Workshop for Blessed Families 
"A Life Dedicated to True Parents"
Tirana, Albania, October 6 - 8, 2017

Every year, in this time we organize a workshop for our blessed families. This time we had families from Tirana, Elbasan, Durres, Korça, Vlora, Fier, Shkodra and Kosovo. Every time we prepare for such workshop our main concern is what kind of content to share and to offer to our blessed families, to be helpful in their spiritual growth and challenges in daily life.
But Heavenly Parent had already an idea and He made possible that three wonderful elder blessed families to come and share their heart and life experiences with our families. Main lecturers for our workshop were Mr. Heiner & Ms. Carolyn Handschin from Swiss, a blessed family for more than 35 years, parents of 7 children. They are now in the position of Swiss National Leader and Ms. Carolyn is President of WFWP Europe.
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Inauguration of the International Association of
Parliamentarians for Peace in the Czech Republic
Prague, The Czech Republic, October 9, 2017

By Juraj Lajda
On Monday 9th October 2017, at the Czech Parliament in Prague, a conference was held under the auspices of Czech Parliamentarian Nina Nováková. Two projects were being launched: the new association "Central European Inspiration", initiated by Mrs. Nina Nováková, and the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP), a project of the Universal Peace Federation.
The meeting was attended by four members of parliament, one member of the European Parliament, and by about 80 participants, including political leaders, scholars, media and NGO representatives.
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National Meeting in Slovakia

Dunajska Luzna, Slovakia, October 7 - 8, 2017

By Miroslav Rybar
On the weekend 7th - 8th of October 2017 we held an annual national meeting of Slovak members in our workshop centre in Dunajska Luzna near Bratislava. We met on Saturday and listened to latest news and reports from Slovakia and abroad, especially from Korea. We shared our hearts as brothers and sisters. In the evening we enjoyed a theatre play of our second-generation children on a deep topic of values. Already on Saturday we received a visit of our regional leader Dieter Schmidt with his wife Ana. He gave us an inspiring Sunday Service speech and afterwards we held a questions and answers session which together with other opportunities of sharing with them gave us a lot of inspiration.  
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The Origins of the Italian Unification Movement

Rome, Italy, October 8, 2017

By Giuseppe Cali
On Sunday October 8th we held a special Sunday Service in Rome, based on testimonies about the beginning of the Unification Movement in Italy.
Special guests to give their testimonies were: Franco and Giannina Ravaglioli, former National leaders of Italy, Elio D'Alberti, former National leader of Spain and one of the first members to join in Italy and two more ladies. These two ladies were Doni and Marisa, being Doni the first Italian members ever to join in Italy. Even though she had important missions at that time, for personal reasons, she left the movement after several years of dedication and for many years she carried on her own life. In these last few years, thanks to the re contacting of Franco and Giannina, she came closer to our movement again.  - read more

Welcoming Michael and Fumiko Balcomb in Germany
Giessen, Germany, September 30, 2017 

By Hildegard Piepenburg
Forty-three representatives from the German communities gathered in Giessen to officially wel-come the new president of the newly formed Region "Europe, Middle East and Eurasia" (EME), Michael Balcomb, and his wife Fumiko. To open the meeting, Dieter Schmidt, leader of the Central Region with 9 nations, asked each person to introduce himself personally. Our guest of honor was Christel Werner, currently visiting Germany from the USA.
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History Lession - From the Reformation (1517)

until the Russian Revolution (1917)
Bratislava, Slovakia, October 5, 2017

By Barbara Grabner
The 500th anniversary of Martin Luther´s posting of his theses is a splendid opportunity to explain the course of providential history during the 400-year period until 1917 when communism arose. We wished to introduce our founder´s view about that period which represents the culmination of European-Christian civilization. The event took place on October 5, 2017 in a lecture hall in the city centre. The outreach was done by mailings, distribution of leaflets and posters at libraries and the Comenius University, through various internet websites etc. The event awakened much interest and so came many new guests besides our regular guests; the room filled up to capacity.
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Sunday Service with 
Michael and Fumiko Balcomb
Frankfurt, Germany, October 1, 2017

By Claus Dubisz
On 1 October, Michael & Fumiko Balcomb gave their first Sunday service in Germany to the Frankfurt community. Already on the previous day, some of the Frankfurt community had heard Michael's inspiring talk at the city leaders meeting in Giessen, and were curious as to what topic he would chose on Sunday. The message that he delivered with great enthusiasm and authenticity, was "Send Me". - read more

Visit of Regional Chairman 
Dr. Michael and Fumiko Balcomb to Italy
Milano, Rome, Italy, September 26 - 29, 2017

By Giuseppe Cali
From September 26th to 29th Chairman Dr. Balcomb and his wife Fumiko, visited the cities of Milano and Rome. The two communities gathered in the evening to receive them and listen their speeches on the latest providential developments.
The approach of Dr. Balcomb was quite surprising when at the beginning he asked members to play a game based on unity and then to set the chairs in a circle. Everyone introduced briefly himself and then he started to speak about an experience with True Mother in which she asked him what Divine Principle chapter was his favourite when he joined the church.
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Activity Report of the Hungarian Family
July, August, September 2017

By Tibor Krebsz
On 16th of September in the Hotel Benczur, Budapest, we held a Seonghwa Anniversary for True Father. Blessed Families, Ambassadors for Peace, guests and friends came together to honour the legacy of True Father. The event had a motto: "Peace starts with me". We wanted to connect Hungary to the current providence of True Mother through this event. Therefore, the main speech, read by the national leader, was the message of True Mother at the Madison Square Garden event. We prepared a video introducing of True Parents' achievements until today. The opening address was given by a protestant pastor.
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Peace Road 2017

St. Ulrich, Austria, September 30, 2017

By Maria Pammer
UPF Upper Austria, in cooperation with 3 communities and their mayors, took part in the worldwide Peace Road project with a cycling tour from the Peace Monument in St. Ulrich http://www.st-ulrich.at, through the Enns valley, passing through Ternberg http://www.ternberg.at, and ending at the Peace Bridge in front of the Forestry Museum in Reichraming http://www.reichraming.at
The cycling tour for peace began at 10am in front of the St. Ulrich Peace Monument. The late mayor, Thaddäus Steinmaier, had made St. Ulrich the first peace community worldwide in 1982. The current mayor, who also cycled the 30km to Reichraming with 12 local members of her community, presented Mrs. Pammer with an original St. Ulrich peace dove in recognition of the peace initiative and Mrs. Pammer presented her in turn with a UPF Peace Ambassador award.  - read more 

500 Years ago - Luther

Today - Us
Berlin, Germany, September 30, 2017

By Sigrun Botembe

UPF members from Hamburg and Berlin, along with some guests met in the Berlin Baha'í-Community center and had a very enjoyable discussion about the Reformation - as it was in the past and how it is today.
Such was the interest stimulated by the event, that it overran its time by almost two hours!
The purpose was not to hear about Luther's life or his famous theses; these facts are well known to all. We wanted to know something more precise. How does God relate to mankind and vice versa? What kind of relationship did Martin Luther have with God? Our brother, the Catholic theologian from Austria, Heinrich Krcek, taking as his starting point the various ways in which the word 'credo' can be translated, showed us how a relationship of trust between God and mankind, and especially between God and Luther, developed.
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UN International Day of Peace 2017
Kopenhagen, Denmark, September 24, 2017

By Karsten Nielsen
Sunday September 24th for the 4th time UPF Denmark celebrated the UN International Day of Peace, this time in the UN City in Copenhagen, one of Copenhagen's noticeable landmarks. The characteristic white eight-fingered star is located on Marble Pier in the Northern Harbour of Copenhagen, being certified Platinum by LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and the winner of the European Commission's Green Building Award.  - read more 

IAPP Inaugural Conference in Pristina, Kosovo
Pristina, Kosovo, September 23 - 24, 2017 

On September 23-24, 2017, the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) was launched in the Balkans at a European Leadership Conference held in Pristina, Kosovo, sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation. The main event was held in a hall at the Kosovo Parliament Building.
On the theme of "Culture and Peace in the Balkans: The Role of Parliamentarians", the conference was attended by highly respected leaders in the Balkans: former President Moisiu of Albania, former President Mesic of Croatia, former President Sejdju of Kosovo, Macedonian Speaker of the Parliament Talat Xhaferi, and by over 100 participants including 20 parliamentarians and former parliamentarians, scholars and NGO leaders.
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Regional Chair, Dr. Michael & Fumiko Balcomb's Visit to Austria

Vienna, Austria, September 24, 2017

By Elisabeth Cook
Dr Michael & Fumiko Balcomb visited Austria for the STF's Kick-Off meeting which took place at our workshop center in Gaflenz (160km west of Vienna).
Early in the morning the following day they arrived in Vienna to give the sermon at the Sunday Service for the Vienna community.
When Mrs. Fumiko Balcomb greeted the congregation, she mentioned that True Mother trusts Dr. Balcomb very much, but that she also has put her trust in each one of the European members.
In his sermon "Open the Eyes of My Heart" Dr. Balcomb reminded us of True Father's public speeches in the United States in the 1970s, when he explained that he came as a fireman to save the American people. Likewise, we now need to feel the urgency of firemen, in saving the people of Europe through the Blessing.  
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Interreligious Celebration for the International Day of Peace
Peace Starts with Me!
Paris, France, September 24, 2017

By David Perry
We held an Interreligious celebration to mark the United Nations International Day of Peace with the theme "Peace Starts with Me!" At 10:30 the MC, Alexandre HUARD, offered an opening prayer and the Paris Community Choir then sang "Grace of the Holy Garden."
Four religious leaders then shared their reflections on the day's theme.
First was the Rabbi Albert MESSAN who began by playing a video of a Jewish high school choir singing the song, "Evenou Chalom Ale'hem. He then spoke of the story of Jacob in Genesis chapters 32 - 33. He compared Jacob's fight with the angel as a symbol of Jacob fighting with his own mixed emotions as he prepared to meet Esau. Jacob had to overcome those mixed emotions and find his own inner peace. On that foundation God could guide him on how to prepare to victoriously meet his brother.   - read more

The European Cheon Il Guk Choir in Korea
Report by Hans Campman and Kazuha Canak
Düsseldorf, Germany, September 24, 2017

- view video (introduction is in German)

Peace Road 2017
Prishtina, Kosovo, September 21, 2017 

This year too (hoping to become a tradition) FFWPU, W-CARP and UPF held in Prishtina, on September 21st, on International Day of Peace "Peace Road" project, intending the promotion of peace. The participants and the supporters of this project were added to hundreds of world citizens wishing to be not victims of conflicts, but important individuals for building and protecting peace wherever they are, study or work.
The sounds of guitar and voices of students of Guitar School "Mirela"-Podujeva, under the guidance of Mr.Ymer Musa, accompanied the attendants of the event during the equipment with T-shirts and bikes, creating a happy atmosphere, until the start of marching.
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International Day of Peace
Tirana, Albania, September 20, 2017 

By Manjola Vasmatic
This is the 9th year that UPF and FFWPU celebrates the International Day of Peace focusing in helping children on their journey of education. This year's UN theme, "Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All" brought together in cooperation UPF, CARP, FFWPU, and National Integration Institute of Albanian Orphans.
Six young students, Doralda Ferizi, Beqir Kaculi, Erol Hoxhallari, Elona Zefi, Enea Leka, Adnan Rexhaj, spend their summer holydays all over Albania fundraising in order to buy school supplies for the academic year of 2017-2018, for 100 orphan pupils.
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German CARP Retreat in Cyprus
Frenaros, Cyprus, September 18 - 24, 2017

By Karl Martin Zimmerman
The recent CARP summer retreat took place on the beautiful yet sadly divided island of Cyprus. This retreats topic was "Epanenosis" (Greek: reunification) and focused on the current division of the country and its people into Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots and its recent history. In case you do not know about the situation let me just summarize it briefly. In the year 1974 the Turkish military invaded the state of Cyprus and have besieged the northern part since, setting up a strict border between the north and south and pushing people from their homes. This Turkish territory was self-proclaimed as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and is only recognized as such by Turkey and itself. Now this division caused a lot of pain in the country and this pain still holds in the people of Cyprus.
We as a group of foreign students gained an insight into these emotions by visiting the border and the northern part of the island and by hearing testimonies and talks from locals who have either experienced the invasion or are active experts on the field such as a politics professor and a journalist.
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Reunion of German Foreign Missionaries of 1975
Neumuehle, Bad Camberg, Germany, September 23 - 24, 2017

By Hildegard Piepenmburg
"Your faith and investment laid the foundation for today's success in those nations..."
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International Day of Peace

The 4. Junior Ambassadors for Peace Congress - 
"All World for Peace!"
Kiev, Ukraine, September 24, 2017

By Mykhailo Ilin
On International Day of Peace UPF Ukraine held the 4th Junior Ambassadors for Peace Congress "All World for Peace!" Congress was held under the slogan "Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All" at the National Museum of Ukrainian History in World War II.
The Congress partners and organizers: specialized school #85 of Kyiv city, schools participating in UNESCO Associated Schools Project with the support of the Universal Peace Federation, the National Museum of Ukrainian History in World War II, the Youth Federation for Peace, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of the executive body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration)   - read more

The Launching of IAPP in Denmark for the Nordic Countries

Copenhagen, Denmark, September 23, 2017

By David Hanna
Twenty current and former of members parliament, youth political leaders and UPF representatives from the Nordic countries met in the Danish Parliament building in Copenhagen to launch the International Association for Parliamentarians for Peace.
It took the form of a one-day, round-table conference - which represented well the characteristic sense of equality that is enjoyed in Nordic countries in general, and Denmark in particular. Member of Parliament, Ulla Sandbaek was chairperson for the meeting which, as it brought together participants from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, was conducted in the English language.  - read more

Interreligious Prayer for Peace at the UN International Day of Peace

Munich, Germany, September 22, 2017

By Robert Bentele
At the occasion of the UN International Day of Peace 2017 the UPF-Munich invited to an inter-religious peace prayer meeting, and representatives of different religious communities followed the invitation in total twelve praying persons.
At the introduction the coordinator of UPF-Munich, Robert Bentele, spoke about the UN and about the meaning of this UN Memorial Day. After that he read some excerpts of the address of the Secretary General, Antonio Guterres. And then especially he spent some time on the motto of this day: "Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All."   - read more

(New) Ways to God

Bonn, Germany, September 17, 2017

By Christian Haubold
To commemorate the 'Luther Year'-500 years after the Reformation-Christian Haubold, who teaches history and Protestant theology and is a member of Bonn UPF, gave a presentation on 17.09.2017 in Bad Gotesberg on the topic:
500 years later-what comes next, Mr. Luther?
In 1517, Martin Luther proclaimed his 95 theses in Wittenberg, sparking developments that led to worldwide changes in the church and state, which continue to be of significant to this day.
However, the focus of Christian Haubold's presentation was not the external development. He dealt intensively with questions such as: What is my position as a human being in relation to God? What can we learn today from the still controversial Luther? Which new paths must or should we take?
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Peace Road Event Netherlands 2017
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 21, 2017

By Hans Campman
This year we held our Peace Road event on the UN Day of Peace, 21st of September. It was held on cooperation with another organization, "Peace Labyrinth", which coordinated Peace rituals all over Europe. The main event took place in the city of Almere, near Amsterdam, at a school yard where many children - and their parents - from a number of primary schools came together to join the singing, walking, and writing of peace wishes.
From our FFWPU we had set up a team of 20 people, 1st and 2nd gen, in support of this event. We provided a 12-piece choir, which prepared the atmosphere with a 45-minute program of lively "sing along" songs. As part of this program we introduced the vision of Peace Road to the participants.
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"A New Peace Initiative for Syria"

Duesseldorf, Germany, September 21, 2017

By Anja Brina
The Universal Peace Federation Düsseldorf held an event to commemorate the International Day of Peace on 21 September 2017, which attracted an audience of 40.
Mrs. Anja Brina, our emcee, opened with some welcoming words, and then went on to explain that the general assembly of the UN meets every third Tuesday in September. On the 21st September 1981, the assembly proclaimed that a day of peace should be celebrated and officially called 'International Day of Peace '. This day should be used to realize the ideal of peace not only within each country and its people, but also between nations. From 2001 onwards, it was declared that this day should always be celebrated on September 21st. Unfortunately, only a few people remember and celebrate this day. - read more

"Peace is More than just the Absence of War"

Bratislava, Slovakia, September 21, 2017

By Barbara Grabner
Honouring the UN International Day of Peace, the local branch of UPF organized an event titled "Peace is more than just the Absence of War" in the Slovak capital on September 21, 2017. The invitation letter was sent to numerous persons, including members of parliament, churches and various NGOs. Though the weather was rainy and cold, the rented hall became nicely filled with an attentive audience.  - read more

Peace Road 2017

Malta, September 21, 20127

By Bryan Corlett
On the 21st September which commemorates both the Malta National Day of Independence and also the United Nations "Day of Peace", a group of Unificationists representing FFWPU, WFWP and UPF set forth from Msida towards the Capital City Valletta on a Peace Road event, a walk of about 3 kilometres.
We were accompanied by members from the Ahmadiyya Muslim group, a former Minister in the Government and guests, a total of around 35 people. Waving flags and holding banners, we gave out flyers to interested people along the way.  - read more

STF Kick Off Workshop

Gaflenz, Austria, September 18, 2017

By Deborah Cali
This year we have members coming from many countries of the world, we have both 1st and 2nd generation members and many different ages involved. Something new about this year is that we have many second years so we made a Top Gun team formed by only second years with the purpose to inspire all the other teams by their example and dedication. They also will be staff at the workshops and be part of different special activities and projects throughout the year.  - read more

Peace Road 2017

Dublin, Ireland, September 17, 20127

By John Kennedy
The sun shone brightly on our peace road event, lifting our spirits in gratitude to our Heavenly Parent for such a lovely day.
The first part of the event was held at the Boyne Valley Visitor Center. Over 30 participants gathered at this site of a major historical battle in 1690. A guide from the center gave us an interesting talk explaining the wider context of the Battle of the Boyne. It was not only an Irish battle between Protestants & Catholics, but a battle to decide wider European alliances of the time. It was fitting that our group comprised many nationalities, reflecting the fact that many nationalities also engaged in that battle many years before.  - read more

Celebrating the International Day of Peace

Sofia, Bulgaria, September 17, 2017

By Edina Zsolcsak-Dimitrova
We held a small gathering with members, Ambassadors for Peace and other guests in the main hall of the Embassy of Peace in Sofia to celebrate the International Day of Peace with the title "Peace Starts With Me".
After a general introduction to the significance and history of this day, we read some excerpts from True Father's autobiography about the peaceful unification of North and South Korea and we started a discussion about the topic. As we expected, most of the participants had something to share. At the end of the meeting, we shortly introduced the Peace Road project by showing the promotional video.
We organized a small exhibition from photos of Peace Road events from all over the world in the previous two years in front of the hall and asked the guests to sign the Peace Road banner.

The European Cheon Il Guk Choir in Korea
Cheong Pyeong, South Korea, September 8, 2017 

By Kazuha Canak
The European Cheon Il Guk Choir project was led by many people. Hans Campman (National Leader of the Netherlands) composed and wrote the cantata after Jack Corley (European Continental Director at the time) gave him the approval to create a piece as the European contribution to True Father's 5th Seonghwa anniversary celebration. Peter Staudinger (European Ofce) got the ball rolling by hiring a professional string orchestra in Prague to do the recordings a few weeks later. Heidi Wakayama and Margaret Staudinger organized the choir practices and recordings in Camberg and Düsseldorf in which approximately 50 members of the Dutch, Czech, and German communities participated in. Derk van Dorsten transcribed the scores Hans wrote and managed and mixed the orchestra, piano, and choir recordings. Achim Pock created the background video which was projected on the big screen during the performance. Benjamin Lajda (2nd gen) organized and led the live orchestra, Jeong-Hye Yeom (Youth and Students Department Director for Europe, 2nd gen) took care of all the general affairs while the group was in Korea and Kazuha Canak (2nd gen) conducted the choir and orchestra ensemble. In total over 100 people from around 17 countries have supported these efforts.
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- listen to the Cantata

Our Heavenly Holidays in Albania

Tirana, Albania, August, 2017

By Leonardo del Monte
True Mother encouraged us all Europeans to visit, support and know Albania, I suppose that she will have some important reason to choose Albania as the strategic country of Cheong Il Guk in Europe. We would like to share about our testimony and experiences of love that we had in our holidays in Albania. My wife Takiko and are from the 6.000 Couples Blessing in Korea 1982. Now we are living in Madrid, Spain. It was a great opportunity that we could experience the true living love of our Heavenly Parents with our young brothers and sisters in Albania. - read more

Perspectives for sustainable Peace in Europe
The UN Vision, the Role of Parliamentarians and Civil Society
United Nationn Building, Vienna, Austria, 15. September 2017

By Peter Haider
Launching the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace in Austria the Universal Peace Federation and partnering organizations convened a conference commemorating the United Nations International Day of Peace with a special focus on researching the role, which parliamentarians are able to play in securing peace for Europe and its wider neighborhood. Parliamentarians from Italy, Ukraine and the Czech Republik as well as parliamentarians from all political parties represented in the Austrian Parliament presented their perspectives on sustainable peace in Europe to an audiance of 200 guests, who attended the event.
- read more
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- OSCE PA repot about IAAP event

Dr. Kazumi Otsuka, European UPF President and Special Emissary to Europe, visits Vienna

Vienna, Austria, 17. September 2017

By Elisabeth Cook
Dr. Otsuka participated in the Inauguration of the Parliamentarians for Peace in Vienna, Austria. He was one of the speakers in the first session of the conference, which took place at the UN building of Vienna. In his speech, he gave an insight into the UPF Founders' philosophy of peace and described some practical projects that have been launched for peace and reconciliation, such as the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel. He expressed his hopeful perspective for the future by stating that "the economy of 2030 will be the economy for the sake of others!"  - read more - watch the video

Peace Road and Commemorative Peace March 2017
Geneva, Switzerland, 17. September 2017 

By Heiner Handschin
On the occasion of the 5th Anniversary of the Ascension of our beloved True Father, the Swiss chapters of FFWPU with the co-sponsorship of WFWP and UPF organized this year's Peace Road event combined with a commemorative Peace March, remembering the time True Father spent in Geneva from 2005 to 2011.
The Peace Road event started like in the past year in front of our FFWPU HQ and Peace Embassy in Belmont-sur-Lausanne from where 10 cyclists challenged a 70-km distance to cycle all the way to Geneva, to the Place des Nations (UN Square) in order to show their commitment and dedication to work for lasting peace in this currently so much troubled world. They started at 10h30 and determined to arrive in Geneva in time for the appointment of 15h30 with the Peace marchers that took a tour and pilgrimage to various sites where the "traces of True Parents" could still be felt strongly.
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True Mother's Message at 
the ACLC Luncheon
Cheon Jeong Gung, 10. September 2017

YOU ARE VERY EXCITED and have lots to say but At this moment, I believe you can listen to me.
We all live in a new era of the providence. The 2,000-year history of Christianity has ended and we now live in a new era, the era of Chun In Guk. Until now many of you think, "I really know God", but I do not believe that it is a level of knowledge that would satisfy God himself.
- read more - watch video

True Parents' Strategic 
Nations Leaders Special Luncheon
Cheong Pyeong, 12. September 2017

Through three days of meetings and reports, I am sure you have learned and decided how you will move forward. People who are alive need to eat, right? We, being in charge of the providence, must take in two kinds of nourishment. You must be full of spiritual nourishment from all you have learned. In this age of instant communication, the providence cannot miss even one minute or one second. Heavenly Parent's dream, True Parents' dream is one family, the kingdom of heaven on earth. The center of that kingdom of heaven on earth is the owner, True Parents. While True Parents are still here, you must fulfill your responsibilities. Do you understand?
- read more - watch video

International Day of Peace

Lyon and Paris, 20. and 21. September 2017

By Jean-François Moulinet
On the International Day of Peace, the French chapters of UPF and WFWP organized an evening program on the theme given by the United Nations "Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All", in the Paris Education Center "Espace Barrault".
The moderator, Brigitte WADA, president of WFWP-France, gave some remarks on the meaning of Together for peace and reminded the audience that without unity based on universal values and an unselfish life, peace will not be able to come. She quoted a famous sentence from Dr Hak Jan Han Moon, founder of WFWP International ....  - read more

Family: Education and Wellness

Hotel Europa, Bologna, Italy, 10. September 20127

By Stefano Stefani
The event had two main speakers at the National level:
Carlo Zonato, President of Universal Peace Federation - Italy (UPF) who spoke initially using audio-visuals of the activities of UPF at a National level and of building peace internationally. In addition, he illustrated the value of the family which is the focal point for building peace which is necessary for changing the difficult situations and conflicts we are witnessing. He further stated there is a need for a global vision which can be the solution to today's problems and assist us in returning to the original design our Creator as a parent did, when He created the whole cosmos. - read more

Heavenly Tribal Messiah Academy: 
First Special Meeting
Cheong Pyeong, South Korea, September 8, 2017

By Bokjin Lee, HTM Academy
A special meeting for the establishment of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Academy was held at the Heaven G Burger restaurant, part of the HJ Cheonwon Complex, on 7.18 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 5th year of Cheon Il Guk (September 8, 2017).
Newly-assigned HTM Academy director Rev. Yong Jin-hun was the MC for the occasion. He introduced FFWPU International Headquarters Secretary-general Dr. Yoon Yong-ho, who explained the significance of the establishment of the HTM Academy. He said that many aspects of the providence True Mother has been guiding are actually to create environments for witnessing. Yet even this is not the most fundamental issue; most fundamental, ultimately, is Heavenly Tribal Messiahship.
- read more 

Let's Get Ready for School !!!

Rome, Italy, 9. September 2017

By Francesca Calì
Three 2nd generation girls from Rome, after just coming back from STF Europe, organized a one day seminary for middle and high school kids, to give them a chance to end an amazing summer in a great way. Nine children attended the workshop and one friend of a second generation.
Many of them participated in national and European workshops, and had many experiences that it's easy to forget when school starts. We structured this day in a way that they could have time to reflect and establish a goal for the new school-year. - read more 

Fighting Thunderstorms and other Obstacles

Salzburg, Austria

By Barbara Grabner
Four years ago I started to hold public lectures in the my home village south of Salzburg. When my first lectures met good success, I set the goal of holding ten lectures with Principle contents there. The number 10 is a symbol of "return to God". Since the owner of the lecture facility is 77 years old, I frequently prayed for her good health. But then it happened that my health suffered gravely preventing me from outreach activities. In May, I broke my ankle and could not walk for two months. - read more

Testimony regarding the Performance of 
the "Glorious Day" Cantata for True Parents
Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth, Training Center, 8. September 2017


By Derk van Dorsten
When I first heard Hans perform a few parts of the songs on a Sunday service I realized that this is very special music. It felt as if it came directly from Heaven and later I realized that it is Heavenly Parent's desire that it must be heard by all humanity as it is filled with the heart of Hyojeong. I thought about the fact that when Jesus was walking on the earth that nobody composed and performed the music to truly honour him. This is very sad. It was only after many years that God could finally find a composer who honoured Jesus in the correct way. We all know Johan Sebastian Bach and the beautiful cantatas and choral music he wrote to honour God and Jesus. Now however we have a composer who writes the music to honour God and True Parents at this very moment and we have the opportunity to perform this for them while True Mother is walking on the face of the earth.
- read more
- listen to the Cantata
- performance in front of True Parents

Cosmic Hyo Jeong Blessing Ceremony
Neumuehle, Bad Camberg, Germany, 9. September 2017

By Claus Dubissz and Hanna Piepenburg, photos by Manfred and Benjamin Rauschert
Representatives from every continent, a total of 17 couples, including one from the Muslim faith, participated in the Holy Wine and Holy Blessing Ceremony in the German workshop center Camberg.
On the eve of the event the couples attended a lecture on family relationships and listened to the testimony of a young 2nd Gen couple.
On Saturday morning, the Holy Wine Ceremony took place, officiated by representatives of our Blessed Family department, Karl & Sarah Zimmermann. Many helping hands had beautifully decorated the main hall in pink and white. Family, friends and guests arrived in the early afternoon for the main Wedding Ceremony. Altogether 150 people were in attendance.
- read more   -    view more pictures

https://sites.google.com/a/europeanoffice.net/uc-europe/reports-1/MEMOS/_draft_post/bb.jpgSeong-Hwa Festival:
Commemorating the 5th Anniversary of 
the Ascension of Sun Myung Moon
Cheong Pyeong, World Peace Centre
7. September 2017

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Featured Videos during 
the Seong-Hwa Festival
Cheong Pyeong, 7. September 2017

Video for the 2107 Hyo Jeong Cosmic Blessing Special Exhibition
Video for the Ground-breaking of Cheonji Sunhakwon
Video for the Pledge Service Commemorating the Hyo Jeong Cosmic Blessing 

FFWPU International President Speaks at the 2017 Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly

Opening Address 
Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training center 
September 9, 2017 

By Sun Jin Moon, International President, FFWPU
Beloved Cheon Il Guk Leaders, and precious brothers and sisters from all around the globe!
Welcome home to Cheon Il Guk, the land of One Family under God! It dawned on me today as I was preparing my remarks for today, that this assembly is not only a leaders’ meeting, where we present reports of the past year, but rather—and this is my hope— a “family gathering” and a “homecoming” where our hearts re-connect and re-align, as we truly come home to our True Parents. 
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International President’s Message at 
the 5th Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa
Memory of True Father
Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU
September 7, 2017

Beloved True Father and True Mother, I was listening to your beautiful granddaughter sing this song, the song True Father lovingly asked True Mother to sing all these years. To hear the voice of the purest true soprano to lull your aching heart back to complete peace and joy, To see you close your eyes and move your fingers in tune, hearing your granddaughter today sing “Yearning for Those Days,” my heart of yearning for you feels so strong.  - read more

Interreligious Service in Memory of True Father's Seong-Hwa

Vienna, Austria, 10. September 2017

By Elisabeth Cook
An interreligious service was held in Vienna on Sunday, 10th September 2017 in memory of True Fathers 5th SeongHwa Ceremony. Our hall was packed with people - members and guests - altogether numbering around 150. At the beginning of the service, Mrs Elisabeth Cook explained about True Father's life achievemnets, especially his efforts on every level for peace ... - read more 

True Father's 5. Seong-Hwa Anniversary 
Tirana, Albania, 3. September 2017

By Albania HQ
300 people gathered at the main hall of Tirana Hotel International to commemorate the 5th Seongwha Anniversary of True Father. Even though it is still so hard to accept the fact that True Father is no longer here on earth, many Ambassadors for Peace, Blessed Families, members, relatives and guests came together to express their love and sincerity to our True Father.
Looking back at his life and his achievements, one cannot but be amazed. You could feel an atmosphere of gratefulness and thankfulness among all participants.
The ceremony was moderated by Albanian National Leader, Mr. Gani Rroshi. He quoted True Father's words: "What is more important life or love? Love is more important. Love is the origin of everything. The reason why life came into existence is because of love. The invisible God manifests His heart through visible human beings..." 

Peace Road 2017 went to Toledo

Toledo, Spain, 2. September 2017

By Maryvonne Jamois
We organized the Peace Road as an answer to the terrible terrorist attack in Barcelona two weeks before.
"When we look at human history we see that the most brutal and cruel wars were not fought between nations but those between races. Among these, the worst were between races where religions were used as a pretext.
What makes people hate and kill each other like this? Of course, there are many reasons on the surface, but when we dig deeper to find the underlying causes we come across religion in virtually every case .....  - read more

Ramadan, Iftar and beyond ...

Birmingham, United Kingdom, August 2017

By David and Patricia Earle
The city of Birmingham's population is just over a million people, with the number of Muslims fast approaching 250,000, and with the number of mosques in the city now over 160! A large percentage of the Muslim community live in the inner-city districts of Sparkbrook, Sparkhill and Small Heath. Interfaith and community relations, at all levels, are generally very good as a result of the considerable effort made by individuals, communities and enlightened faith leaders over many years. One iconic moment occurred in 2014 when the then Muslim Lord Mayor, Cllr Shafique Shah, standing next to the Anglican Bishop of Birmingham in the city centre, read publicly from the Bible Jesus' 'Sermon on the Mount'. "Blessed are the peacemakers..." Indeed!  - read more

True Peace Magazine

August 2017 


"GLORIOUS DAY" European Choir Project

By Heidi Wakayama
This year, our European contribution to the 5th Seonghwa Memorial of True Father will be the song (or better oratorio/cantata) "GLORIOUS DAY" written by Hans Campman and initiated by Jack Corley, our former Continental Director.
The main melody was introduced at the German Pentecost Festival in Camberg in the presence of Rev. Jun-Seok An and Rev. Corley. There Hans got the "go ahead" to start the production on a bigger scale with orchestra. Within days he wrote the orchestration in the seclusion of a hotel room in Prague to record it there with the String Ensemble of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra where the musicians played his music from hand written scores. - read more

UPF Dusseldorf suppports the campaign "Marriage remains Marriage" 
Dusseldorf, Germany, 11. September 2017

By Anja Brina
Members of UPF Dusseldorf participated in a campaign sponsored by the Alliance for Marriage and the Family. An announcement to publicise it had been in the social media:
"Following similar campaigns in Spain, Chile, Mexico, the USA and elsewhere, we will be travelling with a group of young people from 6-15 September on the "freedom of expression bus" all over Germany to stand up for marriage to remain marriage, for the recognition of only two sexes, against gender mainstreaming, sexualization and all our attitudes regarding these issues. - read more

STF and DONE Graduation at the FFWPU South London Peace Embassy 
South London, UK, 2. September 2017

10 young people from STF Europe and 3 from the European Second-Generation Department DONE have now returned to Britain, and on Friday 1st September we gathered in South London's Peace Embassy for a cosy testimony evening. We enjoyed an amazing dinner together, which was followed by 7 programme graduates sharing testimonies on their past year of fundraising, witnessing and running workshops around Europe. Stephen Bayliss, 19, shared how STF helped him to heal his relationship with his parents, which was very moving to hear. Joshua Thompson, 19, shared his realisation on how much harder witnessing is than he thought, but also how deep it is. Also, Natalia Almeida, 19, shared how DONE helped her to see where she should get her value from and gain the mindset to always look to grow. Overall the deep insights and personal stories inspired the audience and refreshed us all to look forward to this year in hope.

Peace Road in San Marino

30. August 2017

By Giorgio Gasperoni
A delegation composed of 8 Jewish and 8 Arab young sportsmen from Israel has arrived at San Marino for a week of soccer training and fun. The delegation was accompanied by two coaches, an Israeli parliamentarian - Hon. Esawi Frej and was led by Mr. Hod Ben Zvi - president of UPF, Israel.
- read more

"Soccer for Peace" San Marino & Israel joint Project

San Marino, 30. August 2017

By Giorgio Gasperoni and Hod Ben Zvi
This is the 3rd round of this project that started in 2015 in a program held in Torino Italy as an initiative of Mr. Giorgio Gasperoni - president UPF, San Marino.
The objectives of the project are to bring a mixed youth (Arab-Jewish) team for friendly soccer matches with Sammarinese counterparts and have an opportunity to train together.  - read more 

Dr Michael Balcomb's Talk at 
the UK Annual Gathering Festival 2017
Cleeve House, Seend Cleeve, UK, 28. August 2017

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2017 Global Top Gun Youth HJ Cheonwon Special Workshop Graduation True Parents' Message
Cheon Jeong Gung, 21. August 2017

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International President holds Special Meeting for Japanese Members in Korea

Seoul, Korea, 26. August 2017

By Julian Gray
Family Federation International President Sun Jin Moon spoke today, Saturday August 26, to some one thousand Japanese members at Cheon Bok Gung main church in Seoul.
A wonderful musical offering by Japanese sisters playing mandolins, flutes and piano opened the event with beauty and dignity. All the Japanese members then sang two beautiful native folk songs and the auditorium was filled with the spirit of joyful expectation. - read more

Welcoming Dr. Michael and Mrs. Fumiko Balcomb
Paris, France, 26. August 2017 

By David Perry
On Saturday, August 26th, Dr. and Mrs. Balcomb were welcomed to France at the Paris Education Centre. Representatives of all the nations in the Western Region, as well as many French leaders and 2nd gen members were present for this event.
Everyone was asked to briefly introduce themselves and as there were 50 participants present, this took some time.
Dr. Balcomb then shared about some of his experiences this year, such as the challenge of organizing the Madison Square Garden event on July 15th. Through that event he felt that True Parents are challenging us break out of our limiting concepts to discover how God and spirit world are waiting to work with us. - read more
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