2018-2019 CIF Cheer Tryouts!
Thank you to everyone that tried out! If you are not a senior PLEASE come back and try out next year! We were so impressed by all of the talent and quick learners! We hope to see you all back next year!

TUESDAY 10/30 @ 3pm in the College & Career Center!

1. Akeila Oribello
2. Alexa Woodshank
3. Allison Stickley Smith
4. Alyssa Morgan
5. Azul Vargas
6. Fiona Long
7. Gabi Bulow
8. Gracie Schweitzer
9. Joanna Salgado
10. Katherine Pedroza
11. Kylee Rogers
12. Laura Patron
13. Melissa Damian
14. Richard Ramirez
15. Sage Davis
16. Taylor Sellars
17. Tianna Palacio
18. Valerie Hage

1. Anissa Cosio
2. Jaidyn Cabanban
3. Karelly Perez
4. Sierra Takacs
*Alternates will be expected to be at ALL practices and ready to participate at any time. If you are NOT interested in an alternate position, please let us know ASAP so we can offer the spot to someone else.  

Practices will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 
and begin this Tuesday 10/30 @ 6am!
You are required to be at ALL practices. 
CIF Cheer Competition is on December 8th!

Please email escondidohighschoolcheer@gmail.com if you have any questions!