High Noon is Coming to Europe 
May 7 - June 29, 2019 


By European Blessed Family Department Team
What is High Noon?
High Noon is a project launched by a group of American members a few years ago to help us in our efforts to restore sexual integrity to our lives.
The High Noon team will arrive in Spain next week for their first event in Madrid. In 8 weeks, they will travel all around Europe, from Great Britain to Ukraine and from Finland to Albania. Events will be held in smaller communities on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and a full day event will be held every Saturday in bigger communities
Some of you might thing that we have enough to do with the preparation for the CheonBo events (Cheong Pyeong Europe events) which are taking place all over Europe at the same time. But the content of this program is a very good preparation for the CheonBo. What better preparation than to understand the importance of, and to make an effort, to become people who cast no shadow, people well-aligned with our Heavenly Parent.
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· Here is a video explaining the concept of sexual integrity: https://vimeo.com/334137152 .
· And here is a link to the High Noon site for those who like more information about their activity: https://www.highnoon.org/

The 1st European Hyojeong Songwriting Workshop - CREATE
Hurlach, Bavaria, Germany, April 21 - 28, 2019


By Stefan Schmidt
The first European songwriting workshop of the Hyojeong Culture Department, lead by Kazuha Canak and supervised by Stefan and Jae-Sook Schmid, welcomed twelve young adults from Hungary, Ireland, England and Germany.
The workshop also enjoyed the attendance of VIPs such as regional chair Dr. Michael Balcomb and central region presidential couple, Dieter and Ana Schmidt. None of them wanted to miss out on the chance of stopping by at this special seminar.
Since our priority was to have enough time for composing songs, we limited the lectures to essential topics. Kazuha led an inspiring discussion on the essence and goals of a culture of Hyojeong. Sarah Eide shared via Zoom call some valuable tips and insights on writing message-driven lyrics while staying authentic. David Rennie gave a hands-on presentation on the theory of art from the unification philosophy by Dr. med. Sang Hun Lee. Heidi Wakayama, an experienced musician, supported the young participants with advice wherever she could.
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Gathering of HJ Cheonwon Leaders 
Cheon Jeong Gung, May 1, 2019 

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The Eye of a Needle: A Story of Faith 


We are delighted to share with you this short documentary created by Valgas Moore about our longstanding members: Henry & Avril Masters.
A subtitled version of the documentary is also available.
The documentary is based on the autobiography by Henry Masters: "The Eye of a Needle: My Life of Faith". His book can be purchased on lulu.com and is described as "a remarkable record of his English country ancestors and his own life of dedicated service under the guidance of Sun Myung Moon".
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2nd Lifebook WS: 
Developing Harmonious Relationships 
CARP House, Gif sur Yvette, France, April 14, 2019 


By Rafael Guignard

20 participants came together for the 2nd WS of a series of three Personal Development WS aiming to help young members to live ideal, happy, healthy, successful and fulfilling lives in all its dimensions and areas. The Lifebook Structure identifies 12 key areas in our lives that we need to take care of and that need a clear vision to bring all these areas harmoniously together. The 12 categories are : 1. Health and fitness 2. Intellectual life 3. Emotional life 4. Character 5. Spirituality 6. Love relationship 7. Parenting 8. Social life 9. Career 10. Finances 11. Quality of life 12. Life Vision.
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CARP Musical Event 
Milano, Italy, April 30, 2019 


By CARP Italy 
On April 30th in the city of Milan, organized by the Italian CARP, with the support of FFWPU, a concert, even though was prepared in a very short time, witnessed a large participation and became a complete success. The musical performance was introduced with a short presentation of CARP, given by Davide Chirulli and Valerio Tammiso, the ones in charge of Italian CARP, allowing the audience to understand True Parents’ vision.
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Lecture about Angels and Demons in Hometown 
Salzburg, Austria, April 25, 2019 


By Barbara Grabner
President After participating in the ancestor liberation in January, the work and qualities of angels came often to my mind. I decided to hold a lecture about this topic during a visit in my home village near Salzburg at Easter time. Living 400 km distant it is not easy to prepare such an endeavor! But thanks to one friendly journalist it could be done; the event was announced in a regional newspaper which is distributed to every household.
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Easter 5 Day Divine Principle Workshop
Prague, Czech Republic, April 18 - 22, 2019


By Eva Pejkofski
I am happy to write a final report about Easter 5day DP WS, held at Prague HQ in the Czech Republic.
It is an annual WS, which is organized always in the Easter time, and usually a lecturer from another country is invited - the WS is held in English. This year we were happy to invite Mr. Dale Rose from UK. He was the main lecturer and covered 2 full days of the WS. Third day was a culmination of the whole content and lectures were given by Cvetko Pejkofski (Czech WT leader) and Martin Slezak (Czech vice-NL). One of the participants shared that in the end of the third day she thought, based on what they have heard so far, that each of these three lecturers reminded her of one of the three aspects of human nature - first emotions, then intellect and finally will.
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IRFF UK: WAIT & Girl Child Project in Uganda 


By Tany Fisher
WAIT Uganda reaches out to schools and communities where the team uses the medium of Performing Arts and talks, to teach pupils the danger of HIV/AIDS and the value of abstinence in order to stay safe and healthy. Currently, there are 10 functioning WAIT clubs around Kampala and 15 in the Masaka area. This outreach is restricted as only £60 per month is provided by IRFF UK to cover the cost of travel, food and materials for the volunteers. If this were doubled, WAIT Uganda could do much more in saving young peoples’ lives by fulfilling their goals of engaging youth and raising up role models and youth leaders with principled education, and organising proper WAIT training!
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Steps Towards Peace
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, April 13, 2019


By Claus Dubisz (English: Catriona Valenta)

Over the course of many years, the Stuttgart and Düsseldorf branches of UPF through their interreligious outreach work, have built a close relationship with the Muslim-Sufi MIHR Foundation. This culminated last year with their participation in many Blessing events.
Now it was the turn of the MIHR Foundation to invite the Frankfurt branch of UPF to cooperate with them in organizing a peace forum in Saalbau, Frankfurt-Griesheim. Also on board was the Frankfurt ‘Forum for More Integration’, as well as two other groups working for peace.
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Scandinavian Easter Workshop for Young Families
Strengthening Bonds between 2nd gen Families
Kloten, Sweden, April 18 - 22, 2019


By Steinar Murud
For Easter weekend, a Scandinavian level family gathering was held in Kloten, Sweden. Young families from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden came together for a long weekend to connect as a community, strengthen family bonds, and enjoy God’s Creation together. The days were focused on activities for the children such as baking, crafts, outside games, and walks through the forest. The children ranged from 1.5 to 9 years old so the program was very loose and flexible to accommodate the wide age range. After the children went to bed, the parents had the opportunity to connect with each other, share their stories, receive support, and relax in each other’s company. On one of the nights, we rented a hot tub and traditional Swedish sauna located next to a beautiful lake for the parents to relax in. It was an incredibly revitalizing experience.
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Easter HARP Workshop
Manantial del Corazón, Spain, April 13 - 19, 2019


By Stefan Campillo Fette
The theme of the workshop was "God does not receive answers with words". The last workshop dealt with the issue of responsibility, in this we wanted to emphasize that responsibility is not only something theoretical, but also something practical, responsibility means action. For that reason, the conferences were focused on this point. Armando Lozano gave talks about the True Father and the True Mother, maximum examples of responsibility taken to action.
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Easter Workshop 2019
Neumühle, Bad Camberg, Germany, April 16 - 22, 2019

A group of about 45 participants and members of staff gathered for this year’s Easter workshop in the Neumühle. The motto for the workshop, held from April 16-22, was: “Dancing in the Moonlight – Courageous and Free”.
We decided on this motto because it was of great importance to us that each workshop participant could be honest: honest with him/herself, as well as with others. Each person should have a feeling of being able to be completely free; that this requires courage is unquestionable.
As well as traditional Principle lectures from Reinhold Merta, there was a presentation by Jonathan Makkonen about faith, in which we learnt what faith means and how one can be free and open about dealing with one’s faith in everyday life.
The participants were, however not only passive listeners but had the opportunity to critically evaluate the Principle and thus to deepen their faith. Activities such as ‚Cross the Line‘, where sincerity is called for, gave the participants a chance to be open about the things that they were dealing with internally.
Our desired goals and visions were realized during the course of the workshop, and so from our point of view, the workshop was a great success!

STF Witnessing Testimonies
Gaflenz, Austria, April 18, 2019


Dear Beloved True Mother,
We just finished a 3 months period of witnessing in Europe and we want to share with You our experiences and results, hoping to bring you joy and hope!
These are the testimonies of the team leaders in STF, they chose to stay a second year in the program to take care of their younger siblings who joined this year. Each witnessing team was made of about 6/7 people. We had teams in Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Ukraine, Austria and Czech Republic.
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Rev. In Pyo Moon
Vienna, Austria, April 18, 2019


Building the Kingdom of God in Cooperation with the Heavenly Realm
Verona, Italy, April 13 - 14, 2019


By Giuseppe Cali

This was the fourth of such events that I attended: Germany, Albania, Spain and Italy, three of them as officiator, so, I can say that it was a period of full immersion in the spirit of the CB providence and spirit. The event saw the participation of nearly four hundred members, mainly from Italy, but including some from neighboring countries.
Starting from my impressions, I experienced an inner peace and a constant presence of God that only in moments of deep prayer I could experience. It was a shower of high spirituality that re-harmonized my inner self. I believe that everybody experienced the same phenomena in various degrees, as I received many similar testimonies from brothers and sisters. I saw many tears of repentance, but many more of joy and commotion for feeling a deep touch with the inner Divine nature.
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Ahmadiyya Annual Peace Conference
“Challenging Intolerance and promoting Moderation"
Oslo, Norway, April 9, 2019


By Steinar Murud
On the 9th April I was invited to the annual Ahmadiyya Muslims’ Peace Conference in Oslo, Norway. Their mosque Baitun Naser is the largest in Scandinavia with a capacity for 5000 people. I have participated several times before, but this time I was invited as a speaker. The conference title was «Challenging intolerance and promoting moderation».
Since the opening of the mosque in 2011, this conference series has hosted many well-known guests and speakers. One of our former Prime Ministers, Minister of Government, mayors, politicians, religious leaders as well as ambassadors has been among the speakers.
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Cheon Bo Event in Spain
El Chiscon , Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, Spain, April 6, 2019


By Maryvonne Jamois
Preparatory visit - In Madrid, Spain, Rev. In Pyo Moon Chair of CheonBo Europe Branch arrived on Sunday March 17th from Turkey and Rev. Tibor Krebsz also arrived same day for a preparatory visit before our CheonBo event on April 6 and 7th.
It has been full and intense days, receiving guidance and love from Heavenly Parent and True Parents through him. Meeting members in Madrid, answering questions, visiting the venue on Monday, our Tongil Company, and also our training center where the chanyang team will practice the week before, visiting Barcelona community on Tuesday.
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The Round Table
“Russia and countries in the Asia-Pacific region: Towards Peace, Security and Sustainable Development”
Moscow, Russia, April 13, 2019


By Maria Nazarova
On April 13th, 2019 the round table “Russia and countries in the Asia-Pacific region: towards peace, security and sustainable development” was held in Moscow, at the National Hotel. Russian experts on Korea and the countries in the Asia-Pacific region gathered to analyze the present situation on peace, security and development in the region. Representatives of the NGOs of Russian Koreans also participated at the conference.
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Balkan Leadership Conference
Tirana, Albania, March 30, 2019


By Jacques Marion
On March 30, 2019, UPF Albania organized in Tirana a Balkan Leadership Conference on the theme: “Good Governance and Sustainable Peace in the Balkans: the necessity of cooperation – the challenge of integration”. The conference brought together 120 participants, including former heads of state and government from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Kosovo, and over 30 members of parliament from Albania, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia.
The meeting laid the foundation for the Europe and Middle East Summit to be held by UPF in Tirana, Albania, on October 25-27, 2019.
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Witnessing Activities in EUME Region 


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CARP and HARP Spring Workshop 
Lisbon, Portugal, April 12 - 15, 2019 

By Sergio Neto
There were 18 young people who gathered at our headquarters in Lisbon from 12 noon to 15 April to hold a family reunion together to revitalize and align with our True Parents and all of Providence. Some of them were at the Cheong Pyeong branch event in Spain so they were very inspired and created a good atmosphere and bond between all the young people of the second generation and Jacob children. Our motto was "God Works with Me" . We explored topics such as purity, not only sexual purity, but purity of mind, attitudes and purity of our actions in our daily day so that God has full participation through us and with us, our relationship with God and how we can become a reflection of the whole work of God. All this in the midst of much joy, music, games, group activities and reflections. As usual, we have also had the help of parents,mostly blessed couples who support the physical and spiritual nourishment of our young people.
Thank you to True Parents and a good Easter to all of you.

Songkran and Family Festival
Marriage Rededication as part of the Songkran Festival
Woterloo, Belgium, April 7, 2019


By Alan and Brigitte Sillitoe
On Thanks to Luxembourg members’ Erwin and Tomoko Franzen’s connection with the Thai Monk responsible in Waterloo for Belgium and Luxembourg since more than two decades, as well as his recent participation in various UPF programs and in a Blessing ceremony organized for us in Thailand, he invited us to participate in their Songkran (new year) festival and to organize a marriage rededication or blessing as part of this event.
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World Summit Report in the Hussite Church
Bratislava, Slovakia, April 9, 2019

By Barbara Grabner
On Tuesday (9.4.2019) the facilities of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church in Bratislava were the site of a profound report about the World Summit in Korea. Since the meeting was called “Interreligious Dialogue – Religions, Faiths and their Responsibility for Peace” the guests came from various religious backgrounds. To begin with Bishop Jan Hradil welcomed the guests with a message quoting the Bible. Next UPF Secretary General Milos Klas introduced the two guest speakers who had come from Prague.
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Family Festival Becomes Family Evening
Yekaterinburg, Russia, April 6, 2019


In the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, the members discovered a new format for the Family Festival. With just three couples participating on April 6, the community turned the festival into a family evening, with a warmer, more intimate atmosphere. This allowed them to educate the guests more deeply, as well as to achieve heartistic contact with people who until then were strangers.
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Intercultural Event - One Family under God
Bucharest, Romania, April 6, 2019

By Romania CARP Family
On the first weekend of April Romania CARP organized an Intercultural Event. The theme of the event was “One Family Under God”. Our purpose was to represent one international family centered on God.
Both STF team and Romania CARP Members worked together in successfully representing family traditions around the world. For the event 60 guests participated.
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Peace Starts with Me - Blessing America 
City of Refuge, Gardena, CA, USA, April 6, 2019


Hyojeon Cheonbo Event Spain
Madrid, Spain, April 6 - 7, 2019


WFWP Germany Annual Meeting
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, March 30, 2019


By Magda Haugen
On Saturday, 30.03.19 Women's Federation Germany held its national meeting in the Family Federation building in Frankfurt am Main. There were more than 40 participants from all over Germany and from other countries as well. Numerous members, friends from other organizations and some new guests found their way to us! The Frankfurt Org.Team with Tea Sun provided beautiful decorations in the room and also for drinks, snacks, fruit, and cake. Stefan Kunde provided professional technical support, so that all PowerPoint presentations and speakers functioned optimally. We were filmed and photographed by Benjamin Rauschert, who also deserves a big thank you, because he "spontaneously" made sure that we even appeared in the EUME "News from around our region."
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Intercultural and Interreligious Family Festival 
Moscow, Russia, March 30, 2019 


On March 30 Women's Federation for World Peace of Russia, in cooperation with the Moscow Central House of Cultural Workers and other NGOs, held its sixth Intercultural and Interreligious Family Festival titled "Family World." The goal of this festival is to promote true family values, to show the beauty of different cultures and traditions, and to promote intercultural friendship and cooperation. This year Russian, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Indian, Afghan, Georgian, Jewish and Ukrainian families shared their values and beautiful performances with the audience. They sang songs, danced, played various musical instruments. The atmosphere of the festival was very lively and joyful. One of the partners wrote later that as long as we keep holding such events, we can have hope for a peaceful world.
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Two Days Divine Principle Workshop
Bucharest, Romania, March 30 - 31, 2019


By Romania CARP Family
Dear brothers and sisters,
Romania CARP organized last weekend 2 days Divine Principle workshop.
We invited five young people who are interested to receive Divine Principle education. All five are preparing to participate in Romania Summer 15 days Divine Principle workshop. Together with STF members and Romanian members we made good atmosphere for supporting our object partners.
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Heavenly Surprise at the Concert
Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 23, 2019


By Erna Košmrlj
On 24th of March we were invited for the concert, celebrating the 15th anniversary of a folk music choir "Taščice" (Robins - the name of a small singing bird). We know them already quite a few years, since they were first singing on our program. The original members of the choir that time became Ambassadors for Peace. Until now always we were inviting them to sing, but this year they invited us to be part of their concert.
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IRAN – The Mystical Country 
International Café 
Gießen, Germany, March 23, 2019 


By Rosemarie Leja (English: Catriona Valenta)
The International Café has become an established tradition in the Gießen branch of UPF. Over the years, many topics have been addressed, many countries and their traditions introduced, and many personal experiences shared.
At the event on 23 March, Ronak Rajabi told us about her life in Iran and her new start in Germany. She was born in 1993 in Iran; because of difficulties presented by the government she was not able to complete studies in her chosen field of IT. At the age of 20, she came as a refugee to Germany.
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Perspectives for Sustainable Peace and 
Development in the Horn of Africa 
Vienna, Austria, March 20, 2019 


By Peter Haider
On March 20th 2019, at the Vienna International Center (United Nations building) in Vienna, the Universal Peace Federation co-sponsored a conference on the theme: “Perspectives for Sustainable Peace and Development in the Horn of Africa”, which was organized by the permanent mission of Eritrea to the United Nations in Vienna. 200 guests attended the event. The conference was organized on the foundation of the dramatic change that took place in the Horn of Africa, when the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea, on July 9th 2018, signed a declaration ending the state of war between the two countries. The summit between Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in the Eritrean capital, Asmara, had marked the first time that the neighboring heads of state had met in nearly two decades. This was a starting point of meetings which created new relationships among Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.
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Moldovan TV broadcasts Report about Japanese 2nd Generation Missionaries 


About 50 000 people did watch this interview on the national TV chanel of Moldova. The UC building was shown and it's weekly meeting was clearly announced. This is the result of creating event in the Facebook Page of UC Moldova.

World Peace Blessing 
Almere, The Netherlands, March 30, 2019 


By Sadikoen & Andrea Wirjoredjo
We were asked by the javanese / surinamese cultural foundation to join their activities to celebrate their 14th anniversary. As we did not want to disturb their tight program, we developed the idea to greet the people at the entrance and briefly introduce the idea of the blessing and the importance of marriage. We had prepared a tiny pop up photo studio with the blessing banner, holy juice, white scarfs and a flower bouquet. As people came for a special occasion they were dressed up and in style. we told them we would donate 5 € for each participating couple, as we could use the venue and the people were There already. Because of this the chair of the foundation supported us and encouraged couples to participate. In this way we were able to (pre)bles 23 couples. It was a perfect win win situation. They all look happy and bright on the photos.

Moscow Conference develops Allies for HTM Activities 
Moscow, Russia, March 22 - 23, 2019 


By Alexey Saveliev
The inspiration for these conferences lies in True Mother’s three world strategies which she developed as a foundation for national restoration. The organizers of the Moscow conference used as a model the Asian Leadership Conferences which take place regularly in Thailand. This conference aims to develop the second strategy of creating the environment for the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship movement. Having analyzed the results of the first FFWPU conference, which took place in December 2018, we decided to focus this time on increasing the number of participants, inviting guests particularly from places that are ready for HTM development, and giving the Blessing at the end of the program. We wanted to create a model that can be used for local programs and to make agreements for follow-up programs.
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WFWP Women's Peace Meeting 
Birmingham, UK, March 26, 2019 


By Patricia Earle
The Women's Peace Meeting has been taking place on a regular basis at 123 Bournbrook Road, the home of Patricia Earle, for just over 25 years, covering a wide variety of issues and topics which affect all of us in present-day society. However, no topic has been more emotionally sensitive than the one we dealt with last Tuesday, that of 'Honour Crime' and, in the extreme, 'Honour Killing'. Honour Killing is the term used to describe a family's decision to deliberately take the life of one of their children, usually a daughter, who is considered to have brought shame to the family's 'honour', either through their behaviour or by refusing to marry the person chosen by the parents. It is estimated that 12 young people's lives are taken every year, in the UK, in this way.
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Association of British Clergy
London, UK, March 30, 2019

By June Darby
Today, 30th March 2019 A.B.C. (Association of British Clergy ) held our first Seminar teaching 7 Pastors Divine Principle! Rev David Hanna gave an inspiring and deep presentation of Principles of Creation. Rev Isaac Ayani taught The Fall and the Mission of the Messiah. He gave an "evangelical presentation " that was very powerful. It was very effective for the Pastors because he could speak in their "language " and was able to touch their hearts deeply as he shared the relevance of the Principle to their Ministries and to solving the problems of today's world, speaking from his own experience. We are truly blessed to have a Christian Pastor like him helping us. And we are doubly blessed by the support of David and Kungja Hanna.
I am very grateful for John O'Neill 's enthusiastic witnessing to Pastors that brings so many Pastors to our events. And I appreciate the support happily given by our sisters and brothers serving refreshments and in caring for our guests, and praying for our programmes.

Workshop "Happy Marriage" 
Zaragoza, Spain, March 9, 2019 


On Saturday, March 9th, we held in a Civic Center in the town of Zaragoza a workshop under the title: “Happy marriages”. Manuel Campillo coming from Madrid gave two lectures and a total of 17 people participated. Twelve of them participated for the first time.
In general, the lectures was very inspiring and even after the lecture was over most of participants remained there talking and wanting to know more about us. It’s also true that all of them were very grateful for having taken part of this event and interested to follow up with more lectures.
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Cultural Bridge through Intercultural Marriage 
Budapest, Hungary, March 30, 2019 


By György Kozma
This was the first time in Hungary that the Filipino blessed wives in cooperation with the Filipino community in Hungary prepared a cultural event in Budapest at the Peace Embassy on 30th March, 2019. Many of the Filipino community members got married to Hungarians, therefore it was very natural to talk about the value of the intercultural (or cross cultural) marriages, which is also the main focus point of the founders of the UPF, Rev. and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon to make faster the peace building process.
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European Golden Blessing Anniversary
Happy 50th Anniversary for the 8 Couples
Blessed in Essen, Germany, March 28 1969


Fifty years ago today, our True Parents came to Germany and performed the first Marriage Blessing Ceremony to be held in Europe, in what was to become part of the International ceremony for 43 Couples. At the time, True Father himself was still in his late 40s, and True Mother was a young woman still in her 20s. Those who were blessed on that day were the pioneers of the European Unification Church Movement, men and women of great faith who went on to offer many years of service and dedication to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, both in Europe and later overseas.
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Pure Heart Ceremony evokes Smiles and Tears
Moscow, Russia, March 23, 2019


On March 23, the annual Pure Heart Ceremony was held in the Moscow Peace Embassy. This year, 15 families took part in the ceremony, with some traveling from the cities of Tambov and Saratov, joining families from Moscow. The ceremony was a deep and touching completion of the four-week preparation, which included joint family readings, study and discussion of the materials sent.
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Inauguration of a New Room in the HQ 
Orsay, France, March 31, 2019 


By David Perry
For many years the Sunday service in the French HQ was held in small, crowded room in the basement. But after a project to restore and improve the veranda, which was in a miserable condition, the Sunday service has left basement for the bright, springtime sun!
As part of the project, a section of the wall was completely torn down to give a large opening to the veranda so that the living room and the veranda together provide a large comfortable space for the service.
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Estonians respond warmly to 
Japanese Cultural Event 
Tallinn, Estonia, March 23, 2019 


On March 23, a beautiful Japanese event was held, with the participation of Japanese missionaries, at the House of Culture in the Estonian town of Kehra. The receiving party consisted of children from the local music and art schools, who showed their creative talents and handmade gifts for the Oriental guests. Then, in a united spirit, the young Japanese visitors showed their culture through dances and songs.
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Health Seminar 
Copenhagen, Denmark, April 4, 2019 

By Nobuhiro Igarashi
Health Practitioner, John Osei Tutu from Ghana gave a presentation on natural medicine at a health seminar organized by UPF, Denmark. John Tutu explained why cancer can develop and how to cure it in internal and external ways, also emphasizing the importance of faith in combatting many diseases.
He also advised us which kinds of plants, vegetables and herbs are most effective against cancer and other diseases, and how to use them. It was a very interesting seminar, and we could all improve our knowledge greatly.


1st Lifebook WS 
Developing your full Potential 
CARP House, Gif sur Yvette, France, March 17, 2019 


By Rafael Guignard
20 participants came together for the 1st WS of a series of 3 Personal Development WS aiming to help young members to live ideal, happy, healthy, successful and fulfilling lives in all its dimensions and areas. The Lifebook Structure identifies 12 key areas in our lives that we need to take care of and that need a clear vision to bring all these areas harmoniously together. The 12 categories are : 1. Health and fitness 2. Intellectual life 3. Emotional life 4. Character 5. Spirituality 6. Love relationship 7. Parenting 8. Social life 9. Career 10. Finances 11. Quality of life 12. Life Vision.
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Peace Designer Workshop
Prague, The Czech Republic, March 9, 2019


By Jeong-hye Yeom
Saturday 9th March, we had the official launching of Youth and Students for Peace with our first Peace Designer Workshop. The aim of this workshop was to bring different youth together and make them realize that they are capable of creating a project that could move the World to a peaceful place.
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Peace Designer Education
Biel, Switzerland, March 15 - 16, 2019


By Melanie Komagata
YSP Switzerland had the honor to hold its first Peace Designer Education on March 16th 2019 in Biel/Bienne. The participants arrived the evening before for a bounding time through bowling and boardgames. We started the next morning at 9am with an introduction of YSP for the new participants and an explanation of the organization’s core universal values and mission. It was then followed with the Peace Designer activity guided by Anya Mauron and Mélanie Komagata. We were eight young participants, members of the Unification Movement as well as Christian faith-based youth, coming from various regions of Switzerland to attend the workshop.
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"A Sweet Challenge"
Padua, Italy, March 17, 2019


By Elena Chirulli
A mix of culture, art and especially culinary arts. A culinary challenge organized by CARP Italy, which involved grown-ups and young people alike. When ability and creative flair become the protagonists, the palate becomes captured by aromas and perfumes which are very difficult to resist to. This what happened on this wonderful day, that saw the participation of around 30 people, 12 of whom were guests. A Sunday rich in emotions, sweets and delicacies.
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UPF Meeting in Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia, March 16, 2019

On March 16, we had a UPF meeting in the Embassy of Peace in Brezovica.
We had 21 guests, among them one parliament member, a princess from Nigeria, president of local esperanto association etc. At the meeting Ji Suk Baek gave a report about the World Summit in Korea and invited parliament member Mr. Bunjac to give a testimony about the summit in Korea. He gave a very inspiring testimony about the events in Korea and specially about meeting with True Mother. He was very moved by the speech of True Mother and said that the purpose of his visit was actually to meet True Mother, He could see that True Mother is a very special person and her speech was honest and original which he didn't hear at any other places.
All guests and members were very inspired by his testimony. After that we promoted two new AFP, a princess from Nigeria, president of international woman club, and a famous local antique artist and a humanitarian worker. Guests and members stayed late with Korean dinner. 

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Treasure of Heaven Ministry Inauguration 
for Russia and Eastern Europe
Moscow, Russia, March 16 - 17, 2019


By Lisa Janssen
On the weekend of March 16 – 17 about 18 brothers and sisters gathered in the Moscow Peace Embassy for the inauguration of the Treasures Of Heaven ministry. Some came from far off regions and even had to fly in for this special event! The participants were mainly parents of one or more children with special needs, representatives of the BFD and Education Department. Olga, wife of the national leader, supported the meeting with her presence and spoiled our physical needs. Some parts of the meeting were live- broadcasted for those who could not attend in person.
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All-Russian Unification Family Members' Meeting
Moscow, Russia, March 8 - 10, 2019


On holidays of March 8-10, 2019, an All-Russian Unification Family members’ meeting took place in Moscow. More than 120 brothers and sisters from all over Russia, from St. Petersburg to Khabarovsk, gathered in Moscow to fill their souls and hearts with God's spirit, strengthen their vision, recharge themselves with energy and achieve results in their missions throughout 2019, especially in the mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiahship, which will be the best offering for the centenary of True Father and the 77th birthday of True Mother, and also on the Foundation Day 2020.
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"Young Belief - The Young Belief"
Linz, Austria, March 16, 2019


By Mag Maria Pammer
Inspired by the participation in two last year interreligious breakfasts at UPF, Upper Austria the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invited us to organize an interreligious breakfast together in their church in Linz, Upper Austria. They prepared a substantial breakfast buffet. 50 people and 5 different denominations gathered.
After a welcome by Mrs.Gerlinde Merl (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) Mrs. Pammer introduced the Universal Peace Federation and handed a peace ambassador document over to Mrs. Merl and Mr. Mehmed Becirbasic of the Bosnian Mosque in Steyr (host of the previous interreligious breakfast).
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Interfaith Blessing in Birmingham
Birmingham, United Kingdom, February 28, 2019


By David Earle
On the evening of February 28th, we held an Interfaith Blessing attended by 30 people. The Blessing took place in our home, so it was a very different experience and feeling from our annual Public Blessing, held in a larger venue. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a wonderful, quite moving, intimate experience, with 15 representative couples taking part.
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Geopolitics and the Korean Peninsula in the Past and Present
Bratislava, Slovakia, March 19, 2019


By Barbara Grabner
UPF organized an event highlighting the birth of the Korean Independence Movement in 1919 and the geopolitical aspects of the division on the Korean peninsula today. The famous journalist and expert on secret services Igor Cibula had accepted our invitation to share his insights he gained during a recent visit to North Korea.
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HTM Workshop
Chamarande, France, March 17, 2019


By David Perry

On Sunday, 17 March, 34 members of the Paris area came together at the French training near Paris for a day of reflection and sharing on our responsibility as Tribal Messiahs.
The first session was a time of sharing, as each participant spoke for no more than three minutes on their advances as Tribal Messiahs and the difficulties they are encountering. Through this sharing we could see that many of us are experiencing the same difficulties and we could also benefit by hearing how others are progressing. The honest and open sharing help create a base of unity for the day.
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Ahmadiyya's Annual Interreligious Conference
Valenciennes, France, March 17, 2019

By Jean-Paul Jager

This Sunday, the Ahmadiyyas of Valenciennes invited us to participate in their annual Interreligious Conference, on this year’s theme: "The Sacredness of Life". Jean-Henri for the Unificationists, a Buddhist, Mr. Lavoisy for the Protestants and Mrs. Martine Rhein of Scientology, who had come from Paris with a friend, and of course the person in charge Ahmadiyya for France, had answered present. Jean-Henri made a very spirited, comprehensive and open presentation. After that, we had a long exchange with the various speakers and some young Ahmadiyya members of Pakistani and Algerian origin, very warm. The atmosphere was very friendly. Here are some pictures of this event. In the morning, we were able to appreciate Dr Balcomb's participation in a major international congress organized in London in their very large centre under the presidency of the 5th Caliph, successor of their founder, a reformer of Islam. We hope to establish a partnership with them.

Spring Day Family Festival
Helsinki, Finland, March 16, 2019


By Antto Hassinen
Two dozen of people filled the room, FFWPU staff and guests, with anticipation to begin the Spring Day Family Festival in the afternoon on Saturday 16th March. From among FFWPU youth the MC Antto Hassinen led through the program filled with singing, listening to message on family values, testimony, game, lottery and refreshments.
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Second Generation Educators' Workshop
Neumühle, Bad Camberg, Germany, March 1 - 3, 2019


By Orlande Schenk
On March 1st to 3rd in Camberg, Germany over 50 participants representing 15 European nations gathered together as 2nd generation educators. The title of the meeting was «Creating a Community that Cares» and it was an open invitation for anyone to come to the who had a heart to love and support young people, even if they don’t have a leadership title. Most attendees were 2nd generation aged from 19 to 39 years old, as well as a few 1st generation who have been educating 2nd gen for many years.
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Divine Principle Workshop
Madrid, Spain, March 16 - 17, 2019


By Mario Magaz
We held a two day Divine Principle workshop on Saturday 16 y Sunday 17 of march. One sister Dolores from the province of Murcia in the east cost of Spain has been witnessing for a while and as a fruit of it she could bring 5 guests to a 2 day DP workshop ant our training center, “El manantial del corazón”.
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Germany Yearbook 2018


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Norway celebrates International Women’s Day
Oslo, Norway, March 8, 2019


By Marea Toresen
In honor of International Women’s Day 2019, WFWP Norway teamed up with Furuset Library and Bydelsmødre to organize a community event celebrating womanhood and connecting women of all backgrounds to the important resources available to them. The event was held in the heart of a local library where all of the library’s visitors could freely join the event.
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100th Anniversary of the Korean Independence Movement
Vienna, Austria, March 7, 2019


By Elisabeth Cook
70 guests attended on March 7, 2019 an evening organized by UPF-Austria in commemoration of the 100. anniversary of the Korean Independence Movement. Martin Putz, who had been studying Korean language and history at the University of Vienna during the last 2 years, gave a lecture on the historical background of the Korean independence movement in 1919, including the story of the young lady Yu Kwan-sun, who was one of the victims of the independence movement and who became a national heroine.
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Marriage Course
Vienna, Austria, March 9, 2019


By Josef Gundacker
The marriage course enabled participants to spend time together as couples, to get to know each other better and to grow closer together. The meetings took place on eight afternoons in Seidengasse from the beginning of November. In a relaxed, family atmosphere, food was lovingly prepared and served by members, and the participants were able to settle and open up.  - read more

Eradication of Fake and Substandard Medications
Copenhagen, Denmark, March 5, 2019

By Thorkil Christensen
In honor of International Women’s Day 2019, WFWP Norway teamed up with Furuset Library and Bydelsmødre to organize a community event celebrating womanhood and connecting women of all backgrounds to the important resources available to them. The event was held in the heart of a local library where all of the library’s visitors could freely join the event.
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Women Day
Madrid, Spain, March 8, 2019

By Marcia de Abreu
This event was organized in partnership with Vicente Ferrer Foundation. We had a photographic exhibition presented by Vicente Ferrer Foundation, on women contributing to the community, in India. And a round table with representatives of 4 different NGOs:
Luz María Sanz Masedo, representative of VFF
Ana de las Heras, representative of Akshy Association
Jyotsna Sharma, business woman
Marcia de Abreu, representative of WFWP Spain
Around 40 people attended the event. The speakers were able to move the audience in regard to their commitment to serving women in India. 

Special Relationship between The Netherlands and Surinam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 2, 2019


By Hans Campman
On Saturday 2 March 2019, UPF/WFWP organized a Lunch Meeting with the theme “Discussing the Special Relationship between The Netherlands and Surinam” in Amsterdam. The focus was on the special interreligious cohesion in Surinam where different religions are living peacefully and warmly together and what this means for the association between religions in The Netherlands.
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Romania CARP Discusses Siblings and Friends
Bucharest, Romania, March 1, 2019


Greetings from Romania!
We are so grateful to offer this report! We organized Open Event at Romania CARP center. This time the topic was ‘Sibling’s Love and Friendship’. This is the 3rd series of program about ‘True Family Value’. We are organizing this program once in 2 weeks in order to share the True Family Value. Because a lot of young people are confused about value of Family, Relationships and Love which are most important for our lives.
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Kalmyk Evening
Vienna, Austria, February 28, 2019


By Elisabeth Cook
On February 28th UPF Austria hosted a cultural event which was initiated by an association for cultural dialogue and cultural heritage of Eurasian indigenous peoples, KultEurasia.
One of this groups are the Kalmyks, a Mongolian tribe which is located near the Caspian See in Russia. They are the only group within the European borders whose language is Mongolian and whose religion is the Tibetan Buddhism. They have been keeping their Buddhist traditions to this day.
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CARP Japanese Event
Rome, Italy, February 17 , 2019

A CARP Japanese event was organized in La Spezia Street 73, Rome. At the beginning of the meeting, Davide Chirulli and Valerio Tammiso gave the welcoming remarks and displayed the program, then giving two informational presentations about CARP and about Japan. Consequently, the room was organized in three different posts, each of them designated for a specific activity. The first, gently guided by Miyuki, provided a first approach to origami, showing several of her compositions and teaching, with various passages, how to build a swan, able to flap its wings. The second activity, guided by Midori, exhibited different types of ideograms in Chinese characters written with ink on rice paper. Whoever desired, had the possibility to directly try the experience, and receive a bookmark with its own name written in Japanese. In the third post, guided by Davide, it was possible to practice the Tea Ceremony, of the typical Japanese Matcha tea, with the use of traditional tools. Evryone could try and taste the tea so produced. Every 20 minutes a group finished the experience in one of the post, it could leave the post to another group and take part in another activity. The purpose of each one of these activities was to introduce the participants to the Japanese culture, in a direct and practical way. The feedback was really positive and many of the people present look forward to the next CARP activities in program. To conclude the event, a celebratory toast of peace and a short message given by President Elisabetta Nistri, followed by a rich buffet of snacks, drinks and obviously... SUSHI!!!

CARP Witnessing
Vienna, Austria, February 14 , 2019


By Elisabeth Cook
On 14th February the first group of GMP missionaries from the Sun Moon University finished their witnessing time in Vienna and returned to Korea. They left behind 8 good guests who had attended 1-and 2-day DP workshops and many other programs. They are looked after by CARP members.
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100 Years since the Korean March First Independence Movement
Helsinki, Finland, March 3, 2019

Here the news on a public lecture in occasion of a 100 years since the Korean March First (Samil) -independence movement delivered by M.Phil. Jorma Hynninen as an after worship service program on 3rd March 2019 in Maunulan asukastalo, Helsinki. Fifteen FFWPU members were attracted to rich and in depths presentation on situations and events prior, during and after the independence movement, followed by questions and answers.

Classic Concert for Japanese Families 
and Blessing in Japanese Temple
Düsseldorf, Germany, March 2, 2019


By Werner Fehlberg
Michiko organized a concert for Japanese Families with mostly small children on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 in the Japanese Temple (EKO-Haus für Japanische Kultur) in Düsseldorf. All guests have been her patients as a gynaecologist. 16 families came to the concert. Erika Kamura (piano), Risa Higashi
(Oboe) and Andy Chen (Violin) have been the artists who presented us an hour of absolutely beautiful classical music from Mozart to Pachebel.   - read more

2019 Hyojeong Culture and Arts 
Youth Camp Report 


By Katharina Bae 
The WS was a pure sense of achievement for me. I didn’t think I could gain so much from a musical WS. My motivation for wanting to attend: God is an indescribable creator, and with the talents He has given us, it's simply our job to be grateful, share them, and make people happy. 
We were 102 participants, of which about 80% were Koreans. With Yujin and myself from Germany, the International group consisted of sisters from the Philippines, Thailand, Africa, Japan and the US. On average, we spent 6–8 hours singing, dancing and acting every day. Before our training began, we meditated for 10 minutes and did stretching exercises. In the evenings we stretched, prayed, recited the 5th family pledge, sang, and reflected. Sundays were our days off. Most Sundays we spent practicing, but we went to Cheongpyeong and to the Magnolia Cafe once. 

Ambassadors for Peace New Year Gathering 
Copenhagen, Denmark, February 19, 2019 


Thursday February 14th, 2019 UPF held a New Year gathering in the UPF Peace Center in Copenhagen which was attended by 35 Ambassadors for Peace and friends of UPF. 
After the opening remarks a Christian minister, Bente Pihl, read a prayer of Saint Francis. Speaker, author and female opinion maker Birgitte Baadegaard talked about the topic “Empathy and compassion - the premise for peace, inside and around us”. She said: “The inner consciousness of compassion in me is so crucial to whether I can live it further in the outer world. To activate empathy, we must remember to activate two other feelings, namely: gratitude and reverence …. in continuation of the reverence and the spiritual requirement of this word lies a mindset inspired by an Indian philosophy of life:  -  read more

Sharing True Mother’s Heart and Dreams with the Italian Leadership 
Colle Mattia, Rome, Italy, March 2 - 3, 2019 


By Giuseppe Cali 
On March 2nd and 3rd we held a leaders’ meeting in Roma Colle Mattia, with the participation of 30 leaders, among them 11 2nd generation representing YSP, CARP, various department and vice pastors. The main part was about conveying True Mother’s direction for the fulfillment of vision 2020, but we went through the Europe branch of Cheong Pyong providence coming soon to Italy, the Tribal messiahs’ providence, the development of our youth movement and leadership. By sharing the communities’ situation, the Tribal messiah providence and the development of UPF, WFWP and YSP, we evaluated the chances and possible paths to the restoration of the country by 2020. While being well aware of the complexity of the task and the lack of physical resources, we could still find hope and determination enough to challenge this ambitious task. Our main strength was True Mother Heart and guidance given especially in the last period in Korea. We all felt her absolute confidence in the infinite possibilities of this providential time and the need of absolute unity with her heart and among ourselves. 
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Austria Leaders' Meeting 
Vienna, Austria, March 2 - 3, 2019 


By Elisabeth Cook 
On March 2-3, 2019 the Austrian community leaders, youth leaders and leaders of providential organisations gathered for a meeting. Those who attended the events in Korea around Foundation Day could share their experiences and impressions with them. On the morning of the first day Peter Zöhrer reported about the ILC and the Sunhak Peace Price, I shared some of the contents of True Mothers speeches and my impressions about it, and Janine Waldmann, community leader of Carinthia and successful Heavenly Tribal Messiah shared about the HTM workshop in Korea which she attended.   - read more

Eastern Europe Regional News 
March 5, 2019 


DONE 2018 Reflections 


By ESGD Team 
Dear Blessed Families! 
DONE 018 successfully ended in December 2018 and we will soon start DONE Mission One after a break, after participants could return home and reconnect with their families and friends. It has been a very full, exciting and intense period spent together and everyone could experience, learn and create a lot. DONE aims to provide education and create an environment to support participants in building their relationship to God and furthering their understanding of life. The education is designed to help mature the understanding of True Parents, their mission and the identity of Blessed children. 

Youth Sunday Service and Korean Lesson 
Padua, Italy, January 27 , 2019 


By Elena Chirulli 
A common dream that has become a reality, dedicated to the culture of encounter. On Sunday, January 27th a meeting took place in Padua, attended by several young people who live in the north of our beautiful peninsula. Smiling looks, happy to meet and full of life accompanied the day, which involved young people aged 14 to 35, from different cities, including Padua, Bergamo, Brescia, Turin, Milan. An event organized by CARP ITALIA in collaboration with the FFPMU. 

Graduation Il Shim
Warsaw, Poland, February 18, 2019 


By Martha Kral 
l Shim is a program and training for 2nd Generation. During the program, we organized 10 session where we could support the youth. The activities were created to train the youth in the following points: 
•Growing your Life of Faith by supporting you in creating a unique relationship with God and discovering tools to support that relationship. 
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Marriage Blessing as part of the 
"Marriage Week" 
Stuttgart, Germany, February 17, 2019 


Patricia Wenzel (English: Catriona Valenta) 
Already at our last Vision 2020 meeting in September, we had formulated the plan to hold a Blessing in Stuttgart on Foundation Day, February 17, 2019. We had never before arranged a date so far in advance. 
But it became increasingly difficult to make a concrete plan. What kind of Blessing should it be and what kind of guests should be invited? We had also discussed the possibility that another religious community might join us, but this idea had to be abandoned at the last minute. We were about to give up the whole idea… but then we thought: „No, the spiritual world should help and bring people to us. We will do the organizing and make the investment, and they will send us the people.’’ 

Eastern Europe Regional News 
February 18, 2019 


Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarship Award Ceremony 
Cheong Pyeong, South Korea, February 13, 2019 

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3rd Sunhak Peace Prize 2019 
Seoul, South Korea, February 9, 2019 

http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001EzU5wpH3SC59-DT7qwCbnPpblmNNvKVrCJe3WKhYMqzCTKoyww-sJzaEgSgQWy49Xj2zfwp6DvfQW-W9CIYOJJQpHyUDB8AS3l68UPfF1s4BLaGp8iefL6VGbUbxQ2JjsXrNS2vbYW3qCtUpoElYGA==&c=fzxWP1vKz5I40lR6TfDwZCZxF6sZdEP07ob7WARgHEKFjmETANcrPw==&ch=emLyAtWX9E_2_0lI9bBo81kBcEU346VhyyCg-3hcv7bG4aT57iVHig== http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001EzU5wpH3SC59-DT7qwCbnPpblmNNvKVrCJe3WKhYMqzCTKoyww-sJ-VYWXQM5dpWDaKelGO4eN-Jd-IR76RzC0rQXi3D6aIC-xTqBvWQDfoCBcfZBhMrza7PSZK86Z_1xYSuuvenAFaDPFswOjWJpw==&c=fzxWP1vKz5I40lR6TfDwZCZxF6sZdEP07ob7WARgHEKFjmETANcrPw==&ch=emLyAtWX9E_2_0lI9bBo81kBcEU346VhyyCg-3hcv7bG4aT57iVHig== 
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Link to previous Sunhak Peace Prize videos: https://vimeo.com/album/4863254

HTM Activity in Estonia 
Tallin, Estonia, February 14, 2019

By Avo and Olga Martinson 
Today, on a sunny day on Valentine’s Day in Tallinn’s Old Town, 30 beautiful married couples from around the world and 8 single people received the Blessing! We gave them greeting cards with words about family and our contac details. We took pictures of them and their names. People were very grateful and some made a donation. 
Amazing experience, we are grateful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents!!!

Voices of Peace
Dear Brothers and Sisters,, 
This time, we covered the the Summit in South Africa and in Nepal. An Ambassador for Peace, university professor and Blessed couple, Emilio Asti wrote a very good article about the geopolitics of the pacific area. 
We covered the launch of YSP in Europe with an article of Godwin Chionna, who is the coordinator for the South Europe region. I asked Robert Kittel to write an article about the YSP as well. A very very meaningful contribution. 
We gave a lot of space to the Sunhak Peace Prize and we covered the Balkan Peace Road 2018. 
Best Regards, Giorgio Gasperoni   -  read more

Celebrate the Joy of Friendship 
Makelankatu, Finland, February 15, 2019 

By Keijo Mikkanen 
Program started with djembe drumming experience in a circle that brought us, participants originally from 3 continents and from seven different countries, closely together in harmony. Followed by sharing of experiences by couples Ben and Nana Selorm and Keijo and Sumiko Mikkanen on how they met and on what they have gone through together in their life while going beyond the boundaries of tribe, nation and culture by experiencing God´s grace and guidance.  read more

One Day Divine Principle Seminar 
Colle Mattia, Rome, Italy, February 9, 2019 

By Elisabetta Nistri 
On the 9th of February at the centre of Colle Mattia, Rome, there was held a one day seminary of the Divine Principle. There were 11 guests and several brothers and sisters. The teachers Ignazio Cabras and Elisabetta Calì were able to transfer the deep significance of the message and the revelation that God has given in the present days to Reverend Moon. 
-   read more

Blessing Festival 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, February 9, 2019  

By Hans Campman 
In Amsterdam, on Saturday afternoon Feb. 9th we had a successful Blessing Festival, which was attended by 80 people. 
The main idea of the Festival. 
UPF, in cooperation with FFWPU, WFWP and the “Liberian Association” held the event, called the Peace- and Family Festival in community centre "No limit" in the outskirts of Amsterdam. For the occasion we had invited a singer from our own ranks, Mr James Houston from Sweden who is an outstanding Soul – and Gospel singer with a broad and varied repertoire of songs. In several Scandinavian countries he has been appreciated for his unique warm and mellow voice in combination with his modest and dignified appearance. In Holland, as a key element of the Festival we wanted to treat our audience to the experience of joyful togetherness by singing well-known popular songs with a deep meaning and beautiful melodies. 

Seonghwa and Wonjeong Ceremony for Alain Suaris 
Copenhagen, Denmark, February 9, 2019 

By Nobuhiro Igarashi 
Our beloved brother, Alain Suaris ascended to the spirit world on 9 February 2019 - almost 70 years old - after short, serious illness. 
His Seonghwa Ceremony was held on 16 February at the FFWPU Church Center on Birmavej; 
the Wonjeong Ceremony took place at Sundby Cemetery, not far from the Center, and subsequently a farewell lunch was offered by the Center for everyone. 

Hoyjeong Cheongpyeong Special Event 
Tirana, Albania, February 2 - 3, 2019 

The Changyang team and this workshop was the best experience of my life until now. It was so spiritual experience for me because usually I don’t think too much I just do things, but during this time in Mullet 
WS Center during the practice time I understood how to live a life everyday offering our devotion and hard work 100% for God and True Parents. 

Eastern Europe Regional News 
February 12, 2019 


Telling Our Stories 
Birmingham, United Kingdom, January, 2019 

By Patricia Earle 
Just over 100 women gathered together for the most recent Peace Meeting, in which several women shared their personal stories. When we each briefly introduced ourselves, our name and country of origin, we found there were just over 40 different nationalities in our gathering. This unique richness never fails to be a source of wonder! 
We heard from several different speakers during the evening. Razia, Managing Director of Himaya Haven, explained about her important work supporting the family members of people in prison, describing them as 'silent victims on the outside'. Himaya Haven enables them to access appropriate and timely support at every stage of the Criminal Justice System. 

Ten Years Blessing Anniversary Celebration 
Oslo, Norway, February 10, 2019 

Three 2nd gen couples organized a party to celebrate their 10 years Blessing Anniversary. This was a private initiative. They planned and financed the event themselves and invited over sixty of their friends to share this special day. They also invited their guests to renew their wedding vows together with them. 
The program began with a delicious buffet lunch. There were quizzes, a photo booth and activities for children. There was also a slideshow with photos of the three couples from the time of their blessing up until today (each of the couples now have two children). 
The main program included a short testimony from each couple and video greetings from family and friends abroad. The program concluded with an explanation of the meaning of the Blessing, a holy wine ceremony and benediction prayer. Finally the three couples cut the wedding cake together! 

“Fanaticism and Tolerance – Obstacle and Impetus for the Interfaith Dialogue” 
Bratislava, Slovakia, February 8, 2019 

By Barbara Grabner 
Like in the previous years, UPF Slovakia made efforts to make known the World Interfaith Harmony Week. Since intolerance hampers the dialogue in our society, UPF organized a panel discussion to listen to diverging views. Five speakers from various backgrounds agreed to give a talk. To open up minds at the beginning the beautiful WIHW video “The Gift of Love” by Sami Yusuf was shown. Afterwards UPF Secretary General Milos Klas explained in his introductory message the nature of fanaticism. 

Heavenly Parent's Day 
Madrid, Spain, February 5, 2019 

By Maryvonne Jamois 
On February 5, (1.1 7 of CIG) at 7.00 am some families from Madrid community gathered to celebrate this very special day, celebrating 52. Heavenly Parent´s Day, 18. Anniversary of Coronation Ceremony for God´s Kingship and 60th True Parent´s Day. 
After reciting the Pledge together, and remembering the sacrifices made by True Parents especially during the first seven years course after the Holy Blessing, we showed two shorts videos from True Father speaking in USA, in 1974, and 1996. It´s always very inspiring to see True Father speaking with so much energy and love for the audience. We finished cutting the cake and sharing breakfast together. 
God´s day has always been a very special day and we want to pass the tradition of celebrating it to our children and grand children. 
We are grateful to our True Parents to establish this very special day and send all our love and our best wishes for our beloved True Mother for the 7th year of CIG. 

World Interfaith Harmony Week 
Prague, Czech Republic, February 4, 2019 

By Juraj Lajda 
On February 4th, 2019 the Czech UPF chapter together with the Christian Community organized an interfaith gathering on the occasion of World Interfaith Harmony Week. The motto of the meeting was “Passing on the tradition and faith and the freedom of choice. ” 
After short welcoming speeches by Rev. Tomas Boněk, pastor of the Christian Community and Dr. Juraj Lajda, president UPF, the representatives of world religions joined in a symbolic ceremony of lightening the candles and pouring out water into one bowl which represented harmony among different religions. During this ceremony each representative person expressed some wisdom, thought or wish related to his or her religion. 

World Interfaith Harmony Week 
Bonn, Germany, February 3, 2019 

By Gregor Sattler 
On Sunday 3 February, UPF Bonn hosted an event attended by participants from various religious back-grounds and world views, as a part of Interfaith Harmony Week, which takes place annually in the first week of February. A proposal made by King Abdullah II of Jordan resulted in a resolution made by the UNO on 20 October 2010 establishing the World Interfaith Harmony Week. Thus, the General Assembly of the UNO: 

Florence, Religions on the Road 
Florence, Italy, February 3, 2019 

By Aldo D’Onofrio 
On Sunday 3 February, in Florence, the First Interreligious Walk took place, involving about 22 different religious and spiritual traditions, including: Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Protestant, Unificationist, Buddhist, Hindu, etc. The event was promoted by the City of Florence, with the theme: "Florence, Community on the road; to dialogue, to meet, to welcome oneself. " 
The initiative is part of the World Interfaith Harmony Week promoted by the UN. 

Family Blessing Event 
Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain, February 3, 2019 

By Maryvonne Jamois 
Before True Parent´s Birthday and Anniversary of Foundation Day we wanted to offer something substantial as a community to Heavenly Parent and True Parents so we organized a Blessing ceremony in Barcelona last week, and this week in Madrid. 
After a few words of welcome by Enrique and Marcia who emceed the event, we sing together “song of the banquet” and invited our special guest singer, Maristela Gruber, brazilian singer who interpreted Ave Maria from Schubert. Her song and her voice elevated us all and we were ready to enter in the spirit of the Blessing ceremony. 
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