Creating Your Account

Click here to begin your account creation process or login if you have an existing account.  This link will appear in a separate tab or window. In this way, you can navigate back to these instructions as needed for instructions. 

The Email address that you use should be what you consider to be your permanent emailing address so that even when your UTHSC email is no longer functional, UMI/ProQuest can reach you.  To activate your account UMI/ProQuest will use this email address.  The name you enter here should be exactly as its is show in the registrar's office, and how it will appear on your thesis or dissertation.  

If you desire a secure password, I would suggest that you use no less than 8 instead of 4 characters, and that you use a combination of letters and number with some of the letters in uppercase.  When you entered information into all of the required* fields, click the "Sign Up" button as shown in the above figure.