My passion has been the application of emerging technologies to successfully solve real world business problems.

Over the years the technology has changed but the experience of successfully delivering an application into production based on a new idea or platform or product has been the same. 
I have worked with Structured Analysis/Design back in the day when they were considered a revolution in software engineering. But the next cool wave was Object Technology, promising a nirvana of reuse. My most recent sojourn has been in Agile Development. This dimension of my career has given me expertise on the process of building successful applications.
Technically, I was involved in developing applications using Smalltalk, then Java. I managed teams building some of the first production e-business web sites using WebSphere (back when it was called Servlet Express). Then I led a group that used a variety of wireless technologies which are still evolving and have intersected the trend towards mobile SOA/Web2.0.
Specifically, I offer clients assistance in business development, program management, and solution analysis/design for emerging technologies. I can also review existing software processes and/or help set up new processes to effectively implement the chosen technologies.

So, eTechSuccess is focused on helping you create a successful application that drives real business benefits by using an emerging technology.

I have launched a blog to keep up with current activities.

Specialties  Agile Development, Software Engineering, object technologies