Commemorative Cheon Il Guk Pledge Service to Celebrate the 61st Anniversary of True Parent
Cheongshim World Peace Center, April 27, 2021



HJ Global News
06.03.08 (17.04.2021)
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1. True Mother's activities
Special Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community Worship Service of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World, Subregion 2 of Heavenly Japan

2. World News
Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities(Graduation Ceremony for CheonBo Academy’s Cheonbo Leaders’School)
Peace initiatives(UPF Ethiopia, Book Published on Soldiers who Fought in the Korean War / UPF Heavenly Korea, Local Mobilization for One Million Peace Lovers / Heavenly Latin America, WFWP 29th Anniversary Celebration / Heavenly America, Forum Marking Women’s History Month)
Youth Activities(Paraguay CARP, Online Praise Worship)
In other News (Heavenly Japan, 2021 Installation and Training for Newly Appointed Leaders)


IAYSP 2021 General Assembly
April 17, 2021


Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 177

Spring Time in the Providence
EUME Region joined Worship, April 11, 2021


Spring Time in the Providence
Dr. Michael Balcomb, April 11, 2021


True Peace Magazine
April 2021

English - French - Spanish - Japanese - Korean

Nordic Rally of Hope
April 11, 2021

By Steinar Murud

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland cooperated on launching the Nordic Rally of Hope, with the title «Interdependence and mutual prosperity». Our European Director gave an introduction and called everyone to think about how each one can contribute to peace.

The introduction was followed by an interfaith ceremony where 11 religious representatives participated.

3rd Interreligious Zoom meeting in France
April 11, 2021

By Jean-François Moulinet

UPF-France organized an interreligious Zoom meeting on the topic: Beginnings 1-Creation.

We sent a few texts on the topic (from the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Koran) to the 85 people who registered (from France, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Canada, Congo, Mali, Switzerland, Italy). (45 members + 40 guests; 42 people attended until the end; and more people attended on Facebook.)

The program was:
A short introduction by Jean-François Moulinet, of the Interreligious Forum “Dialogue & Alliance” of UPF-France.
Readings of sacred texts, which were commented by a representative of different religions:
· VEDA-BUDDHISM: Venerable Michel Thao-Chan, founding-president of the Cercle de Réflexion des Nations
· UDEO-CHRISTIANITY: Gaël Cosendai, Christian pianist
· ISLAM: Professor Boumédiène Benhiaya, founder of the Kalima Institute
· UNIFICATIONISM: Mr. Didier Guignard, founder of the Club-Science-Paris

Mr. Jacques Marion, President of UPF-France, presented some coming activities before we had one 20-minute group discussion.
The next Zoom meeting is scheduled for the beginning of May, on the topic: “Beginnings 1-Humanity”.

· https://vimeo.com/538105709


HJ CheonBo Heavenly Europe and Middle East Special VOD Event
April 10, 2021

”I am grateful we could offer our Training Center at the first time as a place for CheonBo activity. I did all my ancestors' liberation and blessing, so I wanted to offer myself to be a representative for others and liberate resentful spirits from me. My attitude was to be their friend and if we are somehow together, let's cooperate and help each other. During the Chanyang session I realized, God forgives everyone and True Parents as God's embodiment want to forgive every single person and those spirits are more than our friends, they are our brothers and sisters and through this environment and nice event, they can feel it. So I prayed for that and through my tears, I think they felt it. It was interesting, that when I looked at the picture (Cheongpyeong with angels, Heaven in Heaven) during the first session my eyesight went through from to bottom and realized in each detail what it means and how it connects to the event in the process. Before praying in front of Hyo Ji Nim's picture I had heavy feelings. Now it is the first time I felt he invites us for a tea, and enjoy the time together with his wife and us (me and my husband) in a beautiful landscape. I was so happy.”

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HTM Stories
David & Kyung-Ja Hanna


Sun Myung Moon, A Legacy of Love -Life, Teachings, and Testimonies
Portugal, April 10, 2021

By Dr. Sergio Vieira

Universal Peace Federation held an event in memory of the Founder of this International organization, who affectionately was called Father Moon or Father of Peace, by the vast majority of the friends and supporters of this Global Movement.

This was a UPF national initiative, which aims to make known other aspects of his Life and Work, not so much addressed in the events of last year Centenary Celebrations, namely his most challenging teachings in his life cause of searching for world Peace.

The Program initiated with an introductory video with some passages of Sun Myung Moon teachings, and four national Testimonies.

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HJ Global News
23. - 29.02.09 - (04. - 10.04.2021)

English - Spanish - French - Japanese - Korean

1. Heavenly Parent's Holy Community's Peace Festival

2. World News
Peace initiatives (the Asia Pacific, UPF Webinar / South America, UPF Conference on Reunification on the Korean Peninsula / The Korea Association of Religions, Meeting of Religious Leaders 2021)
In other news (Japan, "Il-lim jeol": Visit of holy grounds to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of True Father's first trip to Japan / Japan, Special meeting to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the "Leda" project in South America)

Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 176

If you have missed previous editions you can see them here:

Czech Republic HQ New National Church Area, Youth Center, and Accommodation Reconstruction


Peace Festival
April 4, 2021



A Pilgrimage Walk
April 10, 2021

A pilgrimage walk along Red Square took place today. April 8-12, 1990 True Parents visited Moscow. We tried to find the places where pictures with True Parents were taken.

UPF Today
Vol. 15, No. 1, 2021

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Hyojeong Blessing Festival
Testimony by Julika and Alex LaBrooy

Honoring the Parents of Peace

2020 may be remembered for a while as the Year of the Virus, but more importantly, it was the Centenary year of our True Father, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon (1920-2012), and also the 60th year since our True Parents’ holy wedding in 1960.
To commemorate these two auspicious anniversaries, members of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community from 60 nations throughout the Europe and Middle East Region invested themselves in exhibitions, street fairs, billboards, seminars, publications, and multimedia presentations. Many of these efforts moved online after lockdown. Now, the fruits of all that work are collected together in this beautiful publication.

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Make the Most of Marriage
April 25, 2021

Here is the much-requested recording of our meeting with David Perry, enjoy watching!


Medley in Four Languages
Hyo-Myung Luc Andre & Harue Peham


IMAP: Responsibility of Mass Media and Contemporary Media in an Era of Global Upheavals
Moscow, Russia, April 9, 2021

Please have a look at the IMAP conference in Moscow, which was held yesterday, April 9th. The last photo is a blogger with 22 000 subscribers, who won a True Mother's autobiography and proudly wrote about it in her blog. I hope you will enjoy it!

We installed roll-ups and put up posters. Today we conducted 3 excursions, which were attended by 27 people. 4 of them were introduced to the Movement for the first time, and there were also several guests who received different levels of education on the Divine Principle. After one of the excursions, we listened to Alexey Popov's concert " Musical understanding of the world-10 years!". A man with a difficult history, who, thanks to the care of a large family and an amazing teacher, was able to overcome a lot in his life.

Guests could also drink tea and discuss the exhibition and future plans for joint projects. Thank you to the Heavenly Parent, True Parents, and the good spiritual world - everything was fine.

The next part of the exhibition will take place within 5 days in our office, where we will invite people via social networks.


Rise of K-pop and the Road of Peace to Pyongyang
Estonia, April 10, 2021

This webinar series promotes the peaceful unification of North and South Korea, it also seeks for possible ways that can help unification to take place.

In this webinar first panellist, Ms Maari Hinsberg, researcher of South Korean music, shared how the historical background of K-pop and how it has developed and explained how big a role the pop culture in South Korea has and how it is connected with other aspects of human life! Especially was great to hear the words of the president that “in the 21st century, culture is power” and how music can play such a vital role in the unification of North and South Korea.

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Launch of True Mother's Memoirs in Island

Today, 7th of April 2021 the historical launch of True Mothers autobiography “Mother of Peace who wipes away the tears of humankind” was launched in Iceland.

Workshops for Second Generation on Spring School Vacation
Belarus, April 7 - 9, 2021

By Vitaly Maksimov

The 2-day seminar on the Divine Principle was held for 12 Second Generation children of grades 7-9 on April 1 and 2 at the Morning House training center in Korolevo. The children listened to 4 lectures on the Divine Principle, learned to set goals and fulfill them and took part in a service project helping local kindergarten with cleaning and painting. Children were very inspired and happy to see each other after a long break.

The one-day seminar "Life with God is full of adventure!" was held on April 3 for 2nd Generation children 11-12 years old. At the seminar participants discussed the topic of the Messiah: what it means to follow the Messiah, what traditions will lead us to God.

During the year at Sunday School, the children studied the life of Jesus, and at the workshop, they visited the Orthodox Church. The goal was to show that following the Messiah always presupposes rules and traditions, and they are like curbs on the path of helping and leading to God. At the lectures, we talked about the traditions set by True Parents. All the children named the traditions which help them not to go astray from God.

During the play "One Day in the Life of the Messiah," the children realized how difficult it is for the Messiah to help and serve people all the time. And as a physical and intellectual warm-up, we organized a challenging quest and a quiz!

HARP Spring Workshop
"My Principles - Reconnecting"
Spain, March 27 - 30, 2021

By Rodrigo Lopez

This year the spring workshop was organized online through zoom. In total there were four sessions spread over four different days and the program consisted of talks/testimonies, colloquia, and group games.

Despite the limitations, it was a very dynamic course with very good content. The speakers were Armando, with his lectures entitled "The twelve pillars of the thought of the True Parents"; David Piqué, who spoke on the subject of faith; Maryvonne, who spoke to us about the providence of Cheongpeyeong and the current True Mother course; and on the last day Sebastián and Segundo gave us testimonies about the early days of the church in Spain.

All the talks were recorded and can be viewed again.

Every day there were about 20 connections. We are very happy to see our brothers and sisters even though the screen and to have been able to share this time with them.

We hope it was an opportunity for reflection and personal inspiration and at the same time a time to enjoy as a family.

Easter Greetings

Dear Family,
Happy Easter! Fumiko and I send you our warm greetings from London. This is such an important season and time in our Unification history. It was 86 years ago tomorrow that the risen Jesus called our True Father to his mission, and later this month, we will also celebrate the 61st Anniversary of that special day in 1960 when Heavenly Parent’s true son and daughter were joined in holy matrimony, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb as promised in the Scriptures. On April 27 we will celebrate Heavenly Parent’s Day, True Parents’ Day, and the 61st Anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding.

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Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 175

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Peace Festival
April 4, 2021

Youth Heroes' Award Ceremony
April 3, 2021

Portugal Easter HARP Workshop
March 31 - April 2, 2021

International East HARP Workshop

April 1 - 3, 2021

Greetings from Turkey
April 1, 2021

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“Women’s Role in Creating a Culture of Peace”
March 27, 2021

WFWP Eurasia in cooperation with WFWP of Poland held an International conference “Women’s role in creating a culture of peace”. There were participants from 15 nations. There are still conflicts, tension and misunderstanding in the relationships between several countries and that is why it was especially important to understand what women (wives, mothers, grandmothers) can do to contribute to peace and harmony in the region and in the world.

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FFWPU UK 2020 Annual Report

Last year, as the grim reality of Covid-19 spread across the country, it felt to most of us as if everything we had been hoping to achieve in 2020 was snatched away the moment we were all told to stay home and effectively wait out this pandemic. Nevertheless, the vision and determination of our members never wavered when faced with such unprecedented challenges, and this is something that truly shines through on every single page of this annual report.

We, the communications team, hope that those reading it will feel the same gratitude and admiration for what was accomplished during 2020 that we did as each report landed in our inbox. It is nothing short of inspirational to learn how the communities and departments that comprise our UK movement supported one another and overcame every obstacle in their efforts to continue sharing True Parents’ message in new and exciting ways!

If you would like to purchase extra copies of the annual report, please fill out the order form or send an email to comms@ffwpu.org.uk

Additional copies: £3 each, 4 for £10 or 12 for £25

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Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 174

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HJ Youth Blessing Festival - True Mother's Speech
March 27, 2021

HJ Youth Blessing Festival
March 27, 2021

Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 173

If you have missed previous editions you can see them here:

True Peace Magazine
March 2021

English - French - Spanish - Japanese - Korean


RISE to Happiness
March 20, 2021

News from Shin Albania

Round Table
Barcelona, Spain, March 11, 2021

At the same time, a painting exhibition dedicated to Women is being held to celebrate Women's Day.
The exhibition is a collective sample of several artists, from the GRUPDARTassociation, entitled “Les Mans de les Arts”. The Hands of the Arts.
Marcia de Abreu, the President of the AMPM of Spain, and WFWP Secretary-General in Europe introduced the importance of women being able to actively contribute to the Construction of Peace. She read and commented on the Article on the Declaration of Human Rights. Promoted respect, service to others, and harmony in society that begins in the family. We need education, not only academic but on common principles and shared values, that helps us understand that we are interdependent and that motivates us to work for mutual prosperity.

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Interreligious online conference on the topic „Body -Spirit -Society“
Austria, March 16, 2021

By Elisabeth Cook

The second interreligious conference organized by the Austrian Family Federation this year was held on the topic of how religions view the body and the relationship between body and spirit and how this influences society. The Bible quote which served as a guideline, was „Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?“ (1.Cor 3:16)

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Personal Experiences from the Country of Morning Calm
ZOOM, Estonia, March 13, 2021

These webinar series are brought about to introduce the life experiences from the Korean peninsula and to gather together people in support of the reunification of North and South Korea. In this webinar first panelist, Mrs.Tiiu Kirsipuu, a famous Estonian sculptor, shared her experiences in South Korean city Gongju, where she was in the art of residency for one month and where she created exhibition displaying pillows, pictures of rice fields on them.

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Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 172

If you have missed previous editions you can see them here:

HJ CheonBo Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Special VOD Event
March 6, 2021

”I thank to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the grace of liberation and the blessing of the ancestors, for the opportunity to participate in this CheonBo event, to be free from the influence of evil spirits and their work. During the time of Prs. Lee Gi-Song’s lecture I heard a praising song, although the song was not heard physically, they were heard by my heart, and I was touched by his devotion. It prompted me to cry with tears of gratitude and love for my True Parents. I really want the time when people can finally live in the Cheon Il Guk and it would come as soon as possible. So, that our beloved Heavenly Parent can finally rejoice, and find peace in His heart, and a home for Himself in this physical world, where people would yearn to live in accordance with His laws in his boundless eternal True Love, which cannot be compared to anything! Thank you!”

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Sunday Fellowship, Central European Region
March 7, 2021

IAED Webinar on the Balkans
ZOOM, Albania, March 11, 2021

Dear all, warm greetings from Albania!
We are happy to report that we had a successful webinar on the Balkans with the participation of high-level experts as panelists.
Attached to this email is a short report about the webinar.
I would like to use the opportunity to thank the EUME IAED Coordinator Mr. Enrique Miguel and also Ole Toresen for initiating and coordinating the organization of the webinar.

Gani Rroshi
Secretary General, Universal Peace Federation, Albania

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Surviving the Pandemic and Staying Sane
Tezaur TV, Moldova, March 10, 2021

By Andrei Ensanu

I was invited to TV channel (Tezaur TV) and radio station (sputnik Moldova) to share about the youth forum organized by IAYSP Europe - "Surviving the Pandemic and staying Sane". - Link to watch the program
Comment from the TV presenter - Your organization is doing good things.
I can say only thank you from humanity for your work.
As well I was invited to youth radio Moldova to explain more details about the next event of IAYSP Europe on UN Day of Happiness - Rise to Happiness.
YSP Moldova Director, Cornelia Garanovschi and her team continue the "Our Helping Hand" project, one of the winners of the Peace Designer Europe project competition. This time they helped two poor families with children with disabilities from their village. The house of one family burned down recently. After visiting and giving some clothes they started collecting money to support that family


Today UPF Moldova had another invitation by the media. It was the same channel Tezaur TV where Andrei Esanu spoke yesterday about YSP event.
Diana Esanu was invited to share about the UPF Georgia event on March 7 where she spoke about balancing the family and career. For about 15 min. Diana answered the detailed questions of the presenter about who the speakers were, what they said, where the recording can be watched etc. and testified warmly about True Mother's very public lifestyle.
Link to watch program - Diana speaks from 45:24 onward.
Both interviews were arranged by an AfP, Mrs. Gutiera Prodan.

An Interreligious Zoom Meeting
France, March 7, 2021

By Jean-François Moulinet

We chose the theme of “Encountering God in the Scriptures” and to the 75 people who registered (from France, Switzerland, Italy, Mali, Congo, Burkina Faso). We sent them a few texts on the topic (from the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Koran).

We had readings of sacred texts, which were commented by a representative of different religions:
o Rabbin Joseph Abittan, from Nice, who sent us a video from Jerusalem
o Mrs Soraya Ayouch, member of the Fondation Al Moultaqa, Tarika Kadiria Boutchichya
o Father Daniel Foucher, catholic priest from Nantes
o Mr. Jean-François Moulinet, Vice-President of UPF-France.

Also Mr Didier Guignard offered the song “Le feu de ton amour”.
We then had one 20-minute group discussion.

Watch the recording

HJ Global News
17. - 23.01.09 - (28.02. - 06.03.2021)
English - Spanish - French - Japanese - Korean

Special Video on True Parents
5th Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World
Conference on the Theory for the Establishment of Heavenly Unified Korea
Hyojeong CheonBo Special Great Works
Victory celebration for the 5th Rally of Hope, True Parents' Birthday, and Foundation Day

Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 171

5th Rally of Hope - Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon
February 28, 2021

Respected leaders, peace ambassadors, and beloved blessed families both within and without the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community!
Today, we can no longer delay things: this is an occasion on which to renew our resolve. Human history and civilizations have developed along rivers. Though 5,000 long years have passed since the Egyptian civilization flourished centered on the River Nile, Egypt today possesses a cultural heritage that is like a miracle. They were aware that life on earth was short and sought to be as close as possible to Heaven, with the hope that they might live forever in the eternal world. As a result, their heritage shows how much devotion they invested for that.

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Launch of True Mother's Memoirs at a Local TV Station
Skhodra, Albania, March 5, 2021

In the city of Skhodra, Albania, national leader Mrs. Manjola Vasmatics and City leader Arnold Grami were interviewed by a local TV station for 40 minutes. The discussion centered around the launch of True Mother's memoirs, Mother of Peace. This is the third citywide broadcast in the past month; the earlier one being with UPF Albania director Gani Rroshi together with the head of the Albania Peace Council. Mrs. Vasmatics is visiting various Communities throughout the country and using the opportunity to spread the good news.

Annual Magazine 2020
Heavenly Parents' Holy Community, Albania

How many surprising and unimaginable changes we have witnessed during 2020!!!
We started by feeling still above the clouds after the meeting that we had with True Mother, where the sincere engagement of each of you, made the Tirana Summit a real success. We dedicated ourselves with the same zeal to the historical events at the World Summit in Seoul, in February, where Heavenly Albania was one of the first seven nations to be offered to God on Foundation Day. Based on these successes, we looked forward to the year ahead, with a lot of expectations, but little did we know that an even bigger challenge waited for us, the pandemic. The missionaries had to return to their places, centers got closed, and the words Covid-19, social distancing, etc., from “foreign” words, became more than normal.

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Annual National Art Contest:
"Artist for Peace: Paint Our Way to Peace"
WFWP UK, February 27, 2021

By Anne Kobayashi
The Awards Ceremony of the first annual Artist For Peace Contest, an art competition for young people from ages 5 – 16, was held, sponsored by the Women's Federation for World Peace UK. Starting from the UN Day of Peace in September 2020, young people were asked to submit a painting on the theme of "Paint Our Way to Peace," to encourage them to think about and express through art what peace means to them, even at this time of great difficulty due to the worldwide pandemic.

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HJ Global News
10. - 16.01.09 - (21. - 27. 02. 2021)
English - Spanish - French - Japanese - Korean

Special Video on True Parents
True Parents’ Birthday Celebration & the 8th Anniversary of Foundation Day
HPHC, "Shin Gyeong-in Guk" (sub-region 1): Special Worship for the Achievement of a Heavenly Unified Korea
4th Special Meeting with Church Leaders from Korea presided over by True Mother

Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 170

If you have missed previous editions you can see them here:

Make the Most of Marriage
February 25, 2021

We are happy to share the recording of our last meeting and hope you enjoyed doing Matthew's homework. Here it is again:
What activities could you plan with your spouse:
a) every week?
b) every month?
c) every year?

True Parents’ Birthday and 8. Anniversary of Foundation Day Celebrations
February 24, 2021

True Mother’s Speech at True Parents’ Birthday and 8. Anniversary of Foundation Day Celebrations
February 24, 2021

Leaders from all walks of life under the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, and particularly blessed families of the Family Federation, I am truly happy to see you. I love you all!
Today, we are beginning a new history…. We have observed seven anniversaries since the doors to the kingdom of heaven on earth opened, a world that our Heavenly Parent and all people have so longed to see, one in which all people live as one peaceful family under God. And this year marks the eighth anniversary.

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North Korea: New Perspectives of Change in UPF-IMAP Meeting
Italy, March 2, 2021

"It is always a pleasure to be able to broaden the horizon and reflect not only on what is happening in Europe and Italy but also on what is happening in the East. The pandemic has shown us how much the link with the whole world is getting closer and closer, how we are more and more interconnected and closer to each other". With these words Ms.Katia Trinca Colonel, journalist of the "Corriere di Como" and Ansa News opened the discussion with Piergiorgio Pescali, journalist, a great connoisseur of South and North-East Asia, about his book "The new North Korea: how Kim Jong-un is changing the country".

Voci di Pace
January 2021

Revisiting the Hearts of Korean War Veterans
Turkey-Korea: Opportunities for Cooperation
Istanbul, Turkey, February 20, 2021

By Yoshihiro Yamazaki
Seventy years ago around this time of the year, thousands of young Turkish soldiers found themselves in North Korea fighting as part of the UN Forces, which had already reached deep across the 38th parallel and were expecting to finish off the communist forces. The tables were turned, however, by a sudden attack by a massive force of Chinese soldiers. Caught in an unexpected trap, the Turkish soldiers refused to retreat against overwhelming odds and turned the military tide around, even rescuing an American unit from its total collapse.

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HJ Global News
03. - 09.01.09 - (14. - 20. 02. 2021)

English - Spanish - French - Japanese - Korean

1. Special Video on True Parents
Pledge Service to Celebrate the Holy Birth of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind
Dedication of the Bu-wong-I [Owl] Art Gallery & Café, and the Buheung Furniture Store
Dedication of Buheung Department Store
Luncheon to Celebrate True Parents’ Holy Birthday
2. World News
Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities (Asia Pacific 2, Philippines: One Million People Rally of Hope / Côte d'Ivoire: HJ Cheonbo Special Great Work – Africa Region)
Peace Activities (WFWPI: “Giving for Good”- The Earth is our Home, the World is our Family)
Youth Activities (Korea: Tongil Moodo, Promotion Examination)


True Parents’ Birthday Video Greetings from Europe & the Middle East
Thank you very much for all your wonderful contributions to make this video greetings possible!

Check Out Our EUME Birthday Greetings To True Parents!

The wider Europe and Middle East community have come together to wish our True Parents a Happy Birthday!
Dr. Balcomb begins the video by greeting our True Parents in Korean while the song itself is primarily sung by Hee-Yeong Anastasia T.
This year we celebrate True Father’s 101st birthday and True Mother’s 78th Birthday!
True Parents’ birthday is an opportunity for Unificationists to reflect on the calling they have received from True Parents and the life-changing experiences that have shaped who they are today and how they can move forward hand-in-hand with God.
Unificationists have often heard True Parents reflect on their mission in life; their birthdays signify the start of a lifetime of answering God’s call to build one global family centered on God, our Heavenly Parent.
This means that all 7.6 billion people on earth need to care for and love each other as they would their own mother, father, sister, and brother.
For more information on the True Parents visit.

”Interfaith Cooperation as A Tool for Peace”
Observing the Interfaith Harmony Week, UPF Finland in cooperation with Nana's TV on Sunday, February 21, 2021

By Keijo Mikkanen

Nana's TV Channel hostess Mrs. Nana Boateng opened the webinar and welcomed the audience, including participants through social media outlets such as YouTube and Facebook.

The webinar MC Mr. Keijo Mikkanen connected today's session with the most significant interfaith event of recent times, the World Summit 2020 held one year ago in Soul, Korea, and with the initiative of Interreligious Peace Council at the UN in 2000, by UPF Founders Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, in their ongoing commitment to realizing interfaith understanding and cooperation.

 “Korea-Country of Morning Calm - Personal Experiences”
Estonia, February 20, 2021

By Avo Martinson

On the 20th of February 2021, Universal Peace Federation/Estonia had their first webinar under the banner “Korea-Country of Morning Calm. Personal experiences”. The purpose of this webinar was to introduce to the audience the life experiences from North and South Korea. The first speaker was Mr. Reigo Tõnsberg, who owns a football team in Estonia and is the main organizer of the biggest summer football tournament in the Baltics, called Pärnu Summer cup. Reigo shared his experiences of meeting wonderful people in North-Korea, his visit to mass-games, and finding the way to contact local football coaches to share about the latest football project “One Korea” which was held already three times in Estonia.

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How to Witness to 43
Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Interfaith Harmony Week and Human Brotherhood Day
IAPD Meeting for the Culture of Peace
Italy, February 15, 2021

"The occasion that brings us together today is the celebration of two great and significant anniversaries of the United Nations, the "World Day of Human Brotherhood" and the "World Week of Harmony Among Faiths." With these words and quoting Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the UN, who urged to "do more to promote tolerance, understanding and cultural and religious dialogue", Gabriella Mieli, moderator of the event, opened on Monday, February 15 the webinar meeting "Building bridges across borders: fraternity, shared prosperity, universal values". The event was organized by the "Interreligious Association for Peace and Development" (IAPD-Italy), a project of the "International Federation for Peace" (UPF-Italy), in collaboration with the WFWP.

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Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 169

If you have missed previous editions you can see them here:

Second Generation of Russia wishes Happy New Year 2021 to True Parents and all Brothers and Sisters

UPF Russia

The last meeting by UPF took part at the office of one of the parliamentary political parties of Russia. Dmitry Samko of UPF Moscow spoke. Further our ambassadors for peace made a video coverage. Enjoy seeing them being proud of UPF, Summit 2020, and True Mother. Forgive it is in Russian, but still interesting.

Cooperation with Africa

By Jean-Francois Moulinet

Last week, Mr. Alpha Kingo, a journalist from Congo (Kinshasa) participated in the program we had prepared by Zoom for the week for interfaith harmony.
He invited me to speak this Sunday, from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. in the program "30 minutes for peace" that he produces on the Christian channel Horeb-TV.
This was a good opportunity to promote several of the publications we have done in French ("Mother of Peace"*, Unification Thought, World Scripture, etc.).
This program was broadcasted on 4 different platforms. It was excellent training for me because Alpha KINGO is very professional. We were able to cooperate well and this allowed me to realize the great potential of the mass media. He asked me: "How do you want to reach the masses without using mass media? "and he is ready for further cooperation.

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True Peace Magazine
February 2021

English - French Spanish - Japanese - Korean

Interreligious Dialog "My Faith"
Padua, Italy, January 31, 2021

By Elena Chirulli

The musical notes of "The prayer" opened the curtain of the interreligious prayer held on 31 January 2021. An appointment organized by the Holy Community of the Heavenly Parent, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, and CARP Italy, on the occasion of the "World Week of harmony between faiths ” promoted by the UN. The event was attended by over 150 people, who listened to food for thought and study on the topic of the day: "My faith". A common appeal for peace, to counter the climate of concern that the whole world is experiencing and to promote a more spiritual vision of society.

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HJ Global News
26.12.08 - 02.01.09 - (07. - 13. 02. 2021)

English - Spanish - French - Japanese - Korean

1. Special Video on True Parents
Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community (HPHC) Sub-region 1, Heavenly Japan Special Worship Service for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World
2. World News
Youth Activities (India, UPF & IAYSP: Establishment of the "Peace Club" for young people / Australia, Seonghwa Children’s Seminar

Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 168

If you have missed previous editions you can see them here:


Schedule of Events Celebrating True Parents’ Birthday and the 8th Anniversary of Foundation Day

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Fumiko and I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! The year of the White Metal Ox according to the lunar calendar begins this Friday, February 12th. Please be reminded that this year we will offer Heavenly Parents Day together with True Parents Holy Wedding Anniversary on April 27th.

Before that, True Parents’ birthday celebrations for 2021 will be observed together with the upcoming Foundation Day holiday on Wednesday, February 24th at 0930AM Korea time. The online program will begin at 0130CET here in Europe, and we are all invited, so please plan on staying up late or getting up early. Come dressed in your best, ready to wish True Parents many happy returns! Please don’t forget that we have a tradition of offering a birthday gift, and donations can be made through your local community or online here.

True Father was born on January 6th, 1920 on the lunar calendar, so he would have been 101 this year. And True Mother was on the same date by the lunar calendar, January 6th 1943. There are many stories and photos of their remarkable lives together at our Centenary website, www.smm100.org

Foundation Day, which marks the official declaration of the opening of the Heavenly Parent’s kingdom of peace, was first celebrated on January 13th 2013, so this is the 8th anniversary.

Here’s a brief video announcement from our Regional President, Dr. Michael Balcomb: https://vimeo.com/510789947


Michael & Fumiko Balcomb
Regional President, Heavenly Europe & the Middle East


UPF Introduction on Elbasan TV - English subs
Elbasan, Albania, February 9, 2021


UPF Denmark marked World Interfaith Harmony Week 2021
Kopenhagen, Denmark, February 4, 2021

By Karsten Nielsen

February 4th UPF Denmark marked World Interfaith Harmony Week 2021 with a webinar on the theme ”Building Bridges Across Boundaries”. There were 25 connections participating in the webinar.
After readings from the World Scriptures, a video about the Middle East Peace Initiative was shown as an example of interfaith dialogue and harmony.
Pastor Lene Skovmark moderated the 1½ hour session with presentations, debate, questions, and answers. The panel consisted of a Lutheran pastor, the imam from the Albanian faith community, chairman of Minhaj Youth in Denmark, and a Religious Historian.
The panelists discussed the best practices of interfaith cooperation and bridge-building. They said, borders do exist, but people can communicate across borders. It is important to remember, it is not religions that meet, it is people with a religion who meet.

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Divine Principle Workshop by Zoom
Spain, February 5 - 9, 2021

We organized a Divine Principle workshop online by zoom from Friday 5th of February to Tuesday 9th, giving the content of 2 days workshop in 7 lectures.
We had an intergen couple who is preparing for the Blessing, and one missionary from Evangelical church who listened to all the lectures and 5 other guests who joined in a few lectures. We had also few members from our community and from different cities of Spain joining.
The lectures were given by Manuel Campillo and Mario Magaz, who gave all their heart and energy to explain and make people feel deeply the God´s heart and Jesus´s heart, and our responsibility as human beings.

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An Interreligious Zoom Meeting
France, Sunday, February 7, 5:00 to 6:30 pm

By Jean-Francois Moulinet

In France, to conclude the World Interfaith Harmony Week, we organized an interreligious Zoom meeting on Sunday, February 7, from 5:00 to 6:30 pm.
We chose the theme of “hospitality of Abraham” and sent an email invitation to our contacts (see attached files).
To those who signed up, we sent some texts on the topic (from the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Koran, and from the book “Mother of Peace”).
Finally, 95 people registered and 55 people actually participated (from France, Switzerland, Italy, Mali, Congo, Burkina Faso), half guests, half members.

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Celebrating the World Interfaith Harmony Week
Bulgaria, February 1 - 7, 2021

One of our goals for the new year 2021 is to make better use of the opportunities offered by the Internet. We planned our World Interfaith Harmony Week programs in agreement with this goal. One day before the beginning of the UN special week, we announced our program live on our FFWPU Bulgaria Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/bgffwpu). We read UPF’s statement and expressed our support for the initiative as a partner organization.
During the week, we read one section of the 6th chapter (Love Will Bring Unification) of True Father’s autobiography every day.

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Almost 100 Attendees Take Part In Project Phoenix
London, UK. February 10, 2021

Project Phoenix London saw close to 100 participants come together in order to re-energize their relationships, build a stronger community and learn how to become authentic listeners.

Project Phoenix is a grass-roots initiative that is based on Unificationism, with a particular focus on inter-generational collaboration and dialogue.

The Project Phoenix team has traveled to cities across America and the world with the aim of bringing people together in honest, trusting, and authentic communication. The team wants attendees to experience the “Heaven on Earth” that is so often preached on Sundays.

The online ZOOM event, while aimed primarily at residents from the United Kingdom, featured attendees from Germany, France, and America, proving how much of a global community we are.

The event itself was spread across three evenings, from Friday 29th January, through to Sunday 31st January, with each session lasting for three hours.

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IRFF UK 2020 Annual Activities Report

Dear IRFF UK Friend,

2020 has proven to be a very eventful year! Whilst IRFF UK’s focus has been on projects and partnerships in Uganda, there has been an expansion of efforts to support projects in Ghana, the Congo, and South Africa. Here follows a summary of activities carried out during the year 2020.
You can read the 2020 Annual Report here.

Thank you so much for your support over the past year and we are all looking forward to sharing more stories with you over the next 12 months!

Donate to an IRFF UK project today!


HJ Global News
19. - 25. 12.08 - (31.01. - 06. 02. 2021)

English - Spanish - French - Japanese - Korean

1. Special Video on True Parents
Heavenly Nation of Jeolla Worship Service of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community of Heavenly Unified Korea

2. World News
Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities (Japan – Iwate Prefecture 10,000 people Revival Rally of Hope / Côte d'Ivoire, Training workshops for " Home Group " coaches)
Peace Activities (UPF-Korea: Meeting for the establishment of a heavenly unified Korea. / Meeting with VIP and Youth leaders from the HJ Cheonwon / WFWP: Hyojeong Sharing, Preparing and Donating “HOPE-Kits” / New Zealand: Luncheon banquet with New Zealand Korean War veterans / Nepal UPF: Conference on the Peaceful Reunification of Korean Peninsula and world peace / Bolivia UPF: Sharing True Mother’s Memoir with the 2nd Vice President Chamber of Senators)
Youth Activities (Latin America – IAYSP S!nergy / Korea, Activities of the Hyo Jeong Mobilization Team for the achievement of the goal of 100,000 young members)


Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 167

If you have missed previous editions you can see them here:


True Mother’s Message at the Special (Online) Meeting of Korean Pastors
January 25, 2021 (12.13 by the heavenly calendar), Cheon Jeong Gung, Korea

I am happy to see you all!

Our Creator and Heavenly Parent waited for 6,000 long years to see this time in the providence, this one day. How much God had waited to see this day, the day His providence comes to completion! Our Creator God’s dream was to live with His children on earth, in continuous celebration with them. He dreamed of an eternal world where He could live with His children after they completed their earthly lives.

All living people have dreams of their own. Blessed families, who know the providence and have been reborn through the True Parents, however, dream of living with Heavenly Parent and True Parents on earth, of sharing deep affection and love with their children, and of extending their joyful lives into the eternal world. Blessed families live on earth with this kind of hope.

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Honouring Sister Barbara Van Praag (Video Interview)

Having recently turned 91-years old, Barbara van Praag has lived a life dedicated to realizing Heaven’s Will. We catch up with Sister Barbara to hear about her experiences and what advice she has for the younger generation.

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Divine Principle Education in EUME Region
February 5, 2021

By Martine Masner, EUME Witnessing Department Director

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The Dynamics of Love
January 28, 2021

We are happy to share the recording of our last meeting and hope you are enjoying the homework Stephen prepared.

Support Network
The BFD has a strong support network.
We are happy to support Blessed families in their daily life, relationship as a couple, and in their relationship with their children.

Feel free to contact one of our staff from the BFD Website

Abigail Iversen, Andreas Gundacker-Cirelli, Daniel Lindström
Francesca Gundacker-Cirelli, Orlande Schenk, Patrizia Olivero
MMM - Creating a thriving community of fulfilled blessed couples

Facebook - YouTube - Website - Email


HJ Global News
12. - 18. 12.08 - (24. - 30. 01. 2021)

English - Spanish - French - Japanese - Korean

1. Special Video on True Parents
HPHC, Heavenly Nation of Gyeon-won (Sub-region 2) Worship Service of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Korea
- True Mother's Special Meeting with Korean Church Leaders
2. World News
In other News (2021 WFWPI New Year Celebration / Korea, UPF and WFWP Korea -Japan Meeting / Korea, UPF invites UN Local Office to the HJ Cheonwon Complex / Heavenly South America: Workshop with Regional President / Heavenly Africa, Continental Level 21 Day of Devotion / Seonghwa Ceremony of Taiwan’s first pioneer Rev. Lim Jang Yeon-chi )

Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 166

If you have missed previous editions you can see them here:

HJ CheonBo EUME Special Events in 2021

By In Pyo Moon
Branch President, Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Branch HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We sincerely thank you for supporting the Hyojeong CheonBo Events and we pray that Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ love will always be with you.

The next CheonBo EUME Special Events in 2021 will be held simultaneously in multiple countries throughout the EUME region. They will be 1-Day Events comprised of only the Ancestor Liberation and Ancestor Blessing Ceremonies. We will not be conducting the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune (Hyojeong Offering Paper Melting Ceremony) at this time.

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True Peace Magazine
January 2021

English - French Spanish - Japanese - Korean

Prayer and Jeongseong
Saturday, January 23, 2021

The East Region held a webinar on prayer ministry with Rev Inpyo Moon as the main speaker. - https://vimeo.com/506500359

True Mother’s Speech at the Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly 
True Mother spoke on the last day of the Cheon Ik Guk Leaders’ Assembly which was held online from January 6th, 2021. 

Leaders and blessed families of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community around the world: 
What determination have you made this New Year, the year of the white ox? 
I pray that Heaven’s protection and blessings will be with you in abundance. 

Zoom Conference of the Austrian Clergy Leadership Conference
Austria, January 22, 2021

A Zoom conference was organized for religious leaders on the occasion of the World Religions‘ Day which is a Bahai holy day and is observed every year on the third Sunday in January. That’s why the topic of the meeting was "Dialogue between Religions in order to understand each other better“.
In their press release, the Bahai community stated:„The World Religion Day’s message is that religions should not pay attention to their differences, but to what connects them. Diversity is something beautiful“.
The text of the Bahai press release was read out at the beginning of the meeting, after the opening prayer of a Catholic woman priest.

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Peace and Development in MENA. The Determining Role of Women

“Women’s vision and impact on tomorrow’s Middle East and North Africa. What does the future hold?” was the topic of the 25th Women’s Conference for Peace in the Middle East, recently held in virtual mode. An event organized by the Middle East branch of the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP), in cooperation with WPWP International and WFWP Japan.

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EUME Blessed Family Department Update
Franz Kerschbaummayr - 

Less than One Coffee
Lubin Argjir introduces the Heavenly Parent's Holy Community of Vlory City, Albania - https://vimeo.com/506501024


Arabic Literacy Program for Refugees in Jordan
Donate today www.wfwp.us/donate


Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 165

If you have missed previous editions you can see them here:

True Mother’s Speech at the Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly 
True Mother spoke on the last day of the Cheon Ik Guk Leaders’ Assembly which was held online from January 6th, 2021. 

Leaders and blessed families of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community around the world: 
What determination have you made this New Year, the year of the white ox? 
I pray that Heaven’s protection and blessings will be with you in abundance. 

HJ Global News
04. - 11. 12.08 - (17. - 23. 2021)

English - Spanish - French - Japanese - Korean

1. Special Video on True Parents
Regional Sunday Worship Rally of Hope for Heavenly Parent's Holy Community in the Heavenly Nation of Gyeongsang for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified Korea
2. World News
Youth Activities (IAYSP Asia-Pacific, "S!nergy" Contest / Heavenly Japan, Top Gun Leadership Seminar / Dominican Republic, Winter Seminar: "Developing my faith".)
In other News (FFWPU- Korea: 2021 New Year's Celebration / Heavenly Nation of Jeolla, Inaugurates a new Tong-Il Moo Dojang)

Regional Sunday Service
Sunday, January 17, 2021

4-page All Positive Article in Norwegian Magazine
We had an excellent all positive 4-page article published in a health and lifestyle magazine in Norway. It has beautiful pictures of True Parents. The headline reads, "Inspirations and Solutions for World Peace and Unification".

Quoting extensively from Father’s autobiography and our website enhet.no, the article goes into describing Father’s dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ in 1935, the spiritual roots of the Unification Movement, True Parents’ arduous course, the essence of the Divine Principle, and our view on Jesus. The journalist also wrote extensively about our vision of creating a large global family under God, the family as the basic unit of society, and how the teachings give clear and logical answers to life’s big questions.

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Meet Your New HARP Leaders!
United Kingdom


Second Generation Zoom Meeting on Education for Matching and Blessing


Finding Balance and Coping with Stress
ZOOM, Friday, January 22, 2021

This public lecture is opened to all your friends and relatives you want to bring together on our journey, closer to the Divine Principle and our Heavenly Parent. We are excited to introduce our new young speaker: Andrei Esanu. He is a professional psychotherapist, working at Moldova State University. He will try to bring the DP closer to our Hearts through Psychology and his personal life experience.

Director-General Yun Young-ho's Special Report

Greetings, beloved Cheon Il Guk leaders and blessed families. It is good to see you all. I would first like to say that it is quite a delight to see you all looking healthy and that I have truly missed you.

Since yesterday, and throughout today, True Mother continuously offered much devotion for the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community 2021 New Year Special Joint Service for FFWPU Heavenly Korea. From early this morning, she prepared herself to look her most beautiful, and she is attending this service together with us one in heart, even though we are all separated from each other in terms of space. Mother has indeed worked hard and offered every form of devotion possible to usher in the New Year with devout faith. Therefore, let us begin with a special round of applause to show our appreciation to our True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind – especially our True Mother, the only begotten Daughter and Holy Spirit in substantial form – for all that they have done for us.

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Strategic Plan for the 2nd Cosmic Canaan Course
Opening the Gates to the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity


The “Hallelujah Group International” Reunion - Honouring Sister Barbara van Praag
Sunday, January 17, 2021, at 20:00 CET

By Lorna Russo, Bryan Lancaster, Donna Martijn

Dear beloved Leaders, Brothers and Sisters, Friends, and Associates,

We would like to cordially invite you to watch: The “Hallelujah Group International” Reunion. Honouring Sister Barbara van Praag from Sunday 17th January 2021 at 8.00 PM / 20.00-h CET. 

What started as an idea to organize an online zoom reunion for Guyanese members around the world has now blossomed into an amazing broader vision, initiative, and celebration of life. That is in the recognition and appreciation of our elder and beloved sister Barbara van Praag from Guyana, for her life’s work and dedication to Heaven’s will. Realizing that our sister would be going over her nineties, we felt called to do something to recognize her while she is still with us. How wonderful if we can do this together. Barbara is affectionately known by many as Aunty Barbara, she became ninety-one years of age on the 31st December 2020 and has resided in London, GB for over twenty years.

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South London Centenary Exhibition 

Our South London FFWPU, UPF, and WFWP Community would like to offer a video contribution for the 'Special Gift for True Mother About EUME Centenary Activities. The 15-minute video tour of our Centenary Exhibition can be found here (1.9 GB, high definition

We opened the exhibition to the public at the Peace Embassy, Thornton Heath, South London, on just 2 days in October but by then restrictions on household mixing were already in place in London, and unfortunately, we had just a handful of visitors before a more severe lockdown prevented us from welcoming any further visitors. We hope to re-open the exhibition when allowed in 2021 and the video tour will continue to assist with our publicity. 

The contributors to the video were: 
- Franklin and Cecilie Fortune (FFWPU) 
- Dolores Read (WFWP) 
- Lance Gardiner, Susan Crosthwaite (UPF) 
- Réamonn Bateman (video director) 

Thank you for your efforts in compiling this gift for our True Mother.


Dear brothers and sisters,

We would like to inform you about the recent publication of three books which are now available in our online book store www.kando-verlag.de

1. Johannes Stampf’s book now in English translation Life & Eternity
Why the Hereafter Begins Here On Earth ... And Our Life Finds Its Fulfilment In the Hereafter.

2. Barbara Grabner’s book now in English translation Children of Cain
The Spiritual Roots of Fratricide and the Providence of Evil

3. Gil Ja Sa Eu’s new book Danbury and American Providence
As witnessed by President Gil Ja Sa Eu


HJ Global News
20. - 26.11.08 - (03. - 09.01.21
English - Spanish - French - Japanese - Korean

1. Special Video on True Parents
2021 Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly
2. World News
FFWPU – Heavenly Korea: Special New Year National Service

Europe and the Middle East
Video News - 163

If you have missed previous editions you can see them here:

CIG Leaders’s Assembly 2021 - EUME Presentation

Dr Katsumi Otsuka - PowerPoint
Dr. Michael Balcomb - PowerPoint
Mr. Jacques Marion - PowerPoint

By Dr Katsumi Otsuka

Dearest True Mother, the Begotten Daughter from Heaven, and leaders of the world, I want to first express my deep thanks for organizing the online CIG Leaders Assembly.

Our region Europe and the Middle East is the birthplace of major providential religions and cultures such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The European and the Middle Eastern cultures are extremely influential over the world in many fields such as ideology, religion, politics, economy, culture, and so forth. Therefore, it must be our mission to bring unity between the Western and Eastern world and European and African people for realizing the Chon Il Guk. The growing number of Islamic and African people in Europe, I think, is a very providential phenomenon. In this regard, the idea of the Heavenly Parents Holy Community is especially necessary for our region.

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EUME Region CIG Leaders' Assembly Participants singing for True Mother

Starts 2021 with Inspiration & Fellowship
EUME Sunday Service, January 3, 2021

Observance of True Parents’ Day and Heavenly Parent’s Day in 2021

By Dr. Michael Balcomb

Dear Family,

Earlier this morning, we successfully concluded the Cheon Il Guk leaders’ meeting for 2021 together with True Mother and leaders from all around the world. We had more than 600 families from our region joining the final session by ZOOM even though it was as usual in the middle of the night. Thank you all!

Recently, some of you have asked us for clarification about the planned observance of True Parents’ Day and Heavenly Parent’s Day in 2021. As you will have seen from the beautiful Cheon Il Guk calendar prepared by our EUME team, these Holy Days will be observed on the same day as True Parents’ Holy Wedding, April 27, 2021.

If you turn to that page in the calendar you will see that all the details are there. On that day we will observe:

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MBCNET Documentary: 
Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s 100th Birthday

Dearest Brothers and Sisters!
May Our Heavenly Parent and True Parents be with you and bless you at all times. Please share this video which prepared in English, Korean, and Japanese with blessed families and members around you. The Spanish and French languages will be prepared soon.

English - https://vimeo.com/495125523
Japanese - https://vimeo.com/495126195
Korean - https://vimeo.com/495126921

Thank you very much.
FFWPU International Headquarters

http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001TMvc6-gEXlPPNjMAjvtrrRPiwZfaRcsdRV6G5S22gAwL-NoitG5aNrXGyKXo6nmV5ifQqySpsdxyKt5zVOetzkM7JIljS81vAW1JUf_P_lNcFlnzhUSOSTSjcYJCgUl3UFPcHdgrx-cAN5FHeY3ml1fR24LFiy_y2qlcFome5PeOVr27ZoAGJiJh4TLlLELPw-g_FSAyhKVqHZwJISHn19YwXYhHk2CDaANDPk2Q6AU_Xjmg_2Gl-sOYzumCtozf6QUOaC5hKrtQCDQkqWpXUWio-4i2JXezSrEcssklEqM=&c=_WGPNfSp3dsPuGzmE1wQlaq_Cd6MD--8PJVfdVulpVmfflZJXx5sAA==&ch=NE34OoL13XgzP1GkFReEuOFs8H-X9WNVgG2-JdBSPxcdRceaxp97Xw== Inaugural meeting launching Heavenly Parent's Holy Community in Israel 
Jerusalem, December 30, 2020

On Dec 31st, 2020 some 40 participants have gathered over zoom to launch our Israeli chapter of HPHC. Mrs. Liel Weiler Hill - FFWPU Israel's Secretary-General, gave a concise explanation about the meaning of this special event. The event unfolded with prayers, and greetings from Jewish, Moslem, Christian, and Druze leaders representing the Religious, Academic, Political, and Civil Society fields.

Special greetings were given by both Mr. & Mrs. Angelucci – Sub Regional Presidents of HPHC in the Middle East. Their message was followed by an excerpt from our Beloved True Mother's speech emphasizing the approach of our Heavenly Community - Forgive Love and Unite.

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Monthly News from Shin Albania - December 2020

HJ Global News
13. - 19.11.08 - (27.12. - 02.01.21)

English - Spanish - French - Japanese - Korean

1. True Parents
-Special Meeting with Korean Pastors presided over by True Mother

2. World News
Youth Activities (Heavenly Korea, Wonmo Pyeong-Ae Scholarship Academy 4th and 5th International Conferences of Future Leaders./ 2020 Mentorship Program Online Closing Ceremony / Taiwan, STF: End of the special training of the 2nd class of STF and Launch of training for the 3rd and 4th class)
Peace Activities (Asia Pacific 1: IAPD Webinar / Brazil- IAYSP and WFWP joint Christmas Volunteer Work)
HTM Activities (Nepal, Leadership and Public Mindedness DP Workshop / Dominican Republic, Blessing Event. Festival of peace)
In other News (End of Year Service of Cheonwongung Church of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community)

“A Victorious Year” - CARP Italy

By Elena Chirulli

Even if this year brought some difficulties in everyday life due to Covid and restrictions, 2020 was still a victorious year full of activities that saw CARP ITALIA protagonist of numerous initiatives including cultural events live musical beautiful performances, but also online meetings on various topics, European meetings, CARP talks, games, and quizzes. Numerous spectators at the events: families, fans, academics, and new guests. Making the list would be really long, we limit ourselves to pointing out the last two activities carried out in 2020. The summer period saw the launch of the CARP CHALLENGE 2020, a challenge addressed to young people that lasted a month, on motivation, growth, commitment, and training of the character. 

One Family Under God
Major Events of 2020 and True Parents' Messages for the End-of-Year Sunday Service
December 27, 2020

English - Spanish - French - Japanese - Korean

Through her quest to find countries and regions of the world where God might fully dwell, True Mother sought to fulfill her promise to Heavenly Parent and True Father.

The proclamation of the firm establishment of Cheon Il Guk evidences that True Parents are illuminating a dark world with their filial love for Heaven, and have brought closer the day of the realization of a heavenly unified world, and one heaven and earth under God’s embrace.

· read more 

Online Lecture on the Life and Works of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han

By Martine Masner

To support the various exhibitions about True Parents’ life and works that are going on around Europe and True Mother’s Rallies of Hope, we created a series of four evening online presentations on the life and works of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han over one month time from November 10 to December 1, and brought together an average of 120 participants. The main lecturer was Dr. David Hanna from the UK. We received lots of good feedback and one member even brought 14 guests to the lectures. We think that these presentations were very important to witness about True Parents, especially to new people that are joining our online events and need to understand more about who True Parents are.

Online HARP Winter Workshop
December 28 - 31, 2020

Artūr Karagezian, Ola Brzyska, Sandra Skrodzki & Andranik Karagezian 

Perhaps with some disappointment this year the annual HARP winter workshop held in Glanow had to be moved into the online space, a challenge we never wished to face, but one we chose to tackle nonetheless. The appropriately titled Winter Challenge 2020: Take Away the Grey, held between December 28th - 31st, gave space for Blessed Children across Europe and the Middle East to connect, reflect, set goals, laugh, play games, challenge themselves, and take matters into their own hands in telling their 2020 story with less of the grey that many of us felt confined by. Highlighting this workshop, the challenge day had all teams walking the extra mile, completing sets of challenges all throughout the day, many times outdoing themselves in offering so much more than the challenges originally intended of them. A Facebook group was created as a place to share, connect and inspire each other when we were not altogether connected on Zoom. More than anything, the workshop became a testament to the resilience, creativity, and passion of the inspired and connection-seeking Blessed Children of our region, and we cannot wait to finally meet in person very soon. 

Happy New Year 2021
Unity in Hope

 Exposition of True Father's Centenary 
Madrid, Spain, December 11, 2020

By Maryvonne Jamois

On December 11th, we had the inauguration of the exposition of True Father´s centenary with a public lecture “As a peace-loving global citizen “ given by Armando Lozano, explaining some points of his autobiography and what has been his motivation throughout his entire life. A few guests came some friends and some new people.

We distributed around 2500 posters in the streets of Madrid.

We organized a second lecture on December 17th, given by Manuel Campillo. A person from Angola whose parents are from FFWPU and living in Lisboa saw the advertisement in the street and came. He is a very strong Christian.

Another person who has been participating in Carp Convention in London in 1990, also participated in the lecture.

We are very grateful for this opportunity finally at the end of the year to be able to show True Father´s life in the city of Madrid and we hope that even though they did not come, some people may be attracted by His life and works.

Rally of Hope in Italy "Christmas is Love"
December 20, 2020

By Giuseppe & Elisabetta Cali

Sponsored by the FFPWU Italy, an interreligious gathering was held, to promote the establishment of the “Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community” in Italy, on December 20th, 2020, by ZOOM.

This Christmas will be remembered as a very sad one, especially because families are not allowed to meet, and even religious services are restricted to a few. In a country like Italy, based on family culture and relationships, the discomfort is widespread.

Our intention is to make people feeling that God is close to us, especially in times of suffering and His love is greater now than ever. With this awareness, a real rebirth will be soon possible for the entire humankind. We called Christian leaders and representatives of other religions to join us in testifying of God’s Love, as expressed particularly by Jesus and our True Parents.

Gukson Capone, our new Vice President of the South Region, a 2nd generation young brother did a good job as MC and this was his first public effort as such.

· read more

Connecting the World Through Peace
Peace Road, Hungary - Austria 2020


Rally of Hope
December 6, 2020
Rally of Hope to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the World Clergy Leadership Conference and support the realization of a Heavenly Unified World.

HJ CheonBo Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Special VOD Event
December 12, 2020

During the event, I could feel our HQ became one in spirit with” the Homeland of Heart”. I could feel the gratitude of the spirits who could be liberated and blessed. A few times my spiritual eyes got opened and I could see how after the Ancestor liberation ceremony, the liberated patriots and ancestors were enwrapped in the loving light of God coming from above and then lifted up by heavenly staircase to start the 100-day workshop. Also at the end of the Blessing ceremony, I saw the sister seating in front of me that thousands of white spots of shining lights (angels or good spirits) were entering into her body and soul for healing purposes. At that moment as her back was coloured with a grey, dark cloud I understood that the spirits would remain with this sister for 40-days and after these 40-day two spirits will remain with her. Altogether it was an uplifting and purifying experience that could strengthen my faith and resolve to become CheonBo Victor.

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UPF Lebanon IAPD Launch
Bhamdoun, December 10, 2020

By Hermine Schellen

We are very pleased that we could launch IAPD in Lebanon, Thursday 10th Dec. in Bhamdoun, a historic town, near Beirut. Close to 30 Religious leaders and Clergy attended the Interreligious Leadership Conference, representing the main denominations, Sunna Shia, Maronite, Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Coptic Church (Egypt and Syrian), and Druze.

UPF Lebanon President, Mr. Thomas Schellen as MC of the conference, welcomed all the participants and gave a brief introduction about Upf activities, after the opening prayer, by a Muslim and a Christian representative.

Next, our Regional President Mr. Umberto Angelucci, gave a powerful message about the Purpose and aim of IAPD as well as the International Summit in Korea and the launch of IAPD.

Then the Religious leaders were invited to give a short speech. They were very eager to share their convictions and beliefs at the same time they all agree that, to have collaboration and Interreligious harmony is the way to build a peaceful prosperous nation. In other words, the IAPD vision and goals truly resonated with their own beliefs. Also, Mrs Marylin Angelucci gave an inspiring presentation, about the Sunhak Peace Prize.

After the Conference, several leaders expressed their appreciation and their willingness to collaborate with IAPD. For example, Sheikh Qassem sends this message: "I am blessed for your efforts in spreading thought and dialogue and to more brilliance, creativity and attendance. We are pleased to communicate with you constantly"

Our IAPD Launch concluded with a beautiful Prayer by Mr Jong In Park and a great lunch. Overall the IAPD Launch was truly a great success and opened a path for a much better Collaboration with the Clergy leaders. 



By Martine Masner

Around thirty motivated young people attended the first online workshop of our lecture training series. It took place November 20-21, 2020. The lecturer and instructor was Mr. Ashley Crosthwaite from the UK. He emphasized, how much the right heart is necessary to pass on the message in a convincing manner. Most of the participants were under thirty years of age and many of them were STF graduates. But they were sharing that teaching the Divine Principle has never been easy for them. Mr. Crosthwaite emphasized to them that having knowledge was important, but teaching from the heart and having love for others was the most important. “Finding the way to reach and value that person is the key! Everybody is special and every soul needs to be reached.” For all the participants this workshop was very valuable, and we will continue this series until we have gone through the whole 2 Day DP content. The next workshop is scheduled for December 19th.


Public Online Lecture inspired by the Book CHILDREN OF CAIN

By Martine Masner

On December 8th, we had an online public lecture by the Austrian sister Barbara Grabner, who has also written the book MISSION BUTTERFLY. Her topic was on Restoration and on the “long road to reconciliation” – centering on the Cain and Abel issue. Over 100 viewers attended our online lecture.


CARP Online Public Lecture

By Martine Masner

On Friday, December 11th, Matthew Huish, the vice-president of FFWPU UK gave a presentation for contacts and newcomers (over 70 participants) on the topic Hacking Into My True Self. He explored “how we have inherited and acquired many internal mechanisms by which we view and respond to the world, which mask our true selves”. He invited the audience to “recognize and acknowledge these algorithms, appreciating their power over our lives, especially considering how big tech is currently using their own algorithms to manipulate us politically, economically and beyond”. Matthew Huish approached the topic using a contemporary understanding of physiology, neurology and psychology to draw the conclusion that we need to “enter a mystical state”. He introduced Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s understanding of God, that “God will answer you from the original root of your mind”.


CARP EUME Platform Online Events

By Martine Masner

For CARP members and advanced guests, we had an internal online event with Mr. Jack Corley, the subregional director of East Europe, where he shared how God has worked in his life, and he gave many testimonies about his encounters with True Parents. For our young members, it was very inspiring!


The Life and Works of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han Online Series

By Martine Masner

On December 1st, we finished our 4-week cycle of True Parents’ Life Course online presentations. We can say that it was a success because we received a lot of good feedback. One member even brought fourteen guests to it. The average attendance was usually over hundred people. The last lecture was more focused on True Mother’s life course and her recent activities. The lecturer was Dr. David Hanna from the UK. We think that these presentations were very important to witness about True Parents, especially to new people that are joining our online events and need to understand more about who True Parents are. 


Religious Leaders: A Source of Hope and Harmony for People in Time of Crises
Webinar, Albania and Kosovo, December 12, 2020

We are happy to report that on December 12th, 2020, Universal Peace Federation Albania and Kosovo organized a webinar conference with religious leaders under the theme “Religious Leaders: A Source of Hope and Harmony for People in Time of Crises”.

Uniting with the spirit of the Rally of Hope held in America on December 5th on the occasion of 1st anniversary of WCLC, we called Albanian religious leaders to come together and give messages of hope for our people in these unprecedented times.

We had high-level representatives from different religions in Albania and Kosovo:
Hajji Bujar Spahiu, Chairman of Muslim Community
Hajji dede Edmond Brahimaj, World Leader of Bektashi Order, Islam
Father Gjergji Gjata, Representative of Orthodox Church
Sister Bardhe Gjini, Representative of Catholic Church
She Hysen Hormova, Head of Halvety Order, Islam

Imam Rexhep Lushta, Head Imam of Mitrovica, Kosovo

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