English Learner Program

To ensure all students can be successful, English learners are provided support until they become Fluent English Proficient (FEP). The instructional model in all TUSD classrooms for English learners (EL) is a program of Structured English Immersion (SEI). The program takes place in the regular classroom and/or support classes. All instruction is taught in English using primary language instruction and/or materials as support (when available). The program includes English Language Development (ELD) and subject areas taught in a way English learners can understand, also known as Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE). The participation in this program is only known by the student’s teachers and site administration. At the end of each school year, every EL student is re-evaluated to determine his or her English language ability.

Studies indicate that students receiving instruction in their first language progress faster or as fast as the native English-speaking population. Studies also show that a high level of development in the student’s first language will form the basis for a similarly high level of development in the second language [source(s) needed]. Therefore, we encourage our students to continue development of their first language by reading, writing, and speaking it. By developing and growing in both languages, the student will become bilingual. If development in the first language is stopped, the student will become only partially bilingual. In our diverse and global society, the ability to speak other languages and to relate to people from other cultures is an important skill.

To acquire a new language, a person must understand what is being heard or read. It is a process which takes time. It takes approximately two years to become proficient with basic, everyday communication of a new language; it takes five to seven years to become proficient at an academic level [source(s) needed]. Participation in the Torrance Unified School District English learner program will maximize the student’s academic success through Structured English Immersion (SEI). The major goals for the English Learner Program are to develop proficiency in the English language and to have access to the core curriculumThe student will continue in the program until reclassified to Fluent English Proficient (FEP).

To learn more about the program and services for the English language learners in grades K-12 in the Torrance Unified School District (TUSD) download a copy of the TUSD English Learner Handbook for Parents and Staff