing could help to unfold original love. The Family Federation for World Peace, founded in 1996, emphasizes the value of marriage and family for the individual as well as for society. For this reason, it conducts marriage blessing ceremonies all over the world for already married couples who renew their marriage vows and for unwed couples who give their vows to each other. 

Dedication of the Busan District Family Church 
Pusan, Korea, 21. May 2017

Hyo Jeong Peace Festival True Parents' Message 
Ariake Colosseum, Japan, 14. May 2017

National Youth Workshop
Mullet Training Center, Tirana, Albania 22. - 28. May 2017

By Albanian HQ
For many years our workshop center has become a calming and peaceful place for the spirit and mind of many Albanian and foreign people! From 25-28 May 2017, we organized the latest 4 days workshop in this center nearby Tirana, the capital city of Albania!
Around 50 youngsters from Albania, Kosovo, Japan and South Korea were gathered in this national workshop entitled "Love God, Love People, Love Nation!". Sharing experiences from 3 generations "grandparents, parents and children", program taken from "Top Gun" training in South Korea, having clear written goals from the beginning, training of staff before starting the workshop and being focused on the education of heart for all the participants made this a joyful and vivid event. The family atmosphere was very well channelled as a youth energy by the MCs, Elisjana Mustafaj and Bujar Azizi.
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  30 Years CARP-Rally
  Berlin 1987

  Berlin, Germany
  5.- 6. August 2017
  read more

  Blessing in Korea 7th
  September 2017 2nd 
  Generation candidates
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