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Your support of the Creative Arts Center is invaluable. Your donation will go a long way to make sure the amazing programs and services we offer at the Creative Arts Center continue.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


The Creative Arts Council

Maintaining the Arts In the Tobacco Valley

A letter from a previous Creative Arts Center Facility Director:

I continue to be amazed and thrilled by the interest and support this community has for the cultural arts. As I hear more and more about budgets being stretched thin and cuts being made to cultural art programs in schools across the country, I believe that support is needed now more than ever to assure that the arts continue to thrive. Not just your participation in the arts, (which is the focus of our mission) but your financial contributions as well.

The Creative Arts Center (CAC) is a unique and wonderful resource for the Tobacco Valley. It is a progressive environment that promotes a passion for learning, sharing, and growing. It is a venue where artists, teachers, and craftspeople can offer their workshops and classes, teaching everything from Art to Yoga. This year, the board of directors opened the "Jon Crandell Memorial Art Gallery" in honor of a long time supporter and volunteer to passed away in late 2014. This gallery, dedicated to his memory features artists of the area rotating to a new artist every two months. What a wonderful opportunity to showcase the talent in our wonderful community, but it also exposes the members of the Creative Arts Center to different art techniques and talents. This January marks the 1st Anniversary of the gallery's opening. We encourage artists of all ages to participate. Contact us if you are interested.

The Center is a place where one can learn to dance, draw, paint, or sculpt. It’s a place where you and your children can come to enjoy a variety of special events, celebrations and workshops. It's a place to seek out fitness with yoga and pilates classes. But more importantly, it’s a place where we, and our children and grandchildren can come to learn, grow, and feel connected, beginning as early as 18 months old!

The programs at the CAC reflect the mission of the Creative Arts Council: “To provide opportunities for attaining knowledge and skills that promote well-balanced human development, advance a sense of community, and provide outlets for expression through involvement in the arts.” Your donation dollars help us fulfill that mission.

Here’s what your donation dollars fund and support:

  • Free programs to the community, sponsored by the Creative Arts Council such as: Kids Crafty Afternoon, Art in the Park, Earth Day Activities, Pumpkin Carving Party, Holiday Crafts at the Holly Faire- to name a few.
  • Scholarships and subsidized memberships in the Creative Arts Center for families and individuals in need.
  • Special projects and equipment to upgrade infrastructure for more accessible classes.
  • You can designate how your dollars will be used by the CAC - programs, special projects, managing the facility, community outreach, or scholarships.

Please help maintain one of Eureka’s most valuable resources. Make your donation today. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so your donation is tax deductible! We will send you acknowledgment of your contribution for tax purposes.

Donations may be made online at our website or mailed to PO Box 1164, Eureka MT 59917 payable to CAC.

Thank you for your consideration and your donation dollars!


Lois Sciligo

Creative Arts Center, Previous Facility Director