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"Integrity in Romanian Public Administration. Ethics Counselors and Codes of Conduct" Conference
On December 4, 2013, CARMAE and its partners will host a half-day event on a new approach to integrity in Romanian public administration in Bucharest. This event is designed especially for Ethics Counselors and people interested in Ethics & Compliance Management.
[See conference programme | RO | 2013-11-24]

CARMAE and the Transparency Register
The Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics is supporting the Romanian Transparency Register for Lobby and Advocacy and encourages all organizations involved in influencing public policies to subscribe. The Transparency Register is the mark of their professionalism and integrity.

International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Sustainable Business 2013 concluded
The Media School, Bournemouth University, was a great host for the 2nd edition of ICSR. For two days, scholars from four continents lectured and debated on various aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility. The event was a success and the Organizing Committee is already getting ready for the next edition. The Call for Papers for the 3rd edition will be released by the end of October 2013. Do not miss our announcements by visiting regularly this website or subscribing to our Facebook page.

Website updates
We are trying to keep this website as updated as possible. For example, we have created a special page for the 2013 Business Ethics and Compliance Conference with some video materials and other information. There are some changes in the "Events", "Organization / Transparency", and "Staff" sections as well. So, we invite you to browse our website and let us know what you think. Soon, we will make some very important announcements. You can also visit our Facebook page.

CARMAE Supports the European Initiative for Media Pluralism. You can do it, too!
We have been among the first Europeans that signed the initiative that calls for a European directive to protect media pluralism and press freedom on February 7, 2013. This is not a political initiative and needs the support of at least 1 million European citizens from at least 7 EU member states to present the legislative proposal directly to the European Commissions. We urge you to think about this and join us by signing here.

"In 2013, the CSR  tendency towards green-, white- etc. washing will continue"
Cristian Ducu has answered to the editors' challenge to tell his expectations concerning corporate social responsibility for the new year. He believes companies will continue to wash their image and focus on environment protection rather then take a strategic approach to organizational responsibility.
[2012-01-08] | RO | 

"Romania Needs a National Strategy for Promoting Social Responsibility, but One Adopted through a Participatory Process"
During the public debate on the "Role of the State in Promoting Social Responsibility" organized by our partner, Junior Chamber International Romania, Mr. Cristian Ducu spoke about the need to adopt a new national strategy or at least to amend the current one through a participatory process involving all stakeholders. Mr. Ducu also emphasized the significance of public debates on Social Responsibility accountability and the appropriate reporting frameworks for Romanian organizations.
[2012-09-29] | RO | 

The Existence of the National Committee on Bioethics is Threatened
The fate of the National Committee on Bioethics, part of the National Romanian Commission for UNESCO (CNR-UNESCO) is unknown. As Mr. Serban Ursu, a very dedicated person, left the organization a few months ago, all activities have been suspended until further notice. CARMAE urges the Romanian Government to support the activity of CNR-UNESCO by increasing its current and next budgets and make significant changes concerning its organizational chart. 
[2012-09-20] |

Cristian Ducu will lead a panel at the European CSR Lessons 2012
On May 16, on the 2nd day of the European CSR Lessons, Mr. Cristian Ducu will lead the "Inclusion / Stakeholder Engagement" panel.
[2012-05-09] |

A New Resource: Ethics Frameworks
Observing the general tendency to talk in any possible way about ethical decision making, we have decided to help people understand what frameworks are available and guide them by providing a list of references.

[Case Studies] Yahoo! News, a political tool in Romania
We published a new case study reflecting the action of publishing a misleading news material by Yahoo! News Romania. The material refers to a so-called approval of the new Romanian government by a controversial political figure.

Internship Opportunity (Spring 2012) / Oportunitate de internship (Primavara 2012)
A new internship opportunity has been released. If you are a Romanian student studying in Bucharest and you want to gain work experience and some essential skills, then we are waiting for your CV. The internship program is highly competitive.

[Case Study] "Rosia Montana and Protecting the Interest of the Community"
We have uploaded a new case study in our database. The case describes a strange connection between some Romanian journalists and Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, a mining company.

Internship Opportunity (Spring 2012) / Oportunitate de internship (Primavara 2012)
If you are a student (BA, Master or PhD programs) and you want to develop your professional skills, we have a very interesting 3-months internship program as part of the MECOPP Ro 2012 research project.

CEE Publications in Applied Ethics
Our research centre is initiating a partnership with similar organizations from Central and Eastern European countries to develop and release a monthly newsletter containing short references on publications in our field, i.e., Applied Ethics.

European Ethics & Compliance Forum 2014
1st Ed., "Regaining Market Trust" (National Institute for Statistics, Bucharest (Romania); September 25-26, 2014)

International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Sustainable Business 2014 (Facultat de Comunicacio Blanquerna, Universitate Ramon Llull, Barcelona (Spain); October 9-10, 2014)

Bucharest Conference in Applied Ethics 2014
5th Ed., "Ethical Challenges in the New Business Environment" (Cismigiu Hotel, Bucharest (Romania); October 23-24, 2014)

European Media Ethics Congress 2014
1st Ed., "Professional Integrity and Accountability in New Media" (Cismigiu Hotel, Bucharest (Romania); December 4-5, 2014)

Sibiu, Romania; June 25-27, 2015

Bucharest Conference in Applied Ethics 2015
6th Ed., "Ethical Values in Organizations and Professions" (Bucharest; October 29-30, 2015)


Preventing Internal Fraud 
On February 7, 2012, Mr. Cristian Ducu spoke on "Why Should a Company Develop an Ethics & Compliance Management System?" at the 1st Romanian Compliance Conference. His main point was that effective internal fraud prevention involves not only mere compliance with the law or the existence of a “code of conduct”, but a complex system aiming at changing the organizational ethical culture.

Moral Consulting and How Should Terminal Cases Be Treated?
On November 26, 2011, Mr. Cristian Ducu lecture on "Moral Consulting in Hospitals and Family Medicine. How Should Terminal Cases Be Treated?" as part of the 6th National Conference of Interdisciplinary Studies in Internal Medicine. He proposed a new moral consulting model for Romanian hospitals and emphasized the role of Ethics experts in the medical environment.

Training Programs

A New Workshop for Human Resources Professionals: "Performance and Employee Integrity. The Missing Link"
In December 2013, CARMAE will deliver 3 new workshops on moving beyond plain ROI through building a culture of integrity in business and public organizations. The workshops will be held in Pitesti, Timisoara, and Bucharest. From January 2014, other sessions will be schedule in various Romanian cities.
[See schedule | RO | 2013-11-24]

AMCOR and CARMAE on Ethics in Consulting
On November 2, 2013, Association of Management Consulting Organizations from Romania, member of FEACO, and the Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics are organizing a workshop on Ethics and Profit in Romanian Management Consulting industry. This workshop is part of a series of similar events organized by AMCOR under the title "Profesional Corner".

3 Professional Tracks offered in mid-2013
Our Centre is currently preparing 3 professional tracks for all those interested in Ethics & Compliance, Social Responsibility and Business Analysis. All three programs are very selective and will accept prospective candidates only after a careful scrutiny of their professional background and current professional skills.

"Leading with Integrity" Bucharest Workshop
July 12, 2012. Along with Chiuariu & Associates and Smart Solutions & Support, Romanian, our centre is organizing a Business Ethics workshop for top and middle managers from Romanian companies. Learn more by vising the special website.

Ethics & Compliance Management Training for Transparency International Romania
On June 4, 2012, Cristian Ducu will be delivering a one-day training on Ethics & Compliance as part of a POSDRU project on integrity and social responsibility in Romanian economic environment. Further details can be found on the website of the Centre for Integrity in Business (, Transparency International Romania.

Ethical Journalism during the 2012 Local Elections - Agerpres
On April 16, 2012, Cristian Ducu conducted a specialized Ethics training for Agerpres, the Romanian national press agency. The training focused on ethical journalism during the Romanian local elections. It is the first training concentrating on ethics and local elections. 

Recovering the History of a Discipline

Ion Heliade-Rădulescu (1802-1872), Mic curs de morala [Brief Course in Ethics]; 1840. Current owner: The Library of Romanian Academy. Digitalized for DacoRomanica. The Digital Library of Romania. Book written in Romanian with Cyrillic script.

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From Our Partners

[JCI] JCI Romania will host 5 more debates on Social Responsibility
Junior Chamber International Romania is continuing its Social Responsibility debates series with five more meetings: April 2, 2013 -- "CSR Reporting - mandatory or voluntary? Pro and against reporting legislation"; April 30, 2013 -- "Responsible Consumer"; May 21, 2013 -- "Tools, Facilities and Stimulative Measures for Promoting Social Responsibility of Organizations"; June 18, 2013 -- "Social Responsibility in Schools and Universities"; July 9, 2013 -- "The Future of Social Responsibility". Join them in their effort to promote and enrich the understanding of Social Responsibility.
[2013-03-11] | RO |

[CRJ] Business Ethics and Compliance Experts' Seminar
On March 5, 2013, the Center for Legal Resources has organized a new event meant to put together a set of proposals to be adopted by the Romanian Government in order to make Ethics and Compliance a wide spread practice in Romania economic sector.
[2013-03-11] | RO |

2013 Business Ethics and Compliance Conference, a bridge between the business and public sector
Center for Legal Resources, with the support of the British Embassy in Romania, launches the 2013 Business Ethics and Compliance Conference, which will take place on February 27, 2013, at the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Romania (Bucharest). The conference will focus on the public policies that promote ethics in business and legal compliance. 
[2013-01-26] | RO |

[JCI] "The Role of the State in Promoting Social Responsibility" Debate

Yesterday, Sept. 28, over 130 participants talked about "The Role of the State in Promoting Social Responsibility" during the one day public debate organized by Junior Chamber International Romania. 

Junior Chamber International Romania is organizing a one day conference on “The Role of the State in Promoting Social Responsibility”. The event will take place on September 28, 2012, at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Bucharest.