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Take Off - Touch Down

Take Off - Touch Down is a simple strategy to use for review or getting to know students that also incorporates simple, structured movement.

ASOT Elements: E14, E27

  1. Ensure all students are seated.
  2. Present a question or statement requiring a dichotomous response (e.g., yes/no, agree/disagree, applies/doesn't apply, true/false).
  3. Provide thinking time before cueing students to "take off" (stand up) or "touch down" (remain seated).
  4. (Optional) Pair students for brief (On-the-Clock) conversations about why they responded as they did.
  5. Repeat for additional questions.
  • Model proper behavior for standing and sitting. 
  • Don't forget wait time before cueing students to respond.  In fact, consider prompting students to "make their thinking visible" with a Quick Write of their reasoning first, especially if the content is complex.
  • It's okay if students look around before responding.  Consider this feedback as well since it tells you that students aren't yet confident of the best response.  
  • increases oxygen to the brain with simple movement
  • causes more students to engage with content than hand raising
  • uses novelty to motivate