About Us

The Southwest Nebraska Distance Learning Network is comprised of public schools, colleges and educational service units committed to the design, development and delivery of two-way interactive learning opportunities for students in 37 rural communities. It covers over 20,000 square miles in an eighteen-county area of Southwest, West Central and the Sandhills of Nebraska.

The primary focus of the Southwest Nebraska Distance Learning network is to provide greater access to learning opportunities through collaborations and partnerships with agencies and individuals committed to an equitable distribution of educational resources. Through the latest electronic technologies, S.N.D.E.N will provide a network that will enable students of all ages in the eighteen-county area and beyond to improve their access to learning opportunities and to achieve their life-long educational goals.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Southwest Nebraska Distance Learning network is to bring the concept of "educational opportunities for all" closer to reality by building, maintaining and fostering a virtual community of learners in rural Nebraska.