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April 2017 

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Special 2 Day Divine Principle Workshop 
Bucharest, Romania 6. - 7. May 2017

By Romania CARP
Greeting from Romania with full of hope!
Heavenly Parent and True Parents! We are truly grateful for all the experiences in this weekend through very special Advanced 2 day and 2-day Divine Principle Workshop. The Advanced 2 day DP workshop was organized for Active CARP members who are doing Divine Principle study once of week. And 2 Days workshop was organized for the guests who finished 1 Day workshop.
This 2 days DP WS were truly special because we received our special emissaries Dr. No-hee Pak and Dr. Lang-young Moon. They fill up our heart with full of love and grace from Heavenly Parent and True Parents.
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+18 Workshop 
Exploring the Essential 

Manantial del Corazon 28. April - 1. May 2017 

By the workshop staff Carlos, Stefan and Ruben
Contemplating our lives as how they are, with all their cracks and imperfections, doesn't mean that we give up on ideals. Rather, it means cultivating compassion and forgiveness in all places. This may be the most important conclusion that the Spanish community achieved together during one of our biggest youth gatherings. Around thirty participants were present, including babies and kids.
It is not always easy to talk about some topics in our lives. We've built our identity based on our ideals. This gives us a bigger picture of where we want to be, but this can also bring a lot of suffering to those who couldn't make it along the way. Difficulties along the path of faith, challenges that the Blessing inevitably brings, facing our limitations as communities - we've found how important it is to talk about these things as part of an ongoing community conversation. - read more

Find Your Purose Change Your Life !

Colle Mattia, Rome, Italy 22. - 25. April 2017

By Fiorella Capone
Young active people from all over Italy with a strong desire to make a positive change in society gathered in Rome, in the beautiful Colle Mattia, from the 22nd to the 25th of April 2017 for the national Carp workshop. A gathering centred on true values, a time of reflection and a chance to cultivate our hearts. "Find your purpose, change your life!" was the motto of the workshop which was enriched by lectures, sharings, and discussions but also a cultural visit and fun activities. - read more

Universal Peace Federation Weekend Seminar

Cleeve House, United Kingdom, 5. - 7. May 2017

The workshop was an inspirational and harmonious weekend shared with like-minded people mainly from Birmingham and London. The concluding testimonies were profoundly moving as Ambassadors for Peace expressed their desire to work with UPF and WFWP to fulfil their and God's dreams. - read more

OSDP Workshop
Warsaw, Poland, 
29. April - 5. May 2017

By Martha Kral 
From April 29th till May 5 Peace Embassy of Warsaw hosted a seven-day Original Substance of Divine Principle workshop. Thirteen participants came from whole Europe. Poland, Croatia, Spain, Scotland, Slovenia and Lithuania. Lecturer Rainer Fuchs from Germany gave such amazing and inspiring lectures about OSDP. After few days of singing songs and saying prayers before each lecture all participants felt like all big lovely European family. At the end brothers and sisters had an amazing tour around Old Town of Warsaw!

Genocides Before and after UK
London, UK, 20. April 2017

On April 20th Universal Peace Federation UK held an annual genocide awareness event in London including a number of genocides that are denied by national Governments. The Video Link is here. Two important issues were raised by several people: 1) That different groups of activists in unrelated Genocide incidents can support each other to achieve recognition together. 2) The stages of genocide identified by Gregory Stanton were mentioned that increases the chance to take pre-emptive measures to prevent mass killing. - read more

Interreligious Breakfast 
Linz, Austria, 22. April 2017

By Maria Pammer
FFWPU and UPF Upper Austria hosted an interreligious breakfast for the second time this year. This time, the impulse talks were given on the topic: "What can religions contribute in solving the problems of our age?"
Mr. Heinz Krcek, theologian and the initiator of the interreligious breakfast meetings which have taken place over the last years, prepared four questions on the topic, which provided a framework for the discussion. The rich buffet was prepared by the Peham family and the morning's programme was guided by Bogdan Pammer as MC.  - read more>

CARP Workshop

Tirana, Albania, 21. - 23. April 2017

By Albanian HQ
130 young people from Albania and Kosovo gathered at our workshop centre nearby the capital city Tirana to take part at a CARP workshop. Inspired from True Father's vision for young people, we decided to entitle this workshop "FIND THE PURPOSE - CHANGE YOUR LIFE".
The workshop was characterized by youth's enthusiasm and energy, specially noticed during songs. To make this workshop fruitful for members and for guests, we continued following GLOBAL TOP GUN workshop as a model. The participants were divided into 2 big clans, each of them had 5 families. - read more

Friday Open HoonDokHae Discussion
The TV is speaking, should I be listening?
Bucharest, Romania, 28. April 2017

By Romania CARP
Romania CARP organized in Peace Center - Bucharest, the weekly HoonDokHae meeting. This week's topic was "The TV is speaking, should I be listening?". As material for reading we used some parts from the book "Revrăjirea lumii" or "Why we don't want to get away from TV" written by Virgiliu Gheorghe. In this book, the author presents why watching television is affecting us more than we are aware of.
It started by underlining that "when we read a book, we build in our minds the image of the objects, situations and people being presented in them. By reading we also become authors, creators because we rebuild the storyline in our minds. By jumping head first in the ocean of images and fantasy that are continuously generated by the TV screen, the human being unwillingly enters in the fiercest of slaveries: the slavery of the mind. 
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Cleaning a Park in Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania, 28. April 2017

By Romania CARP
After a beautiful and inspiring 1 day Divine Principle Workshop, we gathered in the Peace Center to prepare for and find sincere determination for a social project that concerned cleaning a marginal park in Bucharest - Plumbuita. We first gathered to share about what Nature means to each of us and how we can find value in the natural environment that surrounds us.
We decided to make teams of 3 people where we could include 1 STF member and 1 new guest in each team with the hope that they can become closer to each other and create brotherhood and sisterhood relationships. We explained about hygiene and protection norms and after wards we left from the Peace Center. - read more

Is there Life after Death? 
Valencia, Spain, 28. April 2017

By Mario Magaz
We have organized a public lecture in Valencia city on Friday 28th of Abril with the title "Is there life after death?" in a nice hotel in the city. Valencia is the third city in Spain and we have two families and one sister leaving there. We've published advertisements in two local newspapers and we've distributed about 10,000 flyers around the city in the days before the event. Many brothers and sisters have been praying to support the event. - read more

Japan between Haiku and Sushi 

Gießen, Germany, 29. April 2017 

By Josef Resch 
The second International Café to be held this year took place on 29 April in the premises of UPF Gießen. This event was a further contribution to fostering peace by encouraging international understanding. Christine Sato from Austria and a great fan of Japan, introduced us to the traditional poetry, Haiku. She, supported by her Japanese husband, has organized several Japanese tea ceremonies and has given many presentations about Japan in ZIBB, Gießen (Zentrum für interkulturelle Begegnung-center for intercultural events). 
Benedikta Becker gave a short introduction into the goals of UPF, the five principles of peace and the significance of international understanding. read more

Four Day Divine Principle Seminar for Albanian Ambassadors for Peace

Petrovac, Montenegro, 27. - 30. April 2017

By Albanian HQ
The experiences of the Divine Principle Seminars for Ambassadors for Peace in Albania are becoming more and more rich and exiting each time. The last one we did this one was about 5 months ago, last year in November, and it was then when we felt strongly that these seminars should continue and reach out to more Abel Type Ambassadors for Peace who are ready to embrace the content of the Divine Principle.
This time 31 Ambassadors for Peace and VIPs, mostly from Albania and 3 from Kosovo, responded to the invitation of Universal Peace Federation and Family Federation for World Peace to attend a four day Divine Principle seminar from 27th - 30th of April 2017 and gathered at the Palace Hotel at the small beautiful town of Petrovac in Montenegro. - read more

Special Emissaries Dr. Pak & Dr. Moon visited Andorra
21. - 25. April 2017

By Chatiboot Babi
On the 21st April, Andorra could receive True Parents' Representatives, Special Emissaries, Dr. No Hi Pak & Dr. Lan Young Moon.
The next day, 22nd in the morning in our church center, Dr. Pak, Dr. Moon and National leaders' couple, Lluis Babi and Chatiboot could meet Mrs. Silvia Bonet Perot, a member of the Parliament and she is the Andorran delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. She was very friendly and warm. Dr. Pak was inviting her to attend the next IAPP Conference maybe next year and we had a good talk for one hour; she was very interested in IAPP and our works.  - read more

Visit of Special Emmissaries
San Marino and Italy 1. - 12. April 2017

By Giuseppe Cali
From April 1st to 12th, Rev. Pak and Mrs. Dr. Moon, travelled to Padova, San Marino and Rome, to visit the local Unification communities.
Carrying on their most beautiful and important mission to testify about True Parents love, they could inspire all members and share their wisdom, hopes and commitment with them.
They were particularly appreciated for their positive spirit and care, expressed in many ways, including offering a pizza party and spending open sharing time with everybody. - read more

HARP Easter Workshop

"In Search of God"
Helsinki, Finland, 13. - 16. April 2017

By Unja Hassinen
During the Easter weekend a 4-day HARP-workshop was held in a villa on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Helsinki, Finland. The motto of the workshop was "In Search of God". The goal was for the participants to understand and connect with God in a more deep and personal way.
The program consisted of lectures on contents such as God's existence, the purpose of creation and how to lead a daily life connecting to God.
We also had a "Team Race" (a competitive post-to-post team challenge, shorter than a regular Challenge Day), sports, creative groups and, of course, traditional relaxing sauna-time. - read more

HARP Easter Workshop

Manantial del Corazon, 11. - 16. April 2017

By Stefan Campillo
We had 17 participants and 6 staff who formed the workshop. They were 3 teams made of 5/6 people with a team leader. The lectures were focused on internal growth and individual spirituality. Many activities were focused on discovering ourselves, being able to express ourselves as we are and removing our internal barriers. The motto of the workshop was "Find your wings, made to fly". This motto focused on the personal growth of each of the participants. We wanted to explain that there are many ways to connect with God, since each person is unique and special. We must all discover the value we have.

Sharing the Principle and God's Blessing 
Birmingham, UK, April 2017

By David Earle
We have tried to summarise the last 4 or 5 months since December 2016, the preparation for, the holding of, and developments after the Blessing. To make the point, as in Prague, that it is part of a continuous journey with people to who we are committed, requiring a consistent input of 'love and truth'. Also, the importance for us of FFWPU, UPF and WFWP working together, enhancing what each of the other organisations has to offer.
Such a powerful 'cocktail'. - read more

One Day Divine Principle Workshop

Prague, Czech Republic 13. April 2017

By Eva Pejkofski
Our recent activity was organised and run by three brunches of Czech unification family - WFWP, CARP and Prague Church.
Thanks to inspirational witnessing efforts of our WFWP president, a One DayDivine Principle workshop was organised at Prague HQ on April 13. Whole CARP and Prague Church leaders supported through internal conditions and general organisation including cooking. There were all together 6 guests, 16 to 20+ years old and one WFWP Ambassador for Peace, all very interested in spiritual questions and very attentive during the whole workshop. They were supported bythree members and, of course, the main lecturer and their spiritual parent Marcela Rozehnalová. AfP was helping also with refreshments and care for new guests. The atmosphere was very uplifting and guests were offered to join next activities and lectures. Most of them expressed that they are willing to continue studying Divine Principle.

Twinning Albanian and European Communities

Vlora, Albania, April 2017

By Lubin Argjir
Dear brothers and sisters - Greetings from Vlora city!
In this report, we would like to share some of the latest activities which took place in our centre.
Part of the latest program on European level "matching between the communities" the Albanian centres and European communities. We felt very lucky that an Austrian family could visit our centre, Dr. Wolfgang Czerny with his three children and his daughter in law. Their stay in our centre lasted for about ten days. The Sunday service was given by Dr. Czerny, where he could share his testimony on his life of faith and the absolute attendance towards True Parents. - read more

UPF Peace Principle:

God is Parent to Mankind
Hamburg, Germany, 4. March 2017

The theologian, Catholic priest and Ambassador for Peace, Heinz Krcek speaks in Hamburg on: God's Way to mankind.
The best pre-requisite for world peace in our time is the understanding that we are a global family. Therefore, the Hamburg branch of UPF invited the highly-qualified speaker and peace activist Heinz Krcek from Austria to speak in the far north about the theoretical foundations for peace.
A short review of the background of our speaker reveals his connection with this topic. Heinrich (Heinz) Krcek, was born in 1938, and grew up in Vienna in a Catholic family. He attended a humanist high school, and after his leaving examinations initially studied for four semesters electrical engineering. He then entered a Benedictine monastery and completed a study of theology at the religious university in Beuron on the Danube, in Germany. - read more

Seong Hwa Ceremony for Maria Theresia (Maresi) Silberabuer (1951 - 2017)
Vienna, Austria, 22. April 2017

By Elisabeth Cook
Our elder and beloved sister Maresi Silberbauer passed away on April 10, 2017, after a short stay in hospital where they discovered that she had leukemia.
The Seong Hwa ceremony took place on Saturday, April 22nd. Her 3 adult children, relatives and more than 200 Unification members attended the ceremony.
Maresi was among the 30 first members who joined our movement in Austria. She joined in 1969 at the age of 17. She was a very practical person, that's why she participated in the restoration work of Austria's first workshop center, a farmhouse north of Vienna. She also contributed in building up a candle factory in the same place. Sh was blessed in May 1978 in London as one of the 118 couples. Their children were born in 1990, 1992 and 1994. - read more

Event Announcment
30 Years CARP-Rally 
Berlin 1987
5. - 6. August 2017

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The year 2017 is a year of special anniversaries related to Europe. It has been 500 years since the Protestant Reformation initiated by Martin Luther and 100 years since the Russian Revolution inspired by Karl Marx. It is also 30 years since the visit of Hyo Jin Nim, at the time the leader of CARP, to Berlin, where he led a march to the Berlin Wall, calling for its removal. ("Die Mauer Muss Weg!") In honour of this CARP Rally, we would like to hold a commemorative meeting in Berlin to remember that event and recall the spirit of the time. The attached document contains details of the proposed programme.
Sincerely, Jack Corley, Regional President 
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STF Europe
Colle Mattia, Rome, Italy, 19. April 2017

By Martine Masner
In the workshop site of Colle Mattia, Italy, the STF members had a parents' workshop and they prepared their second witnessing condition (starting on April 19 to May 11) in Kosovo, Romania, Manchester UK and in four cities of Albania. There are 46 STF members this year, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd year. These young people are very enthusiastic. They have a very good internal standard and want to unite with True Mother, to witness to the world! They listened to presentations about the value of witnessing and what witnessing can bring for their personal growth. There were many questions after, how to witness, especially, how to guide the guests into a deeper understanding of the Principle.

Easter Workshop 2017
Camberg Neumühle, Germany, 11. - 17. April 2017

By Dominique Claus and Josephine Jensen
Knowing your destination. Letting others help you get up on your feet. Taking your first steps on your own. Falling, standing up and continuing to walk.
This year's Easter HARP Workshop was held under the motto "I can go the distance". It took place in Bad Camberg from the 11th-17th of April with ages of the 44 participants ranging from 12 to 21.
During the Workshop the participants listened to lectures from Ulrich Tuente and Christian Haubold based on Divine Principle. Both lecturers involved the participants a lot, which gave them the opportunity to think more deeply about the content and understand it for themselves.  - read more


  30 Years CARP-Rally
  Berlin 1987

  Berlin, Germany
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