School History

Lee Vining Elementary School was founded in the early 1920's.  Anna Mattly, one of the founding members of the town, marched to the little rise at the southwest part of the town site and "walked off" the portion she wanted to set aside for the school.  Mattly wanted a school in town because the closest schools were several miles north of the existing town or several miles south.  The portions that she walked off were deeded to Mono County to be used for a school with the stipulation that if the school were moved or discontinued, the property ownership would revert back to the Mattly family.  Lee Vining Elementary School still sits on this site today.  The Kindergarten building is all that remains of the original buildings.  Chris Mattly served for many years as a board member, custodian, and jack-of-all trades.  The first teacher was Miss Young and the first superintendent was Mrs. Nora Archer.  The school has been remodeled in recent years but still holds the small town appeal.  Our teachers and students give their all to make going to school in a small town the best experience ever.