About Us

ESU 16 Early Childhood Support Staff................

  • Provides services to children in their natural environments
  • Provides supports and services to families
  • Provides comprehensive assessment and evaluations for children
  • Provides opportunities for children to learn within their daily routines at home, preschool, or daycare
  • Provides service coordination between families and other agencies
  • Provides resources and information to families
  • Provides services to children Birth to 5
  • Provides transition for families into school programs

ESU 16 Early Childhoood Staff

Early Childhood Special Educators:

Jo Lee - jlee@esusixteen.org

Denise Brauer - dbrauer@esusixteen.org

Speech Language Pathologists:

Becky Burke - bburke@esusixteen.org

Emily Johnson - ejohnson@esusixteen.org

Angie McBride - angelamc@esusixteen.org

Occupational/Physical Therapists:

Jenny Reichman, OT - jennyreichman73@gmail.com

Cassie Jarzynka, OT - cassieotd@gmail.com

Susan Hood, PT - ptsusanj@gmail.com

Services Coordinators:

April Wilson - apwilson@esusixteen.org

Kaelyn Klaasmeyer - kklaasmeyer@esusixteen.org

School Psychologists:

Catherine Ruhlman - cruhlman@esusixteen.org

Carmen McMahon - cmcmahon@esusixteen.org

Director of Special Education:

Mary Peters - mpeters@esusixteen.org