EUROECOTOX is an European Network established to promote the integration of European activities on the replacement and reduction of animal experiments in ecotoxicology. EUROECOTOX aims to foster the exchange of knowledge, data, ideas and available European expertise to accelerate the R&D, (pre)validation and regulatory acceptance of alternative ecotoxicity tests and methods.

EUROECOTOX is a Coordinating Action funded by the European Commission's FP7 Environment Programme

The EUROECOTOX network is open to European R&D groups from universities, public research institutions, animal welfare groups and other non-profit organizations, specialized ecotoxicological contract laboratories, industry and other stakeholders developing alternative test methods.
  • Receiving updated information on the activities of EUROECOTOX and latest events & news on alternative ecotoxicity testing through our mailing list. 
  • Advice on development and validation of alternative testing strategies in ecotoxicology. 
  • Access to the EUROECOTOX member’s database (contact information of other members).
  • Possibility of contributing to EUROECOTOX online surveys (these will be available on-line by the end of 2011): Roadmap for future research in Europe on alternative methods in ecotoxicology, bottlenecks for developing and validating new tests, strengths and weakness of current methods, etc.).
  • Access to Discussion Forums. 
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