Are you looking for a professional development experience that will change the way you teach science?

Do you need a science content booster shot?

Have you always wondered about how to integrate science content with science practices?

Are you interested in working with colleagues to collaboratively build your instructional skill set?

What does best practice science instruction look and sound like anyway?

 Nebraska Science Kicksprofessional  development series
What are past participants saying...

"Relevant/engaging PD that changes how you learn science and collaborate w/other teachers."
"Kicks has changed the way I teach."
“Big picture” understanding of science in Nebraska…I understand what is expected as far as Nebraska Science standards."
"I gained content knowledge in my weakest area."
"I was able to apply the things I learned to every aspect of my teaching and also to each class that I teach."
"It was practical, useful information that I can use right away.  The instructors are teachers who are using this in their classrooms."
"Very time consuming-but worth it!  My principal said that I have grown tremendously as a teacher between the spring of last year and this fall.  I was just observed and he attributes it to the KICKS3 class and the peer coaching I was involved in."
"Peer coaching has been great!  I love my partner.  It is wonderful to have a coach that understands my age-group of students.  I love watching her since I am trying to prepare my students for the next step of kindergarten."
'I loved almost all of it!! I needed growth in content.  I appreciated the support of a peer coach.  I enjoyed meeting and working with other teachers."