Advisor: Mr. Sean Houseknecht

It is my goal to:

1. Offer you and your child a first class ski         club program.
2. Provide an opportunity that promotes an         atmosphere of self-confidence and                     responsibility.

3. Promote skiing and snowboarding as life-        long endeavors.


Sign-up Instructions:

1. Discuss the following responsibilities with your child:
    - Ski with at least one other person at all times.

    - Wear a helmet at all times.

    - Obey the Skier's Responsibility Code 

    - Listening to music while skiing/boarding is prohibited.

    - Report all injuries to ski patrol and the advisor immediately.

    - Be on time for check-in and departure.

    - Behave appropriately on the bus...remain seated, keep the noise to a reasonable level, 

       and clean up after yourself.

2. Obtain an 2019-2020 Information Packet (includes updated info. on the Night        
      Tracker Card)
    - a hardcopy can also be picked up in Mr. Houseknecht's room 
    - permission form is due 11/15/19
    - If you child is at Bear Creek, submit the permission form to the office and              
       they will see that I receive it.
     - Purchase prior to 12/16/19 to get the best rate possible.
4. Purchase mandatory equipment if needed (helmet and equipment bag)

    Vail has agreed to open the Night Tracker Card to all ages!  After seeing the information that Group Sales presented, it was decided to remove the 8-18 age restriction on the cards.   Pricing and options will remain the same as the current program.  If any other details come out, I'll pass them on through this website until everyone is using Remind.

  • 19-20 First Trip Reminders 
  • Scheduled trips for the 2019-2020 season:
    • Friday, January 10th (Depart @ 3:30PM, Return @10:30PM)
    • Thursday, January 16th (Depart @ 3:30PM, Return @9:30PM)
    • Thursday, January 23rd (Depart @ 3:30PM, Return @9:30PM)
    • Friday, January 31st (Depart @ 3:30PM, Return @10:30PM)
    • Friday, February 7th (Depart @ 3:30PM, Return @10:30PM)
  • Make-up Dates:
    • Saturday, January 18th (Depart @ 3:30PM, Return @10:30PM)
    • Saturday, February 8th (Depart @ 3:30PM, Return @10:30PM)