SO.CAP Hair Extensions

Our stylists are certified in SO.CAP USA hair extensions (AKA She by SO.CAP). All SO.CAP hair is 100% human hair and comes in 92 colors, different textures, and lengths. The bonds are made from 100% Karatin-protein and contains NO glue, resin, plastic, or adhesive and are therefore non-damaging to your hair. SO.CAP USA is the number one hair extension company in the world because of their quality and extensive education behind the product. They also offer the lowest bonding temperature on the market for the fusion bonding. SO.CAP extensions last 3 to 6 months depending on the growth pattern of each individual client. Extensions are also a great alternative to coloring or highlighting the hair and offer damage-free, long lasting results. Our extensions are customized to fit each person's needs, therefore a 15-30 minute complimentary consultation must take place in order to appropriately price each individual.

Interested in our new hair extension service? Come on in for a complimentary consultation!