Educational Materials to Support Pastors

Here you find Power-Point presentations and supportive material which can be a useful resource for Pastors/Community Leaders on Tithing, Church Building, Witnessing and Tribal Messiahship 

Sharing good practice and materials to support each other 
We will be posting here ever more useful materials. Please help us to make this more and more useful by: 
     1. Sharing with us materials that you are using which may be helpful to others – in any European language. 
     2. Letting us know what you have found most helpful and how we can improve this service 
     3. Asking us to post materials that you need for your work 
Outreach and Education 
We would like to build up a resource of: 
1. Witnessing strategies and materials – please send us any: Web based materials and posters/handouts/leafletsthat you are using which others may find helpful 
2. Divine Principle Education materials - Please send us lectures you have discovered or developed to: 
  • Introduce the Divine Principle to new contacts in an interesting way 
  • Post lectures on a website 
  • Deliver one or two day Workshops 
  • Support Small Groups or Home Study 
  • Provide further education and internal guidance/practical application to those developing a life of faith in our Church Community

Sermons and guidancelink

Church Buildinglink

  • Becoming a pastor and building God’s Church – Simon Cooper PPP March 2012 - View Download
  • Breaking through 400 members – PPP - View Download
  • Developing an attractive guest service – PPP - View Download
  • Developing a staff team – Word document Rick Warren - View Download
  • Growing your Church – PPP - View Download
  • How to communicate to change lives – PDF Rick Warren - View Download
  • Purpose Driven Youth Ministry – PPP book review by Matthew Huish - View Download
  • Small group tips and tricks – PDF - View Download
  • Team Building and Time Management – PPP Robert Williamson - View Download
  • Willow Creek membership manual – PDF - View Download

Witnessing and Tribal Messiahship link

  • The Reality and prospects of God’s providence – S J Hwang PPP - View Download
  • Tribal Messiahship – SJ Hwang PPP -View Download
  • Acts of the Apostles – Jack Corley PPP - View Download
  • Six styles of evangelism – Mark Mittleberg PPP - View Download
  • Witnessing and Outreach – Tim Miller PPP - View Download
  • Developing a Witnessing Strategy – Jack Corley Word document - View Download

Public Speaking 

Small Group Materials


  • Cheon Seong Gyeong Refernces – word document - View Download
  • Do you tip or tithe? – sermon PDF - View Download
  • How to be Rich – 4 sermon series on tithing word document 
           Sermon 1 -  View Download
           Sermon 2 -  View Download
           Sermon 3 -  View Download
           Sermon 4 -  View Download

Inspiration – Vidoes and PowerPoints