Ethical IT for Ethical Organizations

Etiqa Consulting

Etiqa Consulting provides high quality and flexible IT support services to organizations who have traditionally found it difficult to get good IT support. These include SOHO (Small Office/Home Office), NGOs and similar organizations such as charities, virtual organizations in distributed small offices and small/medium enterprises (SMEs). 

Working with our partners we can provide a complete range of IT support services, whether it be a complete office move, looking after your existing infrastructure or supporting a home office.

Recently we have been working with home users to give them a professional IT service catering specifically for their needs. 

Our Partners

By partnering with other organizations we can specialise in what we are good at, IT management, leaving our partners to specialize what they are good at from cabling, internet provision, backups and everything else needed to support your business.

This approach ensures our clients get a great service and because we can keep our overheads low we can deliver this quality at a very competitive price.

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