‘We Can Do It’ Workshop
Bad Camberg, Germany, 27. – 29. January 2017 

As the 4th year of Cheon Il Guk ended and the 5th began, 100 representatives from 16 European nations gathered to participate in the ‘We Can Do It’ workshop. The goal of the workshop, which was run by three members who had come all the way from America on the invitation of the German leadership, was to increase our familiarity with the concept of Tribal Messiahship. These three young men have been building up the educational structure and supporting materials for several years, and have already held several similar workshops in the USA. - read more

The Fourth Anniversary of Foundation Day True Parents' Message

English - French - Spanish - Japanese - Korean 

International President at the Japan TOP GUN College Workshop

Japan TOP GUN College Workshop (February 16~25, 2017)
Opening Ceremony, FFWPU International President, Sun Jin Moon
February 17, 2017 Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center 

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Congratulatory Address for the Founding of Hyo Jeong Academy

Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) International President, Prof. Yeon Ah Moon, gave the following congratulatory address at the Inaugural Assembly and Academic Symposium of the Hyo Jeong Academy on February 7, 2017 in Korea.

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True Mother's Message at the Int'l Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) Assembly

Lotte Hotel, Jamsil, Seoul, 4. February 2017

Distinguished guests, esteemed members of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace from 120 countries, it is wonderful to see you all. We all wish for a free world, a united, peaceful world.  - read more

Letter to Members from True Mother
Each member participating in the True Parents’ Birthday Celebrations at the Cheongshim Peace World Center on February 2nd, 2017, received a beautiful lunch box which included a card with a letter to members from True Mother. 

Fifty-seven years ago, right after our Holy Wedding, True Father and I sat before our first wedding meal; I vividly remember the royal table being the color of blooming Susuki Grass. Heavenly Parent’s profound heart and emotions could be seen in Father’s eyes and he was about to burst into tears the size of snowflakes. As we walked the path of True Parents, Father and I have been served countless meals; yet, each time we have sat at a meal table, our purpose has remained the same: fulfill the duties of the filial heart before Heavenly Parent, save all humanity, and realize a world of peace. This is why whether eating boiled barley for three years during desperate times, or touring two nations at breakneck pace in one day, or even having to endure an entire day with a single gulp of water, Father and I have never worried. To us, everything has been gratitude, everything has been joy. 

European Leaders at the Cheon Il Guk Assembly 2017
Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Centre, 6. February 2017

Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly: Towards National Restoration 
Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU
Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, 5. February 2017

Respected and beloved brothers and sisters!
Welcome to this Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly 2017!
Happy Lunar New Year…..the year of the red rooster!
The red rooster does not remain quiet or withdrawn, right? It wakes the world to a glorious new day, proclaiming True Parents are here! Right? Yes! What a series of events to kick off the New Year! Absolutely fantastic!
These recent victories were truly miraculous due to True Mother’s divine vision and all of your absolute love, faith and hard work! So let us please give this room a great round of applause! Great! - read more 

Inaugural World Assembly of IAPP
Introduction of Co-Founder

Sun Jin Moon, Chair UPF International
Lotte Hotel World, Jamsil, Seoul, South Korea, February 4th, 2017

Good morning!
Your Excellencies, Distinguished Parliamentarians, Participants in this Inaugural World Assembly of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, Hon. Dan Burton and Hon. Speaker Jose De Venecia (who gave a very passionate speech!) who are the Co-Chairs of IAPP International, Ladies and Gentlemen.
I am honored to be with you today and to have this opportunity to share a few words on this important occasion, to introduce my Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.
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The 2017 Sunhak Peace Prize 
Award Ceremony 
Lotte World Hotel, Seoul, South Korea
3. February 2017

From this link you can download pictures.
Here are a couple of video clips:
Entrance of the laureates: https://vimeo.com/202347546
Dr Gino Strada receiving the award: https://vimeo.com/202348069
Dr Sakena Yacoobi receiving the award: https://vimeo.com/202347800
For watching the whole award ceremony please go to: https://vimeo.com/202327579
This is the link to the Sunhak Peace Prize website: http://sunhakpeaceprize.org/?leng=en 

True Parents' Birthday Celebration 
Welcoming Remarks 

Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU 
Cheongshim Peace World Center, 2. February 2017 

Excellencies! Distinguished delegates from around the world! Current and former heads of state and government! More than 400 members of parliament from more than 100 nations! Participants in World Summit 2017, sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation! Ladies and Gentlemen! Brothers and Sisters! 
It is my special privilege and honor to share a few words with you today on this very, very special occasion as we gather to celebrate the birthday and the lives and the legacy of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, our beloved True Parents. - read more 

True Parents' Holy Birthday "Heaven's Glory, Humanity's Blessing"

Musical Performance for True Parent’s Birthday 2017
Cheongshim Peace World Center, 2. February 2017

Hyo Jeong Culture Festival 2017
Cheongshim Peace World Center, 2. February 2017

True Parents' Birthday Celebrations
Cheongshim Peace World Center
2. February 2017 

Special Lecture at Cheongpyeong Great Works, Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU
Cheomngpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, 1. February 2017

Welcome brothers and sisters to the Great Works Festival here in Hyojeong Cheonwon Complex/Cheongpyeong.
I am so happy to have this time with you today, to share about the glorious works our True Parents have carried out here in this holy place that unites heaven and earth with Heavenly Parent's dream of peace, True Love, and happiness for all. 
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World Interfaith Harmony Week

Toward Peace and Reconciliation in Conflict Zones - The Role of Religions
Vienna, Austria, 27. January 2017

By Peter Haider
UPF Austria, Vienna International Centre (United Nations), January 27th 2017: Commemorating World Interfaith Harmony Week 2017, the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) organized a conference on the theme of "Toward Peace and Reconciliation in Conflict Zones - The Role of Religions". The conference was attended by 200 participants including UN diplomats, religious leaders, NGO representatives and other members of civil society. This fifth consecutive annual celebration was held in the UN building in Vienna and included partnering organizations of the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP), the United Nations Correspondents Association Vienna(UNCAV-Press), the Best of the World Network, and the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES). - read more

Celebrating Heavenly Parents Day
Oslo, Norway, 29. January 2017

Around sixty members and guests gathered to celebrate Heavenly Parents Day and True Parents Day. Steinar Murud (NL) gave the sermon and afterwards we shared cake and food from the offering table together with a buffet lunch prepared by all families.
We then had entertainment including songs and a puppet show for the children on the topic of “The Good Samaritan”. There was also fishing for “goody-bags” with “Shaun the Sheep”(puppet). Next the adults had a “Find your love language test” so that we could start the year by becoming more loving partners for our spouses.
Finally the younger generation went on a trip to a nearby lake in the forest in the snow, where they built a fire, grilled sausages and marshmallows, and set aflame their resolutions for the new year!

Heavenly Parent's & True Parents' Day Celebrations
Training Center, Tirana, Albania
27. - 28. January 2017    

We would like to report you briefly on the beautiful event we had in Albania on national level on January 27th and 28th – on the occasion of welcoming the 5th year of CIG and celebrating 50th True Heavenly Parent’s Day and 58th True Parents’ Day. 

Blessing Ceremony

Tirana, Albania, 27. January 2017

On the last day of the 4th year of CIG, as part of 100 days’ special activities until Foundation Day, we organized a Blessing Ceremony at the Peace Embassy in Tirana. Around 90 people filled the Peace Embassy hall and 7 couples received the blessing that day. - read more

World Peace Blessing
The Hague, The Netherlands, 21. January 2017 

By Rita Salaris
A World Peace Blessing was held in the Christus Triumfator church, The Hague. The audience consisted of 75 participants including 14 2nd gens. Total number of guests was 29 of which 15 couples (a few widowed) were blessed. Officiators: Hans and Mieko Campman, NL of the Netherlands. Second Generation brothers and sisters fulfilled different responsibilities. - read more

Cosmic Blessing for Married Couples
Madrid, Spain. 22. January 2017

By Maryvonne Jamois
From beginning of November we had prepared an invitation for the Blessing we planned for January 22nd. We also prepared a small leaflet to explain very briefly the five steps of the Blessing, in order for our families to prepare candidates already married couples for this event. Little by little we had some confirmations the days before, and we were all with great expectations, and from 9.00 in the morning a few brothers and sisters were already here to decorate the venue, and prepare everything to create a lovely atmosphere. - read more 

Divine Principle Lecture Practice: The principle of Creation

London, UK, 25. January 2017

CARP held its first Divine Principle lecture practice of the new year. In CARP UK’s first year we would host lecture practices once a week. This event allowed those CARP aged 2nd generation to listen and experience lecturing the DP in front of an audience.It was a very comfortable evening.
- read more

World Peace Blessing
Vienna, Austria, 22. January 2017

By Elisabeth Cook
On Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 FFWPU Vienna hosted a World Peace Blessing Ceremony. Three couples and one lady whose husband has already ascended to the Spirit world were blessed. Around 60 members of the Vienna church attended the event and contributed to its beautiful atmosphere.
Two of the couples are Ambassadors of Peace. All of those who were blessed have been close to our movement for a long time. They also represented two different Christian denominations (Roman-Catholic and Evangelical) and Muslims (Alevits). In preparation, several Divine Principle workshops were held in order to create a better foundation for the couples to understand the value of the Blessing.  - read more

Il Shim Ring Ceremony

Prague, Czech Republic, 22. January 2017

By Martine Masner
This year, our Czech HARP committee coordinated the Il Shim program for the third time, welcoming eleven new applicants aged 13 to 15 years old on to the course, all of whom successfully completed it!
As part of the course, participants were required to fulfil three main aspects: a spiritual condition, study and a confession. For many of the participants, the Il Shim course gave them the opportunity to experience doing their first personal spiritual condition, as all of them were required to take the time to choose the condition that they felt would be most valuable, commit themselves to a set amount of time and report their condition to their central figure; amongst others, participants reported reading conditions, prayer conditions. - read more

Holy Blessing Ceremony
Frankfurt, Germany, 11. December 2016

By Claus Dubisz
To inherit and pass on God’s Blessing’ was the theme of the celebratory worship service on the third Sunday in Advent, which included a Holy Blessing ceremony.
Semi and Anna, the couple who were to receive the Blessing, absolutely wanted the ceremony to take place in the old year, because their second child was expected in January. (On 10 January, the healthy and lively Jana, was born). Their desire was that she be born into a ‘very beautiful and as holy a family atmosphere as possible ‘, as expressed by the husband to the smiles of his wife. - read more

Blessing Ceremony
Prague, Czech Republic, 21. January 2017

By Martine Masner
On January 21, 2017, a Blessing Ceremony for three couples was held in the Czech Republic—at the HQ building in Prague. One couple that could not be present now, had received already the Blessing earlier, but also belongs to this Blessing.
The event started with a lecture to explain the meaning of the Blessing by Mr. Martin Slezák. The Holy Wine Ceremony was conducted by Juraj & Erika Lajda. One sister of one newly blessed couple shared that she had a profound experience while drinking the holy wine. - read more

Workshop and Blessing
Paris, France, 14. - 15. January 2017

Since a long time, we planned to hold a Blessing on Sunday, January 15th. Our dilemma was either to organize a “quick Blessing” or to educate more extensively the potential candidates. Finally, we decided to organize a one-day seminar on Saturday, based on Tim Miller’s lecture for Peace Ambassadors. One couple and two guests attended this workshop. - read more

Global Culture of Heart Arts Youth Workshop and Special Gathering
Cheon Jeong Gung, 6. January 2017

People who have dreams are happy people. When they are able to substantiate those dreams, they become even happier. The world we aim to realize as your dream becomes the same as Heavenly Parent’s dream and True Parent’s dream is the kingdom of heaven on earth. What the omniscient and omnipotent God purposed at the beginning must be complete in the end. That is why we had to go through the tearful course of restoration through indemnity! 
- read more  -  more pictures  -  French: https://vimeo.com/200358436  

True Parents’ Special Gathering 
to Celebrate the Start of the New Year
Cheon Jeong Gung, 3. January 2017

English: https://vimeo.com/200370323 

5 Days Jeon-do Workshop 2017

Bucharest, Romania, 4. - 8. January 2017

Happy New Year from Romania!
We are ready to offer hope and joy for Heavenly Parent and True Parents through JeonDo(Witnessing) activities in 2017!
After the holidays, we gather in the peace embassy and we reflect about 2016 and discuss about JeonDo to determine ourselves to carry on our mission in main providence in Romania. It was 5days of process to reflect, study the meaning and value of JeonDo and find strong motivation and determination for JeonDo centered on our national leader Mr. Jeong. - read more

Italian HARP Winter Workshop

Colle Mattia, Rome, Italy
27. December – 2. January 2017

The Italian HARP Committee: Godwin Chionna, Francesca Cirelli, Valerio Vespa, Robin Chionna, Daniela Calì, Anna Viktoria Rizzi
This year the Italian HARP winter workshop was held from December 27th, 2016 to January 2nd, 2017, in our workshop facility of Colle Mattia (Rome). We had 33 participants from all over Italy and Italian Switzerland.
The motto “Where Giants Dare” refers to everyone’s great potential, but also to our past: our parents and those who came before us (our “giants”). Indeed, much of the content was about God, True Parents, and our own parents, whom we consider to be our “Giants” par excellence. - View a video: https://vimeo.com/200362979 

WFWP Activities in France 2016

End of the Year CARP Workshop
Chamarande, France, 30. December – 1. January 2017

The end of year CARP WS was the opportunity for CARP members to gather and celebrate the new year together. The motto of the WS was: “Reveal your inner beauty”. It was chosen in accordance with this period of festive atmosphere. Indeed, the tradition wants us to get externally prepared for the end of the year by dressing beautifully, decorating the house, buying presents, etc. … We usually spend a lot of money and tend to become materialistic. The goal of the workshop was to remind us not focusing too much on external matters, but rather make this time of reflection on the year that just ended and on the upcoming year. Is the real beauty expressed by the nice clothes we wear or the richness of our hearts? - read more 

Interreligious Conference

Barcelona, Spain, 21. December 2017

Since October 2016 UPF Barcelona started a project of interreligious conferences in our new centre in Barcelona, Ronda Barcelona, following the example of this kind of program in Madrid.
We organize these conferences twice a month, the first and third Wednesday of each month since 19:30 to 21:00 pm. These events besides the conference can include meditation, songs, video projection, poems, music, etc. Everything that can transmit the spirit of the chosen person. 


European Cheon Il Guk 
Assembly 2017 
Prague, Czech Republic
9.- 12. March 2017