Euro Paddle Pass is a project involving seven National Canoeing Federations in Europe. The project aim is to create a common system of paddle sport competency awards across Europe. Please feel free to browse the site to learn more about the project and the member countries involved. 

The project was set up initially with finance from the European Commission as part of the European Year of Education through Sport. 

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  • Benchmark and Core group meeting From October 6 to October 8 Nyköping, sweden hosted a EPP benchmark event. 7 countries got together to measure, evaluate and develop the EPP technical standard. It was decided to update several of the disciplin specific standards and now the work to rewrite these will begin. It was also decided til rename "Nordic seakayak" into "Touring", branding it in a matter more widely recognized. This is in line with the decision from February where "Surfski" was re branded "Ocean racing".Finally several changes to the bylaws was approved following drafts made in February. This was done ensure that a complete overview of system, philosophy and content can be achieved by referering only to the bylaws and the technical standards.Germany ...
    Posted Oct 11, 2017, 4:08 AM by Christian Jacobsen
  • Core group meeting February 2017 Frankfurt Following up on a large number of tasked delegated at the last meeting and benchmark event a large a lot of progress was made.- A moore defined framework and areas of responsibilities for participating NGB was was described and prepared to be entered into the bylaws.- An example of an assessment standard was discussed and will be prepared to enter into the bylaws as an example- A more developed description of each level of padler was discussed and prepared to enter into the bylaws- Following the decision to remove the very special geographical standards & add a formulation about the awareness of different environmental standards in each nation. Changes was made to the Level 4 Seakayak standard. - As a consequence the ...
    Posted Oct 1, 2017, 4:42 AM by Christian Jacobsen
  • Activities 2016 In February 2016 the member countries meet in Rome Italy. Among other items it was decided to- Start working on a standrad for SUP (stand up paddle)- A debate about renaming paddle ski to surf ski or ocean race. Surfski will be the name in he future.- Germany was allowed to produces a proposal for a Touring Technical standard.- The next time the bylaws will be updated it will be added that pilots should be run before specific levels for a NGB is being put up for approval.  - Ireland will host the next Benchmark event.Benchmark Dublin, Ireland October - Dublin hosted the biggest benchmark yet. The practical workshops lead to a large number of proposal being produced.- The meeting ...
    Posted Oct 1, 2017, 4:16 AM by Christian Jacobsen
  • News from the latest coregroup meeting More disciplines and levels in useJanuary 22nd 2015 the EPP core group held it's ordinary yearly meeting in Oslo. Not present this time were Ireland and Slovenia, but the remaining group could welcome Italy into the cooperation.Italy will in the first place addapt to the EPP 1-3 standards for sea kayak.Finland moved ahead and has now permission to run white water level 3.Standards for SUP will be presented at the next meeting in France in October 2015.Courses across boardersIt was agreed to quit the project with establishing a common courses calendar and in stead add links from the to every NGB’s courses calender. And of course remember to share ...
    Posted Feb 12, 2015, 12:12 AM by Unknown user
  • Continued development of the EPP cooperation. It was the second time that the EPP core group organized a benchmark event. This time it was held in Slovenia, who took care of the gears and the guinea pigs.Not surprisingly Slovenia sent most assessors and observers - and also `guinea pigs' to the assessments. All countries were represented, except Germany. In addition to the member countries also Norway and Italy participated. It was a successful session where not everyone passed, but a common European understanding of the EPP 3 levels were developed. EPP core group meeting After the benchmark event there was a meeting between the member countries. It was a special day because Norway, after a long preparation applied for membership, and was accepted. Now the four ...
    Posted Oct 20, 2014, 2:12 AM by Christian Jacobsen
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