Animal welfare is nowadays the subject of significant societal ethical concerns and there is a strong European support to Refine, Reduce and Replace (3Rs) animals linked to regulation compliance. The creation of the EUROECOTOX NETWORK was originally inspired by the 3Rs ambitions and motivated  due to the implementation of EU regulations on chemicals and their transformation product
s (REACHthat no doubt will require an intensification of eco-toxicological safety testing, requiring the submission of appropriate data for risk assessment for the registration of chemicals, pesticides, biocides and pharmaceuticals. This could result in an increase in the use of laboratory animals, and in order to avoid it and pursue the 3Rs goals, you must first understand the status of the validation and regulatory approval process of alternative ecotoxicological test methods in Europe and the existing conditions and stages of the alternative test methods and strategies.

Validation and Regulatory Approval Process of Alternative Ecotoxicological Test Methods

Regulators will only accept alternatives to animal tests in ecotoxicology if the new methods and/or strategies will allow them to assess hazards with at least the same level of reliability as the current animal tests and if the alternatives are accepted worldwide. Check about the validation process its duration, key aspects, institutions involved and the stages and substages.

Scientific documentation on alternative ecotoxicity methods

During the last decades an important  number of scientific documents (experimental articles, reviews, etc.)  have been published on alternative methods for environmental toxicology.  You can check here an updated the list of relevant scientific documentation.