Coffee House


The Ethiopian This Week (ETW) Coffee House is brimming with inspiration, motivation and advice to help you live a remarkable life. By sharing your experiences, sorrows, happiness, enjoyment, we can learn the key strategies for pouring your hearts into life, including an innovative approach to applying these rules to your daily life. Create a life that overflows with success, fulfillment and joy!
  • When is the last time you gave yourself time to work on your happiness?
  • Ever feel like you pour yourself endlessly out to others while putting yourself on hold?
  • Are you living your best life? Are you actively creating your life or is life creating you?
  • Looking for simple strategies you can add to your daily life to create more lasting fulfillment?
Our goal is to support you in becoming an individual you've always wanted to become - to encourage you to create a future filled to the brim with enjoyment where you are savoring each day to the fullest!

Grab your favorite beverage (we don't discriminate against non-coffee drinkers) and join me in turning your ordinary coffee breaks into recipes for success, joy and happiness that will renew your spirit and enrich your journey through life!

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