Known World Choir

Medieval choir singers
The Known World Choir is returning to Estrella. The choir is an open choir which includes anyone who wishes to perform. This year the choir has prepared the following songs for your enjoyment:
  •  Follow Me
  • Toss the Pot
  • Dindirin
  • So Trinken
  • Since First I Saw Your Face
  • Parting Glass Score
The performance is on Saturday, February 27, 2016 at 1pm on the A&S stage. It is a culmination of practices that have been ongoing. You can however, still join the choir by attending the practices at Estrella, or the local practices in the Phoenix area. The choir will be rehearsing from 12 noon to 2pm daily in the A&S Pavilion.

For more information about the choir see the links below.
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