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AP Agreement for School Year 

What is teamASAP?

teamASAP is an ETHS group comprised of students, teachers, and school leaders. 

Our mission is to help ensure that ALL students have access to Advanced Placement

courses and create a community that supports positive and successful experiences in those courses.

We believe that every ETHS student should have the opportunity to successfully complete at least one Advanced Placement course in an area of interest.

In addition to monthly team meetings we host a variety of events all year long.  All students are welcome to be a part of the team!

Did you know?
You can search college credit policies at means you can pick a college and look at what AP scores they accept to earn credit for all the different courses.  

Also, be sure to check out the Illinois AP Legislation, which says that  all public universities and public community colleges in Illinois must award college credit to students who submit scores of 3 or higher on College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Exams.

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Contact Information

Ms. Tina Lulla
AP Recruitment & Retention Coordinator
teamASAP Facilitator
Chemistry and AP Chemistry Teacher

Mr. Dale G. Leibforth
Mathematics Department Chair
AP Success Manager
teamASAP Facilitator

Dr. Pete Bavis
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
teamASAP Facilitator

Mrs. Beth Arey
College & Career Coordinator
teamASAP Thought Partner