Welcome to my Googlesite!
Mrs. Tucker
Escondido High School
Escondido, CA
Welcome to my site.  I will post significant announcements on this page throughout the school year.  If you wish to contact me, here are your options:
Phone:  (760) 291-4000 extension 4322
Room:  322
Email:  ltucker@euhsd.org
Tutorial:  I will be available every Monday at lunch or after school Thursdays if you need to speak to me.  I am also available during your extended block period and by appointment before school!

This website will be used as a communication tool, a web portal, and a tool to enhance learning inside and outside of  the classroom.  If you would like to access daily agendas and handouts, click on the "US History" or "AP US History" tab, depending on the class you are taking with me.  Click on the "Agenda" on the date you are interested in-all items will be listed on the date we complete them on.

I hope you are all looking forward to a year of learning about history.  In this class, we will learn about achievements and mistakes in history and learn why the world/US is how it is today.  All that we do in class is intended to help you "pass" necessary tests at the end of the year and earn a solid grade in the class.