Frankfurt Book Fair 2018
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, October 14, 2018

By Wilhelm Lichner (English: Catriona Valenta)
This was my first time to experience the entire Book Fair; until this year, I had only attended for one day-either Saturday or Sunday, but this time I was there for the whole four days. Of course, I had reservations as whether I could make it through that many days of getting up early and continuing until 18:30 in the evening. But actually, it was not bad at all, but rather the opposite. Every single day was inspiring. 

Association of British Clergy
London, United Kingdom, October 13, 2018 

By June Darby
The Blessing is a time of spiritual rebirth, so we want to be a campaign to save the nation by bringing God into the families through the Blessing. And for it to be the beginnings of a great spiritual revival, by our personal repentance and intercession for the nation, with prayers for re-dedication, re- commitment and gratitude. Four very good ministers with large membership came. - read more

Peace Road 2018 in Upper Austria
Steyer, Austria- October 13, 2018 

By Mag. Maria Pammer
In collaboration with 3 communities and their mayors UPF-Upper Austria participated on October 13th, 2018 in the global project Peace Road with a bicycle tour from the Peace Bridge in front of the Forestry Museum in Reichraming http://www.reichraming.at/ - out of the Enns valley to Ternberg http://www.ternberg.at/ - through to the Peace Memorial in St. Ulrich http://www.stulrich.at/ 
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Blessing of 58 Couples
Augsburg, Germany, October 13, 2018

By Stefan and Jae-sook Schmidt
On Saturday, October 13th, one day before our 36th Blessing Anniversary, my wife and I were able to bless 58 couples in Augsburg at the traditional Korean Harvest Festival "Chusok" including the Korean consul with wife from Frankfurt and his deputy. Aju! Everyone received the Holy Wine as a welcome at the reception.

Eastern Europe Regional News
October 18, 2018


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God's Lineage, Hope of the World
Padua, Italy, September 28, 2018

By Ana Paula da Silva
Immediately after the last Blessing Ceremony, held on September 28th, the families of the Padua community, under the guidance of our pastor Angelo Chirulli, focused on their prayer list. Thus, it was decided to make another Family Festival after only two weeks. .
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Constructive Communication in the Family
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, September 16, 2018

Ellen van Kampen (English: Catriona Valenta)
One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is surely:" How do we communicate with each other?" How can I say something so that the recipient understands correctly, and my message comes across clearly without being hurtful?
On 16 September, UPF Frankfurt held a 3-hour seminar in the Stegstraße center on this topic which attracted about 20-25 participants from the greater Frankfurt area. An interesting mixture of age groups - ranging from teenagers, tweens and oldies -was represented.
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Roots and Fruits - Summer Workshop
Malta, September 22 - 23, 2018

By Althea Palombi Corlett
The Malta Summer workshop 2018 titled 'Roots and Fruits' for the youngest generation group was held between 22nd-23rd September 2018. The Maltese community had in mind that before the school year starts for the 5 youngest children of the community (ages 6 to 13), it would be a good idea if they can prepare themselves by being together for 2 days to share new insights and spend time. 
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UN International Day of Peace 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark, September 23, 2018 

By Karsten Nielsen
Sunday Sept. 23rd UPF Denmark celebrated the UN International Day of Peace in the former Upper Chamber of the Danish Parliament in Christiansborg Palace from 2 to 5 pm. The beautiful decorated room was filled with NGOs, politicians, artists, religious leaders, UPF Ambassadors for Peace and other firebrands of peace, with many young people in attendance. The theme was "The Right to Peace - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70" 

Art Camp Croatia 2018
Rab, Croatia, September 22 - October 1, 2018

Video by Kristian Irgl, Reflection by Clarissa Schmitt
A week, a family of 22 people coming from 10 different countries, all eager to create, and a beautiful Croatian island in the early autumn times. What else could one wish for to learn about art and morals? - read more 

Interdependence and Mutual Prosperity 
Ecumenical Center, Geneva, Switzerland, September 21, 2018

Executive Report
On September 21, 2018 the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) in close partnership with Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP), the Geneva Interfaith Intercultural Alliance (GIIA) and the Fribourg Peace Forum organized a conference at the prestigious Ecumenical Center of Geneva, to address the issue of cooperation of religious leaders and politicians as partners in creating a world of sustainable peace, prosperity and healthy human development. Pointing out the growing interdependence of a more and more globalized world, such a conference seemed to be a very timely subject. 
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Eastern Europe Regional News 
September 2018


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One Family Under God - Children of Tomorrow
Oslo, Norway, September 29-30, 2018 

By Heidi Toresen
Photos by Ole Toresen

This workshop was created as a means for us to come closer to each other brothers & sisters, not just as 1st, 2nd & 3rd gen, but rather to put those labels aside and just to connect as a community. We realized that if we want to work together as a family we should get to know each other. Ideally, this workshop should have taken place years and years ago, so we, as the directors, felt like we needed to create this kind of w/s. 

Peace Road Events in the Netherlands
Nijmegen and The Hague, The Netherlands, September 23-30 2018 

By Hans Campman
We did the Peace March in two cities: Nijmegen and The Hague on two consecutive Sundays (Sept. 23d and September 30th). Both walks were about 4 km.
In Nijmegen we marched together with the "Council of World Views and Religions" of which 20 organizations are part. 30 of our Dutch members participated; we were joined by 10 brothers and sisters from Germany. 

Peace Road 2018
Barcelona, Andorra, Spain, September 30, 2018 

By Miguel and Maryvonne Calvis
On Sunday September 30th, 2018 we organized our Peace Road in Spain in the Pyrenees and invited our community from Barcelona to participate. They brought with them a few guests: some ambassadors for peace, one brother brought his parents, some brought their friends and one artist painter who exposed her paintings in Ronda Barcelona in this year. 
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Young Adults Weekend
Livingstone House, United Kingdom, September 7 - 9, 2018 

By Josh McGuigan
Over twenty-five 2nd generation gather for a weekend retreat to spend quality time with one another, develop new friendships and make plans for the new academic year ahead.
"We need companions in our life of faith. People without companions are lonely people. Those who have companions can support and protect each other. They can find ways to overcome the challenges that arise in their life. Those with no companions have to resolve by themselves any problems that crop up. But this is a truly challenging task; problems assail us from every direction and we become unable to make it on our own." - Sun Myung Moon
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Charity Concert and Blessing at the Syrian Orthodox Church
Vienna, Austria, September 29, 2018

By Elisabeth Seidel and Renate Amesbauer
On 29.Sept. we organised a Charity Concert for helping Syrian refugee families and we conducted a blessing ceremony. On the Foundation of Elisabeth Seidel and her husband Dietrich (who passed to spirit world 2 yrs. ago) who have been friends with this church for many years. Five years ago we already conducted two charity events for them, one with Seiko Lee.  - read more 

Night of Religions
Barcelona, Spain, September 1, 2018

By Dulce Balil
The city of Barcelona has successfully celebrated the third edition of 'The Night of Religions', a proposal of the group of young people of the UNESCO Association for Interreligious Dialogue (AUDIR). The Night follows the initiative that was born in Berlin in 2012, where various religious entities open the doors of their temples to the public. The objective of the meeting is to make known and proclaim a message in favour of peace and coexistence, from dialogue and other different activities such as guided tours, workshops, theatrical and musical performances, lectures and tastings of typical food, among others. - read more

One Day Seminar on the Divine Principle
Torino, Italy, September 30, 2018

By Sergio Coscia
It is always important to dedicate time to study and reflect about the Divine Principle, the core teaching that the Founders of the Family Federation, Rev. and Mrs. Moon have offered to all humanity. This Sunday, September 30th, we were prepared to spend a special day, and we have to admit that all participants gathered with joy and a deep feeling of expectation. 
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International Day of Peace
Andorra, September 22, 2018

By Lluis Babi
In commemoration of the International Day of Peace this year, UPF Andorra with the cooperation of the Andorra Football Federation organized the Football Peace Tournament on 22 September 2018 in Andorra Football Federation's Football Camp in the Capital of Andorra, under the theme of "Play Football Make Peace". 
- read more - more pictures and a video

Interreligious and Intercultural Breakfast
Linz, Austria, September 29, 2018

By Maria Pammer
After a repeated participation in UPF-events Imam Lopo Saudin and Mr. Mehmed Becirbasic of the Bosnian Mosque Steyr invited us, to host an Interreligious and Intercultural Breakfast at their premises. Early in the morning Bosnian women prepared a substantial buffet with specialties from their country. The men removed the carpets from the prayer room, so that the guests could come with shoes into the breakfast room. 
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UN International Day of Peace
Munich, Germany, September 21, 2018

By Robert Bentele (English-Catriona Valenta)
On the UN International Day of Peace, which is celebrated each year on 21 September, UPF Munich organized an interreligious peace meeting, as they have done regularly over the past ten years. This year the event was held in cooperation with, and on the premises of, the Celebrity Centre of the Church of Scientology, and was attended by an audience of over thirty representing different religious communities. 
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Blessing Ceremony
Paris, France, September 16, 2018

By Jean Francois Moulinet
On Sunday, September 16, 2018, in Paris, we organized a small interfaith family festival Blessing celebration for a French-Japanese couple (who came with his parents and his sister's couple) and two widows who wanted to receive the Blessing with their husbands in spirit world.
First, a short PowerPoint presentation was given on the theme: "True Families for Healing the World". After which, a testimony was given by a participant who attended the international Leadership conference in Korea last August. She expressed her sincere appreciation for being invited to experience the events in Korea which she deeply appreciated, especially the Blessing ceremony. 
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in the former East-West German Border
Hamburg, Germany, September 15, 2018

By Ulrich Ganz
On 15 September we met in the Café Knigge in Hitzacker, a small town at the edge of the former inner German border. Situated on the Elbe in Wendland, it was a special destination for excursions for people in the Western part of Germany during the time of separation. From there it was possible to see the border on the other side, the part of Germany that was at the time communist, without exposure to any danger. 
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Unification Parents Are Primary Matchmakers for Their Children
New York Times article about the Blessing

It was January 2017 when Denthew Learey asked his parents to meet for dinner at Hacienda Restaurant in Highland Falls, N.Y. He suspected his parents knew what he wanted to discuss. At 20 years old, he was "at that age," as he put it, and he didn't typically have serious conversations with them, but this was something he had been working toward his whole life. 

Blessing in Belarus
Korolova, Belarus, September 15, 2018

After the recent Eastern Europe leaders meeting in Korolova, Belarus, members conducted a blessing for 35 couples at the local harvest festival, "Dozhinki," on Saturday September 15. For the first time the village where ten blessed families live, was chosen to host the Dozhinki celebration on a regional level.
Miraculously after Dr Balcomb's inspiring guidance at the leaders meeting we were given permission to set up a tent at the village in the central square. The day of the festival was rainy, but we created a holy atmosphere and couples were drawn to us. They received holy juice, recited the blessing pledge and did the indemnity stick ceremony.
Many of them were already married for more than 20 years. All couples and guests also received an invitation for the Happy Family Festival on October 20. 

Workshop for Second Generation Educators
Moscow, Russia, September 12 - 14, 2018

By Elena Kalmatskaya
Director, Youth Education Department Eastern Europe Region

Aworkshop for educators of the Second Generation was held in Moscow from September 12 to 14, 2018. A total of 32 participants came from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Belarus and different cities of Russia. The main topic of the workshop was spiritual growth. Mr. Jack Corley, the Eastern Europe regional president, spoke about the importance of spiritual growth for Second Generation educators, because they always influence the Second Generation, whether they realize it or not. Mr. Corley described his personal experience of doing a public mission while caring for his own family. 
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Eastern Europe Second Generation and their Parents Prepare for Matching and Blessing
Moscow, Russia, September 14 - 16, 2018

By Elena Kalmatskaya
Director, Youth Education Department Eastern Europe Region
A Blessing preparation workshop for Second Generation of the Eastern Europe region and their parents was held in Moscow from September 14 to 16, 2018. Fifteen young people between 17 and 19 years of age and 17 parents attended the workshop, which was held in the Moscow Peace Embassy.
The main speakers were Mr. Katsuyoshi Motoyama from the International Blessed Family Department in Korea; Mr. Jack Corley, the Eastern Europe regional president; and Mrs. Elena Kalmatskaya, the regional director of youth education. They spoke about the meaning and value of the Blessing, preparation for the Blessing, spiritual growth, and the main steps of the matching process. - read more 

Central Region Leaders' Meeting
Seebenstein, Austria, September 14 - 16, 2018

By Hanna Piepenburg
Leaders lead, they know about the newest updates, they mediate between different parties and keep a strong vision for the future. But occasionally it is good to just come together in a small group of national leaders, exchange thoughts and share about the different situations. This weekend was one of such rare and valuable occasions. - read more

6. Anniversary of True Father's Holy Ascension
Tirana, Albania, September 3, 2018

Over 250 leaders, Blessed Families, members and Ambassadors for Peace from all over Albania and Kosovo, who dearly love True Parents, gathered to honor True Father's life and legacy, at the main hall of Tirana International Hotel, on the significant occasion of the 6th Anniversary of True Father's Holy Ascension. Deep and enlightenment words of love and wisdom from the teachings of True Parents, were read at the start of the ceremony by Mrs. Manjola Vasmatics, vice/president of FFWPU-Albania, who moderated the program of the ceremony. . - read more

Visit to the Malaga Community
Malaga, Spain, September 16, 2018

On Sunday September 16th, I visited Malaga community in the south of Spain. It´s a small community with few families and I could make a report of the events in Korea. We were pleased to have Sunil Cano´s parent´s in-law coming from Japan to visit their daughter Megumi and Sunil´s family. After my report they gave a small testimony, the father is Japanese, the mother is Korean. It was interesting to hear their story and to connect with the work done by our brothers and sisters in Japan and Korea.
After Sunday service we had lunch together and spent the afternoon sharing, also singing in different languages, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French ...
Two young couples who have been blessed last year in Korea celebrated their first anniversary. We could experience a very familiar atmosphere and once again, feeling that because of our True Parents we can create One family under God! Thank you, Heavenly Parent and True Parents,

HF Cosmic Peace Blessing
Utrecht, The Netherlands, September 9, 2018

By Hans Campman
On Sunday September 9th we were able to hold a Blessing ceremony in a community centre in the heart of Utrecht city. Five adults and four children participated in the ceremonies; 35 of our members were present to give them our whole-hearted support. - read more

PEACE ROAD Berlin 2018 
Berlin, Germany, September 1, 2018

By Mathias and Begona Monzebe
Early on the sunny morning of September 1, 2018, twenty peace activists gathered at the World Clock in Alexanderplatz in the center of Berlin. At 10:15, after a prayer offered by Pastor Joshua from Nigeria, we set off on our Berlin Peace Road, 2018.
Our first stop was at the Axel-Springer-House where Achim Pock explained how Axel Cäsar Springer invested himself for the reunification of Germany. We then continued to Checkpoint Charlie, followed by the North Korean embassy and then on to the bunker where Hitler and his family took their lives. The route brought us also past the Holocaust Memorial. - read more

Congratulations to the Winner of 
the Grace Miller Award: Elna-Marie Fortune
Cleeve House, UK, September 1, 2018

Elna-Marie demonstrated devotion to God & True Parents.
Exemplary university student invests all the time possible into her weave assignments and leads South London HARP services for her second consecutive year now, and takes responsibility for the youth community even when others didn't. She gives up time with her friends in order to prepare to let the younger ones have better HARP services.
She is hard-working, realistic and very giving. - read more

German Junior HARP Workshop 2018
Bad Camberg, Germany, July 31 - August 4, 2018

By Athalie & Klemens Hoffmann
This year's German workshop for children was held from July 31 until August 4 in the Neumühle, Germany, better known as Bad Camberg. For the first time, the annual German Junior HARP Workshop took place at the same time and place. The two workshops followed the same schedule structure, but the morning lectures differed and were adapted for different age groups. For every age group we had a great teacher and assistant and great lecturers for the Junior HARPies who transmitted God's word beautifully. - read more

Dr and Mrs Balcomb visit Norway
Oslo, Norway, September 8 - 10, 2018

By Steinar Murud
Our continental leader couple Dr. Michael and Fumiko Balcomb visited Norway from September 8th-10th. After their arrival on Saturday from New York, there was time for some sightseeing. We went to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, from which we enjoyed a spectacular view over Oslo from 400 meter above sea level. In the evening we had a dinner together with the FFWPU board where Dr. and Mrs Balcomb could meet and come to understand the situation of each board member. - read more

Following True Mother's Footsteps
Colle Mattia, Rome, Italy, September 8 - 9, 2018

By Giuseppe Cali
Coming back from Korea my wife and I, we were still completely immersed in True Mother's words and spirit. The feeling of emptying ourselves to allow God to work in us and through us was still very strong. Many times, we fight against circumstances, making incredible effort and sacrifices, but we forget to allow the extra power that comes from Heaven flowing in our actions. We should not be alone anymore in facing the highest challenges ever, because, being alone means to be defeated. Most of the times we are alone due to our own opinions, self-centered mind, fears and mistrusts. True Mother woke us up in a quite dramatic way, but this is what we needed. - read more

UN Peace Day Concert
Düsseldorf, Germany, September 5, 2018

By Kasuha Canak
UPF Düsseldorf, supported by the Hyo Jeong Arts & Culture Department, commemorated the UN Peace Day (Sept. 21) by organizing a Peace Concert. Every year in the month of September, UPF Düsseldorf organizes events relating to peace. Usually they consist of lectures on the topic of peace but this time they've decided to celebrate it through art and music by inviting young talented musicians to move the hearts of the audience which included Ambassadors for Peace, friends and family. - read more

One Day Divine Principle Workshop
Ronda Barcelona, Spain, September 1, 2018

By Artur Beshaj
Ten guests and many of the young people, second generation of our community here in Barcelona Catalonia, attended. At the end of each of the four lectures, guests would ask questions to clarify the questions they had. We created a very pleasant atmosphere, which made the participants very happy and made them think to repeat the workshop some other time. A great Thank You for the support and help of the blessed families of our community and the brothers who came from Madrid.

Summer Service Project 2018
Senegal, July 20 - 30, 2018

By Beni Vitai
Over the summer months, various service projects took place to allow members to practice living for a higher purpose and to put into practice the teachings and values of the movement. A handful of members from the UK ventured abroad to participate in these projects.
The past few months I've been stuck in a rut. My life has often revolved around external pleasures, like watching movies, eating and sleeping to recover from long, busy shifts at work. The funny thing is, I couldn't shake this feeling that it's all an illusion. I use up all my energy at work and feel too burnt out to do much else, just to be disappointed with my pay check at the end of all of it. Maybe I just need to work more hours to be satisfied? - read more

Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Ceremony
Bad Camberg, Germany, September 1, 2018

By Sarah Zimmermann
- read more  -  view more pictures

Regional President Dieter and Ana Schmidt visit FFWPU Munich
Munich, Germany, September 4, 2018

By Robert Bentele
Dieter and Ana visited the Munich community right away on their return from the week-long Seonghwa celebrations for True Father and the Leadership Conference in Korea on their way to Klagenfurt and Ljubljana. Dieter could tell us freshly about his impressions of the celebrations, the workshop and the inauguration of the new museum. He also shared with us some of the words of True Mother and Sun Jin Nim. - read more

Activity Report of the Hungarian Family
July, August, 2018

By Tibor Krebsz
Since True Father passed to the Spirit World every year we offered a public event to commemorate his life lived for God and humanity. This time in Budapest, Benczur Hotel blessed families, ambassadors for peace, friends and guests (about 170 all together) came together to express their gratitude and love towards True Parents. The motto of the event was: "True Parent - True Teacher - True Owner". The event was done by the cooperation of the three Abrahamic faiths and the great help of AFPs. - read more

The 2018 Edition of the "Un Calcio per la Pace"
San Marino, August 28 - 31, 2018

By Giorgio Gasperoni
16 girls born in 2004 from the State of Israel have been guests of the Republic of San Marino from 28 to 31 August as part of the project "A Soccer for Peace", supported by the FSGC (Football Federation of San Marino) in collaboration with the UPF (Universal Peace Federation) San Marino. The initiative, which intends to use football as an instrument of peace and integration for the Middle East region, reaches its fourth edition this year, the third hosted in the territory of San Marino. - read more - more pictures

Round Table on Promoting Peace with 
the Logic of Love
San Marino, August 29, 2018 

By Giorgio Gasperoni
The initiative was promoted as part of the "Football for Peace" project: 16 girls born in 2004 from the State of Israel will be guests of the Republic of San Marino from 28 to 31 August protagonists of the project "A Soccer for Peace", supported by the FSGC in collaboration with the UPF (Universal Peace Federation) San Marino. The initiative, which intends to use football as an instrument of peace and integration for the Middle East region, reaches its fourth edition this year, the third hosted in the territory of San Marino. - read more

International Youth Day 2018
Bern, Switzerland, August 12, 2018

By Noemi Komagata
On a sunny Sunday August 12th, the International Youth Day, UPF organized a Peace Road event, culminating in front of the Federal Palace in Bern. Two teams of cyclists traversed large swathes of beautiful Swiss scenery, cycling a combined 400km, to promote world peace and the connectedness of one human family. One team cycled from Biel/Bienne and the other cycled the longer distance from Lucerne. - read more

3 Day Workshop for Youth
Biel, Switzerland, August 6 - 9, 2018

By Noemi Komagata
Seven young people between 12 and 17 participated in a 3-day workshop delivered in German in Biel/Bienne. The first six lectures of the four family loves, concerning filial and fraternal loves, were examined in discussions with many questions and examples. Every day started with morning sport and many outdoor activities. - read more

Children's Summer Camp at Cleeve House
Cleeve House, United Kingdom, 2018

By Richard Raineri, Miwa Shaw and Narumi Le Bas
The motto for this year's Children's Summer Camp was 'Circle of Life', taking inspiration from The Lion King's focus on knowing our place in the world and recognising and learning about the importance of our roots. The weather conveniently matched up to this theme, with the sun shining gloriously upon our 'village' (Cleeve House) throughout the camp. Each participant was put into one of four 'tribes': The Giraffes, the Kookaburras, the Chameleons and the Monkeys. The tribes were then split into junior and senior teams, each looked after by a teenage team leader. All 8 team leaders were great role models and flourished in their position of older siblings to the participants. 

A Poem by Our FFWPU International President

A poem by FFWPU International President Sun Jin Moon at the commemoration of the 6th Anniversary of the Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Sun Jin Nim wrote this poem in Hawaii a few days before the event, and read it during the Ascension Commemoration on August 27 - read more

Hyojeong Trip and 
Service Project Kumamoto 2018

By Mieko Davies
We all came back from the Hyojeong Trip and Kumamoto Service Project safely after a busy schedule for one month. The participants were four from UK and two from Germany. The highlight was that True Mother invited us, 360 people to the Japanese victory celebration party and received her special words for our group. - read more - more pictures

Peace Road Project
Regensburg, Germany, August 25, 2018

By Robert Bentele
This motto inspired the members of the Women's Federation and Universal Peace Federation Regensburg / Munich and their friends, a total of 18 in number, on Saturday, August 25, 2018 for a peace bicycle tour along the Danube, especially since this large European river connects ten countries with each other. They were part of the worldwide Peace Road project. The local motto was "Thank you for peace in Europe! 100 Years End of the First World War - 100 Years of the Bavarian Constitution" Truly a reason to be grateful and to demonstrate for peace!
- read more

Summer Baikal Program finishes in Ulyanovsk
Russia, August 23, 2018

Last week two teams of Summer Baikal Program which were witnessing in Nizny Novgorod and Ulyanovsk have joined in Ulyanovsk city. This is their last week. Joined team of Second Generation from Russia and Japan, members of first generation from Kazakhstan, Georgia and Russia once again did fundraising of the streets of Ulyanovsk, service projects, witnessing. Finally, they attended a graduation seminar and received certificates. Some people of the program will continue full time course. Second Generation from Russia are still young they will continue their studies in Universities. This program is a great training of faith and good foundation for next step of dedication to God and True Parents. - read more

21 Day Wporkshop on Divine Principle
Moscow, Russia, July 30 - August 19, 2018

From July 30 to August 19, 2018 an amazing 21-day seminar on the Unification Principle was held in Moscow. The first week participants stayed in the Peace Embassy, and the second and third in Malakhovka - the workshop site of the Moscow region. Some stayed only for 7-days. In total, ten people from different parts of Russia came to the seminar. - read more

The First Family Blessing Festival
Tallin, Estonia, August 19, 2018

On August 19, the first Family Blessing Festival was held at the new Peace Embassy in Tallinn. Preparation took one month. We sent out about 60 invitations to families of friends, Ambassadors for Peace. Avo Martinson prepared a presentation in Estonian, with an internal explanation of the meaning and value of the Blessing. We were expecting three families for the event. Brothers and sisters from Lithuania and Latvia came to visit us, to have a meeting of the Baltic family and to support the Blessing Festival. Their sincere support, internal and external, was very important. . - read more

Meeting of Baltic Family
Tallin, Estonia, August 19, 2018

This time was very amazing, full of events and deep experiences and realizations of brothers and sisters from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Together we were 25 people, including children. Galina Chernomorets, Director of the Blessed Families Department, gave a good seminar. During the first part she spoke about the Blessing from the point of view of the providential history of changing of the blood lineage.  -  read more

Belarus Conducts Family Blessing
Minsk, Belarus, August 19, 2018

The Festival started with warm hearted video collage with family photos followed by a quiz with candies. Then Alexey and Olga Minko explained about the meaning and significance of the festival. Leaders of the Blessed Families Department Ivan and Natalia Mochalov conducted a training for families. Then couples naturally joined Holy Wine ceremony, after that Ivan and Natalia asked couples to give Blessing Vows. Having heard strong 'yes' they read a proclamation of the Blessing. In joyful and inspiring atmosphere couples did the Indemnity Stick ceremony. - read more

East European Teens Seek God at 
a 14-Day Divine Principle Workshop
St. Petersburg, Russia, August 5 - 18, 2018

The workshop, which was held in the St. Petersburg church center, consisted of lectures on Divine Principle (at the seven-days level), True Parents' course, two lectures on the Blessing and internal guidance. The young people also went sightseeing in St. Petersburg, visited such places as the Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress, swept the canals and rivers of St. Petersburg by boat and participated in different outdoors activities in the beautiful nature. A Divine Principle test was given, which all the participants passed successfully. 

Day of Happy Families Festival and Blessing
Ufa, Russia, August 18, 2018

On Saturday in the capital of Bashkortostan, Ufa, during the Festival "Day of Happy Families" six couples received the Blessing. The festival was held in the territory of the health resort. Its director supported the idea of the festival and provided the site for free. Many more people were invited, and they promised to come but day before or on the day of the Blessing they started to face troubles. Someone broke the car, father of another invited person had a heart attack, so he had to attend him, some could not wake up on time because the children did not let them sleep at night. - read more

Family Festival with World Peace Blessing
Hamburg, Germany, August 12, 2018

By Ulrich Ganz
The Chapel of Prayer and FFWFU in Hamburg had already held several joint Sunday services. On this occasion, our plan was to come together and hold a family festival with a world peace blessing. Rhythmic gospel music from the seven-strong woman's choir supported by several African drummers and a percussionist generated a good atmosphere for the participants. 
 - read more

What happened in Gießen recently?
Giessen, Germany, July 27, 2018

By Ellen van Kampen
1975 was the year in which eighty very young men and women set out to convey to the whole world the joyful news about the return of Christ. Most of them were between 18 and 21 years of age - and still very young in the German movement with only three to six months of familiarity with the 'Divine Principle'. - read more 

UPF Japanese Culture Evening
Copenhagen, Denmark, August 21, 2018

By Nobuhiro Igarashi
It was an exciting evening. Mrs. Tsurusawa, who is a Japanese opera singer, sang many beautiful songs like opera songs, Japanese songs, Danish national anthem and others. All participants including six new guests were so moved. It was wonderful evening.

Sunday School Graduation Ceremony
Oslo, Norway, August 19, 2018

Congratulations to the twenty one children, aged 2 to 8 years, who graduated from our 2017-2018 Sunday School program watched by proud parents and grandparents!. Each child received a diploma, a folder containing all their drawings and worksheets from the past year, a small gift and also a handshake and words of encouragement from national leader, Steinar Murud. We are looking forward to a new year working together - our team has increased to include eight Sunday School teachers and one team member who will organize children's seminars and workshops.

15 Day Divine Principle Workshop
Moeciu de sus Burasov, Romania, July 14 - 30, 2018

By Bong-moon Jeong
We would like to start this report through offering our heart of gratitude for Heavenly Parent and True Parents! We concluded 15 Days Divine Principle Workshop successfully! The 15 days DP WS hade protected and guided by Heavenly Parent and True Parents. So, we could conclude all our program with such a grace and full of hope and determination for our future! 
- read more

Peace Road 2018
Helsinki, Finland, August 14, 2018

By Josef Svacina
This year UPF Finland and FFWPU Finland together prepared and held the Peace Road 2018 -Walk from the Senate square through busy city centre streets up to the Parliament, where continuing with indoor program in Visitor´s centre hall. Peace greetings were shared from current parliamentarian Mika Niikko -the host in the Parliament, previous parliamentarian Lauri Oinonen and Fatima Usman -president of the NGO Afaes. - read more

Peace Road Project 2018
Munich, Germany, August 12, 2018

By Robert Bentele
"Connecting the World through Peace" This motto inspired members of the Universal Peace Federation Munich and their friends and guests from different faith traditions, altogether 31 participants, to realize a peace bicycle tour in Munich connecting Judaism, Christianity and Islam on Sunday, 12. August 2018.Our local motto was "Peace-Shalom-Salam Aleykum - Getting to know / understand / cooperate - With the Bicycle together to Three Houses of God". - read more

Peace Road 2018
Sile, Black Sea Coast, Turkey, July 26, 2018

By David Fraser Harris
Perhaps there is no part of the world where peace is so longed for as the Middle East. Yet, with countries plagued by war and burdened by refugees, and with borders that cannot be crossed, peace seems very, very distant. All the more reason, then to share the vision of peace and unite with a determination to bring it. - read more

Memorial Day
Holy Oak Memorial Woodland in Stanton Fitzwarren
UK, August 5, 2018

By Francoise Murphy
Celebrating th lives of our brothers and sisters who went to the spirit world. We had a wonderful and uplifting gathering on Sunday 5th August celebrating the lives of our dear brothers and sisters who went to the spirit world. It was a glorious and sunny day and we all sat in the cool shady part of the Holy Oak Memorial Woodland in Stanton Fitzwarren listening to the message of the day.

Summer Baikal Program started Witnessing
Nizhny Novgorod, Ulyanovsk, Russia, August 12, 2018

On August 12 the two teams of Summer Baikal Program arrived in Ulyanovsk and Nizhny Novgorod cities. They started 7-day witnessing condition. There are Japanese missionaries in the teams, members from Kazakhstan, Georgia and from Russia. Every day team members have lecture practice and the 4-5 hours witnessing. Already teams invited several guests for introduction. Few guests listened the Fall. Team is united and spirit is high, they have good experiences with God. At the weekend 2 projects with guests are waiting. Two members of Baikal program have a will to continue at 1-year program. - read more

The Power of Divine Principle is our 
never-ending Resource to give Resurrection
Colle Mattia, Rome, Italy, August 10, 2018

By Giuseppe Cali
Following the DP WS for AfP organized by UPD and WFWP two weeks ago, FFWPU organized another DP explanation for guests that wanted to deepen their understanding on True Parents vision. All the eight participants attended already some WS but this time we wanted to go to the deepest DP content to raise their awareness of the Providential time we are living in. Around eight more members joined the group to refresh their DP memory and support the care for the guests. - read more

Second Generation Seminar
Volga Region, Russia, August 3 - 5, 2018

The topic was "Following footsteps of True Parents". There were 18 children (1 child was a nephew, not 2-nd generation) aged from 7 to 13 years (school age) plus 16 adults, altogether 34 people. 9 people were from other cities (Samara, Saratov, and Chelyabinsk). We had various programs including morning exercises, hoondokhwe, lectures about True Parents life (different stories), tourist competitions, concert around campfire, fishing as True Father did, quest (to find places that True Father "visited"). - read more

Pre-HARP Workshop
Manantial del Corazon, Spain, July 14 - 20, 2018

By Sergio Asti
This year our pre-harp workshop took place in our working centre from the 14th to the 20th of July with 19 participants between 6 and 11 years old. The participants could learn more about our Principles thanks to different talks about the three blessings, the fall, the Messiah and many other different topics adapted to their age. - read more

Workshop for 2nd and 3rd Generation Children
Seebnstein, Austria, July 20 - 23, 2018

By Orlande Schenk
From July 20-23, 2018 a workshop was held in Seebenstein, Austria, for elementary school children. It was an exciting children's workshop for four days in the beautiful location of Seebenstein. 19 children in the age between 5-10 gathered, most of them 3rd gen. The workshop's topic was "We are Heroes". 10 young fathers and mothers served as staff for the workshop. - read more

Blessing Ceremony for Peace
Moscow, Russia, July 15, 2018

About 200 people took part in the program. Most of them were Kalmyks, and there were the Buryats and members of the FFWP of Moscow.
Twelve couples have received the marriage Blessing. One couple was from India. Most of the participants were invited by the Buddhist lama Sanal Sanjeev and his wife Saglara (they also received the marriage Blessing from the True Parents on May 20, 2018, and now they are at the 40 day separation period before the 3-day Ceremony). Sanal and Saglara acted as the "John the Baptist" figures. Kalmyks and Buryats profess Buddhism, so the guests were invited to participate in the Buddhist prayer service, the rite of acquiring a family well-being.
- read more

A Trip Across Russia
Russia, July 15 - 24, 2018

By Jack Corley
The idea for this trip began when I listened to True Mother speaking at the Victory Celebration after her speech in Vienna at the end of April. During that celebration True Mother spoke of her deep love for brothers and sisters and expressed the wish that she would love to be with each one of us but had only one body. I understood that all of us who stand in a leadership position are obliged to be True Parents' "body" in reaching out to and caring for our brothers and sisters as they work for the Providence. - read more

New Hope Team 2018
Colle Mattia, Rome, Italy, July 6 - 12, 2018

By Francesca Cali
We recently had in Colle Mattia, Rome, a junior harp workshop (age 8 - 13 years old), or as we call it in Italy: A New Hope Team Workshop. It was held from the 6th until the 12th of July. The motto for this workshop chosen by the staff was: "Little Big Heroes - with great power comes great responsibilities". The main reason in choosing this topic was to let any participant know the precious value they all have inside: whilst we commonly take as hero's people who can fly or read people's minds, we should instead learn to see a different kind of power inside each one of us. As any super heroes we also need time to train ourselves, we need someone who can teach us how to use properly our super powers. But once we find who we really are, and what we can achieve, then we can use our abilities and gifts for the sake of others and for the sake of ourselves.
- read more - - view more pictures - video

Baikal Summer Educational Program
Story of Alexey Kostyuchenko
Russia, July 2 - August 25, 2018

Baikal program started on July 2 and will finish on August 25, 2018. There are 21 participants of the program. They are from Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, and Georgia. Second Generation teenagers are also among participants. Lectures, fundraising, hiking, recreation zone improvement around Lake Baikal, DP lecture practice are the parts of the whole project. Mr. Corley, Regional President, visited project place, spoke to participants, and joined their work. 
- read more

Kola Peninsula Ecological and 
Educational Program
Russia, July 8 - August 4, 2018

It started on July 8, 2018. Twenty-one young people participate in the program. They are from Russia, Japan, and Belarus. The most of them are the 2 generation. Program includes Divine Principle workshop, lectures, fundraising, hiking, recreation zone improvement in national reserve. First part of program is in the Saint Petersburg and Leningradskaya region. The second part is in the Kola Peninsula itself, Russia national reserve. Kola program will finish on August 4. - read more

Interreligious Festival and Devotions for Peace
Luscha Alm, Bad Eisenkappl, Austria, July 22, 2018

By Alfred Waldmann
The annual peace festival on Luscha Alm was attended by around 70 participants from Carinthia, Styria and Slovenia. The theme of the festival was "Peace Starts With Me". This event was planned and organized by the Family Federation Carinthia in collaboration with the Organic Christ Generation Carinthia (OCG). This year, we particularly focused on an interreligious aspect and invited two organizations, Bahai religion and the community "Universal Life" to introduce themselves. - read more

Seminar for UPF and WFWP VIPs
Colle Mattia, Rome, Italy, July 21, 2018

By Gabriella Mieli
On July 21/18 we held in Colle Mattia, Rome, at our Embassy of Peace, a full day seminar for our closest contacts coming from UPF and WFWP organizations. Among the participants 16 guests (VIPs and AfP), including a lady Consul from Congo, two MPs, one political leader, teachers, one religious leader, one president of a national trade union, one president of a national organization of human rights, professionals, two young NGO leaders and nine UPF members, altogether activists for peace. - read more

Family Celebration Workshop, Blessing and Divine Principle Education
Lancaster Gate, London, United Kingdom, July 21, 2018 

The Association of British Clergy in the UK held our first Family Celebration Workshop on Saturday the 21st July. Pastor Carlo Zaccarelli presented two Divine Principle Lectures, and afterwards five Pastors were blessed, and there was a very uplifting spirit of renewal and rededication to God. I am so grateful to all the wonderful brothers and sisters who contributed their prayers and efforts to make the event possible. - read more

Interfaith Peace Blessing 2018
Birmingham, United Kingdom, July 14, 2018

By David Earle
As the UK's second city, Birmingham is relatively small, with a population of just over 1 million. However, from being a haven for Nonconformists in the 1660's until today, over 350 years later, its capacity to welcome people of all religious, racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds has been one of its best characteristics. The resulting, astonishing diversity is nowhere better displayed than at the Interfaith Peace Blessing, held each year for the past 10 years, and Saturday July 14th 2018 was no exception! - read more

15 Days National Workshop 
"The Steps of a True Person, True Parents and True Owner !"
Tirana, Albania, July 10 - 25, 2018

The national center of workshop in Mullet for 15 days was the home for around 70 young people from Albania, Kosovo, South Korea and Japan. From 10 July until 25 July 2018 the national workshop took place which come about only once a year.
Coordinated by Mr. Ermir Hoxha and directed by the members of National Team: Mr. Juljan Bradasheshi, Mrs. Elisjana Mustafaj and Mrs. Jesika Bako, from the first day the workshop started with a lot of energy. The first person who welcomed the participants was Rev. Shin the True Parents' Special Envoy in Albania.. - read more

CIG Special International IW Dr. Lan Young Moon's Visit to Russia and Ukraine 
July 6 - 18, 2018

On July 6-18 CIG Special International Itinerary Worker Dr. Lan Young Moon is visiting Russia and Ukraine. She was specially dispatched by True Parents to Europe / Middle East region along with two other Special IW from Korea. She is an unique person in our movement who has been following True Parents from the age of 13 already for more than 60 years! Despite her age she looks very young, bright, full of energy and love. She came with purpose to testify about True Parents and share their love to members. - read more 

Rev. Paul Ann's visit to Albania Special CIG International IW! 
Tirana, Albania, July 13 - 17, 2018 

We were very blessed to have Rev. Paul Ann - the CIG Special Itinerary Worker - visit Albania from 13th - 17th of July 2018. We felt once again True Mother's special care and love for all brothers and sisters. On July 13th Rev. Ann had personal meetings with several leaders and gave personal guidance to them. On July 14th we had a meeting with all community leaders and department leaders. Rev. Ann shared for about 3 hours with leaders about the most fundamental principles of a life of Hyo Jeong and what leaders should always keep in mind while they face different situation and difficulties in front line. - read more 

The Power of Peace Road  
Story of Alexey Kostyuchenko
Russia, 201 - 2018 

Alexey Kostyuchenko is 57 years old, 16 of which he spent in a nursing home for the elderly and disabled in the city of Volgograd. He lost his legs and hands as a result of frostbite due to alcoholic intoxication, but he repented and changed his way of life.
After that, he made several jumps with a parachute, climbed the mountains and sank to the seabed, wrote poetry and spoke motivational speeches before the disabled. Inspired by the example of hand bikers, he became interested in this sport and when he learned about the Peace Road project, he got very inspired and he decided to run across Russia. - read more

Lisbon, Portugal, July 15, 2018 

By Sergio Neto
On Sunday, July 15th, we held our Peace Road joined by the community of members of Lisbon, Porto and Lousada, Ambassadors of Peace and some members of the athletics group. The event took place in the Park Eduardo VII at the Lisbon downtown. It was a moment of fraternization where everyone united once more to remember peace and give testimony of the tireless work of True Parents, delivering leaflets to those passing by. We finished our march near to the holy ground where we shared a family lunch.
- view more pictures

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