80 iPad Apps for Early Elementary

For my daughter's 7th birthday my wife and I decided to buy her an iPad mini.  We came to this decision after contemplating the alternatives.  

The iPad mini made the most sense because:
1 - iOS apps are significantly better (my opinion) than droid apps in this moment.  I'm talking about both diversity in educational apps available and general individual app quality.
2 - The iPad mini can run all iPad and iPhone apps.
3 - The iPad mini's size is much kid friendlier than the bigger iPad.
4 - The iPad mini is actually fairly reasonably priced - ours was $300 at Walmart.

Now that I have it in my office, the next question is what apps do I put on it?  As a tech integration guy, I spend a significant amount of time reading and writing app reviews.  What follows is a short description / rationale for each of my choices.  All of these are apps that I had on my iPad that I recommend to my teachers - they are FREE unless otherwise noted.

   Dr. Seuss's ABC - LITE
 - Great book
 - Reads to you or read yourself
 - Tap words or images to hear them
   Mr. Pinkerton
 - Fun story about a fat pig
 - Reads to you

   Toy Story Read-Along
 - Reads to you, or Record your voice
 - Games included as well!!!
 Read Me Stories - Children's books
- A lot of free books 
 - Option to buy more
 The Dream by Swipea - Interactive Story Book
- Story set in ancient Iraq
 - Read to you or read by yourself
 - Extra features: fact find, happy bazaar 
   3D Ebooks By Tinysky-The Fox and the Raven
 - Story based on Chinese Folklore
 - Read, Record, Be read to
 - 3D!!!
 The Icky Mr Fox
 - Fun Animated Interactive Story

 English - Language Arts
 Word Games for Kids - Futaba
- Great Multiplayer Game
 - Shows image in center and kids tap words
 - Free version = 2 players
- Awesome 2 player game
 - Lots of different options
 Fetch It!
- Augmented Reality Game 
 - Turn the iPad to make the dog run and find objects
 - Turn off the voice and make kids read!!!
 Rocket Speller
- Fun game with various levels
 - Spell words between choosing parts of a rocket
 - Collect stars as the rocket blasts off
 Little Stars - Word Wizard
- Game that builds vocab and spelling skills
 - Earn Stickers
 Chicktionary for iPad
- Popular Spelling Game
 - Spell as many words as you can with set of letters
 Phonics Awareness, 1st Grade
- Very comprehensive (and FUN)
 - Segment, Blend, Vowels, Check Yourself

   Comparative Adjectives
- Game
 - Tap the screen
 ABA – What Rhymes?
- Similar to Comparative Adjectives
 - Tap the screen
 Professor Garfield Fact or Opinion
- A little more advanced
 - Read a comic
 - Discern Facts from Opinions
 Math Games Math Vs Zombies by Tap To Learn
- Good Game 
 - All 4 orders of operation
 - Turn Zombies back to Kids with Math
 Math Blaster HyperBlast 2 HD Free
 - Great Interactive Game
 - Addition for FREE (Full Version=$1.99)
 - Blast your way to the Brain and fight with Math
 Mathris Lite - A Math Game
- Tetris - but with Math
 - All 4 orders of operation
 - Free version limited by levels (Full Version=$.99) 
 Motion Math: Wings
- Tilt your iPad to fly 
 - Free version covers unit comparison (greater / less)
 - Full version = In app purchase ($6.99)
 Sushi Monster
 - Great Game
 - Addition and Multiplication
 - Serve up Sushi, but make sure the sums add up!!!
 Dinosaur Park Math Lite
 - Excavate fossils using Math
 - Addition in Free version (Full version = $.99)
 - EXTRA: Learn about Dinosaurs TOO!!!
 Math Ninja HD Free!
 - EXCELLENT Game! - All orders of operation
 - Battle Mr Tomato's army of bots 
 - Free version: 5 Levels   (Full version=$1.99)
 Fashion Math (iPhone app)
 - Game Based App
 - Earn money by solving addition problems
 - With the money they can buy dresses for the avatar
 - Best FREE calculator
 - NO advertisements
   History and Geography
 Pass the Past
 - GREAT history quiz game
 - Geared toward older learners, but fun to play together

 European Exploration: The Age of Discovery
 - EXCELLENT - Kids explore the new world
 - Learn about explorers, ships, and discoveries
 - EXTREMELY engaging!!!
 iLearn: Continents & Oceans
 - Great Introduction to World Geography
 - Learn, Game and Test
 TapQuiz Maps World Edition
 - Tap and Learn
 - Countries by Continents
 - US States & Canadian Provinces
 Your World
 - Google Earth meets Geophraphy Study 
 - Rotate a Globe to place continents, countries or states
 - In-App Purchase ($1.99) to unlock all countries

 Awesome Eats™
 - Food Science Game
 - Kids discern healthy food from unhealthy
 WWF Together
 - In-depth look at endangered species
 - Interactive features
 - A LOT of information
 Science360 for iPad
 - National Science Foundation's app for iPad
 - A TON of information

 The Water Cycle
 - Interactive Explanation of Water Cycle
 - Simple to understand
 Animals ! Life sciences educational games
 - Free version comes with 1 game:
 - Hide and seek quiz
 - Full version = $1.99
 Happy Little Farmer Lite
 - Teach kids plant life cycle
 - Lite version = Plant Strawberries in a Pot (done in 2 minutes)
 - Full version = $2.99
 Solar Walk™ - 3D Solar System model
 - 100 % recommend paying $2.99 for this app !!!
 - Zip around the solar system investigating on your way
 - EXTREMELY informative
   Time Telling
 Apples In Hour Hands (iPhone app)
- Game Based 
 - Tilt your iPad so the apple clock falls in the right basket
 - Learn How to Tell Time
 Tell Time - Little Matchups Game
 - Matching Game
 - Match analogue to digital 
 ABC Clock
 - Manipulate a clock
 - Shows both analogue and digital
 - Application in classroom: students show you a time
   Foreign Language
 Fetch It! Spanish
 - Same idea as Fetch it! above in English
 - Vocabulary building game
 - Run around finding things in Spanish
 Learn Spanish for Kids - Ottercall
 - Go Fishing and Build Vocab
 - Voice Recognition scores your pronunciation of words
 - Great Game!
 Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade
 - Comprehensive Tool!
 - Free Version: Limited to 1 game
 - Great Potential - $.99 to unlock "all 150+ levels"
 Learn Spanish with Spanish Smash
 - Fun Vocabulary Building Game
 - Free Version = Animal Vocab
 - Pay for other vocab packs ($.99 each)
 Hiragana Pixel Party
 - Learn the Japanese alphabets (hiragana & katakana)
 - GREAT GAME based app
 - Learn to the tune of music
 Kanji Stories
 - Great for learning the Japanese Kanji
 - Use Association to learn over 3000 Kanji
 - Stroke Order also included
 Canimals KeyboDrums HD - Free
 - Wonderful Free piano 
 - Great Graphics & Animations
 - Games built in
 Piano Dust Buster - Song Game
 - Excellent introduction to learning to play piano
 - Free App comes with 7 songs to learn 
 - Can purchase packs with more (~$3.99 each pack)
 KinderBach: Simply Discover Piano
 - In-Depth Program for learning piano
 - Free App comes with first lesson
 - Can purchase more lessons ($.99 each lesson)
 Kids Karaoke Machine - 9 in 1 interactive children's songs
 - Lots of Fun
 - 9 Interactive Songs
 Kid Paint Express
 - Great Drawing app for kids
 - Lots of colors and stickers
 Princess Coloring Book - All in 1 draw, paint and color games 
 - Not just a coloring book!
 - Lots to do in the FREE app
 - Full version = $1.99
 Eye Paint Animals
 - Interactive Coloring Book
 - Superimpose images over photos and draw them in
 - Lots of Fun
 Ellie's Wings HD - Free Animal Coloring Game
 - Quality Coloring Book
 Let's Color!
 - Watch your Drawings come ALIVE!
 - Great Coloring Game 
 - Also check out Squiggles! by Lazoo  !!!
 Let's Create! Pottery HD Lite
 - Use your iPad as your potter wheel
 - Make a pot from start to finish with the FREE version
 - Full version = $4.99
  Creative Projects
 Story Creator
 - BEST FREE book maker
 - Integrate text, images, draw, video & audio
 - Many Sharing Options
 Mad Libs
 - Have fun with words 
 - Traditional Story creator
 - Expanded story options available for purchase ($1.99 each)
 - A Mad Lib creator - but use your voice
 - Learn Parts of Speech
 Toontastic: FREE
 - Wonderful Cartoon Creator - Use your voice to narrate!
 - Scaffolds the story building process
 - Free Version is GREAT (Full Version = $12.99)
 Puppet Pals HD
 - As if Toontastic weren't fun enough - - This is very similar.
 - Choose characters, scenes and add your voice to narrate
 - FREE version is GREAT (Full Version = $2.99)
 Sock Puppets
 - Silly AND fun
 - Use your voice to make the socks talk
 - Free version is sufficient (Full Version = $3.99)
 Animoto Video Maker (iPhone app)
 - Turn Photos into Professional Grade SlideShows
 - Extremely EASY to make
 - Choose Music and Theme - add Text
 - Stop Motion Movie Maker
 - Onion Skin makes it easy to add photos to movie
 - Export to Library
 iMotion HD
 - Also Stop Motion Movie Maker
 - But it automatically takes multiple pics every X seconds
 - Good alternative to StoMo
Photo Editor
 - Add Borders and tons of Effects
 - Very Easy to use
 A+ Spelling Test
 - Create a spelling test with your words and your voice
 - Students can Play, Practice and Test - shows results!
 A+ FlashCards Pro
 - Made by same folks as A+ Spelling Test 
 - GREAT flash card creator !!!  Connected to Quizlet.com !!!
 - FREE for a limited time (Regular price = $4.99)
 - Set of GREAT Educational Games
 - Free version includes 8 games
 - Upgrade for another 8 ($1.99)
 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally
 - OUTSTANDING interactive adventure
 - Pinches of educational games along the way
 - Game to teach kids computer programming !!!
 - Teach a Bot to move crates around
 The Oregon Trail® FREE
 - Very addicting Game - Some educational value
 - FREE version is OK, but in order to finish - you must buy
 - Full Version = $.99 

 iBlast Moki 2 HD
 - Help the Moki characters get back home
 - By BLASTING them into a hole!
 - Physics Puzzle game 
Rail Maze
 - Connect the tracks to get the train safely across the screen
 - Logic Puzzle Game

 Alien Assignment (iPhone app)
 - Be creative to solve the Alien's Assigments
 - Kids find and photo objects based on descriptions
 - Example: 'Find something you use to clean up'
Monster Hunt - The Memory Game
 - More than just a memory game
 - A Multi Player memory game
 - Up to 4 players
 LEGO® Creationary
 - Another Multi Player Game ! 
 - As the legos stack up, be the first to discern what is built!
 - Up to 4 players

What did I miss?  What would you recommend me adding???
Use the Google Form to the Left to respond - - Browse responses on the Right.