5 Ways to Make Your PowerPoints Interactive

Tic Tac Toe Game

A great way to review new concepts is to create a Tic Tac Toe game slide in PowerPoint.  

In the example from a foreign language class to the right, images are used to represent new vocabulary.  However, this could be easily applied to other content areas as well: in a math class with formulas, in a history class historical figures or dates, in a science class with symbols from the periodic table...

Creating the slide is simple.  Under the 'insert' tab, select shapes to draw the lines.  Then select the oval and type 'O' or 'X' into the circle you create (adjusting the font to make it larger).


You can play as a whole class or have students play each other.  

Note: Students cannot move the circles in 'Presentation' mode.  

Connect 4 Game

Similar to the Tic Tac Toe game, this is a great way to review new concepts.

Creating the Connect 4 template is also easy.  Draw the lines and then insert the ovals.  To make a circle black, adjust its format by selecting the black 'shape fill' and 'shape outline'.  To save time, create one and then copy and paste it.

Students can practice new concepts in pairs, groups or as a whole class.  

Note: Similar to the Tic Tac Toe game, students cannot play this in the 'Presentation' mode.  To save time after a game, use the 'undo' function (ctrl + Z) to move the circles back to their original places.

Jeopardy Games

Jeopardy Games are great ways to review new concepts. 

Comparatively, these are a little more difficult to create than Tic Tac Toe or Connect 4 Games.  The YouTube video (thanks Steve Gillis) to the right explains how to use Hyperlinks to pages within your PowerPoint presentation to make a Jeopardy Game.  

Note - because this PowerPoint uses hyperlinks, you will play this game in Presentation Mode.

Interactive Quiz Slides

A great way to LivenUP your students during the input phase of your lesson is to insert a Quiz Slide into your PowerPoint presentation.  

To create an Interactive Quiz Slide, you will need to play with creating hyperlinks within your presentation.  First, insert individual text boxes with the questions and the answers.  Next, select the text box with the correct answer and 'Insert' a 'Hyperlink' to a 'Place in This Document' and select the next slide in your presentation.  Finally, to make sure students MUST click on the right answer to continue, go to the 'Transitions' tab and de-select 'Advance Slide' 'On Mouse Click'.  

Note: Potential answers do not HAVE to be text boxes, they could also be images or shapes.  The important piece is setting up the hyperlink within your presentation.

Embed YouTube Videos 

A Great way to spice up your presentation is to embed YouTube videos into your presentations.  

This is quite simple to do.  Thanks to Musicarta for the how to video to the right.

Note: you will need internet access on the day you are presenting for the embedded video to play.