Dual Language Immersion

The Dual Language Immersion model is an alternative program only available with a parent waiver. Parents have the right to request an alternative instructional program for their children in their primary language. The law requires that the District provide an alternate instructional program if there are 20 or more students at a grade level at a school for whom parents have made such a request. Please contact your school’s principal for further information. 

A Dual Language Immersion model provides integrated instruction for native English speakers and native speakers of another language, with the goal of providing high academic achievement, as well as first and second language fluency, and cross-cultural understanding. Language learning occurs through content instruction. English instruction increases gradually over the years within the program, with only 10% of the instructional day being in English for the first two years. While parents may request to have their student withdraw from the program at any time, the instructional treatment is designed for a period of at least six years to achieve academic proficiency in both languages.