This site, prepared for the Digital Age Academy, is the companion piece to the instruction on August 6, 2013. 

Before we get started:

1.  Bookmark this site, or write down the address.
2. Log into your gmail account.

Detailed Content and Activity Plan:

9:20-10:00 Why Screencast

  • Personal Screencasting History
  • Advantages to Screencasting
  • Khan Academy and the Characteristics of Screencasting

10:00-10:05 What Screencasting Is

  • Bonus Tech: Google Forms and Wordsift
  • Definition of Screencasting
  • Types of Screencasts
  • Tips from the Pros

10:05-10:20 Google Presentations/ Setup for your first Screencast

  • Google Presentation Basics
  • Set up an "About Me" Presentation

10:20-10:35: Break

10:35-11:05: Making a Screencast

  • Planning, Notes, and Getting Ready
  • Screencasting (Mac or PC)

11:05-11:15: Uploading Your Screencast

  • Google Drive vs YouTube
  • Uploading your Screencast to Drive

11:15-11:45: Going Further

  • Screencasting with students
  • Screencasting with peers
  • Non-traditional screencasting methods
  • Fancy stuff
  • Virtual whiteboards and EduCreations