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This session will present two websites to help you facilitate a Flipped Classroom: (to provide content) and (to provide engaging guided practice). We will also discuss what to do with the in-class time freed up through engaging students with Flipped content. 

Madeline Hunter’s ITIP

Flipped Model

1) Learning Objectives

2) Anticipatory Set

3) Input

4) Model

5) Check Understanding

6) Guided Practice

7) Extended Practice

1) Learning Objectives

2) Input

3) Model

4) Check Understanding

5) Guided Practice

6) Anticipatory Set

7) Guided Practice

8) Extended Practice


Sophia Introduction is a great place to house your flipped classroom - especially if your school does not grant student access to YouTube! Sophia integrates text, images, already created videos (from your computer or youtube / vimeo), slideshows, audio files, pdfs, websites AND it gives you the option to create screencasts directly from the site. Afterwards you can engage your audience by adding a multiple choice or true/false quiz.

Publish your tutorials to the world or create a specific class. Students don't have to have accounts to view and complete the quizzes (unless you choose not to publish to the world). 

Here is a link to the official tutorials: Click here

Flipped Content in 10 Minutes!!!

Flipped Content in 10 Minutes!!!

I want to emphasize how easy it really is to create quality flipped content in very little time. In this tutorial we will first see an example of using to introduce a topic (5 min. YouTube video), provide a formative assessment (multiple choice quiz) of understanding (as well as ensuring that students actually watch the lessons), and engage students in guided practice utilizing to add some FUN to learning. 

Check it out!

Gamify with

Are you paying for  Do you like  

Then you will LOVE!!!  

All three of these sites turn your questions / flashcards into games for kids to use to study.  I like all three, but if I had to recommend one, it would be

The video to the right walks you through everything you need to know to get up and running with Zondle.

If you have any questions, Zondle has a GREAT support site: click here.
How would you use Zondle in your classroom?