Consulting Services

John Baker provides a variety of management and technical consulting services to IT organizations and software development groups. Typical examples are as follows:

  • Emerging technology and business planning: Taking advantage of an emerging technology to achieve business success can result in a competitive advantage for your company. Choosing the wrong technology, or adopting it too early, or without risk mitigation can result in an expensive mistake. I specialize in two emerging technologies:

    Health checks: When a major IT project falls behind schedule or begins to exceed its budget, senior IT managers and business decision-makers need to determine whether the project is salvageable, with some mid-course corrections — or whether it’s shaping up to be an utter disaster that should be shut down before it wastes any more money, time, and resources. An objective assessment by an unbiased outsider can be enormously valuable; I provide this service, the equivalent of a health check administered by a doctor.

  • Innovation Workshops: I have some familiarity with a number of emerging technologies and how they have been applied to business problems. During this two day workshop we will explore the intersection of what is coming over the horizon with what the higher priority business problems you are trying to solve. The reusult of this workshop is a prioritized list of applications/projects that could benefit from the introduction of a new technology.

  • Solution Definition Workshop:The SDW is a facilitated workshop that captures a high level set of business requirements, technical decisions/constraints, and a project plan. When following Agile Development this workshop becomes a Product/Release planning session and will result in an initial product backlog and estimate.

  • Benchmarking of Emerging Technologies: Your organization may have embraced a new technology to solve a business problem. You are executing your plan and have experienced your share of growing pains. One way to improve your processes is to compare specific actions with best of breed organizations and learn from their successes. I will help set up a benchmarking program and help your organization use the results in a process improvement program.

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Pricing and details for these consulting activities are available upon request, and depend (among other things) on the length of the assignment.