Doctopus & Goobric with GClassroom
Integrating Digital Rubrics with GClassroom Assignments

Love Google Classroom, but miss being able to use the Goobric script to give students rubric-based feedback?
Fear not. Andrew Stillman has adapted his Doctopus/Goobric Script to work with Google Classroom. In this session, I'll show you how!

Lab Report Template Assignment: Here
Lab Report Template Rubric: Here

Example Student Doc w/ Feedback: Here

Example Student Feedback Spreadsheet: Here



How would you use Goobric in your Classroom?

NOT using GClassroom, but want to use Goobric? No Worries:

Don't Get Overwhelmed! 

These three scripts (now add-ons) are GREAT time savers for all teachers. They work together to organize your drive (GClassFolders), hand out assignments (Doctopus), and assess student work (Goobric).

 Script Name Purpose POWER
 GClassFolders Organize GDrive Folders EASILY create a Sophisticated folder structure!
 Doctopus     Hand out Assignments to Students Share Settings are ALWAYS correct because you set them!
 Goobric     Assess Student Work Attach a Rubric to GDocs!

Last month (March, 2014) Google revamped how scripts are accessed in Google Docs and Google Sheets. This reworking has made it VERY EASY to manage all THREE scripts. This tutorial will teach you how. I expect it will take about 30 minutes to get through the tutorial. 

1 - Before watching the video, create two Gmail email accounts (Click Here) that we will use as example student accounts. Think simple - mine are and - - Use the same generic password. After you have created the dummy accounts, log out of all GMail accounts and log back into your School Account.

2 - Watch this video (via @jayatwood) - Follow along with the step-by-step instructions.  (note- if your Google Sheet doesn't have the "add-ons" tab, that means your School Domain hasn't made the switch to the New Google Sheets yet... which means you have will either need to do this from a personal GMail account, or hold off until your School Domain does make the switch).

3 - GREAT JOB -- you have used the Doctopus to CREATE a folder structure in GDrive (you actually used GClassFolders, but it is incorporated into the NEW Doctopus). Then you handed out an assignment to students.  Now Log out of your teacher account and in to your student account to see what it looks like from the student perspective. Write something on the students' assignments so you can grade it with the Goobric Script (next video). After you have played a little, log out of all accounts and back into your teacher account. You are ready for the second video.

4 - This second video walks you through using the Goobric script to provide students with feedback on their assignment. The Goobric script is a Google Rubric (Goobric) - - Please NOTE -> you can still provide feedback to students via Comments in individual Docs. The Goobric script is only necessary if you plan to use a Rubric to grade student projects. Thanks again to @jayatwood for this video!

5 - Log back out of your Teacher Account and into a Student Account to see what it looks like. Pretty COOL, eh?