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30 Years CARP-Rally 
Berlin 1987
5. - 6. August 2017

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The year 2017 is a year of special anniversaries related to Europe. It has been 500 years since the Protestant Reformation initiated by Martin Luther and 100 years since the Russian Revolution inspired by Karl Marx. It is also 30 years since the visit of Hyo Jin Nim, at the time the leader of CARP, to Berlin, where he led a march to the Berlin Wall, calling for its removal. ("Die Mauer Muss Weg!") In honour of this CARP Rally, we would like to hold a commemorative meeting in Berlin to remember that event and recall the spirit of the time. The attached document contains details of the proposed programme.
Sincerely, Jack Corley, Regional President 
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STF Europe
Colle Mattia, Rome, Italy, 19. April 2017

By Martine Masner
In the workshop site of Colle Mattia, Italy, the STF members had a parents' workshop and they prepared their second witnessing condition (starting on April 19 to May 11) in Kosovo, Romania, Manchester UK and in four cities of Albania. There are 46 STF members this year, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd year. These young people are very enthusiastic. They have a very good internal standard and want to unite with True Mother, to witness to the world! They listened to presentations about the value of witnessing and what witnessing can bring for their personal growth. There were many questions after, how to witness, especially, how to guide the guests into a deeper understanding of the Principle.

Easter Workshop 2017
Camberg Neumühle, Germany, 11. - 17. April 2017

By Dominique Claus and Josephine Jensen
Knowing your destination. Letting others help you get up on your feet. Taking your first steps on your own. Falling, standing up and continuing to walk.
This year's Easter HARP Workshop was held under the motto "I can go the distance". It took place in Bad Camberg from the 11th-17th of April with ages of the 44 participants ranging from 12 to 21.
During the Workshop the participants listened to lectures from Ulrich Tuente and Christian Haubold based on Divine Principle. Both lecturers involved the participants a lot, which gave them the opportunity to think more deeply about the content and understand it for themselves.  - read more

Cranes Club General Meeting in Korea with Families 
Cheong Pyeong, 1. April 2017

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Dear all,
With the second Cranes Club conference in London last weekend we've started a new year of Cranes Club in Europe. Check out the Cranes Club conference 2017 report.
Compared to last year where Cranes Club Europe was running unofficially with a General Manager and a number of grassroots-level projects, it was decided at the AGM that Cranes Club will become an unincorporated association. This will allow for more long-term developments and building on the potential of Cranes Club.
In this communication you can find out what Cranes Club is, meet the new Directors, learn about membership benefits and of course sign up as a member to Cranes Club 2017-18! Important to note for last year's members, membership fees paid last year will be discounted from this year's fee (see below).
We look forward to having you on board for the exciting year ahead as part of Cranes Club Europe!
Youngil Ely Loew, Elisa Brann, Antto Hassinen, Jung-jae Hur, Sonja Read
Cranes Club Europe cranesclubeurope@gmail.com

HARP Workshop

Lisbon, Portugal, 8. - 10. April 2017

By Sergio Neto
For three days from April 8 to 10 there was another meeting of our young Harp. This workshop had the theme "God, I and the Creation".
All the lectures and programs have been focused on how we can realize our Heavenly Parent's great love and investment from the beginning of creation to this day and, how we can perceive our purpose and our unique value. Everything that exists in creation, as our True Parents are teaching us, has a purpose and we must learn how we should interact with the creation and our fellow beings.  - read more

The Interreligious Gatherings and Actions as the Driving Forces for Social Peace

Espacio Ronda Madrid, 1. April 2017 

By Marcia de Abreu
On Saturday, April 1st, UPF and WFWP Spain held the 5th and last session of the Cycle of Conferences: The Cornerstones for Peace. This time the topic was "The Interreligious Gathering and Action as the driving forces for social peace".
UPF and WFWP Spain worked hand in hand preparing a program that seemed central and significant for the work of building world peace. More than 80 people gathered together on this occasion.
The program consisted of two parts.The morning segment was dedicated to two round tables. The speakers made presentations on the importance of interreligious sharing and exchange and of interreligious past and future actions as the incentive for bringing peace in society - read more

Femmes au Secours de la Paix's Project

Brussels, Belgium, 25. March 2017 

By Colette Cunningham
On Saturday evening, March 25th, Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) in Belgium held a presentation on 'Femmes au Secours de la Paix's Project in Senegal' at the Belgium UPF headquarter.
The presentation, was given by Mrs Bénédicte Suzuki, North of France representative for the Women's Federation for World Peace and founder in March 2015 of « Femmes au Secours de la Paix » (http://www.femmes-au-secours-de-la-paix.com/). The organisation's goal is to help women overcome their struggles by helping others according to their means and possibilities. - read more

Spirituality Workshops - Interreligious Series

UPF Ronda Barcelona and Espacio Ronda Madrid, February - March 2017

By Silvia Torres and Stefan Campillo
On February 8th, 2017, we had a talk about Swani Dayananda Saraswati, given by Deepti Galani. She graduated in India in Economics and English Literature, arrived in Barcelona in 1991 and since then has taken part in several courses in private companies, governmental and non-governmental institutions to expand the learning acquired in her country.
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57. Anniversary of True Parents Holy Wedding, Welcome Remarks
Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth, Training Centre
12. April 2017

My dear beloved brothers and sisters.
It is my distinct honor and privilege to offer words of welcome to each one of you as we gather to celebrate the 57th Anniversary of the Holy Wedding of our beloved True Parents.
As we rejoice together in complete oneness and with a filial heart before our Heavenly Parent, our beloved True Father in heaven, and our beloved True Mother who leads the providence on this earth, we are commemorating the origin and birth of true love, true life, and true lineage. On this day we pay tribute to the fact that the Holy Wedding of True Parents fulfills the hopes of all humankind and the creation. This is the most glorious day on earth and in heaven.  - read more

"Portugal Will Do It!" Half Day Workshop
Lisbon, Portugal, 2. April 2017

By Sergio Vieira
On this last Sunday, April 2, 2017, we took advantage of the national celebration of the Holy True Parents Day, and despite the goal being at least 1 day of WS on Tribal Messiahship, due to logistical difficulties and other more suitable heights, we decided to do only half a day of WS. - read more 

Activity Report of the Hungarian Family
February, March, April 2017

By Tibor Krebsz
The Hungarian Family came together to celebrate the True Parent's Day and the other connecting Anniversaries of the Providence. As in previous years we rent the Hotel Benczur which fits to our event. As part of the program we started a New Year of CIG-5, following of the commemorative speech of the National Leader and his wife, the HU-HARP president also evaluated the work of Second Generations in Hungary. We also recognized and awarded the members, couples who made an exemplary work and dedication in previous year. - read more

Divine Principle Workshop
Seebenstein, Austria, 1. April 2017

A child experiences the love of the parents as the most valuable, a young grown up cherishes the love of his/her spouse the most. When children are born, the couple experiences an even deeper love: the love of parents towards their child. The most precious love is one step further: the love of grandparents towards their grandchildren. - read more

5 Days National Divine Principle Workshop
Mullet, Tirana, Albania, 22. - 26. March 2017

As always, Divine Principle Workshops are a way to regenerate the spirit, not only for members who already received the content, but also for the ones who receive it for the first time. This thing was very obvious in the 5 days workshop entitled "AS A GLOBAL PEACE CITIZEN" held on National Training Center in Mullet. - read more

Lecture on Quantum Physics and the End of the (classic) World

Paris, France, 3. April 2017

By Didier Guignard
The topic of this 32th Club Science was: "Quantum Physics and the end of the (classic) world!"
The lecturer was Professor Jean Staune, a famous French philosopher of science who has diplomas in Mathematics, Computer Science, Paleontology and Business. He is teaching at HEC, the most famous Business School in France.
We had a record participation of 54 people with a very exciting lecture and debate. Mr. Jean Staune showed us that, with quantum physics, a materialistic viewpoint of the world becomes obsolete and can only be replaced by "science-fiction materialism" like Everett Multiverse.
He expressed that the ultimate Reality can only be something "prior to the subject-object division"
All participants were very inspired and emphasized the ability of Pr. Jean Staune to explain in simple terms such a difficult matter.

Service for Peace Project

Cerrik, Elbasan, Albania, 21. March 2017

W-CARP Elbasan in cooperation with Cërrik City Hall organized on Thursday, 21. 03.2017 in Cërrik, a friendly match between W-CARP and K.F Turbina Cërrik.The purpose of this friendly match was to generate incomes to support families in need, mostly in Cërrik and the nearby villages. - read more

Book Fair at the Paris "Esspace Barrault"

Paris, France, 25. March 2017

A Book Fair was held at the Paris Education Center "Espace Barrault", on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaty which founded the European Union. Celebrating the cultural diversity of Europe, several writers and friends of FFWPU were invited to introduce their works.
- read more

Maria Theresia 
The Female Aspect of Dominion
Bratislava, Slovakia, 23. March 2017

By Barbara Grabner
The Slovak chapter of WFWP organized an event entitled "Maria Theresia. The Female Aspect of Dominion" on the occasion of her 300th birthday (13.5.1717). Empress Maria Theresia who grew up in Vienna was crowned Queen of Hungary in Bratislava in June 1741; naturally quite many inhabitants showed great interest when the lecture was announced. Thanks to the support of some Austrian institution in town far more people than expected came; over 50 people found a place to sit or stand in the lecture hall, others did not get over the doorstep. - read more

Tribute to Elisabeth Riedl

14. April 2017

It is our path of life to start out from the heart of God. We are to grow up in the embrace of His love, reach maturity and form a family in God's love. We are to become mature people who can develop our love to a global level on earth and finally return to the embrace of His love. - True Father
Dear Klaus, Eleonore, Matthias and Catharina: On the occasion of the passing of your beloved wife and mother, and on behalf of the brothers and sisters of our European Community, I want to send you our love and sympathy. Although Elisabeth's passing will bring sadness to the hearts of those whom she loved, it is also a time to give thanks for a life well lived. For that we can be so proud.  - - read more

Witnessing through the Internet and Social Media
Vienna, Austria, April 2017

Rev. Wolfgang Schawaller has joined the Unification Church in 1974 in Germany. Just one year later, in 1975 he was sent by True Father to his first Mission country. He was active as a missionary in fourteen countries, such as India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and the Philippines. He was blessed with Brigitte in 1982. They have four children together and live in Vienna, Austria. During the recent years Wolfgang has explored new ways of witnessing through the internet and he discovered the incredible potential of social media in the proclamation of True Parents Words. Peter Zoehrer has interviewed Rev. Schawaller in the FFWPU - HQ in Vienna, so he can share his new passion and his extraordinary and timely message to the wider Unification community in Europe and beyond.
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True Peace Magazine
March 2017 

Dearest Leaders, Brothers and Sisters!
Many Greetings to you and your family. May Our Heavenly Parent and True Parents be with you and bless you.
Here is March 2017 issue of the True Peace Magazine, together with the latest Japanese newsletter. Please share these with all the blessed families in your nation. Click on the language you prefer (below) to read online or download as PDF file:
True Peace Magazine March 2017 Issue:  PDF  -  Online
True Peace Magazine - Edición de Marzo:  PDF  -  Online
TP Magasine édition de mars:  PDF  -  Online
Japanese Newsletter:   PDF
If you wish to publish your article in True Peace magazine, please email us the story you have with some good photos at: truepeacemagazine@gmail.com
Thank you very much. FFWPU International Headquarters

Cranes Club Europe 2017 Conference Report

London, UK, 31 March – 2 April, 2017

Around 70 professional young men and women from around Europe gathered in London between 31 March and 2 April to attend the 2nd Annual European Cranes Club Conference. This group was mainly brought together by 2 things: firstly by the shared background of growing up in the community rooted in True Parents; secondly by a desire to offer their experience and expertise for the sake of something bigger than themselves.
This weekend was a great success, primarily because of the strong sense of fellowship created by the participants. There was a relaxed atmosphere as everyone felt like one family, happy to meet old friends and excited to make new friends.  - read more 

Information Stand, Booktable, Street Witnessing

Oslo, Norway, 1. April, 2017

By Knut Holdhus
1st April marked the start of a new season of street witnessing in Norway. We distributed many leaflets and copies of True Father’s biography and met many old friends.

Let's Think Deeper!
Chislehurst, UK, 24. - 26. March 2017

We held our CARP 2-Day Divine Principle Workshop, with the motto: Let's Think Deeper! See Your Life through The Divine Principle. It was a fun and insightful time together, and we are grateful to all who came and participated! Until next time.

International Café in Giessen

A Family from Syria express their Gratitude
Giessen, Germany, 26. March 2017

By Rosemarie Leja
UPF Giessen held its first International Cafe of 2017 on 26 March. This event had a very personal touch; a family from Syria introduced themselves. The father, Hassan Mescho who had been a lawyer in his homeland, set off in 2013 on an adventurous and arduous journey. After travelling through the Balkans, he finally reached Germany where he applied for refugee status. Eventually he was joined by his wife and four children. The whole family attended courses in German language and integration. Mr. Mescho is now employed as a taxi driver and his son will soon start studying at the Technical University. The whole family is very grateful to be here and expressed this in the following words: - read more 

Let Us Create Our Tribes!

Chamarande Training Centre, France, 25. March 2017

By David Perry
Twenty-two members came together at the French training centre for a “Ensemble, créons notre tribu!” (Together, let us create our tribes!) workshop.
Rather than focusing on the recent ‘Europe can do it’ workshop, which would mean squeezing two days of content into one day, we decided to speak of the main points of that workshop and to add reports and testimonies of other tribal messiahs that have had success (Mrs Hiraki from Los Angeles, David & Patricia Earle in England, etc.) - read more 

Women’s Federation Report from Leaders Meeting in Prague and Annual General Meeting
Oslo, Norway, 18. March 2017

By Jane Toresen
WFWP-Norway held their Annual General Meeting on Saturday 18th March. We thanked Roswitha Johansen for her investment as president over the past few years and for her efforts in raising up a new generation of leaders. We welcomed Johanna Toresen as the new WFWP president. We are proud to announce that four out of our five committee members are under the age of 30!
The meeting also included an inspiring report from the leaders meeting in Prague with a focus on WFWP activities. Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious buffet organized by the committee.

“True Family Values and a Peaceful World”

West Country, UK, 18. March 2017

By Joanna Hartl
In the West Country at Cleeve House, the third event in a series of ongoing one day UPF leadership seminars was held on Saturday 18th March 2017. The title of the seminar was “True Family Values and a Peaceful World”. We had a grand total of 13 participants and started the day’s program just after 10.30am with a welcome and introduction from MC: Mr Christopher Frith from UPF Swindon. Each speaker for the day was then cordially asked to say a few words about what moves them to do what they are doing for UPF. - read more

National Pastors Assembly for the Victory of the Fifth Year of Cheon Il Guk
Cheongpyeong, 29. March 2017

Visiting South and South Eastern Europe

13. - 28. March 2017

By Jack Corley
Shortly after the conclusion of the European Cheon Il Guk Assembly in Prague, Czech Republic, on 12th March, I embarked, together with European Headquarters Director Peter Staudinger, on a journey of more than 5,400 kilometers (more than 3,300 miles), passing through or visiting 12 countries of Europe. The purpose of the trip was to meet with brothers and sisters who were unable to participate in the C.I.G. assembly and to connect with Ambassadors for Peace in the local countries and communities.  - read more

International Women’s Day 2017
London, United Kingdom, March 23, 2017

By Robin Marsh
We were very sad that people lost their lives or were seriously injured yesterday, particularly the unarmed Police Officer who was killed at a gate I have passed by many times. Those hurt were from many nations including the US, France, Romania, South Korea as well as the UK. The incident happened just before 3 pm. We were to have the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) International Women’s Day (IWD) event at 5.30 in Parliament passing through security from 5 pm. Some of our guests went early to Parliament and were held inside Parliament for several hours in lock down with all the Parliamentarians and their staff. We had to change our event to Lancaster Gate and catch as many people as possible very quickly when we heard the news. We had a wonderful programme commemorating International Women's Day - read more 

First Il Shim Ceremony

Lisbon, Portugal, 5. March 2017

By Sergio Neto
We held our first Il Shim, Ceremony at our headquarters and Embassy of Peace in Barcarena, Lisbon. With great help from our brothers and sisters from the Italian family, whom we thank, we could gather the information for the education program, as well as to obtain the rings that we used for the ceremony. 

Reports from UPF-UK

February, March, 2017

World Interfaith Harmony Week and Anti-Radicalisation
Evening with Farrukh Dhondy and Matteo Bergamini 
Syrian Refugees Visit to UPF

Essay Competition entitled: “As a Peace Loving Global Citizen”

Bilisht, Albania, 25. February 2017

The essay competition entitled, “As a Peace Loving Global Citizen”, based on True Father’s autobiogrpaphy, finished successfully. A much-expected activity, full of emotions, joy, love and in the same time worry. The activity was held in Devoll city, that always has been a welcoming city of
Heavenly Parents' providence, for fundraising, witnessing and different activities held from time to time. After reading True Father's autobiography many middle and high school students wrote essays.  - read more


  30 Years CARP-Rally
  Berlin 1987

  Berlin, Germany
  5.- 6. August 2017
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  European Parents
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  Bad Camberg, Germany
  19. - 21. May 2017
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  European Blessing
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  15. – 18. June 2017
  Bad Camberg, Germany

  ESGD Summer 
  Activities 2017

  Blessing in Korea 7th
  September 2017 2nd 
  Generation candidates
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  Let's Lead Green 
  Announcing the 3rd Pathways to
  a Sustainable Future
  Paraguay, June 24 - July 11,
  2017 -  red more

  2017 Sunhak Institute
  of Korean Studies
  Program for Children
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